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Pretend numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. So we had to pretend.
  2. Do not pretend to be.
  3. To pretend that we care.
  4. I pretend not to hear him.
  5. But the CESRE is pretend.

  6. I don’t pretend to know.
  7. How Long Can They Pretend.
  8. Pretend to read the paper.
  9. We can pretend to be Amity.
  10. Vlad, I pretend love you.
  11. We can pretend it’s ours.
  12. Novels often pretend to be.
  13. So this is pretend, I see.
  14. You don’t have to pretend.
  15. To pretend to know when you.

  16. I just buried my pretend son.
  17. It won’t be pretend horror.
  18. There is no reason to pretend.
  19. Can we pretend that airplanes.
  20. We can pretend that it’s my.
  21. So why, why pretend otherwise?
  22. So how was I going to pretend.
  23. To pretend that we were normal.
  24. I pretend to consider this ….
  25. I am not the type to pretend.

  26. I pretend I haven’t heard him.
  27. Sir, can you be my pretend daddy.
  28. Pretend he’s Lee Harvey Oswald.
  29. After two more of these pretend.
  30. I used to pretend I had a Wah cat.
  31. Pretend you sell stuffed animals.
  32. They want to pretend they are you.
  33. Trying to pretend never conceived.
  34. She may even pretend to cooperate.
  35. I need a pretend child very badly.
  36. Pretend we never have to leave.
  37. Let’s pretend she gives it to us.
  38. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.
  39. I just had to pretend I was annoyed.
  40. She didn't pretend not to understand.
  41. They pretend to be the Wizard of Oz.
  42. They could at least pretend to care.
  43. I cannot pretend with you, Robbie.
  44. Don’t pretend innocence with me.
  45. She would pretend their eyes had met.
  46. I’ll have to pretend to be hopeful.
  47. Id love to be your pretend daughter.
  48. To pretend otherwise is a political.
  49. She had to pretend she didn’t care.
  50. I couldn't even pretend to act casual.
  51. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.
  52. Yet another voice I pretend not to hear.
  53. You won’t need to pretend anymore.
  54. Always pretend that it was inadvertent.
  55. They pretend to be angry when necessary.
  56. It’s much nicer not having to pretend.
  57. How small they shrink, when we pretend.
  58. Pretend the gun is loaded at all times.
  59. I no longer had to pretend that I was.
  60. Don't pretend that goblins can't count.
  61. What nonsense to pretend there isn't!.
  62. Please Lisa, pretend you do not know me.
  63. Newtonians can pretend to play God and.
  64. I shouldn’t pretend that I understand.
  65. Jackson does not pretend to say that Mr.
  66. She wouldn’t pretend to understand God.
  67. I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.
  68. I can pretend to be brave, but I’m not.
  69. Female magicians often pretend to be sick.
  70. You don't even have to pretend to listen.
  71. Pretend you have a toothache or something.
  72. I can’t pretend to be an ant any longer.
  73. Pretend like we’re all adults, y’know.
  74. We decided to pretend Mom was on vacation.
  75. Ridiculous to pretend she needed a doctor.
  76. I’ll pretend this call never happened.
  77. No reason to pretend they liked each other.
  78. Im going to pretend I didnt hear that.
  79. And don't just pretend to show an interest.
  80. I think your pretend daddy really loved you.
  81. They want special dishes to pretend they're.
  82. I’ll pretend I never met you, Joe said.
  83. We try to pretend that we are squeaky clean.
  84. I didn’t understand and didn’t pretend to.
  85. Playing pretend was beginning to wear on him.
  86. He then turned to Jazz You can't pretend.
  87. And once more pretend to listen to him DRAFT.
  88. If for a moment you can pretend it did hit 96.
  89. Neither of us had to pretend sleep afterwards.
  90. Why will you always pretend to be a fool 1.
  91. We could jus pretend like we was in a wreck.
  92. She did her best to pretend it wasn’t there.
  93. I’d stil have to go and pretend to have fun.
  94. God as dear children, they can not pretend to.
  95. I will not pretend to chase reason on the wing.
  96. I lean down and pretend I’ll scratch my ankle.
  97. Don’t pretend this has nothing to do with us.
  98. You pretend to read the bottle’s glossy label.
  99. She couldn’t pretend ignorance now that she.
  100. There are no more germs, that was only pretend.
  2. Paul sat pretending to read.
  3. No, it was no use pretending.
  4. Pretending to make her happy.
  5. He's just pretending he's not.
  6. Pretending to tidy up his bed.
  7. Pretending we were ever married.
  8. Then she sat, pretending to read.
  9. It's no good pretending any more.
  10. She was pretending to be pleased.
  11. Why were they still pretending?
  12. She laid there pretending to sleep.
  13. I laid there pretending I was asleep.
  14. People pretending to be someone else.
  15. Pretending there was ever hope for us.
  16. Pretending to be someone they were not.
  17. He was pretending and basking in bliss.
  18. Chaos,' he said pretending to be aghast.
  19. It was easier pretending to dislike him.
  20. Palomita was pretending not to know her.
  21. Ahh! she said, pretending to swoon.
  22. Argyl, there is no shame in pretending.
  23. She was better off pretending to be his.
  24. She closed her eyes, pretending to fall.
  25. The three of us separated, pretending to.
  26. You did this while pretending you loved me.
  27. Pretending to stare off through the window.
  28. He was pretending his lack of care, though.
  29. Pretending to be a child wouldn’t be hard.
  30. And pretending that it makes rational sense.
  31. The power of Pretending cannot be overstated.
  32. Of pretending to hate Hank, she replied.
  33. Is he pretending he doesn’t know me? Why?
  34. There’s no point pretending it’s not true.
  35. Pretending to acknowledge the presence of her.
  36. Not answering, pretending they weren’t there.
  37. I could tell she was only pretending to be mad.
  38. This mistake reveals that everyone pretending.
  39. Pretending to get coffee, but he looks angry.
  40. She was hunched over the counter, pretending to.
  41. Chances are I'm just pretending to be confident.
  42. It was easy after all those years of pretending.
  43. He was keeping a low profile, pretending to be shy.
  44. I can’t go on pretending to be Adele for you.
  45. Harry pretending to be hurt, "What you on about?".
  46. Agnes, I knew that! I was only pretending not to.
  47. Two minutes went by and he stopped pretending to.
  48. Emily shook her head, still pretending to be eating.
  49. She had often, almost always, to be pretending now.
  50. Was I doing a good job of pretending to be human?
  51. She bent over, pretending to look down the staircase.
  52. Clarence was pretending to study her forms to avoid.
  53. You aren’t helping me by pretending it isn’t.
  54. Nobody could be as stupid as he’s pretending to be.
  55. She stared at him at this without pretending anything.
  56. I cut him off by pretending to examine my nails again.
  57. I was stretched across the foot, pretending to sleep.
  58. Kate made a great show of pretending to think it over.
  59. Stop pretending that you need to think things through.
  60. Sitting here pretending to understand the whole world.
  61. Pretending to seek peace, Brezhnev was again bluffing.
  62. Jacob was sitting on his bed, pretending to check his.
  63. I floated between departments, pretending to be useful.
  64. And I was crying and pretending that it’s raindrops.
  65. Rosemary sat with eyes closed pretending to be sleeping.
  66. Wanda leaned in close to the bars pretending to whisper.
  67. She was still sleeping or pretending to still be asleep.
  68. Pretending that all the evil in the book does not exist.
  69. Pretending to befriend3, he swayed his victims to depend.
  70. All the while… pretending that they were not doing so.
  71. Papa enjoyed pretending far more than building the road.
  72. Pretending like I still held out hope, for her at least.
  73. He dropped to his knees pretending to tie his shoe lace.
  74. It would be fun, he thought, pretending to be a reporter.
  75. After a few seconds of pretending to be David Bellamy he.
  76. Always having airs, pretending you’re something better.
  77. Solmund would be huddled in the corner, pretending not to.
  78. He was pulling the steering wheel and pretending to drive.
  79. What do you mean by pretending that you—that I——.
  80. I know—I asked Dorothy, pretending it was a safety issue.
  81. So that's what she was pretending all her equipment was for.
  82. Chase said, pretending to pick something up from the floor.
  83. Pretending not to notice, or so it seemed to Cameron, this.
  84. Tina acted like a 5 year old child pretending her spoon was.
  85. That he’s pretending to be a lamb, when in fact he’s a.
  86. If fainting, or pretending to faint, would do the done with.
  87. Oh! I’d be honored! she replied, pretending to swoon.
  88. But no, it was rather as if August were pretending to write.
  89. They’re pretending to be lovers to break up Cassie and.
  90. Pretending to be Spiritual Guides and Yogis they introduced.
  91. I wanted to shout, You hypocrite, pretending we’ve not.
  92. Let’s stop pretending, he said, increasing his volume.
  93. He was pretending scepticism, but in fact this was promising.
  94. Rudd went next door and had a look around, pretending he was.
  95. Then it flashed upon her that he was, dreadfully, pretending.
  96. She hovered in the air, pretending like she was sitting down.
  97. Ajax was brandishing a stick, pretending to be Captain Crook.
  98. I’m helping, she said, pretending to be out of breath.
  99. Tired of pretending, Alex took the cell phone and answered it.
  100. Loco, who stops and flails his arms about pretending he can't.
  1. I pretended not to hear.
  2. He pretended he was FBI.
  3. He pretended to be asleep.
  4. He pretended to act like.
  5. I pretended to be thinking.
  6. I pretended to ignore her.
  7. I only pretended to be one.
  8. Credit pretended to be hurt.
  9. She pretended not to see it.
  10. Thorn pretended not to hear.
  11. Pam only pretended to be mad.
  12. Meenu pretended not to hear.
  13. They pretended to be humans.
  14. I pretended I hadn’t heard.
  15. She pretended not to notice.
  16. She pretended still to sleep.
  17. Tom pretended not to see her.
  18. Noela pretended to eat it up.
  19. I pretended to rack my brains.
  20. I just pretended that we did.
  21. They pretended to be living.
  22. She came over and pretended.
  23. He pretended to be friendly.
  24. Ella pretended not to notice.
  25. Mei Yinxue pretended to ponder.
  26. I pretended to put a clothes.
  27. Sespian pretended to take a sip.
  28. He pretended she wasn’t there.
  29. But she pretended not to notice.
  30. Darla pretended to think it over.
  31. I pretended I couldn’t see it.
  32. Actually, at first I pretended.
  33. Jarek pretended to think about it.
  34. I pretended more and more to be.
  35. She pretended to have a good time.
  36. People pretended it did not exist.
  37. Mei Yinxue pretended to sigh deeply.
  38. She pretended not to regret it now.
  39. The old count pretended to be angry.
  40. I got a book, and pretended to read.
  41. She pretended nothing had happened.
  42. This time, she pretended not to see.
  43. I think she pretended not to see me.
  44. However, he pretended not to notice.
  45. I pretended to consider very deeply.
  46. They’d merely pretended to change.
  47. A few, who pretended to be cleverer.
  48. Pretended she was sleeping, she says.
  49. I pretended not to have taken the hint.
  50. He pretended to know what he was doing.
  51. What spells that? she pretended.
  52. They have even pretended to need our.
  53. Mei Yinxue pretended to be coy and said.
  54. Women sat and smiled and pretended to.
  55. They only pretended to swap at the road.
  56. Countess Bola pretended to be listening.
  57. She’d pretended not to regret it then.
  58. We pretended that we were shooting the.
  59. Charles Halloway pretended not to notice.
  60. Doc pretended not to notice, but he was.
  61. The man was everything he pretended to be.
  62. I pretended that I was more naïve than.
  63. I was not surprised, but I pretended to be.
  64. The man pretended to be asking for change.
  65. Sorry? I pretended not to have heard.
  66. Or pretended you had a stone in your boot.
  67. But he pretended they were not even there.
  68. I made no reply, but pretended to be asleep.
  69. The first time he came he pretended he was.
  70. You never pretended it was anything other.
  71. The Illustrated Man pretended not to notice.
  72. I pretended I stumbled and bumped into her.
  73. But he was not as powerless as he pretended.
  74. And she always pretended it was no big deal.
  75. Diancang Yan pretended not to hear and added.
  76. She pretended to be exasperated and moved on.
  77. He pretended to be surprised by the question.
  78. That, at least, is what she pretended.
  79. He pretended none of this had ever happened.
  80. Paul kissed her and pretended he was leaving.
  81. Lori pretended to pout and sat back in the.
  82. I was a hit and pretended not to know many.
  83. At least that is what I pretended to myself.
  84. She pretended it was a blue jay startled her.
  85. The maid pretended to not hear my nervousness.
  86. Though he was listening, he pretended not to.
  87. She pretended to jerk, startled, at his touch.
  88. Marie pretended indifference but the same old.
  89. She laid her head back and pretended to sleep.
  90. Embarrassed, he pretended to search his pockets.
  91. This is all a piece with our pretended economy.
  92. She reached up and pretended to smack his cheek.
  93. Sue pretended to grab the kiss out of the air.
  94. Dave pretended not to be listening too intently.
  95. But softly because Dandy pretended not to know.
  96. Val lowered her eyes, pretended to think it over.
  97. Sometimes, Ethan even pretended he was invisible.
  98. She watched but pretended she was asleep every.
  99. So I simply pretended that you were my daughter.
  100. Even Agatha didn’t mind, but pretended to mind.
  1. Walsh only pretends to listen.
  2. He pretends to be conducting the.
  3. And pretends that yesterday, Atala.
  4. He actually pretends to be surprised.
  5. Shane pretends to use his ipod again.
  6. He teases me, pretends he doesn’t.
  7. The child pretends to be someone else.
  8. He pretends the air of the Faubourg St.
  9. So, she pretends that that she’s been.
  10. Wood Smith who pretends to invoke spirits.
  11. He’s probably everything he pretends to be.
  12. Jock pretends to kill the call and dial again.
  13. No one even pretends to know how consciousness is.
  14. Among the tattoos is a swastika she pretends not to see.
  15. And the biggest problem is that he pretends that he does.
  16. Kenneth walks to the sink and pretends he is washing his.
  17. Maybe the good reverend isn’t what he pretends to be.
  18. He looks away and pretends to read about Charlton Athletic.
  19. Science pretends that this slight mismatch is not important.
  20. Unlike Morris Sampson, though, Nate pretends to be friendly.
  21. She likes it when he pretends to be a mysterious specter.
  22. Jason leans in and pretends to be pointing out words in the.
  23. I saw the movie with Edward Norton where he pretends to have.
  24. He is now known as Nigel De Jong and pretends to be Afrikaans.
  25. Isn’t that right, Sol? But Sol pretends to have passed out.
  26. Maybe he pretends that what has taken place is only a bad dream.
  27. On the way down the frog then pretends he drives the truck and.
  28. He pretends to be you or someone with authorized access to your.
  29. Noël pretends he needs to think about it and then shakes his head.
  30. Nehru, returning with a colleague, pretends no longer to see Carmine.
  31. And who pretends to say Fred Vincy hasn't got expectations? Such a.
  32. She pretends to sleep, and pretends to wake when she hears a mistake.
  33. Grossman (removes bandage from his eyes, and pretends to be coming to).
  34. Child pretends to care about psychologist’s cold and then beats up toys.
  35. Necromancer: One who pretends to inquire of the dead, by the means of devils.
  36. That what's his name?—Rakhmánov—goes and pretends he has drowned himself.
  37. Twice I catch her looking at me, but she pretends to be watching the asteroids.
  38. Better a man, that is honest with himself than someone who constantly pretends.
  39. You see what she really loves, although she pretends that she loves something else.
  40. Sure, why not? Shane looks back down at his ipod and pretends to use it again.
  41. Inside the car a man pretends to read a newspaper which is unfolded in front of him.
  42. One of her "pretends" was that Emily was a kind of good witch who could protect her.
  43. Slowing down as he reaches the first lay-by Malcolm pretends to look up into the trees.
  44. Barry? Well, she's after him, and he pretends he's interested—but he isn't, I'll bet.
  45. He pretends to fall into a swoon and says senseless things that should have ruined him.
  46. Then; when he returns his unfaithful wife pretends to welcome him home in a royal Triumph.
  47. The count pretends I have not him to thank;—so be it—I will erect an altar Deo ignoto.
  48. She pretends, even to herself, that she is acting altruistically and purely for the good of.
  49. When we restart the camera, McInerny pretends that he’s in the middle of a conversation.
  50. Taking a handkerchief from his pocket he pretends to blow his nose as he enters the building.
  51. It does not make or show any movement and pretends to hounds that it is a non-living creature.
  52. Why don’t you…? she pretends to hesitate and he’s caught as firmly as bird in a trap.
  53. Anna buys him all his clothes and he pretends he is upset whenever she has something new for him.
  54. He pretends to fall into a slumber, hoping that this will encourage the others to tell the truth.
  55. In private statements to the press, she pretends to be fine with the outcome, whatever it might be.
  56. And Saipele she pretends to play up to lately but you can see it's an act… Her heart isn't in it.
  57. He waves his medicine-stick at it, he sings to it, he asks it questions and pretends to hear answers.
  58. Nevertheless, the longer one pretends they don’t exist, is to the extent core fears drive life and reality.
  59. Eugene pretends to listen until a hand falls on his shoulder and he looks up to see the king smiling at him.
  60. It pretends this Universal Dynamic exists for everything else in the Universe… with the exception of humans.
  61. He pretends to sleep as Helen plants gentle kisses on his back and slowly moves her hand up and down his penis.
  62. In the exact moment when Rachel is receiving the Oscar, the killer pretends he is using a video camera and he shoots.
  63. GROSSMAN [removes bandage from his eyes, and pretends to be coming to] Can I have a little water? [All fuss round him].
  64. He is a professional beggar, though in order to avoid the police regulations he pretends to a small trade in wax vestas.
  65. And are we not in the act of yielding obedience? Sir, the nation which pretends to dictate laws to another offers chains.
  66. Its ultimate object, however, it pretends, is always the same, to enrich the country by an advantageous balance of trade.
  67. Just as the poorest writing is often lionized and some of the very finest overlooked—if one pretends and the other reveals.
  68. The science which pretends to investigate and explain those connecting principles, is what is properly called Moral Philosophy.
  69. It pretends to be good while it has no bit of good; and even if it renders a good action, it does it as a kind of dissemblance.
  70. Some people call them the Fake Right because the Yakuza Right pretends they’re a politically-oriented, right-wing organization.
  71. Is this embargo what it pretends to be—preparation for war? In the first place, no sudden attack is expected from Great Britain.
  72. That’s when a website pretends to be a legitimate online store or even your bank, but all it does is steal your personal information.
  73. When confronted with phenomena which don’t fit its presuppositions, it closes its eyes and pretends that such phenomena don’t exist.
  74. Stout; pretends to be young; quite taken up with the conventionalities of life; despises her husband, and blindly believes in her doctor.
  75. He bows his head and pretends to eat, despite the fact that his plate is almost empty and the chefs have since removed the dinner platters.
  76. Alex turns and pretends to be studying the map when he is trying to think of something to say to her, but is unable to think of a single thing.
  77. And our government pretends to have a solution with the new legislation, while Uncle Sam is digging like crazy to keep up with the over spending.
  78. Parking the car a bit further along than last time, but where he can still see who comes in and out, he picks up a newspaper and pretends to read.
  79. The only difference between them is that this one speaks openly and plainly, while the other pretends to be exercising higher and refined feelings.
  80. From having heard the others talking, I am aware that when ‘kissing’ people on stage, one merely pretends and makes it look as real as one can.
  81. Ulysses pretends he is crazy to avoid having to leave, but Palamedes figures out what he’s doing by putting his baby son Telemachus before his plow.
  82. Now when God plays hide and pretends that he is you and I, he does it so well that it takes him a long time to remember where and how he hid himself….
  83. Put very simply, a human adult in the back of the movie theatre can never get all its ducks in a row at one time, no matter what it does or believes or pretends.
  84. I notice, however, that Peter only pretends to inject himself—when he presses the plunger down, the fluid runs down his throat, and he wipes it casually with a sleeve.
  85. But Philostratus 88 pretends to describe a painting, in which two ships are portrayed, the pirate-craft lying in ambush for the other, which bears Dionysos and his rout.
  86. But he has not the appearance of understanding; he says, 'I am Champmathieu, and I won't depart from that!' He has an astonished air, he pretends to be stupid; it is far better.
  87. Do you know the magician's theater where a volunteer who is the magician's assistant pretends innocence to secretly help the sorcerer, eh? And the name of such assistants? Shill.
  88. And imagine how that Gania annoys me! He has developed the idea—or pretends to believe—that in all probability three or four others who heard my confession will die before I do.
  89. He pretends otherwise in order to have influence and power over the spirits of the people that he wants to cheat, and then he achieves his malicious and evil wishes by destroying them.
  90. Under such a regime the Supreme Court pretends that what it says is constitutional law, and the American people, from law professors to the man in the street, must pretend to believe it.
  91. There are only two possibilities: either he wants whatever goal he will achieve by altering that person, or, unfathomable as it is, he cares about the world he pretends to scorn, and the people in it.
  92. For instance, he pretends to believe the Bible, but if we read the Bible we find that Jesus said that God is our father and that all the people in the world are His children, all brothers and sisters.
  93. The directors of the bank, however, would probably be unwilling to agree to the impositon of a seignorage upon the authority of a speculation which promises them no gain, but only pretends to insure them from any loss.
  94. Then the cunning Kaiser pretends he is not in contact with his own war office and does a mad dash: a calculated, orchestrated public rush back to Berlin upon reading about the Austrian attack on Sarajevo in a Norwegian newspaper.
  95. A cross-site request forgery is where an attacker pretends to be a user that the website recognizes (such as a logged-in user), and the attacker is then able to access a logged-in user's profile as though they were the genuine user.
  96. But Pallantides is back from exile in Ophir, swearing that the king was ill in his tent that day, and that a man-at-arms wore his harness, and a squire who but recently recovered from the stroke of a mace received at Valkia confirms his tale—or pretends to.
  97. Is it then possible for a person who pretends to know about astronomy – and who holds a glass ball with a diameter of mere centimeters – to observe the stars and the planets, and to watch the changing of their locations, even when they inside a closed room?!.
  98. He pushes open her cloak, closes his hands on her waist, and transports them through space and time to another location where he swiftly erects barricades and walls and seals off the prison in which he will leave her while he pretends to try to save a world beyond saving.
  99. Anyone who pretends anything that is in conflict with the open Holy Qur’an – such as making claims to have this ability to foretell the future – is nothing but a fabricator of falsehood against Al’lah, unless they are a prophet, or they take their knowledge from the prophets.
  100. A person doesn’t have to have an expanded knowledge of the things of God, nor does he have to hear from Him daily to be prepared ‘good ground’, but he does have to turn loose of this world and the smokescreen of what it pretends to offer, and have an inward yearning for the things of God; His seed.

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pretend profess affect dissemble feign sham make guess hazard venture act

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