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Postponement numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Alston opposed the postponement.
  2. For postponement, 44; against it, 74.
  3. Rhea could not agree to the proposed postponement.
  4. But that would only have brought him a postponement.
  5. The evil of postponement on the other hand was great.

  6. The question was then taken on postponement as moved by Mr.
  7. The motion for indefinite postponement was negatived, ayes 23.
  9. The question on postponement till to-morrow was decided by yeas and nays.
  10. There would be no postponement; the lessons at Slapton Sands had been noted.
  12. Blackburn's trial resumed that day, after its postponement was decided by Judge Hicken.
  13. He should never obtain his object, if he were to agree to one postponement after another.
  14. Perhaps he had forgotten! If so, there must be a week's postponement, and that was unlucky.
  15. Sister Elaine, one of the original five friends of Elizabeth, now argued against postponement.

  16. The question was then taken on the motion for indefinite postponement, and lost: yeas 28, nays 78.
  17. After years of postponement, he finally convinced the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella to.
  18. Meteorologists forecast gloomy weather for 5th June that caused a postponement of twenty four hours.
  19. Jaggers caused an application to be made for the postponement of his trial until the following Sessions.
  20. Goldsborough was in favor of postponement, and was sorry to see the bill attempted to be hurried through.
  21. A disadvantage would therefore result to the small States from postponement rather than from a decision now.
  22. The postponement proposed might save a great portion of this property, and bring home the seamen now absent from the country.
  23. On every ground I am opposed to the passing such resolutions on principle, and shall therefore vote for indefinite postponement.
  24. More customary is the making of a formal request to the bondholders by the corporation for the postponement of the sinking-fund payments.
  25. As his declining the situation might be unexpected to some gentlemen, to accommodate them he would ask a postponement of the ballot for a time.

  26. His object in rising was to obtain a postponement of the question till some time in the next week, for the consideration of a point, which to his mind was important.
  27. Stanford, on the ground that the Committee of Commerce and Manufactures had already this subject under consideration, moved an indefinite postponement of the resolution.
  28. Richard and Moncharmin had locked themselves with an object which the reader does not yet know, but which it is my duty, as an historian, to reveal without further postponement.
  29. The investigation would begin at eight o'clock that evening in the committee-room, and if postponement were necessary, the proceedings would be resumed each evening at the same hour.
  30. The Speaker then decided that the main question to now put, was: "Will the House concur with the Senate in the amendments made to the bill?" and not upon the proposition for postponement.
  31. Livermore was against indefinite postponement, because he was inclined to the opinion that the subject ought to be acted on at this session, but wished the resolution to lie on the table a day or two.
  32. Stanford said, so many were the objectionable features of the present resolution before the House, he should vote for its indefinite postponement, and with permission of the House he would give his reasons for his vote.
  33. During the early phase of a bear market, certain leading stocks will seem to be bucking the trend by holding up in price, creating the impression of strength, but what you’re seeing is just a postponement of the inevitable.
  34. So now begins the second act: it is the postponement of a measure which would be bloody, terrible, and concentrated in a short period; and the substitution of a suffering less perceptible, which can be laid upon all, and will last longer.
  35. On the one hand there is a continuous postponement of our commitments or our decisions to make (they will settle automatically, time will make everything right) on the other hand there is the dreaming (dreaming, not activating) about change (you shall see that things will change).
  36. Nicholas expressed his disapproval of the postponement of the marriage for a year; but Natasha attacked her brother with exasperation, proving to him that it could not be otherwise, and that it would be a bad thing to enter a family against the father’s will, and that she herself wished it so.
  37. Nicholas expressed his disapproval of the postponement of the marriage for a year; but Natásha attacked her brother with exasperation, proving to him that it could not be otherwise, and that it would be a bad thing to enter a family against the father’s will, and that she herself wished it so.
  38. It would be very difficult delaying the coroner’s inquest, especially with his lack of suitable grounds on which to base his request for a postponement; those things were usually wrapped up in one or two days following the incident, as after that details could easily be overlooked resulting in a miscarriage of justice.
  39. Milnor said when he had made the motion for the indefinite postponement of the bill, he had supposed that the sense of the House had been fully expressed on it; but as it appeared that the motion would occupy much time in debate, and as some gentlemen had thought proper to insinuate that the motion was made for the purpose of avoiding meeting a direct question on the bill, he now rose to withdraw the motion.
  40. Randolph said that as an indefinite postponement was considered as tantamount to a rejection—for it prevents a renewal of the subject during the session, and a rejection does nothing more, as the House had heretofore had a woful experience in the case of certain very pertinacious petitioners; and, as he was afraid, they would again have from a certain body of petitioners, who, he presumed, had not entirely given up their hopes of quartering themselves on the public property—an indefinite postponement, then, being equivalent to a rejection, he certainly was opposed to the rejection of his own motion.

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