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  1. One of the premier firms sent a.
  2. Two evenly matched premier teams.
  3. M, I was certain that the premier.
  4. Our premier was having my call traced.
  5. Oh, umm, Madam Premier, I know that.

  6. Premier League cricket in those days was.
  7. After the moves premier it was sent freely.
  8. The Premier looked at Holmes with twinkling eyes.
  9. Premier placed his hand kindly upon his shoulder.
  10. He found out the Movie Premier they were going to.
  11. So, what happened after the premier last night?
  12. We are partnering with one of the country's premier.
  13. The Premier placed his hand kindly upon his shoulder.
  14. Coltana, premier ski-town, second only to the greatest.
  15. How convenient that he got an invitation to that Premier.

  16. The shot was replaced by a close-up of Premier Goldbloom.
  17. But first, I had some important business with the Premier.
  18. Premier when he demanded more arms for the special lubrication.
  19. The premier issue — typed and reprinted at the campus copy-.
  20. He is the brother of Bob Rae, the former NDP premier of Ontario.
  21. None other than his old pal, the former Ontario premier, Bob Rae.
  22. Premier of Ontario and the Mayor or Morganville is that the area.
  23. Did you hear that Conner Foley is coming to the Premier Friday?
  24. Jean Charest, the newly elected Premier of Quebec was persuaded by.
  25. Holmes wrote a name upon a slip of paper and handed it to the Premier.

  26. That ConocoPhillips would establish itself as a premier player in an.
  27. Even this Bob Rae, when he was premier of Ontario, is believed to have.
  28. They were going to a premier steak house over on the Southside of Chicago.
  29. Molly had to audition to be placed in the premier performance and arts high.
  30. Right before the premier she had to give a concert, as requested by everyone.
  31. My husband is an executive at one of the premier boutique labels in this city.
  32. And there is another thing the angry Premier of New South Wales does not know.
  33. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has openly stated his concern about the safety of U.
  34. This is another premier Internet marketing course that offers endless tutorials.
  35. At the time, they were the premier growth stock, growing at a rate of over fifty.
  36. Next was a cartoon of the Premier of Queensland in bed with the Police Commissioner.
  37. The collective knowledge of the world’s premier institution in the pocket of my.
  38. Although I was in and out of the Premier side for the rest of the season it was the.
  39. For much of that time, the regatta was one of the country’s premier sporting events.
  40. You’ll grant I was the premier mercenary captain on Nuevaropa, Karyl said to him.
  41. Not so with the Blaisdell thoroughbred, under the skillful guidance of a premier jockey.
  42. But one day, I will be the premier clinical psychologist, like my father was in his day.
  43. They have been working very hard to make it the premier auction/listing site on the Internet.
  44. As the premier management consulting firm in the world they view social technology as a.
  45. Personality Studies at the Health Sciences Center, University of Virginia, was one of the premier.
  46. Morningstar is the premier purveyor of mutual fund data for both small and institutional investors.
  47. Now there were only two serious contenders on the block to vie for the accolade of premier news provider.
  48. We entered the theatre and because this was some kind of premier showing, there were no coming attractions.
  49. The indignation of the New South Wales Premier flashed telegraphically to Canada is perfectly uncalled-for.
  50. It was Phillips’ third season playing for The Black Cats but his first for them as a Premier League side.
  51. The other was of Mrs Rosalind Baker in the company of a state premier at the opening of a new rural hospital.
  52. A few minutes later, William came and picked up Haley, allowing them to get into their limo and go to the premier.
  53. Barnstaple Town are playing at home against Frome, a top of the table clash in the Western League Premier Division.
  54. The Premier sprang to his feet with that quick, fierce gleam of his deep-set eyes before which a Cabinet has cowered.
  55. The final candle in our trio of premier candles is the doji, but not just any doji candle, it is the long legged doji.
  56. In 1990, he bought up the main source of his wealth – Mexico’s premier telecoms business – when it was privatized.
  57. YahooPersonals has this Premier version that offers a more in-depth profile for those in search of more than casual dating.
  58. He is also the first – and only – player to score in every Premier League season, with 109 goals as of 28 February 2013.
  59. It was opened as a park in the mid eighteen eighties and is now a premier inner city space right in the heart of the borough.
  60. Marian sang at the World’s Fair in New York on May 28 and followed this up with attending the premier of the movie, Young Mr.
  61. We have added The SMB Options Tribe, a growing community, which by the end of 2013 will be the premier options education provider.
  62. Ben Lomond ski resort is Tasmania’s premier ski resort that offers spectacular alpine scenery within the Ben Lomond National Park.
  63. That August afternoon, at the Premier Architects’ office, holding Sandhya’s letter, Raja Rao was immersed in Roopa’s thoughts.
  64. Playing for Arsenal between 1999 and 2007, Thierry Henry (France) was the Premier League’s top scorer for a record four seasons.
  65. Uniquely, Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs (UK) has played in all 21 seasons of the Premier League since it began in 1992–93.
  66. The NYBOT is one of the oldest exchanges in the United States and is the premier location for the trade of agricultural commodities.
  67. The one, austere, high-nosed, eagle-eyed, and dominant, was none other than the illustrious Lord Bellinger, twice Premier of Britain.
  68. We did a tour of the grounds and in my unbiased opinion while it may not be the biggest in the Premier League it is certainly the best.
  69. They had to have missed something because he had become one of Utah’s premier gunsmiths while he was married to his Mormon first wife.
  70. The Langland Bay course is a premier Welsh course with spectacular ocean views that Watkin and Cliff enjoy all afternoon on their round.
  71. The shooting star candle is one of our three premier candles in VPA that we watch for in all time frames, and in all instruments and markets.
  72. When the top starts spinning in a specific position the top merely executed the option to fill the premier singularity at that specific point.
  73. Between the Midwest Exchange, and the two premier commodity exchanges, there are still plenty of opportunities for everyone to lose a lot of money.
  74. Premier Gorbachev, or Gorby as he was affectionately called, had been dissappointed by Soviet policies when he was growing up and when he was working his.
  75. By claiming the position held by singularity premier as a vacant spot until the arrival of the top, the singularity of the top divides the point flowing from.
  76. My wife (Rose) and I had dinner the other evening at the Westchester Premier Theatre which featured a play, Sayonara, adapted from a novel written by James Michener.
  77. When it moves it may take the premier singularity with to the new location it moves through spin or it may fill yet another position in singularity as all is the same.
  78. By the time the third and premier event of the day, the varsity race, approached, the sun had begun to set and a murky, swampish darkness was settling over the river.
  79. But Premier Zhou for one acknowledged just how effective the move was: Never before in history has a sport been used so effectively as a tool of international diplomacy.
  80. West Texas A&M University has a premier arts program that teaches music, dance, and theater whereby local young people become part of the arts community during their studies.
  81. She held the mic back up to her lips and said, "Thank you guys! That was Haunted from my new album that's coming out this fall! Have a fantastic time at the premier tonight!".
  82. Since occupation may or may not be placing the factor in infinite, the space therefore holds the premier singularity of infinite from which all included in the universe has come.
  83. It is a premier source of omega-3 with EHA and DPA fatty acids, is high in antioxidants, and is free of antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic coloring agents, growth hormones, and GMOs.
  84. Furthermore, it could be argued that by sending Stalin hundreds of fighter planes, the British Premier acted in the conviction that he was defending Britain by keeping Russia in the war.
  85. Ernest Ghautre has given a statement of his ideas on the iron age in the Caucasus and elsewhere in a pamphlet entitled, Origine et Ancienneté du premier age du fer au Caucase, Lyon, 1892.
  86. Andrew Holmes had been in Beijing since March 6th 2014 covering China’s war on pollution presented by Premier Li Keqiang at the annual gathering of the National People’s Congress.
  87. Apple options deep out-of-the-money more resembled penny stocks for their lack of volume and random valuations based on a few random buyers than stock options of one of the world’s premier corporations.
  88. Nelson Rockefeller, socially liberal but a conservative anti Communist, and the premier anti-Communist in the US, Reagan, both would see little point in such destructive meddling if not done to oppose Communism.
  89. However, more recently this subject has been examined far more objectively and in many cases, it has been justifiably concluded that premier Waffen-SS units could rightly claim that they were genuine élite military units.
  90. When Nehru died broken-hearted, after the demise of his pet Panchsheel in the ignominy of a defeat at the Chinese hands, the Indian democracy had had its first triumph as the humble Lal Bahadur Shastri made it to the premier post.
  91. In the winter of 1988, just after or before the Strydom incident, I volunteered for the SAP COIN Counter-Insurgence Course and soon found myself at their premier training establishment called Maleoskop which is in Eastern Transvaal.
  92. From the centre of the top runs the premier singularity and as the top starts rotating the top’s rotation bring about the sides to singularity, which too was present all the time but filled the being, they’re by the rotation of the top.
  93. Example: Milwaukee, Sparta and Northwestern First 4s, due 1947, ranked as an underlying bond of the Chicago and North Western Railway, and for many years their price was not far below that of the premier Union Pacific First 4s, due the same year.
  94. Should such an event occur, do you apprehend that the English Premier would experience any difficulty in obtaining the entire control of this institution? Republics, above all other nations, ought most studiously to guard against foreign influence.
  95. Uncomfortable with their views, Packard told them plainly, A company has a greater responsibility than making money for its stockholders! Of course, Hewlett-Packard went on to become the premier technology company under Packard and Bill Hewlett.
  96. With the French premier out for revenge for all that Germany had done to France, and Lloyd George declaring to the British public that he would squeeze Germany till the pips squeaked, the odds were heavily stacked against the just and lasting peace that Wilson hoped for.
  97. In the ensuing depression, it registered a much smaller shrinkage in gross and net earnings than did the transportation industry, and its seems logical to expect that bonds of soundly capitalized light and power companies will replace high-grade railroad bonds as the premier type of corporate investment.
  98. There was Swapan Dasgupta as the premier right-wing voice and someone who had an inside track to Modi; the liberal historian and public intellectual Ramachandra Guha was among the rare breed who spoke as well as he wrote; Manini Chatterjee of the Telegraph offered a punchy counterpoint to Swapan’s Modinama; P.
  99. During the 1990s, such investments, possibly in combination with an increased supply of technically competent people freed up because of defense cutbacks, seem to have made this country the premier economy for innovation and start-ups associated with such high-tech areas as digital communications and biotechnology.
  100. While marathon running is a serious business for elite athletes, such as those featured on the previous pages, for others it is a great excuse to have some fun – and where better to have it than at the world’s premier marathon event: the London Marathon? Pictured below are some of the colourful characters who took part this year, listed in order of their times.
  1. No one believed that the change was not another of the many elegant surprises the wedding had to offer, for the reception ended after midnight on board the brightly lit ocean liner, with a Viennese orchestra that was premiering the most recent waltzes by Johann Strauss on this voyage.
  1. It was premiered.
  2. On January 11, 2013, the PBS documentary, Soul Food Junkies, premiered on Independent Lens.
  3. Leni Riefenstahl’s Olympia premiered in Berlin on April 20, 1938, in a lavish extravaganza at the UFA-Palast am Zoo.
  4. The work for which he is best known, though, is Death of a Salesman, which premiered on Broadway in February 1949, also directed by Kazan.
  5. The generation opened early for handheld consoles, as Nintendo introduced their Nintendo DS and Sony premiered the PlayStation Portable (PSP) within a month of each other in 2004.
  6. In 1995, the United States Post Office honored him with a commemorative stamp and in that same year, Live Bird, a one-man play with Jeff Robinson, premiered in Boston at the Institute of Contemporary Art.
  1. The premiere was held in Rome in January.
  2. She is supposed to be present at the premiere.
  3. Red carpet premiere of the movie ‘CROSSROADS’.
  4. Hello who the hell is this? the premiere asked.
  5. The day of its premiere, enthusiastic crowds mobbed the theater, and the success.
  6. He said that the actress playing the role of She-Hulk will be present at the premiere.
  7. At the time of the premiere of The Juliet Letters, he was still singing occasionally.
  8. Adobe Premiere Elements is a fantastic way to get your feet wet in the realm of editing.
  9. I consider Marketocracy to be the premiere incubator of outstanding investors on the Web.
  10. I’d cut together nine hours of damn fools on parade and premiere it at Grauman’s Chinese.
  11. How to Marry a Millionaire would premiere in New York on October 29, and open nationally on November 5.
  12. Selwyn Snowfields is widely regarded as the premiere learn-to-ski, family snow recreation area in New South Wales.
  13. A proper film, acted so marvellously that it’s premiere will cause an onslaught of Oscar and Bafta nominations galore.
  14. He finished the first of those masterpieces, Rigoletto, early in 1851, and its premiere was staged in Venice on March 11 of the same year.
  15. A makeup team from Marvel Studios was due to join her in Tokyo on Thursday, in time to prepare her for the Japan premiere of the film AVENGERS 2.
  16. He didn't know the extent of his father's dealings with the premiere criminal family in the galaxy and he didn't want to be associated with them.
  17. The lost city of the dragons still stood whole and invulnerable, and was the premiere wonder of the world, drawing tourists from every race and people.
  18. It is now more than twenty years since the premiere of The Juliet Letters, and several other full recordings of the piece exist, including one arranged for a jazz ensemble and translated into Polish.
  19. At the beginning of the 20th century, Admiral Fisher, Britain's premiere naval visionary made it his objective to ensure that the Royal Navy was not only the largest in the world but also the first truly modern navy of the 20th century.
  20. When it came time for the premiere performance, Gunther Schuller conducted the piece with rather more élan than the piece strictly deserved, and as the final notes died away into silence, I could hear Gunther say irascibly, Well, that’s it.
  21. Following the man who had just stepped out of the suspect car, Seiji entered the building twenty meters behind him, to find that the lobby leading to the cinema entrance was nearly packed with people waiting to go see the premiere of ‘THE AVENGERS 2’.
  22. As one of the movie characters, albeit not a true primary one, and due to her knowledge of the Japanese language, she had been designated by Marvel Studios to go help spice up the movie’s premiere in Japan, which would precede the various North American premieres by a week.
  23. Then, last evening at the premiere of the movie THE AVENGERS 2, we arrested three other Russian men that had been following you, finding on them an arsenal of firearms, stun guns and an injection kit with vials of a powerful tranquilizer, suggesting that they were planning to kidnap you.
  1. I was referring to the actress playing the role of the She-Hulk in the movie AVENGERS 2, which premieres tomorrow night.
  2. After Khrushchev’s rule was over: other Soviet Premieres tried to bury all evidence of Khrushchev’s part in Russia’s history.
  3. It later turned out that the sum total of her theatrical expertise was pouting at the camera during film premieres or possibly pointing at refrigerators on a genuine game show.
  4. As one of the movie characters, albeit not a true primary one, and due to her knowledge of the Japanese language, she had been designated by Marvel Studios to go help spice up the movie’s premiere in Japan, which would precede the various North American premieres by a week.
  5. All that remains of this story is to say that both Archibald and his darling young lady were married, that they inherited her father's vast fortune, and that, in between location shoots, premieres and promotional tours, they lived happily ever after with an enormous brood of normally featured offspring.

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