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Poorly numa frase em (in ingles)

But he did poorly in the.
I've been so poorly lately.
They were poorly clothed and.
If you’ve fared poorly with.
The planned seduction went poorly.
Very poorly, was the answer.
In a poorly managed operation, 3.

It reflected poorly upon the system.
The Indian Ocean is poorly covered.
And a poorly written one at that.
Also, the troops were poorly trained.
Who knows how poorly things could've.
I was treated poorly and became angry.
The back room was small and poorly lit.
This entire sentence is poorly structured.
It is not something to be treated poorly.
Instead, Reagan had been poorly prepared.
She was poorly dressed and seemed hesitant.
Although dressed poorly, she was assertive.
This was poorly thought of, he growled.
He had a haunted look, as if he slept poorly.
As I said, this is a poorly crafted specimen.
They had been great in number, but poorly led.
I am a poorly demarcated blob of interacting.
It seems that your brother Tom is doing poorly.
Done poorly, life as lived today would end in.
But the inn is poorly situated, hard to find.
There was a poorly drawn sketch of the Gadget.
He eats poorly and drinks to excess every night.
The mechanism is, of yet, very poorly understood.
You think poorly of him, Tammas pointed out.
The poorly defined edges were constantly changing.
In fact, she can (and really should) trade poorly.
However, it’s shocking to see how poorly he did.
A lot of older people have poorly corrected vision.
CFS is a poorly understood disease involving many.
We’re just a little poorly, that’s all!.
Perhaps this had been poorly thought out after all.
These trend-following behemoths do poorly as a group.
The priest and the poorly clad old man said in unison.

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