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Prepare numa frase em (in ingles)

She had me prepare it.
I shall prepare for it.
They prepare you to do.
I have repast to prepare.
So always prepare for it.
I have to prepare my bags.

Prepare a 10-inch tube pan.
He sent us to prepare him.
He can better prepare you.
Maybe I should prepare him.
We must prepare for War.
You have 2 days to prepare.
He had to prepare for two.
We had four days to prepare.
Prepare for that goal and.
Just prepare and be strong.
I will prepare the petition.
Lobster is easier to prepare.
All must prepare for these.
Have Esperow prepare a pyre.
He comes to prepare the way.
We have guest to prepare for.
This was to prepare and fit.
Donna was happy to prepare it.
Now I must go and prepare Mr.
He shall prepare me for death.
I have to prepare my bags too.
We can condition and prepare.
They had two weeks to prepare.
I go to prepare a place for you.
Have him prepare the boarding.
This will help you to prepare.
They turned to go prepare for.
You must prepare him for burial.
Go, prepare the operating table.
Some prepare for the wedding.
Stop doing that and prepare to.
He is able to prepare you, and.
Then they will prepare for the.
I am just preparing her.
When he was preparing to.
The god of love preparing.
He was preparing to hang Dr.
A Cook was preparing a dinner.
But he had been preparing a.
This is His way of preparing.
He had her preparing the dress.
But he was preparing me for it.
Don’t bother preparing for it.
She was usually busy preparing.
Preparing for the needs of your.
He stretched, preparing to leave.
He crouched, preparing to spring.
We started preparing for the show.
We were preparing a hot reception.
Anne continued preparing for the.
Was preparing for a battle of wits.
We are preparing to move to Moon.
I can't start preparing too early.
He’s preparing to battle the.
Now, I was preparing her to receive.
She had been preparing this speech.
They were preparing for the charge.
Thomas was slow in preparing a horse.
He was preparing to defend the weak.
Preparing maybe for his next victim.
You’re preparing for the future.
Don’t waste your time preparing to.
The insiders are preparing the ground.
States were preparing to go off to war.
It’s always hard preparing for birth.
For this moment he had been preparing.
Enterprise is preparing to leave orbit.
There are various ways of preparing it.
Preparing to tee-off on the par 4 tenth.
They too had been out preparing their.
Thank you for preparing the breakfast.
I think they were even preparing for it.
The Valley Lands were preparing for war.
He prepared to fly off.
And prepared to dig in.
She had to be prepared.
I have prepared the way.
Be Prepared To Take The.
I was prepared for the.
We need to get prepared.
All is prepared for her.
You need to be prepared.
They were prepared to die.
Tony had prepared for her.
I came prepared for this.
He was prepared for this.
As for Sydney, be prepared.
I was prepared to play God.
They are not prepared to.
Be prepared for this, too.
I have prepared your bath.
When you are prepared to.
This time he was prepared.
I prepared myself to lose.
We prepared for the night.
But we need to be prepared.
God has prepared for us all.
Being prepared is one thing.
Ty and Doug were prepared.
I wanted to be prepared.
You'll need to be prepared.
Be prepared of the changes.
Linden tea is prepared by.
We were never prepared to.
Brie was prepared this time.
But you should be prepared.
Corey prepared for an escape.
He wasn't prepared for this.
Was he prepared to involve.
She prepared herself to die.
I’m prepared to handle it.
Be prepared for Red Flags.
I was not prepared for this.
She prepares her own meals.
Love prepares a second life.
This was how God prepares kings.
A human predicts and prepares.
John the Baptiser Prepares the Way:.
Silent now, the wolf prepares to leap.
I sit with him while he prepares dinner.
This is how God prepares a world changer.
Verbal teaching has its use, it prepares.
As your body prepares for childbirth, the.
Perhaps he prepares them for what is to come in.
The butcher prepares his meals on a regular basis.
Nothing in life prepares you for this sort of thing.
Love prepares the aspirant for the merger and communion.
He is despondent and prepares to drown himself in a river.
Bowing, Loki lets his disguise drop and prepares to kneel.
Spirituality prepares the second home called New Jerusalem.
Emily prepares to put her hand up but Julie pulls it down.
Nothing prepares a young girl for passions like the convent.
God prepares and sends Peter to the household of Cornelius.
He opens a Questrade account and prepares to invest in ETFs.
Coachee prepares himself for the conversation with the coach.
This prepares the body for the more active series that follow.
Sectors A & B are the only sectors that school prepares you for.
The cook who prepares the supper is a gingerbread-colored genius.
This is why the USA prepares for war, she knows she deserves it.
Whereas, a slow lifestyle prepares one for immortality, 847.
Your body starts to gear up and prepares itself for the vacation.
The gun in my head prepares for the third round of Russian Roulette.
Upon taking order for loose tea, waiter prepares the tea as fol ows:.
In the entrance hall, Zachary kisses my cheek as he prepares to leave.
God says, For those who fear Al’lah, He (always) prepares a way out.
She is an amazing organizer and always prepares the most delicious foods.
Soul, and of all actions prepares a man spiritually to take refuge in God.
Each of us chooses how we respond – this prepares us for the next season.
While Lewis is struggling to sit upright she prepares the needle and tubing.
In the second instance, he prepares for a series of actions just as selfish.
The daily fragmentation of women's bodies/minds prepares women for the more.
We can sit at His feet as He prepares a table in the presence of our enemies.
At noon, Smirnov thanks Williams for his time, and prepares to leave the city.

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