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Press numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. In Press 1 for Pig.
  2. Press up and stay up.
  3. I did not press her.
  4. And I will press on.
  5. But I still press on.

  6. Card & label Press $3.
  7. But he had to press on.
  8. On his skis press he;.
  9. Press on the space bar.
  10. The press had found us.
  11. So, instead I press on.
  12. I'm not from the press.
  13. Same deal as the press.
  14. And to annoy the press.
  15. But she had to press on.

  16. But we need to press on.
  17. Hell, she was the press.
  18. Press the edges of the.
  19. The press and the pigs.
  20. Press flat with a spoon.
  21. Press q to exit the help.
  22. I press my lips together.
  23. We have to press forward.
  24. To help with the press.
  25. Press your hands on the.

  26. Use both hands to press.
  27. Wet the edges and press.
  28. You know the press is.
  29. Press into bottom and up.
  30. But can they bench press?
  31. The press was elbowing in.
  32. The press is all over this.
  33. The Press and the Cold War.
  34. All the bad press is their.
  35. He didn’t press the issue.
  36. Or maybe the press ….
  37. I work in the press room.
  38. You have to press charges.
  39. Set up an online press room9.
  40. North Point Press, page 10.
  41. New York: Raven Press: 1986.
  42. The Descent of Man and Press.
  43. Don't press me for an answer.
  44. Press into sheets about ½ in.
  45. Press the dough into the pan.
  46. Nova York: Grove Press, 2007.
  47. And the others? I press.
  48. Yes, I want to press charges.
  49. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.
  50. Thalis did not press her suit.
  51. Cover the seeds and press down.
  52. But I don’t press the issue.
  53. The press conference had begun.
  54. Press the top seam down with.
  55. Martin Press, Nova York, 1998.
  56. He continued to press the bell.
  57. Nova York: Viking Press, 1979.
  58. Caris did not press her friend.
  59. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2009.
  60. His lips move to press on mine.
  61. Press the crumbs into the pan.
  62. Now press the blue button twice.
  63. As you press it in, breathe in.
  64. Press Releases also build the.
  65. Townsville as its press officer.
  66. But don’t press your luck.
  67. He would press it into the lamb.
  68. Byron didn’t press the matter.
  69. She had no choice but press on.
  71. That would make for good press.
  72. New York: The Free Press, 1969.
  73. She also said she will press.
  74. Don't press me, don't press!.
  75. And to this object did I press.
  76. Gypsy the lips I press; and see.
  77. Do you want me to press it?
  78. The fans, the press and all of.
  79. Visitors can press the intercom.
  80. Yeah, but the press was heavy.
  81. I press your hand in friendship.
  82. THE NEWSBOYS: Stop press edition.
  83. And so I would press on – on.
  84. How about a press conference?
  86. I decided not to press the point.
  87. Why did he press us to join the.
  88. When you press on the button www.
  89. I press the flower of the young.
  90. The press had found me and Jezzie.
  91. Press down, they’ll run harder.
  92. The press already have the story.
  93. I press send as my mother returns.
  94. Martin’s Press, Nova York, 1998.
  95. When is the press conference?
  96. Three Rivers Press, New York, 2003.
  97. I'm not the press, Mister Whitlow.
  98. Everytime we press the button we.
  99. Press Ctrl-d and see what happens.
  100. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1994.
  1. For now we have pressing.
  2. She said keep pressing it.
  3. Now back to pressing matters.
  4. He had more pressing concerns.
  5. This is not a pressing matter.
  6. She had more pressing concerns.
  7. Pressing it down with her hand.
  8. Maybe she was pressing too hard.
  9. Pressing hard against the wall.
  10. Thanks for not pressing charges.
  11. I had far more pressing concerns.
  12. But he had more pressing matters.
  13. Tell him my business is pressing.
  14. I have pressing matters to attend.
  15. Do I have to keep pressing it.
  16. There was a worry more pressing yet.
  17. She could feel his chest pressing.
  18. And his short knows no pressing iron.
  19. Pressing on its wrinkled skin, she.
  20. But we have more pressing matters.
  21. And now more pressing business calls.
  22. I had more pressing concerns at hand.
  23. Meanwhile, there was nothing pressing.
  24. When pressing on the back, you will.
  25. There is a pressing moment of silence.
  26. Now on to the pressing matter at hand.
  27. All these will be pressing you to move.
  28. Bartholemew is not pressing charges.
  29. The work regarded as most pressing by M.
  30. It was pressing on him, possessing him.
  31. By pressing the title you can download.
  32. I gasp, pressing both palms to my chest.
  33. But water is still a pressing issue.
  34. She just kept pressing on, though.
  35. Pressing the back is the most dramatic.
  36. Pressing her lips close to my ear, she.
  37. His abs, and more, are pressing into me.
  38. Then you can move on to pressing the back.
  39. He hoped that Bradlee would stop pressing.
  40. I feel myself drop and the wind pressing.
  41. I had more pressing matters to deal with.
  42. This is done by pressing with both hands.
  43. Pressing his fingers to her lips, he said.
  44. She paused in confusion, pressing my hand.
  45. Business was pressing; they were accepted.
  46. They have much more pressing concerns to.
  47. I had to deal with some pressing business.
  48. And yet, he was pressing harder and harder.
  49. The massage begins by gently pressing the.
  50. For now there was the more pressing concern.
  51. Of course Mister Wong was pressing charges.
  52. Pressing the matter with unnatural interest.
  53. He had more pressing matters to worry about.
  54. Nancy smiled in turn while pressing his hand.
  55. Pressing the F9 key will turn this on and off.
  56. He felt something pressing against his chest.
  57. I’m pressing charges, he said to Rick.
  58. No one can keep pressing at one speed always.
  59. Then pressing and twisting the tops with the.
  60. Vince lifted her hand, pressing it to his lips.
  61. One of them said, I see myself pressing wine.
  62. We kissed again, pressing even harder together.
  63. I wandered with thee, pressing thy supple arm.
  64. But there was more pressing business to attend.
  65. At the moment we have a more pressing problem.
  66. But there were more pressing issues going on.
  67. I thought you had pressing matters in Portland.
  68. Which way to go though, that was the pressing.
  69. Pressing it gently to the startled bandit’s.
  70. I sat there, my jaw tight, pressing back tears.
  71. What is this matter that is so pressing?
  72. Then I felt him pressing something into my palm.
  73. There wasn't any suggestion of a pressing need.
  74. He took a deep breath and started pressing the.
  75. I have a much more pressing matter to deal with.
  76. Instead, what was much more pressing in my mind.
  77. He could feel her breasts pressing into his back.
  78. A more pressing need was a replacement for Agnes.
  79. They seemed to be pressing themselves at the sun.
  80. Pressing against his chest, the minute he stopped.
  81. Yes! she said, pressing my son into my arms.
  82. There's a pressing problem that must be rectified.
  83. There was a man pressing a knife against her face.
  84. He started pressing all of them at random, slowly.
  85. What is it that is so pressing? Gowron asked.
  86. Pressing against them as hard as I possibly could.
  87. He looked helpless pressing his head with his hand.
  88. His feet ached from pressing into the stone cracks.
  89. She leaned forward, pressing her lips to his again.
  90. The star lit sky seemed to be pressing down on her.
  91. I tried pressing the lock, but it wouldn’t budge.
  92. With your toes curled up and pressing towards the.
  93. The most pressing of these risks is the delta risk.
  94. Pressing his body against hers he burst into tears.
  95. His elbow was pressing against some hard substance.
  96. Heather moved forward pressing her chest against his.
  97. She tried to clear her mind to more pressing issues.
  98. It was always his first, his most pressing instinct.
  99. But there was a more pressing matter that held his.
  100. It might seem that everything is pressing, and must.
  1. She pressed him to her.
  2. She pressed the C chord.
  3. If he pressed two, the.
  4. But I pressed him a bit.
  5. Then he pressed a button.
  6. Back and forth he pressed.
  7. So I pressed ‘3’ and.
  8. Joe pressed the red button.
  10. He pressed it and pulled.
  11. He pressed the top button.
  12. He pressed the bell again.
  13. Are you then pressed for.
  14. Mr Wonka pressed the button.
  15. Their minds pressed on mine.
  16. But Monty pressed the issue.
  17. I PRESSED THE bell marked T.
  18. She pressed the STOP button.
  19. In fact, he pressed her so.
  20. I pressed the doorbell twice.
  21. She pressed deeper into her.
  22. He pressed the stock to his.
  23. She pressed her lips together.
  24. The finger pressed in and up.
  25. Nicky pressed her point home.
  26. He pressed his lips together.
  27. If the user has just pressed.
  28. He pressed the nurse light.
  29. He pressed an intercom button.
  30. As he pressed it a series of.
  31. He pressed the summons for Ava.
  32. He pressed the trigger button.
  33. Princess Mary pressed his hand.
  34. He pressed the one marked 'E'.
  35. The officer pressed the matter.
  36. It pressed against the newly.
  37. I pressed Next and saw that Dr.
  38. Rose had pressed her, but her.
  39. He then placed pressed an ear.
  40. He pressed a ruby on the front.
  41. She bit her lip and pressed on.
  42. We will not be pressed further.
  43. Claire pressed the PLAY button.
  44. His lips were pressed together.
  45. His lips pressed together again.
  46. If she pressed hard she could.
  47. Helen pressed together her lips.
  48. They pressed each other's hands.
  49. I pressed a cold washcloth to.
  50. Her finger pressed the trigger.
  51. The man reddened, but pressed on.
  52. Both were being pressed by Gary.
  53. Claire pressed together her lips.
  54. The questions still pressed him.
  55. I should have pressed the issue.
  56. Claire pressed her lips together.
  57. The Butcher pressed the doorbell.
  58. I pressed the round button and.
  59. Then pressed on faster: What?
  60. I pressed the nearest UP button.
  61. But his lips only pressed harder.
  62. Or that she turned and pressed.
  63. So what is it? Tom pressed.
  64. He pressed a couple of keys to.
  65. I pressed it three or four times.
  66. She pressed a finger to her lips.
  67. Luna pressed him for more answers.
  68. He then pressed a button on his.
  69. He stays pressed into his cushion.
  70. Mary pressed her hand on my thigh.
  71. Annie pressed home her advantage.
  72. Is that all? Maggie pressed.
  73. I quickly pressed the end button.
  74. He pressed the bell a third time.
  75. He pressed Gary’s speed button.
  76. She pressed her lips to his hair.
  77. She pressed a finger to his lips.
  78. He pressed forward, hard as rock.
  79. Richard pressed his cheek to hers.
  80. She pressed on the stone and it.
  81. I pressed NO and the screen froze.
  82. He pressed the cell phone firmly.
  83. She pressed the phone to her side.
  84. He pressed her fingers in his own.
  85. Who would do this? I pressed.
  86. She pressed her hands to her mouth.
  87. He pressed his mouth against hers.
  88. The man pressed in his finger-tips.
  89. She pressed the small button be-.
  90. Hiss pressed the Stop button.
  91. His cock pressed against her clit.
  92. He pressed the button on his radio.
  93. He pressed his muzzle into my hand.
  94. Bianca pressed pause on the remote.
  95. A knife pressed against his throat.
  96. I pressed again, of course, at this.
  97. Norman pressed a button on his desk.
  98. His mouth pressed into a tight line.
  99. Leon swiftly pressed his lips to it.
  100. She pressed his hand to her breast.
  1. She then presses on it.
  2. He presses a third time.
  3. C Move 4 old small presses.
  4. And presses her mouth to his.
  5. He presses his lips together.
  6. The bone presses into my palm.
  7. I intend to run the presses.
  8. She presses her palms together.
  9. While squats and leg presses.
  10. Presses them gently in my hand.
  11. My mouth presses in a hard line.
  12. She presses it on Dana’s neck.
  13. Angela presses her lips together.
  14. He presses it and it then opens.
  15. He presses his back against a wall.
  16. His mouth presses into a hard line.
  17. She presses me to slow down for mine.
  18. Tobias presses his mouth into a line.
  19. Testing of the 2 old large presses.
  20. She presses her chin into my shoulder.
  21. Caleb presses a palm to the metal wall.
  22. Relocation of the 2 old large presses.
  23. Testing and adjustment of new presses.
  24. We pile in, and Cara presses number 99.
  25. He grins and presses his mouth to mine.
  26. Suddenly he presses a hand to my stomach.
  27. The other two presses will be relocated.
  28. He presses the Off button on the monitor.
  29. Sara presses the keys and the door buzzes.
  30. At 12:16 the monster presses were screaming.
  31. His words are daggers he presses into backs.
  32. The number of lever presses for each reward.
  33. He presses his mouth to mine, and my lips part.
  34. The same men who set up the presses I should.
  35. He presses his lips together and says, Hmm.
  36. It presses our wet clothes against our bodies.
  37. He leans over and presses his forehead to mine.
  38. Time presses into itself what it would preserve.
  39. His fingers still on my neck, he presses tighter.
  40. His arm presses around her, steady and familiar.
  41. Yes, it is! She presses away from the wall.
  42. Sia’s phone beeps and she presses it to her ear.
  43. A27 Installation of two of the new small presses.
  44. She presses it and then looks back at the display.
  45. Jeanine presses her palms together in front of her.
  46. She leans up and slowly presses her lips once more.
  47. Eddie Lewis's thugs could get those presses turning.
  48. Fisher's paper on theory of Printing Presses, 320.
  49. I’m doing chest presses when I see a familiar face.
  50. Jack presses two hundred dollars into John’s hands.
  51. Find her, he snaps and presses the off switch.
  52. He turns and softly presses his lips against my hair.
  53. His fangs touch my neck and directly he presses it in.
  54. A28 Demolition of the wall between the small presses.
  55. My statement is nearly finished, and time presses on.
  56. He presses a button under his grip and releases the.
  57. He presses down a hissing hamburger with his spatula.
  58. Presses her lips together, like she’s thinking hard.
  59. She looks for the set button and presses it 2047.
  60. Next to me, Four gasps and presses a hand to his chest.
  61. He presses his face into his pillow and groans loudly.
  62. His mouth presses in a hard line, and he makes a call.
  63. We walk in, and Christian presses the button marked G.
  64. Edward turns his head and presses his lips to Myra’s.
  65. He presses a button and the Kings of Leon start singing.
  66. Christian presses several of these buttons in sequence.
  67. Demolishing the wall between the small presses shop and.
  68. The new large presses will require assembly in position.
  69. Send 2 stamps for Catalogue of Presses, Type, Cards, &c.
  70. He presses the cup to my mouth and holds my head in place.
  71. Werner presses the bud of the earphone into his right ear.
  72. Unable to run, the little one presses against its mother.
  73. Relocating 4 small presses from the old small press shop.
  74. He wanted to prove he could do more than run the presses.
  75. The little deer is tired, and presses against its mother.
  76. First, the two new small presses are installed and tested.
  77. She presses both her hands against her forehead and groans.
  78. She arrives there and presses the button, nothing happens.
  79. Onyx clutches his interlocking fingers and firmly presses.
  80. Tris sticks the needle into her arm and presses the plunger.
  81. He calls it a press because it … presses ink on the page.
  82. This results in delay in commissioning of both new presses.
  83. The Dauntless traitor with the gun presses Tobias toward me.
  84. He keys in the four digit code and presses the green button.
  85. Breast that presses against other breasts it shall be you!.
  86. He presses the tip of his cock against her, and she tenses.
  87. It is SSOOOOOO much! It presses down on me all the time; it.
  88. He presses his gloved fingertips together, all five to five.
  89. At the time when the small presses are moved out and the 4.
  90. But the printing presses have reached the point of no return.
  91. Olaf hands her a napkin and she presses it against her wound.
  92. At the very minimum I want the Halifax presses in and opera-.
  93. Installing plinths for 9 machines, 6 small presses and 6 as-23.
  94. She finds the emergency re-animate button and then presses it.
  95. Alex reaches up and presses a button that reads the level of O2.
  96. He pulls me against him, and his erection presses into my belly.
  97. It’ll blow the second some stupid jerk presses the wrong.
  98. In the new order everything would go to the Lithography presses.
  99. Noah presses the gun into the soft space beneath Justin’s skull.
  100. Loki presses the book to his forehead and squeezes his eyes shut.

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