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Poke numa frase em (in ingles)

  2. Fender decided to poke around.
  3. Another poke, harder this time.
  4. I think we just poke around a.
  5. Couldn’t poke a finger in there.

  6. I saw his head poke up from the bed.
  7. I haven't got the heart to poke poor.
  8. Please do not poke at it as you walk.
  9. Just a poke, to see what happens?
  10. Carrie, at this juncture, gave him a poke.
  11. They are willing to poke fun at themselves.
  12. You’re going to feel a little poke now.
  13. Whatever it is, poke it out with this thing.
  14. Anything to give that damned earl a poke in.
  15. The needles and pins jab and poke relentlessly.

  16. Hal’s mom got up and went to poke at the fire.
  17. He used it to poke and push aside a few leaves.
  18. Just before we leave, I’ll poke a hole in it.
  19. They poke their heads around the corner to look.
  20. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
  21. Sarah stood up to poke the coals of her fire and.
  22. Raven frowned at her and began to poke at his food.
  23. I gently poke my head up, looking in her direction.
  24. The room filled with laughter as Sound added his poke.
  25. Poke! she called, tell Cookie stir up de fiah.

  26. If you poke fun at me you’ll be sorry, he said.
  27. At the same time I poke around at the contents of the.
  28. Use a fork to poke holes in the top of each muffin cake.
  29. Open the door long enough for me to poke it in at you.
  30. Forcing a falls smile, while in their ribs he’d poke!.
  31. She used her pretty face to poke around inside of the bag.
  32. She got up to poke up the fire and wander over to the bins.
  33. All this while, I poke and prod trying to find sore spots.
  34. You’re not going to poke holes in his condoms? Jane.
  35. All you need is one guy looking to poke 77 virgins and a gun.
  36. Ruth hung her head and watched the toe of her shoe poke at an.
  37. She opened the oven door and bent down so that she could poke.
  38. The old man simply turned his fingers to poke at Lu Yixian eyes.
  39. He couldn’t just poke his head in, beg forgiveness, and leave.
  40. I had to threaten to poke both his eyes out, till Kelli stepped.
  41. Then it spoke, without warning, with only that one poke of the bump.
  42. They’d poke tiny holes in the tarp to prevent it from becoming a.
  43. I had the sense that if I could only poke around, something was there.
  44. She reached over to poke the next watch-stander, handing him his watch.
  45. Still they came to chew at her eyelids and poke holes through her clothes.
  46. We could poke it with a stick or something, and see if it’s dangerous.
  47. He started to gag again when he felt the end poke the bottom of his stomach.
  48. I remembered Donald Roomes, who used to poke me in the back with a ruler in.
  49. The first cold finger of doubt about the revolution began to poke at me.
  50. Now Conklin gave me a poke in the ribs and said, What are you thinking?
  51. Often I’d slip with the files and poke myself with the end of a needle file.
  52. He calls out Diane?! Michael continues to poke his head into the restroom.
  53. I’m sure if you wanted a friendly poke any of us would have obliged you!.
  54. When this failed to do the trick, she gave him a poke with the sharp end instead.
  55. He gave it a gentle poke in the flank, and it moved exactly one inch and stopped.
  56. She had vowed to poke out the eyes of any other woman trying to come between them.
  57. Charlie Chaplin tried to poke fun at Hitler’s megalomania in his film: The Dictator.
  58. I will poke that stock around shortly and establish whether we should keep on holding.
  59. It’s full of loose ends! Then she’d poke me in the shoulder with her needle.
  60. Indeed, it is light for a while before one can see the sun poke over the mountaintops.
  61. That sounded good, so I let him poke and prod, and was gratified to hear him pronounce.
  62. Yeah, you’re filthy! Cecily gave Don a teasing poke as he stepped from the Jeep.
  63. Poke small holes in the dough with a fork to prevent it from causing bubbles while cooking.
  64. Itsuki must had heard us because he took the opportunity to poke his head in and look around.
  65. We jog to the next intersection and I poke my head around the corner—then quickly pull back.
  66. Roomes was a mean, short boy and every chance he got he’d poke at me with a ruler or throw.
  67. She was so pleased that Wulfric got beaten up for her sake! I’d like to poke out her eyes.
  68. A sudden poke in the back from Jon as he wandered past, nearly thrust me into the womans arms.
  69. Penrod, he growled, giving the banker a poke in the chest with his gloved hand, your 67.
  70. Here and there a bit of architecture would poke up through the forest floor, but nothing major.
  71. What was to be done with such people, other than to put them in cages and poke them with sticks?
  72. He tried to poke holes in the plan and every time he came up with an objection, Jamie answered it.
  73. With the stylus, players can pet, stroke and poke their virtual pet puppies to their hearts content.
  74. He knew that all one had to do was poke about beneath the surface and turn over a few memory stones.
  75. Nathan jiggled some more and managed to poke Esther in the eye with his large and fully extended dick.
  76. She had straight hair to her shoulders and long eyelashes that seemed to poke me from across the room.
  77. Dreadnought’s armor wouldn’t do her very much good if he managed to poke a hole through her bottom.
  78. He patted at the place where he intended to sleep, removing a few sticks and stones that might poke him.
  79. The sun was just starting to poke above the horizon as they stepped out of the side door into the garden.
  80. With regards to David, I don’t have to give you a spiritual poke for being straightforward awhile ago.
  81. They were told to break off some branches to use as sticks to poke about in any rough ground they came across.
  82. I gave her a little poke Remember, head lead high I whispered to cuffing arms as we walked over to them.
  83. Every few minutes, Derrick would poke her, wait for her to look at him, and then send her that stunning smile.
  84. It shouldn't take too long to go down and see where the clients lived and maybe poke around the place a little.
  85. He'll love the Mediterranean weather but no grease ball surgeon is going to poke around near Jock's vital organs.
  86. All they could do then was to poke and prod with other systems, systems which aren’t integrated with the missiles.
  87. Wopsle referred to me, he considered it a necessary part of such reference to rumple my hair and poke it into my eyes.
  88. A pair of small, bloody feet poke out from under the sheet and I see that the big toenail on the left foot is chipped.
  89. Also note that candlestick tails can poke out of the coil as long as the open and close of each candle stays within it.
  90. Gerasa signalled for the port-cullis to be raised, and gave Rod an unnecessarily sharp poke in the ribs with her javelin.
  91. Technically a recoilless rifle, the weapon fires a bad-ass rocket that can take out a tank or poke a hole in a building.
  92. Finding Ritter sound asleep, the agent whooped, On your feet! followed by a poke to the ribs with the toe of his shoe.
  93. Technically a recoilless rifle, the weapon fires a bad-ass rocket that can take out a tank or poke a hole in a building.
  94. Are you hiding something? Is there anything we should know? asked Sam, while trying to poke her head around me, into my room.
  95. The Dangler saw a red reptilian head poke out of the broken shell as it passed him on the way up—he immediately cast his line.
  96. On one hand I did not like the idea of letting a telepath poke around my head, but on the other hand I suspected this was a test.
  97. Unlike Danish trees, Australian trees don’t grow up like beanstalks and poke out branches when they get to a convenient height.
  98. The Samaritan of course, was someone that they all hated, so this really was a poke in the nose to the religious people of the day.
  99. The fabric was tough, but it wasn’t long before his stabbing beak made a hole large enough to poke his chicken-sized head through.
  100. Poke a toothpick into the top of each ball (to be used later as the handle for dipping) and chill in freezer until hard (1/2 hour).
  1. Heymon was poking his screen.
  2. Enormous towers poking into the.
  3. Poking around can be profitable!.
  4. They were poking out from the deep.
  5. I felt something sharp poking my stomach.
  6. The sphere-bot starts poking around the.
  7. The man stepped in behind them, poking.
  8. But I knew you'd come poking in directly.
  9. Yes, yes, he’s always poking fun at me.
  10. Joking and poking fun at each other, the.
  11. He'd been poking around in the racks and.
  12. Arthur was on her, poking his cock in her.
  13. Too thin! You could see her bones poking out.
  14. I barely felt him poking and prodding at me.
  15. After the usual prodding and poking and my.
  16. It impaled the majority immediately, poking.
  17. But he’s still poking sticks in the dark.
  18. There’s a bit of tree trunk poking into.
  19. Blair asked after poking his head out the door.
  20. Her thumb was still poking upwards in approval.
  21. Heymon was poking a one-sided screen of his own.
  22. Sometimes I half believe you must be poking fun.
  23. I can see the turtle poking its head out of its.
  24. No need poking the fire, this will die down soon.
  25. She had dark hair poking out of a cap on her head.
  26. Then, why are you poking your nose into my matters.
  27. I will win it all, baby! he cheered, poking her.
  28. He rolled over and looked up at what was poking him.
  29. The puppy was poking his nose out of Smith’s jacket.
  30. The pins around the wrists of my dress were poking me.
  31. My god, man! Poking holes in her is not the answer.
  32. They were poking each other and laughing uproariously.
  33. Dorro was outside the Perch, poking about in the garden.
  34. She was sitting up in bed poking at a one-sided screen.
  35. That’s why I’m poking around trying to find a lead.
  36. Hey, Hal said, poking him, we’re not dead yet.
  37. Rocky emerged, poking his head out the door to check on.
  38. Carl feels someone poking his nose and he opens his eyes.
  39. She turned around and saw Fred's head poking out of the.
  40. Tom kept poking and jabbing at the hssswwx with his spear.
  41. Will stooped to examine the spot they’d been poking at.
  42. And what if we are poking in these huts? It's not so bad.
  43. He inspected me, touching, poking and pinching everywhere.
  44. Couldn’t miss it, with the chromed supercharger poking.
  45. You can also tell the nurse that the rain was poking your.
  46. Tom leaned forward, poking his head between the front seats.
  47. You need somethin' poking in your ears to clean 'em out?
  48. Showing off his power a bit and nastily poking in the wound.
  49. You go poking around and first thing you know you get ideas.
  50. The workers above did a quick check of the dead, poking and.
  51. Waking a sleeping Sully, was like poking a bear with a stick.
  52. He blocks my move by poking his trash picker at a gun wrapper.
  53. Her wings appeared to be poking through the back of her shirt.
  54. We have been poking under these hills together for many years.
  55. You can see her broomstick poking out of her shopping trolley.
  56. By now her nipples were rock hard and poking a half inch into.
  57. Murphy? she said, poking her head around the half closed door.
  58. At least two cycles of sun, she said, poking at the ice.
  59. Blanc without its summit poking above the surface of the waves.
  60. And there were a lot of guns poking out the sides of those ships.
  61. Joe sat poking up the sand with a stick and looking very gloomy.
  62. Vernon peered in, poking his rifle into the teepee, but didn’t.
  63. I hope they aren’t going to start poking their noses around.
  64. Cameron to blow out the sixteen candles poking up out of a heart-.
  65. I get the files for that period out and start poking through them.
  66. Besides, Pete chimed in, poking his head up for another look.
  67. I still had my underwear on but Pete was poking and peeking around.
  68. This took the shine off what could have been a pleasant day poking.
  69. Poking his head out of his sleeping bag, he scootched closer to her.
  70. They were always kissing, slapping, grabbing and poking at each other.
  71. Gees, that hurts! He grabbed her hand so she would stop poking him.
  72. What is it? she asked, poking her finger into the thick frosting.
  73. We tried kicking him and poking him with driftwood, but he didn't move.
  74. What his testing and poking was supposed to accomplish did not appear.
  75. We can’t just appear at the Erudite compound and start poking around.
  76. Thomas wasn’t ignoring his pain, and he wasn’t poking at it, either.
  77. Although at this moment of the time, they were still poking fun at one.
  78. One of the guys had a video camera and we made a video poking fun at it.
  79. Her real poking paw would send it scurrying to the deck, giving the cat.
  80. Hers consisted of finding poking and mocking everything the priest said.
  81. There’s more in here, he said, poking about with the knife again.
  82. She had parked the Mazarati and was already poking the key into the door.
  83. Hi, Pete! said Leanne, poking her head around the corner of the door.
  84. All men have lust, said Caesar, poking Johnny with a piece of kindling.
  85. I’ll never give you shit about poking your nose in the news room again.
  86. Ah, he’s alive! he joked, poking his head through the service window.
  87. He turned to me and slanted his eyes before he started poking me incessantly.
  88. Paws on the sill and head poking out, he continued to bark, spraying slobber.
  89. One of the guys had a video camera and we made a video poking fun at it.
  90. It was still snowing in the morning, but I did a little poking around outside.
  91. I was wondering if you were going to come poking around and asking about that.
  92. Lani look around on the floor of the truck; her ass poking out behind the open.
  93. The two kids were tending a small fire, poking deadwood branches into the flame.
  94. He took two steps back and tripped over a cardboard cut-out that was poking up.
  95. It’s a small tank top and huge tits are poking out the sides and over the top.
  96. After Karla left, Frank had to put up with a young doctor prodding and poking him.
  97. Says she had enough doctors poking and prodding and cutting on her when she was a.
  98. A girl about nine years old was tending the flames, poking the coals with a stick.
  99. At the same time as the total nightmare freak-out that followed, her poking around.
  100. I was once ambushed by a little guy who started poking in my ear with a metal tool.
  1. Stan poked his head out.
  2. He poked his head inside.
  3. Marcus poked his head in.
  4. A woman’s head poked in.
  5. We sure poked that hive.
  6. He poked at it and nothing.
  7. He poked his head down but.
  8. She poked at the fire awhile.
  9. A head poked out the window.
  10. About with my lips poked out.
  11. He poked his nose everywhere.
  12. Her little tits poked through.
  13. He poked his head out the door.
  14. This time he poked the chain.
  15. A finger poked me in the side.
  16. Ingrid poked through them first.
  17. She poked Dewey on the shoulder.
  18. He poked at the fire with a log.
  19. Then he poked Jo-Jo in the chest.
  20. She poked her head out the door.
  21. I poked my head around the corner.
  22. Alison poked her tongue out at him.
  23. I poked her playfully in the tummy.
  24. She would have poked his eyes out.
  25. She poked her head out of the shaft.
  26. She poked her head out to look back.
  27. Glayet poked some screens of her own.
  28. Susan poked her head into the office.
  29. Brock poked his head up over the bar.
  30. Amy poked the fire and said nothing.
  31. Helios poked his head out and yawned.
  32. Mitch poked the table with his finger.
  33. He cowered and poked a finger at Doc.
  34. Faye Anne poked her head between them.
  35. Eva poked her head in, startling her.
  36. Several dormers poked out around the.
  37. Are you there?’ Churchill poked him.
  38. He poked his head through the doorway.
  39. Maryann poked her head inside the door.
  40. Shelagh playful poked her in the ribs.
  41. Matty poked his head around the corner.
  42. I poked him and ran the other direction.
  43. A head poked out of the back of the van.
  44. Three cats poked their cute faces at me.
  45. Valerie poked her head into the bedroom.
  46. But now, clearly, someone had poked a.
  47. Ty poked his head out and looked around.
  48. He poked his head back round the corner.
  49. Nikko poked his head out of the opening.
  50. He wasn’t poked full of holes either.
  51. Barker poked his head out the back door.
  52. Stazl poked the component with his knife.
  53. Madison poked his head out of the office.
  54. Ariel eased the wheel-lock out and poked.
  55. She poked her head out from the kitchen.
  56. The barren trees poked out of the grey.
  57. He poked Cassidy and said, You do it.
  58. I poked Dawley in the ribs with my elbow.
  59. Mrs Gold poked her head around the corner.
  60. That ham! I poked him with my foot.
  61. Chance immediately poked his best friend.
  62. A sharp object poked Liam in the buttocks.
  63. Killian poked at the wound experimentally.
  64. She again poked the microphone toward him.
  65. She stared into space and poked at the air.
  66. He poked one of his fingers at my forehead.
  67. The pallid smile of Elizabeth poked Sophia.
  68. The door opened and Knox poked her head in.
  69. She poked him in the chest with one finger.
  70. He pushed, poked, prodded but to no avail.
  71. The man lent over and poked Marcos’ nose.
  72. Brandy poked her finger into Mitchell's arm.
  73. Timidly Margaret poked her head in the door.
  74. Then, a gun barrel poked around the corner.
  75. Safety Pins poked her head around the corner.
  76. All the dolphins laughed and poked at Garcia.
  77. He picked up a stick and poked around in it.
  78. Off to the doctor, this time, who poked it.
  79. Henriette poked her head through the porthole.
  80. One of the assistants poked his head outside.
  81. The first thing that poked through the door.
  82. His head poked through into the tunnel itself.
  83. Kendy poked him in the ribs and frowned at him.
  84. I poked it out, and it ran under the bookcase.
  85. Then he poked around and pulled out the liver.
  86. The man poked at him again with the long stick.
  87. A leather strap poked from the top of the roll.
  88. Warlock poked at their belongings with his hand.
  89. Melissa winced visibly as Lucy poked at her arm.
  90. Schmidt poked his head out the door of the shed.
  91. Venn's spear-tip poked into the foe's shoulder.
  92. He poked around with his interface a little more.
  93. He took a trishul and poked him in his rib cage.
  94. He poked his head over the log to see two dead.
  95. He poked his head round the corner and beckoned.
  96. When it did, he poked his head out for a split.
  97. Amaranthe poked through the rest of the clippings.
  98. Danny came and poked his head through the doorway.
  99. She poked him in the chest with her walking stick.
  100. Tom poked some tobacco into his pipe and relit it.
  1. Matty pokes his head into the room.
  2. Alarcón pokes a bit of fun at the.
  3. He pokes his massive head through the door.
  4. Crystal pokes her head inside the doorway.
  5. Now she has a big gap and pokes her tongue.
  6. Marlene pokes her head above the glass floor.
  7. He then pokes his head back out the restroom.
  8. Michael pokes his head into the female restroom.
  9. Dave pokes his head round the door just after four.
  10. Sometimes the snake pokes it's head out in irritation.
  11. Smerdyakov always pokes himself in now, after dinner.
  12. He pokes his head into the room and says, Hey Teresa.
  13. A few more pokes and prods with her finger and she was.
  14. I watch as Aaron pokes and probes the pig as though he has.
  15. A long cylindrical tube pokes out from the captain’s Lifeship.
  16. Cherrie pokes me in the ribs with her elbow, which effectively.
  17. Anemones sending out a tiny jet of seawater when she pokes them.
  18. One of Joey’s pokes hit a bundle of nerves in the harpy’s body.
  19. Uriah pokes her cheek in response, then turns back to the window again.
  20. A head goes under on the water surface, that head pokes out of the fire.
  21. Marlene pokes her head around one of the bunks and smiles toothily at me.
  22. You don't keep taking small pokes at the turn and making small donations.
  23. She pokes her head back out the doorway and turns to Stephanie and Evette.
  24. She frowns and pokes her mouth to the side as she stares down at the sketch.
  25. He pokes at the scant remains of the carcass of a dead hare with his long stick.
  26. She then pokes her head back out the doorway and turns to Crystal and Stephanie.
  27. Suddenly he raises his hand up and gently pokes into the synthetic eye with his finger.
  28. Ba ! But Darya Onisimovna might have found out something about it for him ; she pokes.
  29. Every hour Volkheimer pokes his head into the back of the Opel and meets Werner’s eyes.
  30. After fifteen seconds one of the men pokes his head around the corner of the nearest barracks.
  31. The barrel of Marco’s four-foot long semi-visible weapon pokes from the top of the mountain.
  32. He splices a broken line, or pokes a bird’s nest off a boom, or elevates an antenna on struts.
  33. He swallows and pokes his head into the study, where the queen is still inspecting Rapunzel's sketchbook.
  34. In vain Amy telegraphed the word `talk', tried to draw her out, and administered covert pokes with her foot.
  35. It dawns on him as he pokes his head round the door frame that the smell of roasting meat is entirely absent from the house.
  36. That’s a big fat fib if I ever heard one! Money’s never easy! you laugh and tip his baseball cap backwards as he pokes you in the belly.
  37. Nevertheless, the smell of horses remained, the stagecoach would pull in soon with a new load of scripts, and a fresh batch of riflemen cow pokes.
  38. We quickly scour the upper floor ceilings and find a hatch – dragging a chair from one of the rooms, Gary stands on it and pokes his head through.
  39. When he reaches 7 Ocean Drive, he steps out of his car and crosses the street to the magnificent wrought-iron gates, leans against them, pokes his nose between the bars.
  40. As Maggie walks round to the front of the bar, chatting with a couple of regulars on the way, Leona pokes her head out from the wings and points at her wrist, making the universal sign that says the evening is running late.

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