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  1. A plucky kid, that.
  2. Our fellows are as plucky as plucky can be.
  3. I don't mind owning I am plucky sometimes, Karamazov.
  4. These plucky pre-schoolers got the two marshmallow reward.
  5. Dandelion took up his cue with the same plucky readiness that he had shown.

  6. The higher the stakes the greater the rewards, the plucky Daitya recited while.
  7. Jennie asked Hank, I wonder where my plucky ‘copter and that smart-aleck eagle are?
  8. She was a plucky girl and she was not stupid though some of the things she said were crazy.
  9. Do you know," said Raoul bitterly, "that it was very plucky of you to let us play at being engaged?".
  10. Because of her innate goodness and love, her giving heart, her plucky courage and staunch determination–.
  11. The lion ran out of breath and the plucky cub shot his free paw into the dangling moss and tore back with all his strength.
  12. The only saving grace was that the headlines painted a picture of a plucky citizen coming to the aid of a poor victim of racial abuse.
  13. The robin died happy, cradled by the flower that had born it, and the rose swore that it would keep its red petals in honour of the plucky little bird.
  14. Rosemary West is like you--she said last night as she left the church that it was a plucky thing for Faith to do, but it made her feel sorry for the child, too.
  15. With unemployment hovering in double digits, the people of Britain are defeatist and cynical, a far cry from the plucky can-do spirit that buoyed Great Britain in World War II.

  16. Again and again the plucky little robin attacked any crow that ventured near and in the end the crows gave up and flew away, vowing never again to pick rose petals while a robin was nearby.
  17. Needless to say, my champion was arrested and marched off to the Cabildo; and I was informed that the plucky fellow had done this to shield me, merely to keep me out of trouble because he had taken a fancy to me.
  18. So, because she was pretty and charming and could appear quite helpless and forlorn at times, they gladly patronized her lumber yard and also Frank’s store, feeling that they should help a plucky little woman who apparently had only a shiftless husband to.
  19. I wondered what had happened to the plucky girl in her devotion to the cause in which she had enlisted, and several times I could see from the expression of Craig's face that he more and more regretted that he had given in to her and had allowed her to go, instead of adhering to his original plan.
  20. Without a moment's hesitation, and without waiting to throw off coat or boots, the plucky youngster boldly plunged overboard, and quickly rising to the surface, struck out for his now almost unconscious enemy, and fortunately managed to seize him and keep him afloat, whilst he shouted to those on board to lower the cutter as quickly as possible.
  21. He understood however from all he heard that Dr Mulligan was a versatile allround man, by no means confined to medicine only, who was rapidly coming to the fore in his line and, if the report was verified, bade fair to enjoy a flourishing practice in the not too distant future as a tony medical practitioner drawing a handsome fee for his services in addition to which professional status his rescue of that man from certain drowning by artificial respiration and what they call first aid at Skerries, or Malahide was it?, was, he was bound to admit, an exceedingly plucky deed which he could not too highly praise, so that frankly he was utterly at a loss to fathom what earthly reason could be at the back of it except he put it down to sheer cussedness or jealousy, pure and simple.

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