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Pitiful numa frase em (in ingles)

It was pitiful.
He was so pitiful.
'It's too pitiful.
will be very pitiful.
He looked so pitiful.
He sounded so pitiful.
A sad, pitiful zombie.

Then a pitiful crying.
She was ill and pitiful.
Pitiful, isn’t it!’.
It was weak and pitiful.
It should have been pitiful.
The sound was so pitiful that.
He was unconscious and pitiful.
Oh, pitiful, despicable man!.
Most pitiful were the children.
The poor, pitiful son of a bitch.
was looking for a pitiful handout.
I must have been a pitiful sight.
They appeared so sad and pitiful.
Everywhere was those pitiful and.
She really looked very pitiful now.
will most likely be a pitiful repast.
I just thought, the poor, pitiful man.
It was too late to visit the pitiful.

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