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Process numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It is a long process.
  2. It is all one process.
  3. You are in the process.
  4. And that is a process.
  5. The process had to be.

  6. This is a process that.
  7. We follow a process of.
  8. I am in the process of.
  10. It was a natural process.
  11. I know that is a process.
  12. So what was the process?
  13. It soon became the process.
  14. But the process takes time.
  15. You are the living process.

  16. As a separate process, we.
  17. And it is a process as well.
  18. And in process of time it.
  19. This is not an easy process.
  21. It's a daily process Jake.
  22. She was in the process of.
  23. That process leads to the.
  24. Adoption is the process by.
  25. This is not a linear process.

  26. It a process worth working.
  27. What was the sales process?
  28. One process is called TENS.
  29. NET process for unit testing.
  30. He was there in your process.
  31. It is an automatic process.
  32. It is the brokenness process.
  33. The process was simple enough.
  34. It will be a process, not a.
  35. It is all part of the process.
  36. In the process of my illness.
  37. It’s a long process though.
  38. The fusing process took time.
  39. Life is a continuous process.
  40. It was a slow process though.
  41. The process is a simple one….
  42. The process took only a second.
  43. It was a slow process but the.
  44. The Basics of Process Mapping.
  45. In the process, I noticed an.
  46. It’s a step by step process.
  47. She bit her lip in the process.
  48. Used in process improvement to.
  49. The process usually takes days.
  50. The day to day learning process.
  51. It takes us out of the process.
  52. The process of writing a filk.
  53. And this process will not fail.
  54. The resulting process did two.
  55. It was not a complicated process.
  57. The process had become a ritual.
  58. The Process of Flipping Domains.
  59. This process, that of becoming.
  60. Be with the process of yourself.
  61. The process could take weeks.
  62. The process was organized by a.
  63. It is a process which last our.
  64. In the process the guards shot.
  65. It is beyond the causal process.
  66. This process is called pickling.
  67. Just trying to process the info.
  68. But this speeded up the process.
  69. It’s not an automatic process.
  70. This process is love for no one.
  71. It was a slow process and time.
  72. The process was suggestive of a.
  73. I started the attunement process.
  74. It is a non-stop eternal process.
  75. In the process of defending his.
  76. This process is called unpickling.
  77. But evolution is a process that.
  78. Yes, sir ,that was the process.
  79. It was obviously a process they.
  80. That’s right—it is a process.
  81. But, in the process you'll also.
  82. The present process, however, is.
  83. Use your knowledge of the process.
  84. It’s a 2-way process remember!.
  85. In the process of waiting,.
  86. In the process of doing so,.
  1. We are already processing these.
  2. The very things they are processing.
  3. When the meat processing plant had.
  4. Step 4 - Processing The Unprocessed.
  5. Right now you are processing emotions.
  6. Be Aware of Processing Ups and Downs.
  7. With the processing of procedures and.
  8. I’m still processing what I just saw.
  9. It is the feeling of PROCESSING TRAUMA.
  10. It was more about processing old wounds.
  11. How long does it take? The processing.
  12. The second step in processing the images.
  13. Finally, the site processing team there had.
  14. Applications for loans and their processing.
  15. Joey was processing all of what was happening.
  16. I slowly nodded, processing what she had said.
  17. This process, known as " batch processing,".
  18. Is it unsafe, or are they already processing.
  19. The other was a drug processing and smuggling.
  20. Morgan was still processing my first revelation.
  21. Learned is a bad word for processing such stuff.
  22. For example, after a year of processing in his.
  23. I froze, not really processing what I was seeing.
  24. Yes, our processing plant is on the waterfront.
  25. Only one machine is available for processing jobs.
  26. I have not devoted any processing time to the issue.
  27. Nobody had said anything about any processing delay.
  28. One was the new equipment for processing human waste.
  29. Does it have anything to do with data processing?
  30. Emma looked around, as if processing what I’d said.
  31. Down past central processing, and out to a waiting.
  32. Tara jerked her eyes to the front, processing what Dr.
  33. My friends finished processing what I said and also.
  34. Not to mention the court costs and processing charges.
  35. This is my special processing recipe prepared for you.
  36. We propose the following procedure of data processing.
  37. That is some of the lingo of the date processing world.
  38. It was a strange experience, and Eric was processing it.
  39. We will get into processing data by specific keys later.
  40. The difference between them comes from their processing.
  41. I sighed and shut my eyes, processing what he was saying.
  42. Autism is an impairment in the processing of information.
  43. But normally they’re for storing and processing food.
  44. The sugar processing factory, is the first on the list.
  45. Throughout this stage of the processing oxidation occurs.
  46. This is some sort of processing space he uses to do his.
  47. The swift immigration processing of Mulkouskys wife and.
  48. When did the drive for logical processing begin? At what.
  49. Page Processing wherein all the computations, processes etc.
  50. At first my brain had trouble processing what I was seeing.
  51. The police can do the arrest processing, but they have no.
  52. The Vacation Certificates each have a processing fee of $24.
  53. The scarecrows are processing the harvest, said Dawes.
  54. He meekly followed her to the Police Station for processing.
  55. He was bringing in raw dilithium ore to a processing station.
  56. John, processing everything that Ganz had postured, then said.
  57. The fruit did not need any processing: it was too easy to eat.
  58. First, there is the matter of the additional processing needed.
  59. Courses included accounting, secretarial, and data processing.
  60. He was having difficulty processing what exactly had happened.
  61. This processing of events and theories and therapy and all of.
  62. Sea mammals use most of their brain processing for sonar-sight.
  63. It owns pipelines, storage facilities, and processing capacity.
  64. A brain is a chunk of tissues affective for processing functions.
  65. Once the machine had finished processing the batch for the day.
  66. It will take many other encounters and new levels of processing.
  67. Added Fiber refers to fiber added to foods during food processing.
  68. And none of it needs any fancy crap processing before you eat it.
  69. Another big part is that I have been largely processing the same.
  70. This is the adopted processing practice in the company since B5.
  71. Next, came the molecular processing, where the protein was again.
  72. The slurry is then pumped eight miles to the plant for processing.
  73. It is my superior processing abilities that will make it possible.
  74. Focus full attention on the client, processing information at the.
  75. A moment of processing caused them both to scrunch their faces up.
  76. NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.
  77. Alex heard her talking, but he wasn’t processing the information.
  78. Thus, increased brain processing effort to achieve inhibition may.
  79. Once it's finished processing, we'll highlight all of the keywords.
  80. This man started at least two very large food processing companies.
  81. This daily processing chore was considered to be an undesirable job.
  82. Here are the three key elements needed for credit card processing:.
  83. Included are the locations of the materials used in data processing.
  84. Expedite processing of the loan application within a reasonable time.
  85. The antioxidants stimulate the processing of food through metabolism.
  86. Clarity moved towards the computer and flipped on its processing unit.
  87. At the special processing room, Samara was in a situation he did not.
  88. I hadn’t really thought of that in any cognitively processing kind.
  89. Processing with your hypnosis recording or a hypnotherapist, you‘ll.
  90. Our main concern now is to stop the scarecrows processing the harvest.
  91. It was the Employee City where the crystal processing plant was housed.
  92. It was properly re-circulating back to the holding tank for processing.
  93. The receptacles can be considered the processing elements of the chain.
  94. On the way we stop off at the processing plant to pick up my bull's head.
  95. Compared before, it would take about a month for the regular processing.
  96. However, it is unlikely that information processing simply occurs in a.
  97. This reality is generated as the result of the processing of source code.
  98. Rationing and mass processing of food turned fresh milk into canned milk.
  99. The taxicab drove past the remains of an old lizard food processing plant.
  100. He has already been informed of your request and has begun processing it.
  1. Is being processed by God.
  2. The machine then processed the.
  3. His mind quickly processed the.
  4. All of it he processed instantly.
  5. They'll be processed here at HQ.
  6. Once he processed it, he decided.
  7. Once processed, payments are final.
  8. China that are being processed as food.
  9. Force them to eat guck, processed food.
  10. Its stored energy gives all processed.
  11. Processed foods contain more Trans fats.
  12. The congressman's mind processed quickly.
  13. If you ate a lot of sugar and processed.
  14. Avoid as many processed foods as possible.
  15. I squashed the man up like processed cheese.
  16. The crop must be processed for distribution.
  17. Otherwise your order will not get processed.
  18. Plain coconut oil is bleached and processed.
  19. There are n jobs to be processed on a machine.
  20. After you have found and processed all of your.
  21. Aside from that, they are also highly processed.
  22. These were the completed form of the processed.
  23. That’s because so many of the processed foods.
  24. The group stared at me while they processed this.
  25. Those workers just got processed in our places.
  26. It began with the first batch of processed foods.
  27. MEAT Processed meats, such as salted, smoked, can.
  28. Once the harvest is processed, it will be too late.
  29. Sammy ground his teeth while his thoughts processed.
  30. Only one job is processed at a time on the machine.
  31. It’s overloaded with partially processed metals.
  32. Only the desires which remain are processed further.
  33. What sets green tea apart is the way it is processed.
  34. These foods have been processed and stripped of their.
  35. Do choose whole grains over processed whenever you can.
  36. Some of these feelings were never fully processed, and.
  37. Therefore, you should avoid processed grains and sugars.
  38. The CO2 needs to be separated in order to be processed.
  39. P…Caffeine, Refined sugar, Alcohol, and Processed foods.
  40. They processed all check and credit card orders in-house.
  41. Today’s world is one of pesticides and processed foods.
  42. It is processed in ages of development that man survives.
  43. If we are what we eat, we are processed and nano infested.
  44. There was a five second silence while Jacob processed that.
  45. No refined sugar, no wheat, no highly processed junk food.
  46. She processed the words that the annoying woman had spoken.
  47. In turn, these are processed into energy though metabolism.
  48. Exchanges and how many they have processed in the last year.
  49. There was a brief pause as Samara processed the information.
  50. Once she processed his words, she gave him a few of her own.
  51. The foods highest in sodium are processed and packaged foods.
  52. He realized that it was the introduction of processed foods.
  53. Occipital Lobe: Most of our sight signals are processed here.
  54. I processed the metallic clang a few seconds after the fact.
  55. Processed foods are always found in all fast food restaurants.
  56. The herring is then processed and shipped to Japan and Korea.
  57. I have processed a lot of images and smells and feelings and.
  58. The foods to eliminate are processed food, refined sugar and.
  59. His mind processed the information; his wife and son were gone.
  60. The CEO began nodding his head as he processed the information.
  61. Ravan processed this with a silent stoicism, staring at his feet.
  62. This will be processed the minute the exchange opens tomorrow.
  63. He half-listened while his mind processed his unspoken questions.
  64. Cured and processed meat are more readily contaminated than fresh.
  65. What about processed foods and especially fast food? The amount of.
  66. The job is completed if it is processed on a machine for unit time.
  67. Processed food is basically food that is prepared and packaged for.
  68. It would be extremely difficult to avoid being processed into the.
  69. Payments are processed twice a week on Monday and Friday afternoons.
  70. They were melted down before being processed in another machine to.
  71. Oats are gluten-free, but may be grown or processed with wheat during.
  72. Aside from that, some can also serve foods that are highly processed.
  73. At that time: only the rich could afford processed cane sugar and tea.
  74. A couple of visas he later processed for Bob confirmed his suspicions.
  75. Silence echoed off the walls, while I processed her prejudiced comment.
  76. Yuff processed the info at the speed of a drunk and picked up his beer.
  77. Unusually, there was a long pause as #89044-B processed the information.
  78. A job cannot be processed by more than one process or at any given time.
  79. Visola nodded, but she had not heard or processed her friend’s words.
  80. He wept with relief as he processed the implications of her appearance.
  81. High fructose corn syrup is found in many of our processed foods today.
  82. With assistance, this business can grow and add processed meat products.
  83. They sat in silence for a few minutes as she processed what had happened.
  84. Thus, input arriving in the lateral nucleus is generally processed in a.
  85. The file we used in the previous chapter was also processed sequentially.
  86. He stared at nothing in particular as he processed what he’d just heard.
  87. There are many faces and iterations, forms and processed to DETOXIFICATION.
  88. When cooked, or processed food is chewed even slightly: it turns into guck.
  89. He didn’t flaunt it, but you could see it in the way he processed things.
  90. This is because of the way in which the leaves for green tea are processed.
  91. In 2002, supermarkets sold $173 B dollars of processed foods in this country.
  92. While the transaction is processed Davina wonders why they are staying here.
  93. The messages, which come from, the pulpit is no more oven fresh but processed.
  94. He then processed the fact that Smiljan had said that this was a job interview.
  95. The pictures from the probes were in turn relayed to the BABYLON and processed.
  96. She sat quietly, as though satisfied that he had processed the murder reasonably.
  97. The necessity of military cooking accelerated the production of processed food.
  98. Garcia processed this information while shifting his attention to the female Gray.
  99. My stomach recognized it for what it was before my brain processed the food on it.
  100. A new doubt worked its way into Therese’s head as she processed the description.
  1. OC Thinking Processes to Use.
  2. All the processes by which we.
  3. Some of the processes used are:.
  4. Her mind’s processes were also.
  5. It processes grocery store coupons.
  6. Council uses the following processes:.
  7. Even his thought processes seemed slow.
  8. These processes require a significant.
  9. My mental processes came to a dead stop.
  10. This string of processes forms a system.
  11. Without vitamins these vital processes.
  12. Be aware of the payment processes you use.
  13. You will stop all your thinking processes.
  14. Formulation (by valid thought processes) c.
  15. There are no magical processes leading to.
  16. These three processes constitute one round.
  17. Thinking processes (of investors), 15–24.
  18. Evolutionary and Involutionary Processes in.
  19. My brain processes what I just watched happen.
  20. TOC Thinking Processes and Unrefusable Offers.
  21. He felt as if all his thought processes were.
  22. Basically the essential processes were being.
  23. These include the processes of digestion, me-.
  24. Rapunzel stares at her while she processes this.
  25. The virtual bankruptcy assistant processes the.
  26. Execution of any processes and controlled or by.
  27. Watch for processes that violate semantic well-.
  28. A lion’s share of processes in which a person.
  29. Yoga is the restraint of the processes of the mind.
  30. Some of these processes are parasitic and others.
  31. There must be thousands of processes that happen.
  32. In other words, the processes modeled by the four.
  33. Those processes, in turn, improve customer service.
  34. As the mindbody processes the emotion that has been.
  35. The four life-sustaining processes also have spiri-.
  36. However, on the second day these processes were in.
  37. The other Moulding processes which are popular are :.
  38. Be creative with your thought processes the goal is.
  39. It has no useful function in living processes at all.
  40. Again, the forces and processes from the first entry.
  41. The typical male adult processes 2 grams of creatine.
  42. And these processes are constantly occur in our bodies.
  43. Large increase in investment in the processes for the.
  44. You need to have support systems and processes in place.
  45. But these processes are cyclical, they are regenerative.
  46. The Speeding up of their Meditative processes towards.
  47. The processor filters and processes all of your vision.
  48. They described God as acting through laws or processes.
  49. A child initially trusts life and the processes of life.
  50. What I am going to recommend are a set of processes or.
  51. Max understood how Philippe’s thought processes worked.
  52. As it was she had difficulty with her thought processes.
  53. Adding people and processes may not be the best solutions.
  54. NOTE: all the membership processes, before and after you.
  55. It is at this point that categorizations processes cease.
  56. STIMULATION: The stimulation processes affecting learner.
  57. Third, Define Jobs and Align Them to the Core Processes:.
  58. Paying attention to the structural form and processes of a.
  59. I’m still hooked into your Captain’s thought processes.
  60. Page Processing wherein all the computations, processes etc.
  61. PROCESSES: To further the Innovation Initiative goals, the.
  62. One aspect which is common in both processes is that things.
  63. Protects memory of individual apps and processes to avoid a.
  64. Processes, whether documented or not, exist in al businesses.
  65. The whole range of biochemical processes that occur within us.
  66. And obviously, at times, they are involved in the processes.
  67. Application of specific waters to processes and dosage forms.
  68. The mask nature wears to hide her hideous processes of decay.
  69. Natural processes were distorted into supernatural phenomena.
  70. Even if you do not fully understand the complicated processes.
  71. What chemicals and processes are necessary for its production.
  72. As fusion processes produce heavier and heavier elements, the.
  73. Pkill will only kill the processes when all the criteria match.
  74. Systemic functioning and processes should always flow smoothly.
  75. In both processes objects within view-field magnify and appear.
  76. These processes were then exploded in the next level of detail.
  77. In fact, all these forms of yagya are but internal processes of.
  78. However, it is psyche that commands all processes of human life.
  79. He was now going through the due processes to find a replacement.
  80. Vitamin E oil will aid the healing processes in the skin as well.
  81. Today stars in galaxies undergo these same processes of rebirth.
  82. Her spinal processes were still clean and undamaged by arthritis.
  83. His normal thought processes had been completely short-circuited.
  84. Thinking For A Change: Putting the TOC Processes to Use by Lisa J.
  85. The controller processes user input and interacts with the model.
  86. Some develop gradually by the processes of life here on Kellaran.
  87. Each router that processes the packet decrements this field by 1.
  88. Hypnotherapy is unsurpassed at dealing with unconscious processes.
  89. As we have noted, core processes represent the HOW of the business.
  90. Work Groups Aligned to Jobs, Core Processes and the Business Unit.
  91. No evidence of any other geological processes has been discovered.
  92. She could almost see him trying to re-align his thought processes.
  93. In this state, the processes of perception and thinking are halted.
  94. Which meant that until due processes were completed it was just me.
  95. Do not hinder yourself by worldly institutions or thought processes.
  96. The brain processes information received from these sensory organs.
  97. The notion of the importance of actualisation of psychic processes.
  98. You must halt your judging processes if you cannot judge the theory.
  99. This new kind of the secondary radiation stimulates vital processes.
  100. When Pingala is active, processes of assimilation prevail: the body.

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