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Plunge numa frase em (in ingles)

You plunge deep into amber water.
I was running to plunge after her.
Her heart had really taken a plunge.
Desperate, I plunge into her mind.
She made a plunge and seized a skirt.
If he fails, he will plunge to his death.
When you do any work, plunge yourself in it.

Just then more than ten men plunge toward.
To plunge on the one hand into the sensual.
She wanted to plunge the blade into his flesh.
Ma and Jed had fallen into the Plunge Pool!.
She lifted it over Yeltsa to plunge into her.
The steep plunge of 2008 did not allow.
Plunge eggs into ice water; let stand 5 minutes.
Mexicans expected not to plunge right into the.
The world would plunge cruelly on…without her.
When the particles plunge they collide with other.
Satisfied, Sarah continued her plunge into the woods.
Jed and his mother threw me into their Plunge Pool.
I'll plunge into the matter without further preamble.
The biggest thing that happened was taking the plunge.
The shock hit Rob like a plunge in an icy mountain stream.
I find that I really hang back; but I must take my plunge.
Then he drew his knife back to plunge it into the boulder.
Without hesitation, Jackie climbed out and took the plunge.
I should never have let Ma throw you into the Plunge Pool.
That liquid in the Plunge Pool had turned him into a bird!.
That’s not a Plunge Pool, said Bryony, shaking her head.
To remove this gas plunge about 500 grams of ALUMINUM per ton.
I would have given a thousand pounds to plunge my face into that.
I am about to plunge into the night without even seeing her again.
Just do some more research on the company before making the plunge.
A row! arrah a row! The Virgin be blessed, a row! Plunge in with ye!.
Zhan Donglai coldly laughed and just he was about to plunge forward at.
Do not just plunge into the water and start thrashing about, to put it.
She jumped aside, allowing the fowl avalanche to plunge down the trail.
We teeter at the brink of sanity---a mindless chasm awaits our plunge.
I wanted to plunge into the hidden articles, but Valera quashed that idea.
They dared not pass through the plain and plunge into the forest beyond.
The word (devoted) means: to worship and to plunge into loving it the most.
Therefore plunging into its depths.
Plunging her taloned hand into his.
Rosetti was plunging out of the car’s back door.
Plunging onward, he made his way toward the spring.
His mother screamed! There was a jolting, a plunging.
And the feet and wildly plunging bodies followed them.
The door closed in her face, plunging the cell into blackness.
Last, she pulled on a formfitting shirt with a plunging neckline.
Sim had accelerated impressions of plunging walls, dust, confusion.
What, plunging the world back into religious wars, retorted.
They got pockets too, he said, plunging his hands deep into them.
The stone that clipped his head sent him reeling and plunging back.
The van was airborne for about 20 feet before plunging into the lake.
She felt an immense tearing in her chest, like a stiletto plunging deep.
It shut behind her with a musty thud, plunging her into deep blackness.
Every light within the room went out, plunging the space into darkness.
Still, he continued on, plunging into the fog and feeling his way along.
But there was a ladder underneath, plunging down into a murky blue light.
The carousel wheeled faster, shrieking, plunging, going roundabout-back!.
Alternately climbing out of the darker shadow of one hill, then plunging.
Then it turned and ran, plunging into the bushes and disappearing once more.
Anna entered the cave and the wal closed behind her plunging her into darkness.
When preparing to pocket, you have a choice of plunging, ramping, or helixing.
Instead of plunging deep into the swirling mists as she anticipated, the notes.
So you are coming to us? murmured the latter at last, plunging in medias res.
This gave him a plunging neckline that would have confirmed to anyone unfortunate.
Dacian slid off the edge, only just catching the ledge to stop himself plunging to.
The last they saw of Chatterton he was plunging through the edge of the tiny forest.
I settled for a plunging back silver sequined cocktail dress, and black ankle boots.
When he started plunging into her at a regular tempo, she moaned and moved with him.
They dug their heels into the ground to stop it, and held it, plunging, between them.
Garcia followed her, observing the cliff face rushing by before plunging into the ocean.
It had a plunging neckline that snaked down between my breasts, all the way to my navel.
The raven made no sign that he’d heard and Simon could sense no more words plunging in.
But still, Rafe knew damn well the smallest mistake could send him plunging to his death.
She found her dress on the fourth try-on it was a Giorgio Armani plunging bias cut pewter.
At the same moment the giant candlewheel fell from the ceiling, plunging the room into gloom.
It's no good plunging headlong in that slap-dash way; there's no knowing what it may lead to.
An insistent tugging at his hand told Moshe that he had not released Sari before plunging into.
And just because they’re plunging, by the way, doesn’t mean that you should sell immediately.
A white face plunged down.
Cinder plunged to her knees.
He plunged into the darkness.
Tears plunged down his cheeks.
Again he crouched and plunged.
Into the darkness they plunged.
Willie plunged out of the house.
Leaf plunged his silver sword.
I estimate now that I plunged.
He turned round and plunged home.
Tragus plunged into her very hard.
The blade plunged deep into its.
Her body plunged towards the water.
He plunged into the silent streets.
She hesitated, then plunged ahead.
Stratos had plunged into his novel.
White plunged in, spouting legalese.
And he plunged deep, bringing them.
We plunged into the dark woods on.
Boylan plunged two quid on my tip.
Henry Morgan plunged to his purpose.
The stock plunged into the low $20s.
Miriam plunged home over the meadows.
When she died, Marian plunged into.
And she plunged into the water head.
He plunged his finger into her warmth.
Thus plunged in thought, I walked on.
And into the water plunged the other.
He plunged resolutely into the gloom.
And he plunged ahead into the darkness.
Its blade plunged into the serpents.
Instead he plunged through the centre.
They were plunged in complete darkness.
We swerved and plunged into the tunnel.
Then he seemed to be plunged in thought.
Will plunged his hands into his pockets.
Manda plunged into it without hesitating.
The stock immediately plunged 20 percent.
Again Gavroche plunged into the obscurity.
After taking a breath, I plunged in again.
It plunges into the light now entire.
Where did that come from? She plunges a knife into.
He stumbles on the steps, recovers, plunges into gloom.
The headline was, ‘Stock Market Crash Plunges US into Depression.
He plunges to the floor and night has already taken him when he reaches it.
With that, the snow-raven plunges downwards, lands between himself and the scribe.
The operation was performed amidst the fiercest yells and the most convulsive plunges.
He turns and plunges into the deeper darkness, knowing that Simon follows closely behind.
He tears off his overshirt and plunges himself and it into the cooling, cleansing water.
The Spirit plunges into the Matter, which leads to the ascension the Matter into heaven.
She plunges her face lays into the stomach of the girl even though the girl is still alive.
Her voice plunges through his skin and ransacks his thoughts with its stridency and its truth.
He wrestles with her, forces her back upon the rude couch, and plunges his knife into her throat.
Some people say that the manager just plunges his hand into the heap and takes the first that comes.
In that moment, and not caring what may come from his actions, Ralph opens the door and plunges inside.
Here was the New York Times headline that morning: Market Continues Four-Month Rout; Dow Plunges 390.
Monseigneur, he precipitated himself over the hill-side, head first, as a person plunges into the river.
The February 28, 2007, edition of the Chicago Tribune was headlined: China Market Plunges, Dow Follows.
He plunges forward and presses his lips to mine before pushing me down to the mattress, lying on top of me.
The jest falls, no matter where; and the mind after producing a piece of stupidity plunges into the azure depths.
This boy cannot leave unless he plunges into the waters of the lake, where as you know he will not come out alive.
Niles steps forward and plunges the needle into Tobias’s neck, squeezing the cloudy, bluish liquid into his veins.
The sheer fact of the scribe’s skin plunges Ralph’s blood into unaccountable heat and Simon’s gaze locks with his.
Then back to the car, back to a subsonic sixty, back to gaiety, back to kisses and swerves and near plunges in the sand.
The great bird plunges towards the earth and Ralph raises his arms to avoid the attack, but he is not the raven’s quarry.
This gets confirmed when price kisses the 20 MA on a relief rally and then plunges lower and the 50 MA shows a downward slope.
But the raven plunges between Simon and himself, the adamantine strength of its wings beating away Duncan’s desperate grasp.
What the hell do you think you’re doing? campaign chairman Tommy Thomas says to Reagan as he plunges into the audience.
Glorifying in his newfound strength, he plunges into the depths of icy rapids and clambers to the heights of seven mountains.
A sense of constraint is already creeping in when Regan plunges into the cavern of Grand Central, darker even than the night outside.
The torrent, swollen by the melting snow, plunges into a tremendous abyss, from which the spray rolls up like the smoke from a burning house.
It is frequently covered up by drifts, and, it is said, sometimes plunges from on wing into the soft snow, where it remains concealed for a day or two.
You’re investing for the long term, and when you look back, day-to-day changes (even the cataclysmic plunges of 2008) will seem like minor blips—which they are.
Thus you see that who plunges his spirit in vice and does not purify it by drawing near to God passes from one distress to another, and from one misfortune to another.
The giant pachyderm writhes his serpent-like trunk in air and plunges forward open-mouthed, trumpeting with pain from the keen claws of the tigers hanging on his flanks.
Suddenly he finds something give way within him; what he has hitherto suffered he can bear no longer, and he plunges his knife into the breast of his oppressor or his enemy.
It seemed to me to be nothing more serious than the racing of the screw, which often occurs when a ship plunges her bow deep into a heavy swell, raising the stern out of water.
Cooled by trade winds, miles of beautiful beach and thousands of friends you have not yet met, the reef here plunges to depths of 110 feet where octopus, moray eel and barracuda thrive.
Especially in solitude of the immense desert or amid the conglomeration of gigantic mountains man unintentionally plunges into the thoughts of immensibility of the Universe, infinity of the Cosmic space.
When this fact becomes known, the stock price sharply jumps up to the acquisition price level (thereby raising the historical volatility), and the option price plunges (thereby decreasing the implied volatility).

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