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Plunk numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Plunk: it lands on the ground two stories below.
2. They tossed their coins, watched them hit the water with a soft plunk.
3. When good ol’ Dad's fat, writhing corpse fell to the ground with a plunk, she found herself wanting more.
4. The wide white bed invited me - no begged me - to plunk down and faint, but Harry was not quite through with me.
5. Plunk: He lands on the ground two stories below as John and all the class rush to the window to see what has happened.
6. The stone struck the spider plunk on the head, and it dropped senseless off the tree, flop to the ground, with all its legs curled up.
7. He would run into Bullet up here, might even plunk down next to him and have a beer or three, and still, a certain inwardness obtained.

8. Dylan Marvil plucked a thin skin-colored rubber band from her thin wrist, wincing in slight agony when the band returned to hit the wrist, with a satisfying plunk.
9. It's ironic that hedgers, who have inside information, are not fully confident about prices, while crowds of cheerful outsiders plunk down money to bet on futures.
10. What would you do? Would you plunk down the whole ten grand as soon as you got it? Or would you keep it in a more secure place and invest $1,000 a month over ten months? Or $50,000 over two years? If the market keeps going up and up, you might lose out on some gains.
1. Sharp features regarded Adele Boyle with one eye closed, plunking regally into a seat across the round kitchen table.
2. Katz lifted her backpack onto the glass counter, plunking it down with such a thunk she was afraid she’d break the glass.
1. He plunked Shay.
2. He plunked himself on the bed.
3. He plunked himself down at his seat.
4. Evan plunked down next to me on the couch.
5. A bed was plunked in the middle of the room.
6. Tears streaked his face, dripped off his chin and plunked onto the railing.
7. There ya go, Nem! announced Gower as he plunked a glass in front of Nem.
8. I plunked down into the driver's seat and sat there for ten minutes with the door open.
9. He plunked down a copy of Stadius‘ Ephemerides on one end of the scroll so that it would not curl back.
10. It will only stay that way, stay a viable resource, if there’s not a big ass store plunked down on its banks.
11. Although she didn’t offer him a seat, he plunked down on the chair next to the sofa, hoping she’d sit on the couch next to him.
12. Ten years ago the Widow Lady had plunked her letter box right under Cora’s nose, almost, when she could as easily have built it up nearer her own cabin.
13. He went to the machine shop, cut a thick metal slab, lugged it to Super Man, and plunked it down in the greenhouse in hopes that it would protect him from ground fire.
14. She lifted the needle from an old-fashioned record player, plunked on one corner of her messy desk, and removed a record and slipped it into a paper sleeve as she said, Well, don’t just stand there.
15. After being shuttled from one single-parent household to the other for more than half her life, being surrounded by all of them was like being plunked down in the midst of Cheaper By The Dozen, in the best possible way.
1. So she paid him, on the nail—a hundred plunks.

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