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Pluck numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Pluck out its eye to.
  2. Hester did not pluck them off.
  3. I have a crow to pluck with you.
  4. Pluck in the direction of the growth.
  5. What is the best way to pluck hair?

  6. If thine eye offend thee: pluck it out.
  7. Listen, Suzie couldn't pluck your brows.
  8. If your eye causes you to sin pluck it out.
  9. I was determined to pluck the feathery killer.
  10. Sutikshna used to pluck the fruits by throwing.
  11. He will pluck it from the ashes like a warm egg.
  12. It is the spirit you pluck them in that matters.
  13. And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out.
  14. That's sure of death without it, at once pluck out.
  15. Pluck thence the power, the plan, the part to play.

  16. Leopards pluck out the hairs of their prey before eating.
  17. And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better.
  18. Miss Bingham’s pluck and recklessness were alone in evidence.
  19. With each pluck of the buttons, her body quivered with anxiety.
  20. Orion held the Harp of Souls to pluck the three strings again.
  21. The trick was to pluck the joint away just before it burned him.
  22. He went to hop forward, to pluck the eyes out of Sadie’s face.
  23. Tom begged her to pluck up hope again, and she said she could not.
  24. Then make them pluck the chicken they killed with their bare hands.
  25. Don't be uneasy; they won't turn traitor, they won't have the pluck.

  26. Stick with me, as I pluck away at the warp and woof of that insight.
  27. He tried to pluck at them with his teeth, but found that even harder.
  28. But one of the monsters had managed to pluck a few hairs from my tail.
  29. It took about a week for me to pluck up the courage to steal the teaspoon.
  30. Mosque at Mecca: it is here that one must not pluck a blade of grass, nor.
  31. If there were a hidden meaning in it, I was confident that I could pluck it forth.
  32. Fingers reach up to pluck long, green leaves and the juice of them melts over his palm.
  33. After that came an exercise in which I had to lean back whilst pretending to pluck the.
  34. IN a recent conversation, I was telling a woman to pluck up courage and to reach out for.
  35. Maybe, if she made Andrina complacent, she could pluck the phone from her pocket and run.
  36. My Innards gap’d; a practis’d Hand reach’d in to pluck a Child from my very Bowels.
  37. If she showed an interest perhaps he would pluck up enough courage to give her the gifts.
  38. A chicken with all the pluck and verve of your typical barnyard fowl, though smarter 183.
  39. Black or white, they judged a Man solely by his Learning, his fighting Ability, his Pluck.
  40. The British Weekly says: 'A clever story of pluck and manliness on the part of a little boy.
  41. When they pluck a petal from a flower they perceive that plucking as an absolute separation.
  42. Basically, the rule is, if you pluck, you tend, continues the man, it seems that some.
  43. But did you, said he, when you were at a stand, pluck out and read your note? They answered, No.
  44. Why is this mind training to pluck a beautiful rose from the Garden of the God and tuck it in the.
  45. He saw a white envelope in its steel holding arm and went to pluck it from the equipment’s grasp.
  46. It did take Maureen many more months before she could pluck up the courage to set off on an adventure.
  47. She proceeded one by one to pluck the petals from the bloom, until she had completely deconstructed it.
  48. With typical Mancunian pluck, the singer dusted himself down and went back upstairs to finish the fight.
  49. The problem with this place is deep-rooted treachery; I intend to pluck the traitors from this settlement.
  50. The Sluagh settled upon him, chattering furiously around him as it attempted to pluck the soul from his body.
  51. The black ship mail'd with iron, her mighty guns in her turrets--but the pluck of the captain and engineers?
  52. With this in mind she ventured to creep from her refuge to pluck and eat nuts which grew sparsely near at hand.
  53. The Globe says: 'A splendid schoolboy's story, in which pluck, honesty and steadfastness are winners every time.
  54. Then, I know you will mourn over the sins of your children, and strive to pluck them out as brands from the fire.
  55. A time to be , and a time to ; a time to , and a time to pluck up that which is planted (Ecclesiastes 3:2).
  56. He tried to paint my lips and pluck my eyebrows but I pushed him away before he could inflict such tortures on me.
  57. The water was rising, and she continued to pluck at the loose, dead skin, hanging there in grisly folds and pleats.
  58. Volkheimer sets two fingers on the photograph as though he could pluck out the notebook and sift through its pages.
  59. One-Eye and Three-Eyes replied that the tree belonged to them; and they tried to pluck a branch off for the Knight.
  60. Here it seems like we pluck shreds of paper with tweezers for its fuel value and there's shiploads of it down there.
  61. How he would pluck off a robin’s leg, then a wing, then a second leg, for as long as the bird had the will to live.
  62. He thought that Romainville was a little grove near Paris, where young lovers go to pluck lilacs in the month of April.
  63. In class I could easily pluck the virtual answer key from our teachers’ minds for our take-home tests, but I resisted.
  64. But Beth, though yearning for the grand piano, could not pluck up courage to go to thèMansion of Bliss', as Meg called it.
  65. As they went His disciples were hungry and began to pluck heads of grain rubbing the ears of grain in their hands and eat.
  66. Not right? Eh, old fellow, who cares about that nowadays? And how clean they pluck you, too! That's the fact of the matter.
  67. There was also fruit, because my brother Nikos had climbed halfway up the cliff to pluck pears from a tree that jutted out.
  68. If I pluck all of the oranges from the lower branches, I am effectively out of accessible fruit—oranges are now scarce.
  69. A contract was then made on the spot: we were permitted to pluck the daisies on condition that we plucked but one every day.
  70. My Father, who has given me these children, is greater than all, so that no one is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand.
  71. He'll tuck a loose strand of hair gently back into her braids and pluck up a drooping flower that's come loose during the night.
  72. It is good idea to pluck your eyebrows after taking a hot bath, as the skin is softer then and the hair follicles are more open.
  73. So, when you wear it and strum or pluck it and are thus affected by magic, if you look in a mirror you will not be able to see it.
  74. Then they would gather the helpless squalling babies for the pot, laughing about how they wouldn’t have a lot of feathers to pluck.
  75. The branch trembles when a hand approaches it to pluck a flower, and seems to both withdraw and to offer itself at one and the same time.
  76. The human body has something of this tremor when the instant arrives in which the mysterious fingers of Death are about to pluck the soul.
  77. Certain agents I found to have the power to shake and pluck back that fleshly vestment, even as a wind might toss the curtains of a pavilion.
  78. She made her way to her parent’s grave site and knelt beside the grave and started to pluck the weeds which had sprouted from her last visit.
  79. Don Quixote, covered with shame and out of countenance, ran to pluck the plume from his poor jade's tail, while Sancho did the same for Dapple.
  80. I have been little disposed to gather flowers that would wither in my hand, but now I shall pluck them with eagerness, to place them in your bosom.
  81. Yet here she was, in a hotel in Geneva, trying to pluck up the courage to meet a nuclear scientist she knew nothing about, with a view to killing him.
  82. Come off it, Martin, admit it; this is the sort of scaly thing Burton might carry off, polish up these citizens and pluck them when they’re ripe.
  83. I guided Izzy to sing her energy into a spun web, which expanded into delicate strands she could pluck and project towards the objects in front of her.
  84. In conjunctures of this sort he showed uncommon pluck and presence of mind; but it ought not to be overlooked that he was nearly always half-seas over.
  85. With his final words, Tregannon reached out his hand to her as if he would pluck her back from her chosen path and align her for all time-cycles to his.
  86. As I passed the tall man who sat by the brazier I felt a sudden pluck at my skirt, and a low voice whispered, Walk past me, and then look back at me.
  87. He tells Georgie: And what will you do with the big, big, big, money? Have you not everything you need? If you need a motorcar, you pluck it from the.
  88. Many normal bystanders banded together in Louisiana and other neighboring states and drove over with their boats and helped pluck people out of the water.
  89. One thing he could not pluck out of his heart, though he never ceased struggling with it, was the regret, amounting to despair, that he had lost her forever.
  90. But that they have not, for Heaven will not suffer so great a wrong to Earth, as it would be to pluck unripe the grapes of the fairest vineyard on its surface.
  91. Tender and happy to have recovered her love that went astray, to have overcome loyalties and inhibitions, to be entering a new happiness that was hers to pluck.
  92. His second option is to stretch out his hand like an unthinking child and pluck the fruit without using a glove, and then to put it into his mouth without peeling it.
  93. Christ is teaching them that if there is a danger that they may look on a woman to lust after her, if their eye causes them to stumble, pluck it out and cast it away.
  94. If the navy-yard is to be kept up here merely that it may be under our eye, I would humbly suggest, sir, that we first pluck out the beam that has so long blinded us.
  95. But what was she to do? How could she, a young and timid woman, make her way into such a place and pluck her husband out from among the ruffians who surrounded him?
  96. Aye, the Lord’s Money! ’Tis the Lord’s Corn, the Lord’s Gin, the Lord’s Apples, an’ the Lord’s Money! We but pluck it from His Tree an’ pass it about.
  97. What sane pronouncement is this from a human god? No sane human wants to pluck out his own eye… that is: unless he is an insane bird-human ruler of the realm of the undead.
  98. She pulled a yellow flower to bits while she sang fragments of a tender, silly song—I would pluck the flower of the day for you, my love, where it grows in the dawning.
  99. Some men express themselves through art, others pluck the harp strings and play the lute, others write pretentious poetry or pointless novels that nobody really wants to read.
  100. There were things in the fog reaching out fingers to pluck at her skirt, to drag her down into the uneasy quaking earth on which she stood, silent, relentless, spectral hands.
  1. Like it had hit on a plucking rock.
  2. He felt the plucking at the strange chord.
  3. It could be plucking a leaf off of a tree.
  4. Hands pulling, pushing, plucking, slapping.
  5. But now instead of plucking a little note in.
  6. Alexey Alexandrovitch sighed, plucking up his courage.
  7. Mae then picked up the tweezers and began plucking away.
  8. Each tone came like a plucking of one single harp thread.
  9. Granted, some trees have gatherings around them, plucking.
  10. The Professor’s eyes open and he stopped his damn plucking.
  11. The soft plucking of the guitar notes blended beautiful with.
  12. The Empire of Lycania is a ripe peach, ready for the plucking.
  13. Richard is plucking the knots from his hair and dropping them.
  14. His long fingers were frozen in the act of plucking the strings.
  15. Hmm, she mused, plucking the creature from its resting place.
  16. I'm sure, he said, reaching up and playfully plucking the wig.
  17. This will allow a far more consistent effect than plucking it by hand.
  18. His last memo was of Boromir leaning against a tree, plucking out an.
  19. Plucking is easiest straight after killing while the bird is still warm.
  20. She contented herself with plucking Jean Valjean by the skirt of his coat.
  21. Plucking a crumpled newspaper from inside he folded and laid it in his bag.
  22. I think the constant drone of it will be less irritating than plucking it was.
  23. He was plucking at his sleeve and his eyes were flickering as they scanned Fred.
  24. He tuned the banjo carefully, fiddling with knobs and plucking at steel strings.
  25. She saw them climbing and plucking among the trees, and her pretty mouth watered.
  26. Caesar examined the heavy bird, grasped a fistful of feathers and started plucking.
  27. He did a few circuits of the cage, plucking up the courage to pull the cover from it.
  28. Another routine is to flush the fowl in cold water after plucking to cool the bodies.
  29. Her dear dead mother plucking at the neckline of her cosmic sweater and turning away.
  30. When they pluck a petal from a flower they perceive that plucking as an absolute separation.
  31. He was plucking the petals from the flowers and letting them float down onto the fresh dirt.
  32. Sorry, but we need your ribbon back, a blushing judge murmured, plucking at his white coat.
  33. He took an immense amount of snuff, and had a particularly graceful manner of plucking at his lace.
  34. While they were plucking the ripest cherry, they let their house-soldiers harvest from the village below.
  35. Entire days would see her seated in the dirt, plucking rocks from the ground to toss into the brown river.
  36. He draped a rosary over the cross then unfurled a painting of an angel plucking souls from the gates of hell.
  37. Do you have any recommendations this week? he asked, plucking a pad and pencil out of a bulging briefcase.
  38. In the meantime the wind had become stronger and whipped through the tree, shaking branches and plucking leaves.
  39. They walked on home and found Grandfather alone on the sere, bald-spotted lawn, plucking the last few dandelions.
  40. This was the end of the road, quivering old age, sickness, hungry mouths, helpless hands plucking at her skirts.
  41. Look at this stupid plucking family! They were holding their breaths, begging for the scraps of his attention!.
  42. Jeanne, busy plucking out wild grass, only saw Pierre and the soldiers once they were only a few meters from her.
  43. Neither had there been a second harvest, and certainly no sign of an orange grove of juicy clues ripe for the plucking.
  44. A sign said it was for the salvation of souls and a picture showed angels plucking naked figures from the gates of hell.
  45. To close the pores of the skin after plucking, use an astringent or soothe irritated skin by applying warm petroleum jelly.
  46. You will probably find that slant-ended tweezers are better for plucking the eyebrows than either straight-or-rounded ones.
  47. He sulked in his cage plucking feathers from his breast, lifting his head to squawk whenever the door to the pet shop opened.
  48. Birds should not be scalded in hot water right after death or before plucking, which is usually routine at fowl slaughterhouses.
  49. Many of these devices have tweezer discs in the head which rotate picking up the hair in the process and plucking them from the root.
  50. Tarp Henry, my companion, was plucking at my skirts and I heard him whispering, Sit down, Malone! Don't make a public ass of yourself.
  51. And where is Soren and Ivar in all of this? He sat down on the floor and crossed his legs, plucking away at the chicken’s feathers.
  52. He felt the weird strains plucking like unseen fingers at the tissues of his brain, filling him with alien emotions and impulses of madness.
  53. The driver of the vehicle used a virtual reality glove control to operate the jaws, and he could work tirelessly, as though plucking dandelions.
  54. That’s him! Got ya, pal! Game on! Van Buren Street? What are the chances? Mark and Susan must be pulling and plucking the strings with the gods now.
  55. But plucking up his courage, he continued, In general, I thought… that with the help of this Art… they can’t hide anywhere… from my… revenge.
  56. This represents a large pool of cash that is ripe for the plucking, and knowledge of this information gets traders closer to the front of the handout line.
  57. Plucking three large petals from a brilliant white rose, She cupped them in Her hands, turning the edges onto each other, rubbing them gently with Her thumbs.
  58. Plucking one of the bottles from the sand he twisted the top off and then reached out to clink it off Sparky’s glass of wine in a silent toast to themselves.
  59. He walked down the street towards his home plucking the petals from the flower as he repeated that lover’s mantra of old: She loves me, she loves me not.
  60. As for the ladies of the household, they neither knew nor cared what either an examination or a plucking meant, and condoled with me only because they saw me in such distress.
  61. After plucking your eyebrows, give them another brushing with your eyebrow brush, and then wipe them with a mild toner to close the follicles that have had their hairs removed.
  62. He is one-of-a-kind, she whispered and Peggy put an orange flower still unopened in her hand along with a pouch that was stuffed with the leaves that they had been plucking.
  63. As the boy entertained himself along the breaking surf, plucking up half-buried shells to add to his collection, we stood seaward of the picket fence that separated yard grass from sand.
  64. The enraged soldiers soon ceased to discriminate, and several harmless pacificos were shot plucking mangoes, and many insurgents were killed at night by pickets, for not answering the foreign challenge promptly.
  65. Cade lounged hand and his untouched plate of barbecue in the other and stubbornly refused to meet gracefully on her left, plucking at her skirt to attract her attention and staring up with smoldering eyes at Stuart.
  66. He turned towards the sailor, who, during this dialogue, had sat gravely plucking the partridges with the air of a man proud of his office, and asked him how these men had landed, as no vessel of any kind was visible.
  67. Uncle Wes was strumming a danceable rock melody with his lead guitar; the drummer kicked it in extra hard while banging his head to the rhythm, and the bassist followed the enthusiasm by plucking a hard ass bass swing.
  68. This particular laughter was made of climbing high rocks and plucking the greenest blades and drinking the headiest vintage from the morning ices and eating of the rock-fruits and tasting of young lips in new appetite.
  69. The advantage over plucking with tweezers, according to Sudhir Nakum, is that plucking pulls out one hair at a time, creating bumps in the skin, while threading pulls out rows of hair, which he says keeps the skin smooth.
  70. Will, however, having given that annihilating pinch, was rather ashamed, imagining from Dorothea's silence that he had offended her still more; and having also a conscience about plucking the tail-feathers from a benefactor.
  71. Fiendish tortures were also often resorted to, especially with prisoners of war, when the executioners vied with each other in devising fearful methods of torture, such as flaying alive, plucking out eyes, and even more original devices.
  72. She remained at her father's house during the winter months, plucking fowls, or cramming turkeys and geese, or making clothes for her sisters and brothers out of some finery which d'Urberville had given her, and she had put by with contempt.
  73. For now, yes now! it was plucking at the white embroidery of her flesh, the pink thread of her cheeks, and at last it found her heart, a soft red rose sewn with fire, and it burned the fresh, embroidered petals away, one by delicate one….
  74. My sister is in the garden plucking the dead roses; my brother is reading his two papers, the Presse and the Debats, within six steps of her; for wherever you see Madame Herbault, you have only to look within a circle of four yards and you will find M.
  75. Once having lit a fire, ALWAYS have something boiling on it—unless water is in short supply—for hot water is always an asset: hot drinks are always cheering and you will find a multitude of uses from sterilizing wounds to making poultry plucking easier.
  76. It was time to quit, dammit! Why couldn't he see that? And as if his ignorance were not cause enough for outrage, the ogre at that moment--after a surprising space of inertness--contributed to the grotesquerie by plucking an arm off of Lisa's corpse and beginning to nibble.
  77. Nightmares about his headless father became enmeshed with the stoning of Stephen, Lucy plucking out her eyes, Sebastian perforated by arrows, Catherine broken on cart-wheels, young men and women torn to shreds and eaten alive in arenas, nails driven through hands and other such tortures.
  78. Now he rode beside Ilyin under the birch trees, occasionally plucking leaves from a branch that met his hand, sometimes touching his horse’s side with his foot, or, without turning round, handing a pipe he had finished to an hussar riding behind him, with as calm and careless an air as though he were merely out for a ride.
  79. Now he rode beside Ilyín under the birch trees, occasionally plucking leaves from a branch that met his hand, sometimes touching his horse’s side with his foot, or, without turning round, handing a pipe he had finished to an hussar riding behind him, with as calm and careless an air as though he were merely out for a ride.
  80. What was the actual first evil tool? The ape hand reaching to pluck and kill a living fruit, the seed of Life, and instead of lettings that fruit drop to the ground and grow its seeds as it was intended to and meant to and designed to do… plucking that fruit before it was ready to drop, and let its seeds germinate sprout and live.
  81. And the horses got up and shook themselves, and the dogs jumped about and barked; the pigeons took their heads from under their wings, and looked about and flew into the fields; the flies on the walls buzzed away; the fire in the kitchen blazed up and cooked the dinner, and the roast meat turned round again; the cook gave the boy the box on his ear so that he cried out, and the maid went on plucking the fowl.
  82. Let us rather observe this lad of ten, clad in an ancient cap, his father's probably, shoes worn on bare feet, and nankeen breeches, held up by a single suspender, who had climbed over the wall at the very beginning of the truce, and has been roaming about the ravine, staring with dull curiosity at the French, and at the bodies which are lying on the earth, and plucking the blue wild-flowers with which the valley is studded.
  83. And then plucking off a glove he threw it down in the middle of the hall, and the duke picked it up, saying, as he had said before, that he accepted the challenge in the name of his vassal, and fixed six days thence as the time, the courtyard of the castle as the place, and for arms the customary ones of knights, lance and shield and full armour, with all the other accessories, without trickery, guile, or charms of any sort, and examined and passed by the judges of the field.
  84. When they saw Andrew rub the grain in his hand, they went up to him and said: "Do you not know that it is unlawful to pluck and rub the grain on the Sabbath day?" And Andrew answered: "But we are hungry and rub only sufficient for our needs; and since when did it become sinful to eat grain on the Sabbath day?" But the Pharisees answered: "You do no wrong in eating, but you do break the law in plucking and rubbing out the grain between your hands; surely your Master would not approve of such acts.
  85. As though Jesus has said: 'In embracing my cause, now unpopular, now scorned and rejected by the world, the chief priests and rulers, you may be called upon to part with something dear to you as a member of your body; some dear friend may turn coldly from you and forsake you; it may be like severing a limb from the body; like cutting off a hand, or plucking out an eye; yet, better to enter into life thus maimed; better to cherish the hope of everlasting life at this great sacrifice, than to reject the truth, and remain in a state of unbelief and moral blindness' D.
  86. As it was not then very material to keep much measures with a mere natural, I made presently free with him, though at my first motion of meddling, his surprise and confusion made him receive my advances but awkwardly: nay, insomuch that he bashfully shied, and shied back a little; till encouraging him with my eyes, plucking him playfully by the hair, sleeking his cheeks, and forwarding my point by a number of little wantonnesses, I soon turned him familiar, and gave nature her sweetest alarm: so that aroused, and beginning to feel himself, we could, amidst all the innocent laugh and grin I had provoked him into, perceive the fire lighting in his eyes, and, diffusing over his cheeks, blend its glow with that of his blushes.
  87. After plucking, the leaves are withered over fires made of pine wood,.
  1. He plucked one of the.
  2. Lachey plucked at his sleeve.
  3. Simon plucked up his courage.
  4. He plucked them off with ease.
  5. I plucked up the courage to.
  6. I have plucked from the many.
  7. He was overjoyed when he plucked.
  8. The old man plucked at his sleeves.
  9. I plucked weeds and removed snails.
  10. So I plucked some and I made a wreath.
  11. Mitch plucked his wallet from his hip.
  12. He stretched his neck and plucked with.
  13. I plucked one and tossed it in my mouth.
  14. Birds are plucked but not usually skinned.
  15. Hades plucked at his beard, deep in thought.
  16. She plucked it from the tree and dropped it.
  17. Any of us, plucked out of the eight million.
  18. He frantically plucked at the leads and hoses.
  19. Bors plucked off his hat and gave a formal bow.
  20. Father plucked the shafts and hurled them back.
  21. She reached over and plucked at Frank's sleeve.
  22. She had plucked her brows to thin antenna lines.
  23. Techotl's groping fingers plucked at Conan's arm.
  24. The police officer runs a business and I plucked.
  25. This snowy-haired dreamer plucked out of the soot.
  26. He plucked the bread from the trey and tore off a.
  27. Does a flower cry when it is plucked? I do not know.
  28. He plucked one of the roses from a nearby replica.
  29. He bent and deftly plucked it from its escape route.
  30. She plucked their ties from nowhere, tossed them back.
  31. Somehow, though, she has never plucked up the courage.
  32. Once he saw it was empty, he plucked it up and smiled.
  33. At the first opportunity he plucked it off, unnoticed.
  34. But I've never really plucked up the courage to do this.
  35. They plucked the flowers and put them in their pockets.
  36. I plucked the strings and the sound it made was angelic.
  37. And I have plucked them from the midst of their brethren.
  38. He reached into his shirt pocket and plucked out several.
  39. This leaves the skin cold and bumpy, like a plucked turkey.
  40. Lezura plucked him out of the air with a round to the head.
  41. Roman plucked the torch from the ground next to the curtain.
  42. It could have been a scene plucked out of a 50’s crime noir.
  43. Lauren plucked another quill from Robbie’s massive shoulder.
  44. I plucked the QComm out of his hand and began to dial a number.
  45. After a long while the bird swept down and plucked one of the.
  46. She plucked him up in one hand, blew out the candle, and left.
  47. But at least it meant I plucked up the courage to tell my mum.
  48. He knew that an apple should not be plucked while it is green.
  49. I was also plucked right out of the damaged world as a child.
  50. He plucked the rose without contest although the maid was young.
  51. She set the tray on the table and plucked the plastic cover off.
  52. I plucked up courage, opened my eyes and turned my head slightly.
  53. She bent over and plucked a leaf off a mint plant, and sniffed it.
  54. A truck door slammed and strong hands plucked her out of the snow.
  55. My eyes widened as I plucked recognition from the attic of my brain.
  56. She nodded, he plucked the tines, and she cast with a whistled trill.
  57. I learned that when the thorns of a rose are plucked the rose dies.
  58. It was her mother who finally plucked the dreamer from her ramblings.
  59. After that they plucked the leaves and put them in their playthings.
  60. He reached for the bill, but Sicarius plucked it out of the air first.
  61. He plucked one of my sharper knives from the rack and handed it to me.
  62. Charly's grin broadened, and she plucked a volume from the lower shelf.
  63. Scott plucked the hose from the wall and turned a valve handle slightly.
  64. Danny plucked his daughter off her lap, while Todd helped her to stand.
  65. Maria plucked a tea towel from the pile of washing and handed it to me.
  66. His blood red talons closed in around her and plucked her off the ship.
  67. As I fell past her, to the ground, I plucked a hair pin from her dreads.
  68. Valeriya plucked Vladimir out of the Mercedes and held him tight whilst.
  69. The City’s ill but talented sister, on my feather plucked caterpillar.
  70. Their eyebrows were orderly plucked like a streak black-colour was drawn.
  71. For figs are not gathered of thorns neither are grapes plucked of briers.
  72. He’d plucked his coat off the hook and buzzed back down to the doorman.
  73. Thank Goodness she gave out a sigh of relief that instantly plucked.
  74. I bent and plucked up a small mound of seaweed from the middle of the pool.
  75. He plucked a napkin from the table, draped it over the top of the jar and.
  76. Gideon looked up at that point and plucked a firm peg of fruit in his mouth.
  77. Wash moved away from the window and plucked Thing 2’s legs from the couch.
  78. They sat still, neither having plucked up the courage to make the first move.
  79. But with it! The others would have been no assistance; he’d have plucked.
  80. That a plain rock plucked from the roadside held any power was preposterous.
  81. They walked behind Erik and the others as the winds plucked at her overcoat.
  82. Paul didn’t even stir when Jeff crept into his room and plucked the set of.
  83. The raven bent his head and plucked one perfect white feather from his breast.
  84. A rush of wind plucked at Sophia’s hair, carrying a strong scent of flowers.
  85. She plucked the picture of her mom from its frame and slid it into her pocket.
  86. Smoothly, Darla plucked the drink from his fingers and replaced it on the tray.
  87. She plucked the Future Disasters booklet off the cushion and threw it at Gary.
  88. Andore plucked a length of grass from the ground and stuck it between his teeth.
  89. He plucked the rigid pastry from Williams’ hand and gnawed through it in anger.
  90. It happened today; I finally plucked up the courage to ask Barbara out on a date.
  91. The frog told of how the plant was once plucked from its roots many centuries ago.
  92. He plucked them off one by one and handed them to Charlie: Nietzsche, Marx, Bakunin.
  93. Slowly a twinkle started in his eyes and a smile plucked at the corners of his mouth.
  94. He could have just plucked it from the old man’s grasp, but his spirit was broken.
  95. He’d put the tine band on and closed his eyes, and she cast as he plucked the tines.
  96. He plucked the tape from the rack and put it into the machine pressing the PLAY button.
  97. Suddenly realising what was happening, Fin plucked the lamp off the ground and shook it.
  98. It seems that this butcher had enjoyed a busy day and had only one plucked chicken left.
  99. She plucked them up, and as quietly as she could, Kathleen ran carefully down the stairs.
  100. With that, Mark took the tine band from his arm, slipped in onto his head, and plucked it.
  1. Plucks off my beard, and blows it in my face?
  2. He finds them, and Volkheimer plucks them out.
  3. Fixer plucks a dandelion as an example but his words.
  4. The vendor plucks it up and holds it out to her excitedly.
  5. She plucks some loose pages from a file and drops them on the table.
  6. He plucks another shrimp from the plate on his desk, One more bite.
  7. From his shoulders, chest, and hair, he plucks hot pieces of stone and wood.
  8. Franny stands beside Werner and plucks his wrist off the crate he is about to open.
  9. He greedily plucks and devours the white Gods’ Eye bloom, then another, then another.
  10. Glacia plucks up the rest of my berries and uses them as eyes for her pancake smiley face.
  11. Sergei plucks these metals as well as gold and silver from ocean depths of over 4000 meters.
  12. Cissy Caffrey bent over to him to tease his fat little plucks and the dainty dimple in his chin.
  13. I mean what kind of straight bloke plucks his eyebrows and spends £70 on a hair cut? Tracey giggled.
  14. Sometimes he tears out its feathers before slaughtering it, or even plucks out its head by hand without using knife.
  15. An infected young budgie cannot properly digest her food; even though she feeds heavily, she loses weight, plucks herself, screams, and is obviously uncomfortable.
  16. Oh, he is spontaneous, he is a marvelous mingling of good and evil, he is a lover of culture and Schiller, yet he brawls in taverns and plucks out the beards of his boon companions.
  17. With Him it is 'the Devil’ who plucks away the good seed sown in man’s heart;—the 'enemy who sows tares’ among the wheat to ruin the crop is the Devil;—falsehood is traced by him tip to no abstract origin of evil, but to its fountain in the Devil; 'for he is a liar and the father of it.
  18. There, too, I admired, though I did not gather, the cranberries, small waxen gems, pendants of the meadow grass, pearly and red, which the farmer plucks with an ugly rake, leaving the smooth meadow in a snarl, heedlessly measuring them by the bushel and the dollar only, and sells the spoils of the meads to Boston and New York; destined to be jammed, to satisfy the tastes of lovers of Nature there.
  19. And as he watches attentively, one of the heavenly being plucks a fruit from the nearest tree,.

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