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Possess numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. She seemed to possess an.
  2. However little she may possess.
  3. Very few natives possess money.
  4. I do possess that kind of power.
  5. If wife and children to possess.

  6. Not even you possess such skills.
  7. What a gift to possess, you mean.
  8. They all want to have and possess.
  9. The man who wishes to possess yog.
  10. All that you possess flows from me.
  11. He must possess that diamond cross.
  12. What a treasure she’s to possess.
  13. I still possess the Orb of Paryphax.
  14. They believe they possess the power.
  15. These are they who possess intellect.

  16. Even they possess a sense of morality.
  17. That is why they possess no state or.
  18. You and I would not merely possess a.
  19. You should try to possess a serene mind.
  20. However, even if we were to possess 99.
  21. All feline acrobats possess raw talent.
  22. Everything we possess is owned jointly.
  23. However, this species does not possess.
  24. For in knowing Me you possess all things.
  25. No machine can possess a Sense Of Wonder.

  26. This she wanted to possess with a passion.
  27. Only those who possess an identity as a.
  28. All of them possess their own techniques.
  29. He could possess a body but that was too.
  30. Gold and silver possess an odor for them.
  31. Desiring to possess what one doesn't have.
  32. She did not possess that diva-like beauty.
  33. And thus I possess myself and my children.
  34. Possessing that, I still possess the whole.
  35. Possess the attributes of the word itself?
  36. We also have a need to possess more of Him.
  37. What would possess you to all of a sudden.
  38. Possess her once take the starch out of her.
  39. God can possess you; you cannot possess Him.
  40. If he tried to possess it, he would lose it.
  41. That are supposed to possess magical powers.
  42. Samson Duff wanted to possess this woman—.
  43. The children of God will then fully possess.
  44. Such commodities could be said to possess an.
  45. Which you already possess! Hades shouted.
  46. Whether they possess wisdom is another matter.
  47. I don't possess the beauty that other girl has.
  48. But the cormorant and bittern shall possess it.
  49. You possess a strength you are not aware of yet.
  50. Because once you see it, it will possess you.
  51. Do I not possess better words? But he didn’t.
  52. His seed shall possess the gate of his enemies.
  53. Our ideas possess different degrees of reality.
  54. You wish to possess my knowledge? Then have it.
  55. But you don’t have to be a mother to possess.
  56. The truth is, anyone who possess Christ in their.
  57. To be honest, to possess that burning desire is.
  58. All public men to be a success have to possess it.
  59. I’d rather be rich in spirit and possess nothing.
  60. Who having abandoned all verbal faults, possess a.
  61. Every instinct that I possess cries out against it.
  62. He did, after all, possess a copy of the master key.
  63. Do not do it to feed themselves but to possess his.
  64. Scientists possess partial knowledge of the universe.
  65. That you would possess more powers after the age of.
  66. What powers did Lucia possess? None that she knew of.
  67. It means that they possess a defective state of mind.
  68. As I possess neither, I must conclude that I have no.
  69. Most of our ferrules possess either a square edge (Mr.
  70. Both, whether conscious or not, possess heavy burdens.
  71. You can produce anything I possess, she recalled.
  72. He was dying to possess her and came to love her even.
  73. Furthermore I possess something that belongs to him.
  74. That blade seemed to Rob to possess some dark charisma.
  75. Peoples, like planets, possess the right to an eclipse.
  76. That which possesses you and which you want to possess.
  77. It merely appeared to possess separateness and solidity.
  78. To foretell is to possess foreknowledge and to share it.
  79. Only true believers possess the key that opens the gate.
  80. I wondered if I would ever possess such courage as that.
  81. He knew what kind of character traits you would possess.
  82. Our question is: is the need to possess the mother and.
  83. She’s the one who tried to possess you? he asked.
  84. Because to possess an illusion is as good as possessing.
  85. Anne, you possess the wrong impression about me, my dear.
  86. She did not possess a rune crystal pendant, and without.
  87. Read me, open me, I possess the answers you seek, it lies.
  88. I possess what is immaterial; then I seem to remember why.
  89. To possess a human and have that human, mate with another.
  90. I considered you as the rightful one to possess its power.
  91. What did I have? What does a shadow-man possess or need?
  92. She wanted to possess you so that she could compel you to.
  93. Buddha’s bodies that possess form are called Form Bodies.
  94. But she did not possess his sense of humor jeering others.
  95. You already possess the greatest treasure in the Universe.
  96. Particularly if you possess the power and riches that I do.
  97. However, the same edict forbade Jews to possess Christian.
  98. The knowledge they possess is earthly, but I am heavenly.
  99. Perhaps he’s looking for something that I do not possess.
  100. As the morning wore on fear began to possess Wade’s soul.
  1. Be it possessing a book.
  2. A violent emotion was possessing him.
  3. It was pressing on him, possessing him.
  4. Possessing that, I still possess the whole.
  5. Possessing the truth causes you to respond.
  6. Good bye what? I’m possessing this priest.
  7. Wielding was a world of difference from possessing.
  8. It is as though by possessing them completely the.
  9. It was bad enough possessing Zach's old Shakespeare.
  10. He was charged with possessing religious propaganda.
  11. Salvation is nothing short of possessing the Father.
  12. Though possessing very little intelligence, they had.
  13. In May of 2011 Lahey pleaded guilty to possessing child.
  14. It spirit can reincarnate in a man possessing his spirit.
  15. Because to possess an illusion is as good as possessing.
  16. Killing the father and possessing the mother are two drives.
  17. Stone will appear on the Day of Judgement possessing 2 eyes.
  18. All she wanted was the reputation for possessing these qualities.
  19. Possessing the same physical and optical properties as mined gems.
  20. It has to be realized here that merely by possessing a lot of money.
  21. Loving and possessing, conquering and consuming--that is his way of.
  22. Think of yourself thus as a child of the infinite, possessing infinite.
  23. I am the only person possessing the right to dispose of my daughter's hand.
  24. What good is it to kill the father to obtain the pleasure of possessing the.
  25. As many therefore" says he "as are empty fear the devil as possessing power.
  26. It is not easy to free oneself of the conviction that by possessing someone.
  27. In the opposite case, I will fill my loneliness by possessing the life of my.
  28. But you cannot become aware of this without first possessing a Sense of Wonder.
  29. Nature is the great teacher here, her tone arrangements always possessing unity.
  30. The saints are gifted, possessing the varied charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  31. Once you get the thrill of possessing privileged information you are hooked on it.
  32. Regarding health, the week point of those possessing Mercury’s Mountain is their.
  33. As he assumed, the servants had a lot of their hopes invested in possessing the giant.
  34. But though I cannot give my own name, not possessing one, I can tell them my father's.
  35. Just what I thought, he teased, slanting his lips across mine and possessing my.
  36. These elite companies are usually good investments, possessing what Warren Buffett would.
  37. The wooded banks of the river seemed again deserted by everything possessing animal life.
  38. Historically, they were a tribe of ancient Europeans possessing either red or blond hair.
  39. I said to him, You’re not afraid of the spirit possessing Ghost Hunter, are you?
  40. Old habits are hard to break, especially for a majority party possessing a minority mindset.
  41. It is nice to consider the concept of possessing truth, and employing it, and cultivating it.
  42. And even though the author(s) of the Torah portrayed the Almighty Thou as possessing gender.
  43. A nuathreen mage wielding the staff of a wraith and possessing the bearing of real experience.
  44. All the executioners I have known were intelligent men, possessing a certain degree of conceit.
  45. His body automatically reacted to the thought of her possessing him in the most carnal of ways.
  46. Alternating with the beds of limestone, and possessing the same formation, is a soft clay slate.
  47. As described, the messiah, as the Lamb, is symbolized possessing and using the Seven Spirits of.
  48. It was all a trick, the Shadow Witch must have something yet to gain by possessing Sophie again.
  49. Well, even if her figure were to dent in time, won’t she be worth possessing well past her prime.
  50. I regret to see Great Britain possessing so uncontrolled a command over all the waters of our globe.
  51. In other words, to consider them material, however quasi/spiritual ―beings‖ possessing Free Will.
  52. In spite of her sorrowful expression, she gave the idea of possessing considerable firmness and decision.
  53. A great loss will face that who spends his life for fun and diversion or for possessing its vanities things.
  54. He believed that possessing the Golden Fleece would enhance their leader’s right to rule over all nations.
  55. I believe that you are incorrectly assuming that possessing a soul provides an automatic passport to heaven.
  56. He was ruthless in the pursuit of his goals, while possessing the sweetness to talk a baby out of his bottle.
  57. The only system that reads the information in the payload is the computer possessing the destination address.
  58. The dominant left brain, possessing serial perception, oscillates between two contradictory concepts or images.
  59. For an ape already possessing a high degree of hand-eye coordination, this was not an especially difficult task.
  60. In other words, just casting out demons that may be possessing you doesn’t automatically make you any happier.
  61. It differs from that also by being less brittle, and possessing the quality denominated by stonecutters, tough.
  62. But possessing all the grand distinctive features of the leviathan, most naturalists have recognised him for one.
  63. Creatures possessing all the evil of man without any of the restraints society places on us? Books suggested.
  64. This enables us to create option combinations composed of elements possessing a whole range of fair value estimates.
  65. Using this method she could impose her physical and mental reality temporarily upon the animal, possessing its body.
  66. Mastecus and those who sought atonement were clearly outnumbered, but they had the advantage of possessing free-will.
  67. They have done this by invading the living auras and minds and hearts and bodies of living people and possessing them.
  68. What about Sophie? You don’t really think that she is the Shadow Witch - surely she’s just possessing her again.
  69. The German ship was far superior to the Hood, possessing excellent up-to-date electronics and superb armour protection.
  70. I correctly surmised they were being caused by a possessing spirit who had committed suicide upon the death of her mate.
  71. Then a city is not to be called wise because possessing a knowledge which counsels for the best about wooden implements?
  72. Only through not possessing a handful of things will you realize that all things are appearing equally in your awareness.
  73. Michael was described as highly inquisitive, nosy, sensitive, possessing a great sense of humor and a first class prankster.
  74. Let’s expand that depth, she said, passing on the negative insinuation of possessing knowledge no one would believe.
  75. He a model steward, possessing in the highest degree the faculty of divining the needs and instincts of those he dealt with.
  76. It temporarily achieves corporeality by possessing humans, but the human host rejects it and the body self-destructs quickly.
  77. He was thin, in a wiry way, possessing no muscle and very little fat; his skin was pale bordering on almost yellow and sallow.
  78. It was a thing monstrous, possessing none of the forms familiar to the eye, yet not devoid of a hint of some new unknown form.
  79. The third cause was shame, based on the consciousness of the immorality of possessing money with which I wanted to help others.
  80. It is also well adapted to use in colleges, or in the prayer-meetings of churches possessing a fair amount of musical ability.
  81. These grains, most of them possessing a longer axis, have been rolled backwards and forwards by the tides or by river-currents.
  82. This was not an especially difficult task for a walking ape already possessing hands and a high degree of hand-eye coordination.
  83. He was a model steward, possessing in the highest degree the faculty of divining the needs and instincts of those he dealt with.
  84. The squalid and withered person of this hag might well have obtained for her the character of possessing more than human cunning.
  85. Several families of crustaceans include a few species, possessing an air-breathing apparatus and fitted to live out of the water.
  86. Transformation of Identity-- During the possession state of trance, the shaman became reciprocally identified with the possessing.
  87. A hideous notion struck me: how powerful I should be possessing such an instrument! I took it from his hand, and touched the blade.
  88. Happiness, it seems, is not what it appears to be, nor do we condone others possessing it unless under the appropriate circumstances.
  89. She felt, besides, that he considered her an unusual woman, distinguished from all other women, and possessing high moral qualities.
  90. The minds of simpletons, possessing a child-like ignorance, were then and continue to be very susceptible to the powers of suggestion.
  91. Immense quantities of it, possessing either a grayish or reddish brown colour, are found in the vicinity of Knoxville, East Tennessee.
  92. With his own knowledge possessing his whole soul, it seemed impossible that anybody in Sulaco should fail to jump at the right surmise.
  93. On the contrary, as if struck by lightning, and as if possessing neither eyes nor understanding they slighted the proclamations of God.
  94. The Shemites are the only armed force in Khauran, and the most hellish punishment is inflicted on any Khaurani found possessing weapons.
  95. When the first of the two promises came true, We sent against you servants of Ours, possessing great might, and they ransacked your homes.
  96. The first method, based on the average profit and its variability, is applicable to financial instruments possessing linear payoff functions.
  97. However, having good statistics is a necessary, but insufficient, condition to judge the functional as possessing high forecasting qualities.
  98. No geologist feels any difficulty in Great Britain possessing the same quadrupeds with the rest of Europe, for they were no doubt once united.
  99. They were extremely poor; almost the poorest family in the village, and the vision of possessing ten shillings of her very own was a dizzy one.
  100. Suppose that there is a set of underlying assets for each of which we have to choose one option strategy possessing the highest profit potential.
  1. As if possessed by an.
  2. They are possessed by it.
  3. They possessed the keys to.
  4. Maybe you are being possessed.
  5. An insane resolve possessed me.
  6. He possessed no sword or knife.
  7. Holly felt possessed with lust.
  8. I don't know what possessed me.
  9. It was he who possessed the wit.
  10. Turns out the boy was possessed.
  11. It gradually possessed his mind;.
  12. He is nothing but a man possessed.
  13. He possessed the capacity to plot.
  14. I am haunted; possessed, plagued.
  15. She was possessed of a steadfast.
  16. All he possessed was 15,257 francs.
  17. He never possessed a dinner jacket.
  18. He drove home like a man possessed.
  19. I don’t think I’m possessed.
  20. She knew he possessed the strength.
  21. Either that or we’re all possessed.
  22. They were possessed or something.
  23. No Saint has possessed me in months.
  24. He knew that his employer possessed.
  25. He looked possessed with demonic rage.
  26. It was a stranger, someone possessed.
  27. Possessed by some sort of cyber-demon.
  28. First: Dylan is possessed by bird auras.
  29. It was because humans possessed these.
  30. She possessed a strange spectral grace.
  31. The maid whose note he still possessed.
  32. Gah! cried Quell, as if possessed.
  33. She possessed a thin body, but not bony.
  34. And that body no longer possessed a head.
  35. Tommy possessed a true wisdom of the soil.
  36. I possessed an inward focus that concen-.
  37. They possessed from the first the art of.
  38. This habit of trial Jean Valjean possessed.
  39. She possessed the ability to control fire.
  40. He was the one that possessed Steve's gun.
  41. My soul was possessed by the gods of speed.
  42. I knew right then he had become possessed.
  43. The Exalted Ruler possessed all the power.
  44. No one should, except he who possessed it.
  45. Luke relates that he is possessed by Satan.
  46. Maybe she is being possessed by the spirit.
  47. I suppose we’re all possessed in some way.
  48. Sam was like a man possessed, fixated and.
  49. In the end, they ensnared and possessed him.
  50. It wasn’t until Uar possessed the body and.
  51. Why should I think that I’m possessed?
  52. He also possessed a sense that he was divine.
  53. Therefore, he possessed all Cosette's dreams.
  54. I now possessed a new energy that would not.
  55. She knew she possessed many faults and flaws.
  56. They, too, were possessed by the unnamed fear.
  57. Domingo now possessed seventeen armed vessels.
  58. Linda sounded as though she had been possessed.
  59. Whatever possessed you guys to do that?
  60. He also realized the danger that they possessed.
  61. She was possessed, and he was going to cure her.
  62. They possessed knowledge far older than mankind.
  63. Because he was possessed by Set, I guessed.
  64. Once upon a time, Euther had possessed a pinch.
  65. All Captain Hudson possessed now was his dignity.
  66. The people knew what power this woman possessed.
  67. Rosemary, it appeared, possessed a book which Mr.
  68. He would be possessed by the darkness within him.
  69. And I learned also that he had possessed it long.
  70. Toporoff possessed both these negative qualities.
  71. Frequently a medical condition possessed by one.
  72. However, as most men, he possessed an eye for a.
  73. Next day she lost every gulden that she possessed.
  74. Both Krishn and Arjun are possessed of mighty arms.
  75. All members of the clan possessed an inalienable.
  76. The yells of men possessed, sometimes, made them.
  77. In both Jesus is spoken of as a man possessed and.
  78. Eva’s eyes did not reveal a demon possessed soul.
  79. What possessed you to bring him here Walter?
  80. Those whom possessed tainted bloods were contented.
  81. All that the poor, wretched student did possessed.
  82. This is a unity which was never possessed even by.
  83. Such was the fancy that possessed me at that moment.
  84. One possesses wealth, but is possessed by poverty.
  85. He had possessed so few women of such ingenuousness.
  86. And within 30 minutes, Mini was completely possessed.
  87. Most of them possessed nuclear weapons so when the.
  88. Khan possessed an almost inhuman strength and skill.
  89. I know this because I have been possessed by Spirit.
  90. To love is like poverty, it is to be possessed by it.
  91. So Valley acted like it was possessed by poltergeists.
  92. These bastards have fully possessed her over here.
  93. When it became clear that none of them possessed the.
  94. And, as though the sun had possessed the property of.
  95. The OWG possessed the clothing sizes for all subjects.
  96. There was no resisting the faith that woman possessed.
  97. Max King said, The eternal kingdom was possessed (Heb.
  98. Max King says, The eternal kingdom was possessed (Heb.
  99. The lucky ones get burned out, corrupted or possessed.
  100. Alana was gone, the Dead Tree now fully possessed her.
  1. One possesses and one supposes.
  2. He possesses all these glories.
  3. He possesses no power by which.
  4. He possesses, too, a quantity of.
  5. The impatience which possesses him.
  6. Shanghai possesses the required skill.
  7. Each one possesses all three attributes.
  8. He possesses the ability to control water.
  9. She possesses a quality the others did not.
  10. She also possesses the strength of ten men.
  11. He fancies he possesses an immense treasure.
  12. All consciousness possesses the Vapor Light.
  13. He possesses a stage presence that would be.
  14. He possesses his omm's ability to control fire.
  15. Everybody possesses some ability to concentrate.
  16. If ground is what this mystical place possesses.
  17. One never truly possesses anything one has not.
  18. He possesses another gift, the gift of discernment.
  19. One possesses wealth, but is possessed by poverty.
  20. The HUF carries out ancestral business and possesses.
  21. Besides, it possesses an additional important feature.
  22. That which possesses you and which you want to possess.
  23. And he is a man who possesses physical strength, as he.
  24. This city is developed and possesses unique architecture.
  25. There is a Yogi living not far from Bombay who possesses.
  26. We are two vampires, we have strength no human possesses.
  27. She is a witch, who possesses the secret of perpetual youth.
  28. The particle, as every one knows, possesses no significance.
  29. Not one of them possesses in his own right anything whatever.
  30. Which of the two possesses the larger field of vision? Choose.
  31. The only activity which spirit possesses is the power to think.
  32. Does it mean that he already possesses these reflexes? Indeed.
  33. I would have Jesus cast out this devil that possesses my child.
  34. Europe possesses specimens of Asia and Africa on a small scale.
  35. For man possesses something that no other animal shares: reason.
  36. At least he still possesses a sense of honor and hasn't entered.
  37. He possesses a superhuman consciousness of the presence of Deity.
  38. The race of Adam came to be and possesses body and Intel ect, soul.
  39. After the final war of 1815 Alexander possesses all possible power.
  40. In 1 Timothy 6:15-16 Paul says that God alone possesses immortality.
  41. This male, whatever he is, possesses power beyond my humble skills.
  42. Einstein’s theory of gravity show it possesses a certain validity.
  43. What kind of hate possesses someone to the point where they believe.
  44. Buhlman answered simply the soul possesses no inherent shape or form.
  45. Who is he and why is he the only one that possesses a Bible?
  46. A true Muslim man such as Osama Bin Laden possesses Mohammad spirit.
  47. She possesses a tenderness that is not apparent in her everyday self.
  48. I don't understand what fancy possesses you to put yourself to death.
  49. The unmanufactured sperm oil possesses a singularly cleansing virtue.
  50. First of all, the mother possesses her son, then the son possesses his.
  51. Currently, every farmer or agriculturist possesses his own lot of land.
  52. If the soul was immortal it could not die and it now possesses eternal.
  53. A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his.
  54. However, when we have an identity, it possesses us as much as we possess it.
  55. If nothing happens to the object, the energy it possesses remains bottled up.
  56. Whatever he collects and whatever possesses, he keeps craving for having more.
  57. Every human who has ever been oppressed in any way whatsoever: possesses anger.
  58. We can understand then, something of the power the mind possesses over the body.
  59. When a person possesses very few things those few things are terribly precious.
  60. Of course, with a god, that doesn’t matter; He simply possesses another body.
  61. But anyone who possesses the old-fashioned beef-tea jar needs nothing else.
  62. Whoever committed this murder possesses great tactical and professional abilities.
  63. They possess their lives like a shadow possesses a life, but they will never know.
  64. This knowledge of good and evil is open to interpretation to whomever possesses it.
  65. While corn possesses a relatively high level of protein for a carbohydrate, it has.
  66. In that is a reminder for whoever possesses a heart, or cares to listen and witness.
  67. You need not suppose you are the only person in the world who possesses self-respect.
  68. He’s specialized like you said, but it’s the level of depth that he possesses.
  69. Not every Sire possesses this ability, or perhaps is not aware of how to access it.
  70. When I add that he possesses a large and very blunt knife, you have an additional aid.
  71. He who is discontented with however much he possesses, becomes a slave to his desires.
  72. Love is the strongest force the world possesses and yet it is the humblest imaginable.
  73. I believe he possesses an attachment to his duty sufficient to induce him to perform it.
  74. If he has been kidnapped it could not have been for anything which he himself possesses.
  75. It is rumored that he possesses the ‘sight’; he reads people quickly and accurately.
  76. In other words, every one of us possesses an innate capacity to make the right decisions.
  77. He adds, that he possesses in his herbarium, a species from Canada, different from his X.
  78. A power that possesses existence of its very own Self, a supreme being we may call God!.
  79. If he has been kidnapped, it could not have been for anything which he himself possesses.
  80. This is all that I can say of it at present, except that it possesses a most horrid smell.
  81. None of us possesses any special ability to overcome forces greater than our own strength.
  82. What this identity feels it possesses, has, and owns the most fully is the identity itself.
  83. But you can't deny that your younger brother possesses a great deal of spiritual potential.
  84. Apricots possesses the highest levels and widest variety of carotenoid, which are essential.
  85. We have no evidence that the Curitiba or the Pink Dawn possesses that technology, Ava said.
  86. Man can be master of nothing while he fears death, but he who does not fear it possesses all.
  87. This man evidently possesses the power of influencing events, both as regards men and things.
  88. In my studies I have come to realise that the Bible possesses qualities that no other book has.
  89. The unfortunate convict is supposed to possess merely a sou; not at all, he possesses liberty.
  90. But what God possesses is better and more lasting for those who believe and rely on their Lord.
  91. This man either he possesses supreme martial skill or that he has a superb intellect….
  92. As faithful of the Orthodox Church we have the unshakable certainty that the Church possesses.
  93. What is meant by retro relics? This is era merchandise which possesses certain charm and appeal.
  94. It took every ounce of charm this reporter possesses to persuade him to even grant an interview.
  95. Stoxx possesses an uncanny ability to time his entries and exits, often just prior to major moves.
  96. If he possesses any moral compass other than his belly and his peter, no one’s yet discovered it.
  97. Christ our Lord alone possesses the true and full 'report’ of the effect of modern evangelization.
  98. The saint possesses harmonious relationships with people, and his over-abundant love extends even to.
  99. Or if you wish to think a bit outside the box you can incorporate a border that possesses some.
  100. As a result, each combination possesses two indexes corresponding to its criterion and profit values.

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