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  1. This was all like a sick prank.
  2. That was a prank, right?
  3. Maybe everything was just a prank.
  4. The moon thing was a childhood prank.
  5. I wanted to carry The Perfect Prank.

  6. It could even be a prank of some sort.
  7. Not sure if that prank would still work.
  8. And that it had turned out to be a prank.
  9. I knew he was making prank calls again.
  10. I had never given much The Perfect Prank.
  11. It’s about the prank caller, I said.
  12. Ain’t no prank, mate, answered Ritter.
  13. Is this some sort of prank or something?
  14. We’ll have to think of another prank to pull.
  15. It might’ve been just a prank on the Internet.

  16. It was because I received a prank call last week.
  17. Shit, that was a stupid prank you pulled last night.
  18. It might have come from Miss Regine’s prank caller.
  19. It would be a great prank, that’s what it would be.
  20. Have you told him about the prank caller? he asked.
  21. Most likely it was one of Greg’s boys playing a prank.
  22. The conversation, generally, is about their prank scheme.
  23. He missed on purpose, and he laughed merrily at the prank.
  24. At least, the prank caller would not bother you anymore.
  25. You mean the prank call and those murders? he replied.

  26. At first, the police stubbornly considered it a prank call.
  27. Why not play with your prank caller? Ka Rudy suggested.
  28. Fred suddenly felt sure that this had been a prank after all.
  29. And as the waves drew us closer and closer The Perfect Prank.
  30. They are carrying a wooden name plate with The Perfect Prank.
  31. When the fax arrived, though, I wasn’t so sure it was a prank.
  32. But first, we had a little prank to pull on Radar and his goons.
  33. It was at this moment that Fyodor Pavlovitch played his last prank.
  34. Was it because Heaven deliberately wished to play a prank on him?
  35. But this was no alien invasion story, and it was no Halloween prank.
  36. How about the prank caller, did he call you back? Patrick asked.
  37. Phillip thought that it must be a prank or that maybe he was dreaming.
  38. While there he was arrested for a drunken prank during a football game.
  39. I think the prank caller is playing tricks on me again, I replied.
  40. At some point of the trip, I heard this story of a prank that went wrong.
  41. It could have been a prank call, or even a wrong number, she told herself.
  42. I heard as a prank one of them changed his brother’s password and locked.
  43. I took a deep breath and started telling him the story about the prank caller.
  44. You're awesome, like when I prank Nathan and he ends up with pie in his face.
  45. What was his connection to the prank caller? Why was he able to get in here?
  46. Do you think it could just be prank calls from over zealous alien hunters?
  47. Ricardo Longoria is a bit of a rogue, and is constantly planning his next prank.
  48. Kyoshiro began to laugh and hit me on my head like it was a prank or something.
  49. Loki cut off her hair as a prank and paid dearly for it, if she remembers right.
  50. I said that the prank caller just annoyed me for a night and nothing serious.
  51. Maybe if I surprised her with the photo, she’d admit to engineering the prank.
  52. I’m not so sure if I have to mention about the prank call or not, I said.
  53. This Prank could be the Death of Fanny—the Ordeal by Water, e’en Blooding.
  54. She went out on the stoop, thinking the boys were hiding, playing a prank on her.
  55. Yes, because I told him that I received a nasty prank call last week, I replied.
  56. He turned back to Pidge, said, This is just a fraternity prank, right, fellas?
  57. Talking with Judy, amazing calmness had to reign inside me to laugh it off as a prank.
  58. They had considered that he had been hiding or trying to pull some strange kind of prank.
  59. Tank-horse; the hysterical prank force bleed whips over the energy, the self-endorsed body.
  60. It was probably some dirty prank, but then again, I was too curious and he did look serious.
  61. Borja about the caller ID, I wouldn’t know that the prank caller was serious, he said.
  62. A major crisis was in progress, and frankly, he didn't have time to deal with prank callers.
  63. I tried to remember the events that surrounded the murders and Number One Fan’s prank call.
  64. This isn’t something to joke about, or pull some stupid undergraduate prank, Miss Barnes.
  65. This prank call may or may not be connected with their deaths but it can lead us to something.
  66. He even shoved his shoulder into Andrew as he walked by, completely unremorseful for their prank.
  67. What if she found out, and the prank made her think me too unreliable? Still, I could hardly go.
  68. Years ago, a friend’s leg was accidentally amputated when he tried to steal the sword for a prank.
  69. They could perhaps go to the library where there is a used book sale going on, and The Perfect Prank.
  70. Should you think this page is some sort of a prank then answer the following simple question to yourself.
  71. More of a prank than stealing, since the next day Feif and Rochie came around with the cash, plus interest.
  72. The high school? On a Friday night? He considered the likelihood that this was another of those prank calls.
  73. The end of the school year is fast approaching and they haven’t come up with an excellent prank idea yet.
  74. This mast, once shorn of its sails and ropes, I then cut into eight logs of equal The Perfect Prank.
  75. That might have been a step too far, as they did get into serious trouble with their mentor over that prank.
  76. For the moment most of them took it for granted that his disappearance was nothing more than a ridiculous prank.
  77. Marcus and Davis both grinned, loving the prank and unconcerned with why they’d had to punish the outsider.
  78. She was highly delighted in playing such a mischievous prank and completely mystifying and embarrassing a poor boy.
  79. She obediently descended, and made as light of the prank as she could without betraying Meg or forgetting the truth.
  80. But seems it's true, and this is her way of dealing with rejection—harassing me with prank reports, such as to you.
  81. The new janitor was the stranger who stared at me that Monday night when I first received the roses and the prank call.
  82. He said she was making no sense, at all, and he thought, surely, it was a prank, or she was high on pills and delusional.
  83. Kolya's mad prank seemed to have broken the ice, and Dardanelov was rewarded for his intercession by a suggestion of hope.
  84. The young lads had said they were horror aficionados, and I wondered if not they had devised some sort of prank to play on me.
  85. Arrived at this interesting point, Gania suddenly broke off, and said no more about Nastasia’s prank of the previous evening.
  86. Despite the results, Kyle and Lyle were giggling and grinning as they walked closer, obviously quite satisfied with their prank.
  87. Why anyone would think I would play such a horrible prank is beyond me, but he stepped out in the open, trying to call my bluff.
  88. Stephanie’s eyes shot back and forth between the two agents, trying to decide if the whole thing was some sort of rotten prank.
  89. John Brooke', whereat she groaned tragically and cast it into the fire, feeling that Laurie's prank had hastened the evil day for her.
  90. That caused Chef Luc to sit back in his chair then place a hand over his mouth like a young boy that had just pulled off a grand prank.
  91. I glanced past the aisles and customers and through the windows at Salem, wondering if it really had all been some sort of elaborate prank.
  92. And when viewers liked it, he continued, all of us will shine: you, the program, News and Current Affairs, RMBN, and the prank caller.
  93. Mamma! What sweets are we going to have? Natásha again cried boldly, with saucy gaiety, confident that her prank would be taken in good part.
  94. He looked about for some hint of a wild prank to play upon these strange, grotesque creatures that they might be again aware of his presence among them.
  95. Chandler said, that whoever put that piece of metal there thought she was playing a harmless prank, but it could have led to very serious consequences.
  96. Nobody at Pointy Foods would ever believe Frank is in on this prank with us, or that Frank would become a partner in our football-franchise business.
  97. Why had Justine freaked out like that? Was she afraid I’d get her in trouble for the prank? Surely not — playing a joke on someone wasn’t illegal.
  98. Some of you out there - those untouched by the reality that we are living first hand - might think this is a joke, a prank or some sick and twisted hoax.
  99. Events included a prank that saw Viktor, armed with an aerosol "bomb" paint anti-authoritarian slogans on the large World War II Memorial to the Red Army.
  100. Afterwards I thought that it was a question of a bad taste prank, but the severe face and the fateful look of the oldster were contradicting my assumption.

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  1. Where're ya goin'? the prog-punk pranked his elder.
  2. When he was asked to join a team of elite scientists in a small Canadian town he thought he was being pranked but after reading what he was coming to he did not hesitate to sign on.
  1. He was getting tired of the pranks.
  2. With Eugene pranks of former years.
  3. Heedless of all his pranks, the sturdy churl.
  4. I've not forgotten the old pranks! Things now.
  5. He refers to his own crimes as harmless pranks.
  6. We will not be thwarted by your childish pranks.
  7. And he was warned not to play such pranks again.
  8. I just wanted to share ur pranks with some of my.
  9. I’ve heard some of the pranks you fellows have.
  10. And some of the other pranks were reasonably funny.
  11. Either he's afraid because he's been up to some pranks himself.
  12. We shared Chris’s laughter, smile, pranks, jokes, and stories.
  13. Then, a freshman named Holly asks, What about the pranks?
  14. Don chuckled, more at Alan himself than the wild pranks he proposed.
  15. You would give your five wits for youth's proud livery he pranks in.
  16. You have played so many pranks that I am afraid you have had a hand in this.
  17. But there were pranks of a certain character that were absolutely past endurance.
  18. Titled, The Institute for Hacks Tomfoolery and Pranks, the journal offers an adept.
  19. Both Norm and Tom disregarded them as pranks, but soon they were arriving with more regularity.
  20. He was not inclined to be hard on pranks of heedlessness or forgetfulness, but THIS was different.
  21. He was muttering under his breath about kids and pranks when he passed Will and Jessie on the road.
  22. He said his name was Thomas, the underground merchant of party pranks and other innocent joke props.
  23. We were all too afraid to go to sleep in case we became the next victim of one of his hilarious pranks.
  24. Before I got transferred from Nichols Field there was several escapades, pranks or whatever that occurred.
  25. All my life I have had an impulse to play such pranks, so that in the end I could not control it in myself.
  26. We came upon a mule which was having a few pranks and pulling the chap who was leading it all over the road.
  27. The laughter which always accompanied us, and which she knew so well how to excite, roused her to fresh pranks.
  28. The powder did not fire properly, but I succeeded in singeing myself sufficiently to avert all suspicion of my pranks.
  29. Unlike their usual topics for debate, the emergence of the random acts of pranks and such had forced their need for action.
  30. Miss Cornelia had vowed that she was done with worrying over the pranks of the manse children, but she went on worrying just the same.
  31. Well since we’re on the subject of things that were uncalled for how about we review over some of the pranks of the past few days.
  32. There intruded vaguely a wonderment at the mad pranks of Fate, that could make the daughter of a king the companion of a red-handed barbarian.
  33. Neither the other convicts nor the doctors said a word of remonstrance to them about the deceit, or brought up the subject of their mad pranks.
  34. And they’re experts: collapsed or leaking tents, ripped canvas, separated eyelets, or busted zippers are just a few of their favourite pranks.
  35. Though the boy, as a rule, knew where to draw the line in his mischief, he had of late begun to play pranks that caused his mother serious alarm.
  36. He amused them all, it is true, by his pranks, which were of a very simple character, at the most a little coarse, but he made it his object to be funny.
  37. Later, they would refight battles and tell children and grandchildren of pranks and forays and charges, of hunger, forced marches and wounds, but not now.
  38. Sallie Gardiner was absorbed in keeping her white pique dress clean and chattering with the ubiquitous Fred, who kept Beth in constant terror by his pranks.
  39. Tygo, all this is consistent with the tales of what they look like and their being conniving rascals who more than anything else like to play pranks on us humans.
  40. All being what your good mother must have warned you about dozens of times since you first looked at females with an eye to doing more than playing pranks on them.
  41. The Museum of Hoaxes: A Collection of Pranks, Stunts, Deceptions, and Other Wonderful Stories Contrived for the Public from the Middle Ages to the New Millennium, E.
  42. Alas! they should have thought, they ought to have been more prudent, they should have remembered to stop the motor-car somehow before playing any pranks of that sort.
  43. There was no limit to his drinking powers, but he could abstain from drink altogether; he sometimes went too far in his pranks; but he could do without pranks altogether.
  44. It imposes its caricatures as well as its ideal on people; the highest monuments of human civilization accept its ironies and lend their eternity to its mischievous pranks.
  45. And you cannot account for it? Do you think the telegraph station has had anything to do with it—electricity, you know? Electricity is a queer thing, and plays pranks sometimes.
  46. Perhaps because of this, or any other contributions made from an unending range of factors, the incidence of petty crimes and destructive pranks rose to an all time high that season.
  47. I was confused, while she was amused by the laughter which she continually provoked from all around us by her wild, giddy pranks with me, and this apparently gave her immense enjoyment.
  48. What does he have to apologize for? They were just childhood pranks! He had never been exposed growing up to the other, those who did not have the same cultural and societal wealth.
  49. Forgive his pranks, all parents sometimes have worries about their kids and in these heavy times one should not let sullen thoughts come up but instead be grateful that we are still alive.
  50. She had such terrible attacks of hysterics, lasting with intervals for several days, that Kolya, seriously alarmed at last, promised on his honor that such pranks should never be repeated.
  51. Though I did understand something of the pranks you had been up to and were telling Sofya Semyonovna about, what was the meaning of it? Perhaps I am quite behind the times and can't understand.
  52. All who knew her were filled with astonishment, and the duke and duchess more than any; for though they thought her a simpleton and a weak creature, they did not think her capable of crazy pranks.
  53. She seemed positively, thought her aunt, to take a kind of pride in them, delighting in everything he said or did with the adoring tenderness of a young mother watching the pranks of her first-born.
  54. Those pranks in Petersburg when they played some tricks on a policeman, didn’t they do it together? And there! Bezukhov got off scotfree, while Fedya had to bear the whole burden on his shoulders.
  55. Added to this air of gaiety ,a constant stream of jokes ,pranks , donkey rides and Moorkha Sammelans: a gathering where a group of poets read out their funnypoems and satire in front of an audience.
  56. Those pranks in Petersburg when they played some tricks on a policeman, didn’t they do it together? And there! Bezúkhov got off scotfree, while Fédya had to bear the whole burden on his shoulders.
  57. Ha-ha! Though I did understand something of the pranks you had been up to and were telling Sofya Semyonovna about, what was the meaning of it? Perhaps I am quite behind the times and can’t understand.
  58. Ha‐ha! Though I did understand something of the pranks you had been up to and were telling Sofya Semyonovna about, what was the meaning of it? Perhaps I am quite behind the times and can't understand.
  59. For Jo sat on the grass, with an encampment of boys about her, and a dirty-footed dog reposing on the skirt of her state and festival dress, as she related one of Laurie's pranks to her admiring audience.
  60. Not content with that, he began playing pranks utterly unfit for well-bred society; he took it into his head to repeat his old, nauseous trick — that is, regardless of the resistance and faint cries of the indignant Mr.
  61. But as high spirits and the love of fun were the causes of these pranks, he always managed to save himself by frank confession, honorable atonement, or the irresistible power of persuasion which he possessed in perfection.
  62. What a frightening subject that is, huh? On a personal level, it’s usually a “Boo, boo, boo!” without the “Ha, ha, ha!” afterwards when we are the victims of someone else’s pranks, or worse yet, their evil actions.
  63. In this intimate circle which surrounded her, among the younger members of it, of course, it was considered admissible to play all sorts of pranks, sometimes rather free-and-easy ones, and, in fact, such conduct became a principle among them.
  64. When he was only eleven, he chose his companions from among the young men of eighteen or twenty, the worst characters in Bastia, or, indeed, in Corsica, and they had already, for some mischievous pranks, been several times threatened with a prosecution.
  65. Her best qualities were, as a rule, buried under the most harum-scarum wilfulness, the most schoolboyish pranks, almost verging on buffoonery; they were rarely noticed, and, when they were, were hardly believed in, so that now her extraordinary brilliancy was accompanied by an eager whisper of amazement among all.
  66. What a silly Goose Melinda was, I thought, to be so terrified! If these foolish Pranks could conjure the Devil, then surely the Devil was no more than a Fop that strutted in the Mall, or lounged at White’s or the Cocoa Tree, showing off his new Paris-made Suit, his French Valet, and his Smatt’ring of the French Tongue!.
  67. Going home in the taxi, Fanny, her head held as high and her eyes as shining as they had been that morning when she left Sir Stilton's consulting-room, defiantly decided that she wouldn't be browbeaten by anybody into being sorry she hadn't forgiven Job, and that she wasn't going to put up with his haunting pranks any longer.
  68. Their mother, catching them at these pranks, began reminding them in Levin’s presence of the trouble their mischief gave to the grown-up people, and that this trouble was all for their sake, and that if they smashed the cups they would have nothing to drink their tea out of, and that if they wasted the milk, they would have nothing to eat, and die of hunger.
  69. But that beast Liputin wanted to play his schoolboy pranks on the public—perhaps you heard? At the matinée? Listen, listen: they both got drunk, made up verses of which half are Liputin's; he rigged Lebyadkin out in a dress-coat, assuring me meanwhile that he had packed him off that morning, but he kept him shut somewhere in a back room, till he thrust him on the platform at the matinée.
  70. There might have been cause for maternal anxiety, if Demi had not given convincing proofs that he was a true boy, as well as a budding philosopher, for often, after a discussion which caused Hannah to prophesy, with ominous nods, "That child ain't long for this world," he would turn about and set her fears at rest by some of the pranks with which dear, dirty, naughty little rascals distract and delight their parent's souls.
  71. By my faith, master mine, the ills of others hang by a hair; every day I am discovering more and more how little I have to hope for from keeping company with your worship; for if this time you have allowed me to be drubbed, the next time, or a hundred times more, we'll have the blanketings of the other day over again, and all the other pranks which, if they have fallen on my shoulders now, will be thrown in my teeth by-and-by.
  72. Though it was hard work to look after all the children and restrain their wild pranks, though it was difficult too to keep in one's head and not mix up all the stockings, little breeches, and shoes for the different legs, and to undo and to do up again all the tapes and buttons, Darya Alexandrovna, who had always liked bathing herself, and believed it to be very good for the children, enjoyed nothing so much as bathing with all the children.
  73. Nearer yet to town, you come to Breed's location, on the other side of the way, just on the edge of the wood; ground famous for the pranks of a demon not distinctly named in old mythology, who has acted a prominent and astounding part in our New England life, and deserves, as much as any mythological character, to have his biography written one day; who first comes in the guise of a friend or hired man, and then robs and murders the whole family—New-England Rum.
  74. I was grieved for my brother, and very much distressed to think of what had happened to blithe Dicky, as I was wont to call my nephew when he was a laddie, and I would fain have gratified the spirit of revenge in myself; but I brought to mind his roving and wanton pranks, and I counselled his father first to abide the upshot of the wound, representing to him, in the best manner I could, that it was but the quarrel of the young men, and that maybe his son was as muckle in fault as Swinton.
  75. But where's the plot? A plot against Yulia Mihailovna, who has spoiled them and protected them and fondly forgiven them all their schoolboy pranks! Yulia Mihailovna! What have I been hammering into you for the last month continually? What did I warn you? What did you want with all these people—what did you want with them? What induced you to mix yourself up with these fellows? What was the motive, what was the object of it? To unite society? But, mercy on us! will they ever be united?
  76. They took and shewed me the house, their respective apartments, which were furnished with every article of convenience and luxury; and above all, a spacious drawing-room, where a select revelling band usually met, in general parties of pleasure; the girls supping with their sparks, and acting their wanton pranks with unbounded licentiousness; whilst a defiance of awe, modesty or jealousy were their standing rules, by which, according to the principles of their society, whatever pleasure was lost on the side of sentiment, was abundantly made up to the senses in the poignancy of variety, and the charms of ease and luxury.
  77. Tell him his pranks have been too broad to bear with,.

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