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Poop numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I ain’t got the poop.
2. Ori made a sign for cat poop.
3. I was about to poop onto the.
4. Poop in the bread dough?
5. She hands Peter the bag of poop.
6. Cleaning poop out of cages?
7. Poop head, how three year old of you.

8. I knew I had to poop, but I could not.
9. You poop on our junctions and on the.
10. Monkeys poop and pee whenever they want.
11. Poop, she said and started laughing.
12. I had poop smeared all over my face?
13. But then I've seen her poop outside before.
14. I’d hate to be the party poop er but does.
15. Man, that pile of poop was almost the size.
16. You might think your poop don't stink, bro.
17. There was puke, poop, blood and urine in the air.
18. You could eat and poop to your hearts content and.
19. Poop on sidewalks is often squashed by unsuspecting.
20. You can’t do that! Besides, your mound of poop is a.
21. The crew stopped at the bottom of the ladder to the poop.
22. Pigeon poop appears to be a big problem on balconies and in.
23. In a nutshell, the dream wasn’t about poop, but about money.
24. In a reflexive action he swallowed the poop that entered his mouth.
25. In that one, Poop only wounds the cop by shooting him between the.
26. Poop Doggie's video was on the big screen and Doll was rocking to it.
27. Happy tuk-tuk brought him a bottle of water and flushed off the poop.
28. James reluctantly took it and walked across the ship to the poop deck.
29. Conan, on the high-pitched poop, was on a level with the pirate's deck.
30. Them pigs would poop everywhere and lay in it and just grunt and grunt.
31. Crusher, even we dolphin enjoy a good poop joke, just like you primates.
32. Out we ran, and there on the poop were the lieutenant and ten of his men.
33. Up in the air, huge grasshoppers flew by and dropped poop on the children.
34. If you found this in a pile of cow poop, it would still be worth a dollar.
35. After the poop was dropped the pigeons flew away in Air Force style formation.
36. Is the gas used to shoot the poop out of us, like air pressure in a BB gun?
37. Conan stood on the poop, frowning down at the black men who watched him expectantly.
38. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll still think you’re beautiful with poop in your hair.
39. The place stunk with the acrid stench of abused metal, animal poop, diapers and old moldy food.
40. But if I can’t concentrate this morning, it’s probably because I’m trying not to poop.
1. I was on the verge of pooping on the.
2. This is caused almost always by peeing or pooping.
3. He’s pooping behind the Dumpster, Thing 1 answered.
4. Toby had regressed to puppyhood, pooping and peeing on the.
5. Hey, what the hell is going on here; whos pooping on me?!.
6. What sort of creature would require such a thing? I tried to picture Ghosteater squatting at the edge and pooping.
7. Silas shook his head, imagining the Council Member there to do his job and investigate the case, instead only managing to shake in fear at being in a bear cave, and pooping himself.
1. Instantly, I pooped and peed.
2. Brian and I pooped at the same time.
3. Am I pooped! Let’s put it in the sack.
4. Instantly, Louis went pooped on the floor.
5. I almost pooped and peed in Shanes Chevy.
6. Remember when Pam pooped in her pants on the.
7. A short while later the Beagle urinated, then pooped.
8. I ran to the nearest tree and then pooped my brains out.
9. The good news was that he pooped on the street in broad.
10. Chip pooped, urinated then decided to spit on the big boys.
11. The bitch Collie pooped then slithered to a corner of the.
12. A cool breeze blew past then a bird pooped just before them.
13. I leaped onto the cage bars and then pooped and peed in the.
14. Upon seeing that Jamal was with me, the massive pooper pooped.
15. I meant to send this last Saturday but my typist pooped out on me.
16. They both drifted so far into guilt and misery that they didn’t notice the second bird that flew by and also pooped.
17. Pooped and sweating, I jogged into the club, which opened at six, took an ice-cold shower, and dived in the divine warm water of the heated pool for a few laps.
18. If a ship was pooped, overtaken from astern by a heavy sea, the wave could sweep the full length of her decks, causing serious damage and washing men overboard.
19. Use your powers! Cleo was almost delirious and her craft was losing its pace and falling to the ground, when Don Bosco pooped into the cockpit from nowhere and caught hold of the helm.
20. As galleons were adapted for war, replacing galleys and growing rapidly larger on the seas of a post-Merlin Safehold, average freeboard had increased, raising the level of the quarterdeck (and so decreasing the likelihood of being pooped) while retaining the massive sterncastles could only have made the ships far less weatherly and maneuverable.
1. If she pees or poops, it will dry up on the ‘drome.
2. His whole look gave me the poops but I did not let on at all, I was just here doing a job.

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