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Prize numa frase em (in ingles)

1. And what a prize she.
2. So much for his prize.
3. Will there be a prize.
4. But the prize will be.
5. And you are the prize!.
6. I must shut up my prize.
7. Focused on the end prize.

8. A prize it would have won.
9. She'd be such a prize!.
10. But the prize divides him.
11. To call this life my prize.
12. I’m the prize guinea pig.
13. And the prize would be his.
14. Your prize is on its way.
15. Hersh won a Pulitzer Prize.
16. The President was the prize.
17. Your book could be a prize.
18. In 1780 267he won a prize.
19. I've found the greater prize.
20. Let the prize be some kind.
21. The prize was Loki’s head.
22. Not indeed that prize which.
23. Surely a prize worth winning.
24. They were my prize catches!.
25. She must’ve been the prize.
26. Your prize is on its way!.
27. To attain the prize, the heaven.
28. She smiled a prize winning smile.
29. The grand prize is one million.
30. They were after the big prize;.
31. In a lottery in which no prize.
32. If he shoots for a prize of gold.
33. Rich would be a prize for Forrest.
34. Human adulthood is the real prize.
35. This was my first prize in my life.
36. And here lay the prize by his side.
37. This was before the prize was drawn.
38. Sadie wasn’t that much of a prize.
39. I should therefore get the prize.
40. And the prize in my eyes is 10 times.
41. The prize is too big to be lost, to.
42. What gives? Was she the door prize?
43. Here are the seven Millennium Prize.
44. Here stood a prize that would fetch.
45. I'm just coming to examine my prize.
46. Tied to the sponsor or host is a prize.
47. And finally, there is the prize money.
48. His eyes were focused on the prize to.
49. But you cannot take the prize directly.
50. Now that the lords had got their prize.
51. Remember to keep your eyes on the prize.
52. It was the first prize of his planning.
53. The Confederate officer and prize crew.
54. My prize? Belonging to what tournament?
55. Like all wars, for the ultimate prize.
56. In school, I had been the prize custard.
57. Faint heart cost one the prize this time.
58. That earned them the Nobel Prize in 1962.
59. Swirl away the sands that guard my prize.
60. Sarah grinned and held it up like a prize.
61. Which Prize is that? askt Littlehat.
62. Gbowee was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
63. Nobel Prize winner in the field of physics.
64. The biggest prize of all was still flying.
65. But if I win, I’ll take her as my prize.
66. And oft 'tis seen the wicked prize itself.
67. The world despise, for that high prize.
68. I seemed to win the prize of always being.
69. All that was left was to collect her prize.
70. Eyes on the prize, I repeated to myself.
71. UP offered the biggest prize of eighty seats.
72. The fear that you may some day come to prize.
73. You can even give the door prize at an event.
74. Take your pick and wait for next year's prize.
75. Prize possessions are not always made of gold.
76. But my spirit will guide your way to the prize.
77. His prize was a plaque with a golden crosshair.
78. The booby prize goes to a Small Stocks strategy.
79. Life’s shattered and I’ve great prize to pay.
80. Seth Godin wrote a book called Free Prize Inside.
81. He was the Prize they sought—he and the Booty.
82. Every year I won the prize for the best soprano.
83. Offering a door prize is another great promotion.
84. Bells toll aching for that our past landed prize.
85. Leah, the older, had weak eyes and was no prize;.
86. He was brushing Darant, Tommit’s prize Pegasus.
87. He could wait a little longer to claim his prize.
88. Prize of the British Guild of Travel Writers for.
89. For the moment when he claimed his ultimate prize.
90. In 1907 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature.
91. The greatest prize ever as far as I’m concerned.
92. I took no prize, the man cried, starting back.
93. For the Dweller had succeeded in winning his prize.
94. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature for.
95. When the war began, Nauru became a priceless prize.
96. All the days were that, but Saturday won the prize.
97. It was the prize that came from being Ms Revolting.
98. A special prize being won in this area of discovery.
99. World War II, for which he later won the Nobel Prize.
100. Ego should be eliminated which has pride as a prize.
1. He quickly searched the bodies of the two other guards prizing out several hundred pounds of cash, two credit cards, car keys and a swipe card.
2. Prizing in her servants, next to swift obedience, a knowledge of languages, her mistress did not make use of her when traveling abroad; but hitherto she had taken both servants with her.
3. Yes, I saw him, and am convinced that he fears nothing so much as a general engagement, repeated Dolgorúkov, evidently prizing this general conclusion which he had arrived at from his interview with Napoleon.
4. He knew the old man's habit of talking slowly and deliberately, regardless of the impression he was making and of the delay he was causing, and highly prizing his flat, dull and always gleefully complacent German wit.
5. By not only prizing and sanctifying their use, but by training their brains to function as a tool through the ritualization of their lives; humans not only guaranteed their own survival, they insured the survival of their tools.
6. He was fond of the Book of Job, and had somehow got hold of a copy of the sayings and sermons of the God-fearing Father Isaac the Syrian, which he read persistently for years together, understanding very little of it, but perhaps prizing and loving it the more for that.
7. And it is on the basis of this perception that we should appraise all the phenomena of our life, and, among the rest, our art also; choosing from all its realms whatever transmits feelings flowing from this religious perception, highly prizing and encouraging such art, rejecting whatever is contrary to this perception, and not attributing to the rest of art an importance not properly pertaining to it.
8. Sick of ambitious and mercenary connexions, prizing more and more the sterling good of principle and temper, and chiefly anxious to bind by the strongest securities all that remained to him of domestic felicity, he had pondered with genuine satisfaction on the more than possibility of the two young friends finding their natural consolation in each other for all that had occurred of disappointment to either; and the joyful consent which met Edmund's application, the high sense of having realised a great acquisition in the promise of Fanny for a daughter, formed just such a contrast with his early opinion on the subject when the poor little girl's coming had been first agitated, as time is for ever producing between the plans and decisions of mortals, for their own instruction, and their neighbours' entertainment.
9. Sick of ambitious and mercenary connexions, prizing more and more the sterling good of principle and temper, and chiefly anxious to bind by the strongest securities all that remained to him of domestic felicity, he had pondered with genuine satisfaction on the more than possibility of the two young friends finding their natural consolation in each other for all that had occurred of disappointment to either; and the joyful consent which met Edmund’s application, the high sense of having realised a great acquisition in the promise of Fanny for a daughter, formed just such a contrast with his early opinion on the subject when the poor little girl’s coming had been first agitated, as time is forever producing between the plans and decisions of mortals, for their own instruction, and their neighbours’ entertainment.
1. I didn't have the prized se-.
2. Cuddling up to Tom, she prized.
3. In the other, my prized diamond blade.
4. Hendricks' prized Ultras, cannot fathom.
5. One gigantic prized prick of an animal.
6. He has always prized his flock highly.
7. They’re Harry’s prized Truth Seekers.
8. It was four days until our prized meet-up.
9. Luis told me that silk was highly prized.
10. Maybe it's his prized possession or something.
11. They have no regard for your prized clams or.
12. What we are noticing now, in this prized pole.
13. His astrolabe was one of his prized possessions.
14. Want to know why? Communication is prized nowadays.
15. Humphrey wondered why the trees were so highly prized.
16. Although the EB is not a prized guard dog if need be it.
17. His prized possession was the ‘Holy Grail’ of Christ.
18. Rationality is prized as a way to help us reach our goals.
19. A good mule is prized but not worth more than a good donkey.
20. Elves were highly prized on the slave market due to their long.
21. Breast-warmers were highly prized when the weather turned cold.
22. This "prized secret pole-plant" will be one of the main keys for.
23. It’s just something this land is lacking and something prized.
24. He said that in very early cultures, people like me were prized as.
25. On earth a long, healthy life is much prized, and those who achieve a.
26. With the plans to kill the rest of the Jews, the army will take their prized.
27. Egyptians came to prize this useless metal just as much as the salt they prized.
28. Freeloaver’s prized Horn of Power, its blood would be theirs this turn of the day.
29. Freemasonry but the external forms and ceremonies, and prized the strict performance of.
30. Sam Hardin shifted restlessly in the leather seat of his prized ornate, hand-carved chair.
31. In New York City it is highly prized by models and is found in the finest cosmetic stores.
32. In his coat pocket is his most prized possession, his TI-thirty-eight scientific calculator.
33. He looked at his fellow prisoners and was amazed to see how they all loved life and prized it.
34. He did so with pride that made me giddy with happiness, as if I was his most prized possession.
35. He bellowed Mime! — garbled without a tongue — and reclaimed his most prized possession.
36. Butts apparently did play a huge role in her life: she prized hers as her best feature, and she.
37. Their pelts were highly prized for their softness and Sean quickly found success as a fur trader.
38. Delectable: An attractive and desirable idol-god, which is valued, and prized highly by its maker.
39. Mohammed’s prized treasures had been raided, looted and pillaged only three days after his death.
40. The Soulstone was a powerful magical relic, and the prized symbol of the Church of the Resurrection.
41. Her head shifted and in startlement he saw his most prized possession situated half under her head.
42. The indifferent mind looks at things with complexity pricing values different from formerly prized.
43. Her scalp would make a prized trophy indeed on his return from this scouting and raiding expedition.
44. Like gold, silver has been prized for its beauty and valued as a precious metal for thousands of years.
45. They will, I believe, fall into a different, and more exalted category, that of the prized possession.
46. These horrors were a specially prized breed known as los Cardenales de la Muerte: Death’s Cardinals.
47. Its meat is highly prized as seafood and sturgeon eggs or roe, is salted, seasoned and served as caviar.
48. While dead metals, dead knowledge, dead ideas, dead concepts, dead artifacts made by dead people are prized.
49. This knowledge, which is highly prized by the 1d beings, is uneconomical, long-winded and ‘dead’ to him.
50. Back home, while Roger was intently cutting the prized stained glass, slowly and precisely, the door knocked.
51. The post of secretary to the mayor was to be prized, as it would allow her access to a wealth of information.
52. Its flesh is actual red meat, highly prized, and set aside throughout Malaysia for the tables of aristocrats.
53. She reached into her pocket, removed her prized, and by now slightly mutilated, dandelion, and gave it to me.
54. Bright Hands told me she prized Many Hands because she understood things very quickly and never made mistakes.
55. It was a prized possession, one she loved to display when any occasion warranted it, that she cherished deeply.
56. Meanwhile, our prized standards have not averted such accounting debacles as Enron’s and WorldCom’s frauds.
57. I quickly scanned the area ensuring that there was no danger nearby and then ran to and snatched my prized catch.
58. Then he took a half dozen photographs of the victims, the would-be assassins, for his prized picture collection.
59. And that happy creature rejected the priceless gift, prized it and loved it not, scorned it and remained callous.
60. Anyone listening at the door would imagine a pleasant chat between benevolent headmaster and prized senior student.
61. For example, a child may be reluctant to part (at any price) with a prized baseball card of his favorite sport hero.
62. And again, these compositions, so prized by us, remain useless lumber for the people, and utterly unserviceable to them.
63. Obviously, if you have sold your prized collectible to Sandra, you don’t want her sending her money to the wrong seller.
64. He did have some things, some prized possessions that were prized as symbols of deeper, more meaningful parts of his life.
65. Hatch had given him a prized possession, a gift from his parents when he had first left home in the service of his country.
66. What made us especially prized, he said, was that the king got the message directly and not through the mouth of a prophet.
67. As advocate of direct elections, the writer had argued that a Westminster-style of government had a number of prized benefits.
68. He replied that there was little more prized than gold in Espainia and the king needed a lot of it to finance his recent wars.
69. She liked to be admired, as it gave her opportunities of showing how little she prized what was valued so highly by other women.
70. Uncle Hobart surveyed the mess the crowd had made of his prized tractor, now covered with all sorts of rubbish and disgusting slime.
71. His prized horse ranch that he’d shared with his lovely young wife Cameron Pantalero and their year-old baby boy Red Hawk Madison.
72. It meant the world that he would trust me with one of his most prized possessions, a tribute to his courage, resilience, and survival.
73. The ancient Egyptians first mined gold in 2000 BC, but it was during the Roman Empire that it became prized for its beauty and scarcity.
74. Cora can say, if Cora would, how justly we have prized your services, and how deep—I had almost said, how fervent—is our gratitude.
75. For the most part, knowledge itself has never been prized: it is only the advantage that can be gotten from it which makes it valuable.
76. Although that number has decreased, the jewelry industry is still a major purchaser of platinum metals for use in highly prized jewelry.
77. A hollow sensation gnawed at the pit of Mitch’s stomach as he watched his prized car pull from the station and head off down the street.
78. In many instances in an emerging employers market sales jobs and other jobs become more prized because there is such a demand for the jobs.
79. A few days later Anselmo returned to his house and did not perceive what it had lost, that which he so lightly treated and so highly prized.
80. In selecting another to perform the office of reclaiming his highly prized rifle, the scout had lost sight of none of his habitual caution.
81. The water released from the lake that had formed upstream would flood the town and an area the wolves prized as a place to raise their young.
82. When a culture esteems certain virtues, it is often professing that it lacks these virtues and therefore they are highly valued and prized.
83. What’s it say? Kurt lifted his head and read the inscription on his prized picture: To Uncle Loser, thanks for being a fan, Iron Mike.
84. With a paper knife, he prized off the clear plastic face of the postage scales and used it as a faceplate on the bag that covered his upper body.
85. Because, up to about the year 1700 sugar was the exclusive amenity of the aristocracy, it came to be greatly prized by the masses as a delicacy.
86. She was one of the town’s prominent women, the daughter of a wealthy man and the sister of the leading wool merchant, and she prized that status.
87. Originally: the pieces of Shaker furniture that are prized, and displayed in museums today, and valued at thousands of dollars were all given away.
88. Natasha did not care for society in general, but prized the more the society of her relatives- Countess Mary, and her brother, her mother, and Sonya.
89. He prized and supported them and during his decade-long tenure, the college grew to five hundred students, as the scope of course offerings expanded.
90. Natásha did not care for society in general, but prized the more the society of her relatives—Countess Mary, and her brother, her mother, and Sónya.
91. Their failure to locate his prized possession could kill him, if the black depths of depression had not already claimed his fading life in their absence.
92. And the winner of that, if it be a competition, will be the only one that can pursue the prized treasure offered to the victor of the War for Immortality.
93. Tom he went to the soap-kettle and searched around, and fetched back the iron thing they lift the lid with; so he took it and prized out one of the staples.
94. Two lines more prized had never fallen from the pen of the most distinguished author, never more completely blessed the researches of the fondest biographer.
95. Two lines more prized had never fallen from the pen of the most distinguished author—never more completely blessed the researches of the fondest biographer.
96. Vladimir Vasilievitch Wolf was certainly un homme tres comme il faut, and prized this quality very highly, and from that elevation he looked down at everybody else.
97. Gold is viewed as a status symbol throughout Asia, but nowhere is it more prized than in India, where gold jewelry is the centerpiece of the gift-giving festival season.
98. Doctor Shah stands on the other side of the bed and has the most pitiful look on his face, like he’s witnessing his prized racehorse being shipped to the glue factory.
99. They were prized, and expensive, but it never occurred to him just how precious that made them, especially given how easy it was for him to get crystals as a Wind Rider.
100. Gardeners will want to watch out for caterpillars, grasshoppers, snails, earwigs, beetles, and slugs as these garden pests can cut holes in the leaves of your prized pants.
1. There were no other prizes.
2. We have won great prizes and.
3. I know how such prizes are won.
4. I was not giving prizes, Arthur.
5. There are greater prizes to be won.
6. Among the recent prizes and honors Mr.
7. His two ultimate prizes were Cynthia.
8. These were considered valuable prizes.
9. As the great prizes in the lottery are.
10. We sail for Principle, not Prizes now.
11. That’s the one where you give prizes.
12. Among the recent poetry prizes and honors Mr.
13. Chapter 9 - Heading South and Taking Prizes.
14. The first Nobel Prizes were awarded in 1901.
15. There are naval prizes for that kind of thing.
16. I understand now why Ryodan prizes adaptability.
17. We returned to the house at noon with our prizes.
18. No prizes for guessing who was on the other side.
19. All the other Nobel prizes are given out in Stockholm.
20. Did they not compete regularly for prizes? Had not Mr.
21. But of course there is no lottery and no prizes, just.
22. Prizes offered by the Royal Society of London, xxv, 412.
23. No prizes for guessing what the 'usual' is from Roland.
24. No prizes for guessing that the proposal was turned down.
25. When Alfred Nobel inaugurated his famous prizes, Norway and.
26. After a few numbers, the teacher might announce that prizes.
27. Among the recent poetry prizes and honors he has received are:.
28. Among the recent poetry prizes and honors I have received are:.
29. He prizes me as a soldier would a good weapon; and that is all.
30. The favorite child becomes a winner already with fabulous prizes.
31. After looking over the prizes, Ashley chooses a new Barbie doll.
32. We lay together that night, when, after playing repeated prizes of.
33. You are Captain Morgan who took the four prizes in the harbor?
34. Apparently you throw shrunken heads into a basketball goal for prizes.
35. One of the prizes was a large hamper containing all sorts of foodstuffs.
36. The prizes offered by these fake charities does not always have to be a.
37. Film critics also have their awards ceremonies, and their prizes based on.
38. Claim Form - the form that must be completed to claim prizes larger than a.
39. She was asked to do the presentation of prizes at the Annual Athletic Meeting.
40. From 1903 to 2006, only 12 of 516 Nobel Prizes Science were awarded to women.
41. The vain hopes of gaining some of the great prizes is the sole cause of this.
42. According to your records, you hold several prizes in martial arts competition.
43. The standard of football was amazingly good and the season ended with, no prizes.
44. Instead of conventional prizes, give away $25 worth of car washes or dry cleaning.
45. A Bill in addition to the act concerning letters of marque, prizes, and prize goods.
46. The world continues to offer such prizes to those who have the state of being weak.
47. He has won numerous prizes both in the United States and overseas, including four O.
48. And yet no mention has been made of the greatest prizes and rewards which await virtue.
49. Well, there’s one they call Grippo, but he takes no prizes unless they go unarmed.
50. They contributed prizes worth at least $5,000 for the series of the show and I got $100.
51. Any prizes for knowing who did the hiring and firing at the cold store? asked Rudolph.
52. Very few, if any, Nobel Peace Prizes were awarded to non-Europeans (non-whites) before 1960.
53. She accepted with pleasure, but she wanted to wait until after they had given out the prizes.
54. Swimming clubs are organized, and matches are frequent, at which medals and prizes are given.
55. Most of these are just third-place prizes and certificates of participation, She admitted.
56. Eiess cast him out of her castle and took back all the prizes she had previously bestowed upon him.
57. O some Prizes are taken upon a Tidal Wave of Blood, whereas others are taken without a single Drop!.
58. That would give us a preponderance on our own coast, and enable us to bring in our prizes with safety.
59. When Henry Morgan came at last to Tortuga, four prizes followed in his wake, and he had not lost a man.
60. Bell, the second tenor, was a fair-haired little man who competed every year for prizes at the Feis Ceoil.
61. With first place prizes being the best in golf, PGA tournaments have the most loyal fan base as any sport.
62. By five o’clock in the afternoon, the Shenandoah had made prizes of the whole fleet, eleven sails in all.
63. I told Crumley about Cal, the prizes promised William Smith, Myron's Ballroom, Modesti's, the big red train.
64. This is a lucky card; there are vital forces, glowing good health, and the possibility of presents or prizes.
65. When he came to the distribution of the prizes, he painted the joy of the prize-winners in dithyrambic strophes.
66. Other venders prepared games and worked on the arrangement of the prizes hanging from the walls of their booths.
67. Two of them, including Defiant herself, were prizes which had been taken from the Charisians upon that occasion.
68. Second, it is advisable to provide team members with incentives such as prizes for an impressive number of points.
69. These two steamers, both with a full set of sails, would ultimately take over a hundred prizes; most of which were.
70. Apparently, all three of them did Irish dancing, thoroughly enjoyed dancing competitions, and had won several prizes.
71. As Susannah announced the plan, Danny realised there would be no prizes offered for guessing who came up with the idea.
72. I have given merchandise away as prizes, donated it to charity for tax write-offs and sold it at flea markets or bazaars.
73. At Oxford she took everything there was to take in the way of honours and prizes, and was the joy and pride of her college.
74. The House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole on the bill in addition to the act concerning prizes and prize goods.
75. Trading differs from those careers in that the path to mastery is not as clearly laid out, and there are no prizes for second best.
76. The prizes for the contests can be something as simple as a preferred parking place or as extravagant as an additional paid day off.
77. They could come from interests and dividends, alimony, rent, gains from sales of assets, prizes and awards, and from self-employment.
78. I love some great deeds done by men, though I've long ceased perhaps to have faith in them, yet from old habit one's heart prizes them.
79. An important addition has been made during the last week to the list of the prizes which have been borne away by these charming invaders.
80. He is the founder of SpikeTrade group, a community of traders whose members share their best stock picks each week in competition for prizes.
81. The soldiers, thinking it would be difficult to overtake him, sent after him a large mastiff who had won the first prizes at all the dog races.
82. From the above it appears, that, from the old pension list, the amount of pensions is little more than three per centum on the amount of prizes.
83. But when valuable prizes and scholarships are given for them, and not for really artistic work, they do tend to become the end instead of the means.
84. When the foresters had made their selection, and distributed their prizes, the scout announced that the hour had arrived when it was necessary to move.
85. But is war the true remedy? Who will profit by it? Speculators—a few lucky merchants, who draw prizes in the lottery—commissaries and contractors.
86. It had won a Tony Award and a Pulitzer Prize, which are my two favorite prizes because they are classy and New Yorky and less thirsty than other awards.
87. She was of those who don't like the feel of prize books in their hands, and all Wemyss's books might have been presented as prizes to deserving schoolboys.
88. This is exhausting because the prizes are ever changing, according to the fads of culture, and we end up indulging our fears about not having what others have.
89. There are the prizes to buy for the company’s best sales reps, fliers to be printed, electricity bills, energy bars for the bicycle-based sales force, and so on.
90. He never learned that the real rewards for noble living are, after all, spiritual prizes, which are not always distributed during this one short life in the flesh.
91. Thus it came to pass that the province of Sulaco, once the field of cruel party vengeances, had become in a way one of the considerable prizes of political career.
92. Wajda, a professor of mathematics, came to the United States from Poland in 1983 to study at Boston University, where he won several top academic prizes in his field.
93. They have not known each other long, but this woman has put her trust in him, fought a wild beast, saved his life, and now was given up something she prizes for him.
94. Though I did lay it down at the beginning that consciousness is the greatest misfortune for man, yet I know man prizes it and would not give it up for any satisfaction.
95. He has shared in two Pulitzer Prizes, first for the Post’s coverage of the Watergate scandal with Carl Bernstein, and later for coverage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
96. They’ve got plenty of regular galleons—God knows they took enough prizes in the Markovian Sea and at Ithryia!—so it almost had to be one of their bombardment ships.
97. Edmond, amazed, wonderstruck, filled his pockets with the radiant gems and then returned to daylight, when he discovered that his prizes had all changed into common pebbles.
98. He had taken prizes in his boyhood at the College of Moulins, where he was born, and he had been crowned by the hand of the Duc de Nivernais, whom he called the Duc de Nevers.
99. Why, as a teen, did I feel a bond with girls but no lust for them? I had the same physical urges as did the other guys, but I could not see girls as objects or as prizes to be won.
100. These, then, are the prizes and rewards and gifts which are bestowed upon the just by gods and men in this present life, in addition to the other good things which justice of herself provides.

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