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Pose numa frase em (in ingles)

It is an inverted pose.
Stay in the pose from.
Begin with the easy pose.
This is an inverted pose.
Soon the pose is assumed.
Sit in a comfortable pose.
He held the pose, like a.

That would pose a problem.
Wild animals also pose a.
Balasana is a resting pose.
Let me pose this situation.
He wanted her to pose nude.
I'm going to pose for you'.
Next is the Tree pose.
Then Stacy loosened her pose.
He enjoyed varying the pose.
IX Sit on your meditative pose.
The pose is aimed to activate.
After two hours change the pose.
It was my turn to pose a question.
The pose is done with an inhala-.
I joined him, mimicking his pose.
His brain had captured each pose.
Just pose and flex a bit, you said.
A clogged filter shouldn't pose a.
Then we can properly pose another.
If so, we can still pose as guards.
Ceci pose, celd change la question.
Stay in the pose 1 minute or longer.
I've kept you in that pose too long.
Entering and exiting the pose must.
I told him that I could pose as such.
Starting in Mountain pose with your.
Stay in the pose anywhere from 1 to 3.
Her pose had remained like this while.
Do not push yourself too hard in a pose.
When you stay in this pose, it’s es-.
She doesn’t back away and keeps the pose.
The music stopped and still I held the pose.
At first stay in the pose for 10-20 seconds.
Your posing style will be.
He was posing as a cab driver.
For once he is free from posing.
It’s almost like they were posing.
Posing is so very important in competition.
Nest wearing ponchos and posing as fishermen.
Bo and Chris posing in Chris’s living room.
He places a hand in his waistcoat, posing calmly.
Christian stopped by posing as a Jehovah's Witness.
She looked like she could be a model posing for Revlon.
He also had the tough job of handling out degrees and posing.
When you come up with a posing routine, you should practice so.
European war, saved by providence, were posing as heroes to the.
Do you think they could be fallen angels posing as aliens?
Bilgewater, seeing the two posing to admire themselves, had an idea.
I have asked myself these questions that I am posing to you tonight.
What’s happening? Lydia was not posing an existential question.
Allegedly, Higgins had been posing as Congressman Dalton MacArthur.
Though now, your mind may already be posing the following questions:.
It was determined that the man responsible for the incident was posing.
She was primly seated, her ankles crossed, posing for the photographer.
He’s got to be a cursed Nurian wizard posing as an imperial businessman.
Below her, she saw the clique posing in their ever perfect pose of theirs.
The young Chicano posing as Jose Vasquez had invaded his home, he was sure.
Why should I? She smirked at posing a difficult question to the spirit.
The old man, still seated there, stared at the sun, as if posing a question.
Mind you, I expect it could be a bit chilly posing in the nude all the time.
I have several of him posing as a pirate with my little grandson Kelby at the.
Middle of the police station, they looked like they were posing for prom photos.
He informed us that we were going to have a photo session posing with the Ratel.
He wasn't posing as a teacher this year, so I guess he could afford to be casual.
The agents who were posing as the cleaning crew did a double take when they saw Mrs.
They stood posing for several minutes, much to the curiosity of the other passengers.
They had been very good at posing questions or supposing variations of possibilities.
Kaspar had taken a seat on the stump he'd been posing on and was fiddling with his bow.
The wolves found the scent of not just Jacob but also of the woman posing as Serenity.
Drew went on to recount the sting operation in which an undercover agent, posing as an.
The Dutch men had included smiling photographs of themselves posing outside Medusa Bar.
Grimes had previously sent in a group of Vietnamese posing as tourist ministry officials.
So the pavement was smooth and level posing no challenge to the Ranger’s galloping horse.
We all posed for the camera.
She posed the question to Cliff.
What about Cloud? posed Aerith.
That is another dilemma posed by Mr.
Paul posed that same question to them.
That obviously posed some challenges.
What else can we do? posed Cloud.
The second photograph is less posed.
This way, if the being posed a danger.
This posed even more questions for her.
As the crowd started to clap, Chuck posed.
Manstein, perceptively, posed the question.
He made muscles and posed in his reflection.
I just hoped they saw that I posed no threat.
Visitors who posed a whole new threat to him.
He even missed the hint when she posed for a.
How had it posed that skill, which late assigned.
After the laughter stopped, Mike posed a question.
Olin ignored the question and posed one of his own.
In combat, bombers even posed risks to one another.
The question he hated to ask, now had to be posed.
They’re startlingly beautiful, posed like models.
The dichotomies posed more questions than they did.
Joshua recognized him as the imposter that posed as.
However, they posed a threat for every living being.
He posed another question to the self-possessed girl.
The million dollar question posed to Tiny and me was.
Would you have? Ed posed the rhetorical question.
When the group posed together, Allen slipped to the back.
As she had not posed a question, he did not respond at all.
The woman was laid out on the bed like she had been posed.
Then, Uncle Carl posed a problem and asked for my help to.
So far, walking on Junction 105 West had posed no problems.
Ellie kept her voice casual when she posed the next question.
In June 2007, the Yes Men posed as executives for ExxonMobil.
NAACP by Blacks themselves posed no threat of policy revision.
The other was carrying a gun, posed for firing at any second.
But the young bull Allosaurus posed a much more serious threat.
Have you, for instance, never posed in practical affairs 'i.
How they posed, even knowing that their lives were about to end.
In some poses the limbs.
The ice struck superb poses.
They assumed the poses of wise men.
You do not have to do all the poses.
Ish struck Siva's poses on the ledge.
Too much of strengthening poses on the.
Poses activate meridians of the posterior.
For Christians, this poses a major dilemma.
Check out the poses before taking the shot.
This group poses another threat for America.
Along with anyone else that poses a threat.
Even the boys and girls she poses with smile.
The questions it poses aren’t ones that lend.
I tried him in several poses - even one of him.
In his answer Jesus poses an interesting question.
Most of you won’t be aware of the risk this poses.
Nowadays yoga uses about 200 poses, including most.
In asymmetric poses we usually use the channels, lo-.
That way, you will be classified as someone who poses.
Bodies were strewn everywhere in twisted, tortured poses.
Tightening poses should always be compensated with stretch-.
This is necessary since it poses danger to the religious and.
Think about the beat of your music and then choose poses that.
Clearly defined space in the music for major poses is usually.
With screws and pins in my ankles, that poses a fair challenge.
To reinforce this effect some poses are accompanied with udiana.
But while this area poses some of the most significant questions.
Often the names of these poses have a prefix artha-, meaning.
Dilemma: Claudine poses the problem of whether she should continue.
Gina and Izzy grabbed me and we started pulling random, silly poses.
He grinned to himself as he pictured her in some very explicit poses.
You can see the danger this poses, not to us alone but to the future.
Remember to concentrate on your breathing when performing the poses, and.
Paul, who has been in the group since the beginning, poses a question to.
All of the warm ups and poses in this program should be performed with a.
Whatever it was, it needs classification and analysis in case it poses a.
However, this poses a great threat to people who have trouble remembering.
The photographers quickly arrived and arranged people's poses for the most.
He finally finishes with the inverted poses or ásanas, lotus, and savásana.
She, too, was initially shocked at the nudity and the poses I made Panos take.

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