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Preposterously numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was heavy, although it still seemed preposterously light for something that could do what Fultyn had just described.
  2. The man – who (preposterously) called himself Zardino – said, ‘If you want to continue living then you must follow my instructions.
  3. The black feelers of preposterously long guns projected from the scallops, and his mouth tightened as he abruptly realized what he was seeing.
  4. Kinnakee had never been a prosperous place—it was mostly struggling farms and optimistic plywood mansions from a preposterously brief oil boom.
  5. Not knowing what else to do with their delicate companion, Jai tucked Why inside his satchel and resumed bailing water out of the boat, though the effort seemed preposterously in vain.

  6. In the center was an oversize one of Desi and Amy back in high school, in tennis whites—the two so preposterously stylish, so monied-lush they could have been a frame from a Hitchcock movie.
  7. His sapphire eyes met the earl’s incredulous stare as levelly as they had aboard that Charisian galleon six years and a dozen lifetimes before, and his deep, resonant voice was preposterously calm.
  8. The narrow gloom of the house, its unpiercedness on that north side by any but the coldest light, its abrupt ending almost at once in the kitchen and servant part, struck him as incredibly, preposterously sordid.
  9. Therefore, hearing no reason assigned why the President should act thus preposterously, as it is attempted to be insinuated he did, by those in opposition, it would be reasonable to conclude that he had no such knowledge.
  10. None of Major Sylvstyr’s guns had survived to withdraw from his riverbank redoubt, yet so far as anyone knew, the ironclad, with its preposterously long-barreled cannon, hadn’t lost a man, and it had continued to pour fire ashore afterward.

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