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Prod numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I did not prod further.
  2. Or it could be the prod.
  3. Alice gave him another prod.
  4. I prod him with my machete.
  5. They prod moodily at their plates of.

  6. Perhaps later I will prod her for more.
  7. Get out, the man with the prod said.
  8. Get on with it, I wanted to prod him along.
  9. The cattle prod only works for a couple of.
  10. You just needed a little prod, she explained.
  11. You swore that you would prod him back, one day.
  12. Emily touched the cattle prod quickly to his rump.
  13. You prod us to berserker rage or panic of the prey.
  14. With the prod hidden behind his back, he joined his.
  15. She had to use that as a prod to get them going on it.

  16. Keith flinched, eyeing the cattle prod the whole time.
  17. If only your heart were as easy to prod my dear boy.
  18. There he was tortured on a table with the electric prod.
  19. They applied the electric prod all over his body, with.
  20. Jacob held up a finger, then used it to prod the intercom.
  21. Kyle set her down and put the cattle prod on a high ledge.
  22. You haven’t felt the prod of my inexperienced needle yet.
  23. All this while, I poke and prod trying to find sore spots.
  24. Another electric prod hit her where a lady should not be hit.
  25. I fold it over and over and push, prod, and punch the cloud.

  26. Typical boy! she snorted, reaching over to prod him awake.
  27. He stared at his feet and started to prod the sand with his toes.
  28. What now? she mused aloud to prod them out of their 'stupor.
  29. Instead of a machete, he had an electric cattle prod in his hand.
  30. He gave the garments an experimental prod with a bony index finger.
  31. Emily came out a short time later with the cattle prod in her hand.
  32. Every year, every scream, every taunt, and prod is coming out now.
  33. The Loremaster felt a ghostly finger prod him in the chest Don't.
  34. Emily ignored him, grabbed the cattle prod, and headed out the door.
  35. Fielding gave her a small prod, she was sure it wouldn’t need more.
  36. If she’d been intending to prod him into real anger, she succeeded.
  37. I felt a prod at the back of my neck, and turned dizzy with the shock.
  38. Halfshaft gave Cherry a prod, as she was shaking her playful booty at.
  39. She grabbed a bridle and the cattle prod, and slipped the bridle onto.
  40. The electric prod was handled like a scalpel and the ’specialist’.
  41. Get going, said Grandma, giving her a prod with her cane, and Mrs.
  42. Bachetti paused for a moment but a sharp prod in his back from the other.
  43. Emily brought out the cattle prod and touched it to Kyle's neck just as he.
  44. I'll be back in a moment, he may need a good prod, now that you mention him.
  45. Damon looked over at her and eyed the cattle prod, Isn't that the Elder's.
  46. I slid the knife under the side of my bed using the Sigs silencer as a prod.
  47. He knew he intentionally said things to him to prod him say something which.
  48. So, what do we do with this traitor? he snapped, giving a prod to Galeron.
  49. That sounded good, so I let him poke and prod, and was gratified to hear him pronounce.
  50. Stroke the sting with the side of a needle to draw it out—DON’T prod with the point.
  51. The guard raised a long slender electric prod in the air so that all the prisoners could see it.
  52. Grabbing an old dusty cane I found lying on the floor, I started to prod the man forward with it.
  53. The gradually increasing intensity of the electric prod was matched by the sadism of my torturers.
  54. Then he went up to the camel, gave him a gentle prod, and grunted "Ooush, yer blighter, ooush" (i.
  55. He neatly laid out his tools on a rolling table—the cattle prod, the machete, the branding iron.
  56. A bit of warning - this is not intended to answer every topic, just to guide or prod the reader to.
  57. And why’s that? I prod, unaware of my moving body till I’m so close I could touch him….
  58. Thru it all she continued to prod for another session with Tometahin or at least a meeting with him.
  59. She had lost all images of her daughter the second time Paul had electrocuted her with the cattle prod.
  60. Again I had to prod him about his family and he told me they were well and waiting for him in Cuauhnahuac.
  61. A scream, followed by full-throated howling set us racing into the larger room, electric prod at the ready.
  62. Here, 1:num yields a sequence of numbers from 1 to num, and prod() gives the product of these numbers.
  63. There was beating, then whipping, then cutting, then burning them with a branding iron, then the cattle prod.
  64. He’s not going to hurt us, now is he, and proceeded to prod the frozen arm hanging by the side of the seat.
  65. All they could do then was to poke and prod with other systems, systems which aren’t integrated with the missiles.
  66. Who are you? his questioner asked him again, this time accompanying the words with a prod at Simon’s shoulder.
  67. He had a huge, pumpkin-sized head and a large nose that seemed to prod you when he leaned in and out in conversation.
  68. But when I read the letters, I noticed a phrase over and over, and each time, the thorn in my brain would prod and itch.
  69. She wanted him to get it over with—the punch, the jab, the slap, the electric cattle prod, the branding iron, the machete.
  70. He stared down at me with mild curiosity, as if I were a cute mouse he would prod towards a bit of cheese for lack of a better idea.
  71. Then, the two new guards approached me, daring to open my mouth and prod at my fangs, lay their hands on my chest checking for a heartbeat.
  72. That is, I was tied to the metal frame of a bed, electrodes were attached to my hands and feet, and they ran an electric prod all over me, with.
  73. All short sellers, no matter how sophisticated, have felt the cattle prod of stopped-stockwith-takeover-pending announcements in their portfolios.
  74. The priest shrieks and flaps pathetically as his first attacker, Jack Jacobin, jabs him—again and again, harder and harder—with the stock prod.
  75. You know what I mean - why a peace offering for your step dad? May as well prod the abuse angle when the opportunity presents itself I thought.
  76. Eventually he turned back towards the fire, gave it a little prod with a stick and finally entered his small tent to drift away into a restful, deep sleep.
  77. Your companion points to a picture of a 1950s car The price is mid-range and you hastily prod the picture before her fancy turns to something more expensive.
  78. Seconds before she passed out, he would shock her with the cattle prod or whip her with the leather belt or punch her or kick her until she gasped for breath.
  79. Kay found herself resisting any motion, but at last she gave her horse a prod, nudging him up the hill, heading toward her morning workout with Leland and Eli.
  80. The idea that parliament should grab the church by the dog collar and give it, in David Cameron’s words, a prod was deeply appealing to MPs and indeed many of the rest of us.
  81. His new morning ritual, after a hot shower, was to poke and prod various parts of his body to check for lumps, bumps, and discolouration, or just to see if they came off in his hand.
  82. But, never again would she try to make him throw away that foolish honor he valued more she promised herself, never, never would she again try to prod him into words of love, than love.
  83. He hated the looks that he’d had to give Hilkea in her own agony of choice, but near-term fear was a necessary prod to avoid the unreasoning panic and paralysis that was all around them.
  84. He peered from under his shaggy brows at the manuscript by his elbow and, muttering, began to prod the stiff buttons of the keyboard slowly, sometimes blowing as he screwed up the drum to erase an error.
  85. You might have seen the movie Dunkirk; in the World War II, the Wehrmacht cornered the British in and around the port town of Dunkirk, and all that was left for it was to push and prod the enemy into the sea.
  86. One Friday afternoon in late July, they were shocked off their collective Quotrons by a cattle prod; the stock started moving fast and big, the kind of move that shrieks of buy-out or cure for cancer, up five points to $40.
  87. As those were particularly hot times in the general hullaballoo Bloom sustained a minor injury from a nasty prod of some chap's elbow in the crowd that of course congregated lodging some place about the pit of the stomach, fortunately not of a grave character.
  88. The 35 minutes pass by rather quickly, and the only interesting thing that has happened is that my two-foot-long arrowana (a tropical fish from the Amazon that looks like a tarpon) tried to jump out of its tank, causing me to jump like I’d been hit with a cattle prod.
  89. I was fully convinced (the sense of reality, in spite of all my romanticism!) that they would all simply split their sides with laughter, and that the officer would not simply beat me, that is, without insulting me, but would certainly prod me in the back with his knee, kick me round the billiard table, and only then perhaps have pity and drop me out of the window.
  90. Won’t a push with praise and prod with a gift bring the babes to bare their boobs? And aren’t women blessed with a weakness for successful men? How money bestows status upon men and brings power over women! Won’t that enable the well-heeled to pick up their fancied women, that too at the drop of a hat! Well, haven’t I tasted the amorous flavors of countless randies in assorted ways? It’s as though every lass is ready for a lay, of course, on the sly.
  91. He simply had to prod and poke, and so,.
  92. Without asking her anything, they applied the electric prod,.
  93. Emily stopped at the front doors, You sure I can't have my cattle prod,.
  1. I think her prodding was.
  2. I can feel it prodding me.
  3. Em did not need a second prodding.
  4. I think of them as ways of prodding my.
  5. It was as if his conscience was prodding him.
  6. I barely felt him poking and prodding at me.
  7. After the usual prodding and poking and my.
  8. He woke from a sound sleep at Ava’s prodding.
  9. The stick stopped prodding; Pastel looked bemused.
  10. I think with a little prodding, the Canadians.
  11. Selar woke to the prodding of two young Vulcan girls.
  12. That, and a little prodding by the way of compulsion.
  13. Nefer offered his arm, and Calragen set to prodding it.
  14. I sense danger, he said, ignoring Lucia’s prodding.
  15. But no amount of shaking and prodding could wake Miss Simone.
  16. There is rejection of the inner prodding of divine qualities.
  17. He could feel the pressure of her words, prodding at his mind.
  18. They were ushered from their horses, the Amazon guard prodding.
  19. The girls stood waiting for Noah, prodding each other and giggling.
  20. Without Chiki and Nandini’s gentle prodding, I’d have been lost.
  21. Doug finally put his clothes back on after much prodding from Martina.
  22. The Captain needed prodding to remember his renewed Federal allegiance.
  23. And then the Queen was back on her feet, javelin in hand, prodding them.
  24. It’s darned clever, if you ask me said the Chief, prodding his chop.
  25. After Karla left, Frank had to put up with a young doctor prodding and poking him.
  26. She had changed the cast twice, checked the bones with gentle fingers and prodding.
  27. Says she had enough doctors poking and prodding and cutting on her when she was a.
  28. Egg was prodding at the fire with a stick to send sparks floating up into the night.
  29. As a group, they lowered estimates and ratings at the prodding of company officials.
  30. Steven considered this for a moment before prodding my foot with the toe of his boot.
  31. His penis was hard, straining at his jockey shorts and she felt it prodding into her.
  32. This is Tucker’s Notation, said Dawley, prodding Sakahaji gently with an elbow.
  33. Now hold still, he said, gently prodding at my other opening, the sensation.
  34. Clearly the system was prodding us in the ribs saying "oi, take notice twat" we didn't.
  35. Darek searched the faces around the fire and saw Sorren sitting there, prodding the fire.
  36. Lisa kissed him on the cheek and then added, Sometimes you need a little prodding baby.
  37. How have you kept watch previous nights? She asked, the thought prodding at her mind.
  38. Do you find my pipe amusing now? he enquired, prodding Halfshaft in the chest with it.
  39. I know this is crossing a line but I can’t stop the angry poker that’s prodding my heart.
  40. I’ve spent a lifetime prodding myself forwards whilst wishing for my lost friendship with Chris.
  41. At best, Sathyam might need a little bit of prodding from me and some pushing from some contractor.
  42. I woke up sometime later to the prodding of a policeman, something vile and stenching on my shoes.
  43. When your baby is moving, try interacting by lightly prodding your tummy, or moving your hands up and.
  44. Ah, here is the problem, it was wrapped too tightly, he commented, prodding gently at the flesh.
  45. Windy gusts began uncomfortably tugging, pulling and prodding us out of the cell and into the courtroom.
  46. Or there’d be demons prodding at him through the flames, or angels flying around sprinkling fairy dust.
  47. He wanted to know more of the tragedy but was cautious about prodding the bitter memories of the two men.
  48. But Skelda's prodding insistence shattered the shimmering image and the Preceptor turned away from the roots.
  49. They swarmed through the rooms, asking questions, opening closets, prodding clothes hampers, peering under beds.
  50. Squeezing his eyes shut he rubbed at his temples with his fingers, prodding his head as if trying to get answers.
  51. Ellen, who was really the best, married a wealthy man she didn‘t love, at Grace‘s prodding, and got a divorce.
  52. The Men, silently prodding with the points of their spears, forced the Mages and Vassals back towards the balcony.
  53. To see her prodding potatoes over the fire, and weighing meat, and approaching onions familiarly made them creep.
  54. Simultaneously, the jockeys sat down to ride—there was the cruel swish of catgut, the crueler prodding of steel.
  55. The Indians who held the bulls tore out the nose rings and began prodding the great beasts forward with their goads.
  56. Thank you, again, for your help, she said, ignoring his prodding, redirecting the conversation to safer subjects.
  57. Francine hesitated as if she needed even more prodding, and said, finally, I really don’t like this will anymore.
  58. Not that he needed any prodding, but it’s better than some voice shrieking in mindless, hysterical fear through the tube.
  59. She saw them swarming in and out of the doors and crevices, prodding into the heaps of debris, and clambering about the walls.
  60. Whittington was only paying half attention to his own question, prodding his minions to greater and hopefully quicker, efforts.
  61. He gave the boy a hard, angry stare, not that the boy seemed to care, he shrugged the look off and continued with his prodding.
  62. Meanwhile I followed mother’s instructions and moved around inspecting this, prodding that, making a general nuisance of myself.
  63. If she was feeling torn here behind them, a dilemma’s horns prodding her rebel ass, she had to keep her friends from finding out.
  64. BobbingTwo was clearly working on BigThree, prodding him with his snout and waving and coiling his eyes like flowers in a windstorm.
  65. The man in front, prodding at Eugene's boot, has the most irritated face and the most elaborate helmet, marking him as the new captain.
  66. I have used this same trick many times before with women, prodding them into breaking up with me as opposed to doing the dirty deed myself.
  67. She felt a touch at the edge of her mind like a small sharp needle prodding her for a response, and glanced around to see where it came from.
  68. Before the two boys had covered half the distance to the farmhouse, they had a soldier apiece behind them, prodding them on with their rifles.
  69. And so she was launched on the Devil's Road with this wretched sacrament, without the need of prodding, letting the thirst carry her through it.
  70. Finally, after some gentle hints and some stiff prodding, in which he noted an air of unspoken tension between Sim and Trent, the man finally went.
  71. He'd never killed anyone before that moment, despite years of prodding from his father, and he feared what would become of him if it ever happened.
  72. She flipped open a flush-set, concealed panel and her fingers began to fly over a keypad therein, but a gasp and a prodding from Moraine drew her attention.
  73. Not needing any more prodding, I turned and began limping through the woods, away from the strange couple, convinced that any minute I’d wake up in my bed.
  74. Colonel Golyakov formed a line of searchers armed with long sticks, canes and rods and they systematically moved forward prodding the snow for buried people.
  75. It was two more boring days of lying still, with one of the Welsh surgeons poking and prodding him three or four times a day, though not very sympathetically.
  76. He delighted in nudging me in the side as he helped me back from the shower, as though he were a five-year-old boy prodding a caged animal with a sharp stick.
  77. At Margolis’s prodding, Colin admitted he’d been visiting the neighborhood late at night and early in the morning, and had spent time researching license plates.
  78. He had an odd gait, running with his shoulders formal and his back straight, as if his parents were just behind him, prodding him to sit up straight and mind his manners.
  79. After some increasingly severe prodding, the nuathreen slid cautiously onto the man’s back and wrapped his small arms around Liam’s throat in an unintentional death grip.
  80. We had the gun in the forward position, and they used a walking stick, which was fashion in those days, and spent minutes at a time poking and prodding at the muzzle of the gun.
  81. Prodding the boar with another determined poke, Slikit tried to wake him, but only managed to cover his snout with some sticky yellow mucus that was oozing from the boar's mouth.
  82. From what I understand, he was bitter and didn't care if he lived or died, but through careful prodding, he was shown and given the opportunity to get out of the rut, and he did.
  83. When he was gone, I ripped the pages of The Ten Thousand Things from their gummy paperback binding and set them into the fire in thin clumps, prodding them with a stick until they burned.
  84. The instant the village lass who had done duty for Dulcinea found herself free, prodding her "cackney" with a spike she had at the end of a stick, she set off at full speed across the field.
  85. But what is he like as a man? I kept prodding, but only in the most gentle way, the implied reproof in my questions a spur to the General to justify his hero; and to maybe mythologize to a certain extent.
  86. An old gentleman who had been prodding him in the back for some moments here thrust him away, and, what was worse, addressed him as his good woman, which angered Toad more than anything that had occurred that evening.
  87. Hooking up to a machine and seeing no heartbeat, well, let’s just say that would be one for the history books, as well as some poking and prodding of the alien kind, and basically, it was a lot more hassle than good.
  88. It was at this point that Elizabeth tapped Nolan on the sholder, prodding him, he turned round to note the five foot two vampire in heels and red looking angrily at him, seething with fury behind her pretty forced smile.
  89. And then the long bulbs in the kitchen were lighting the countertop like porn: rods of sweaty cheese prodding cocktail olives, spinach lolling in wooden bowls, pale crisp lettuce leaves cupping ice-cream scoops of tuna salad.
  90. At some point, he must have dozed off more soundly, because he was awakened by a combination of daylight pouring through the train carriage window and Pankovski’s prodding his shoulder, announcing loudly that they were in Krakow.
  91. With the others now manacled in the same manner behind Moshe, the captain stepped out at a brisk pace with the guards prodding and poking at them until they, within the line, learned how to keep up the pace without the added encouragement.
  92. Although I find his books slow in the beginning because he goes into detail to establish a connection with his reader to his characters, by the middle, King has absorbed you into the plot, prodding you to continue to find out what’s going to happen.
  93. When he was forced to hold up his head, by means of a bayonet-point prodding him under the chin, his eyes had a vacant, trance-like stare, and drops of perspiration as big as peas were seen hailing down the dirt, bruises, and scratches of his white face.
  94. This is a swamp, said Ethan and gestured around them, prodding Nicole with one hand to keep moving, while all the while he kept looking around, as if waiting for more of the damnable birds, or perhaps something really dangerous to make an appearance.
  95. Even though she had done things Desa considered many times more degrading than admitting a mistake, Valla thought differently, maybe it was because she had grown up too fast out in that pass? If Desa could avoid teasing and prodding, Valla was going to come around.
  96. Truman made Carlos promise that he would devote himself more to his work, particularly at the loading docks, where his presence and authority needed to appear routinely – that was all that was required of him, and he did an excellent job of it, although he needed prodding.
  97. It wasn't enough that his clients needed baby sitting, pushing, prodding, nagging, and some times threatening to get them to do what they should do in order to protect themselves but that he had to do it in such a way that wouldn't land him on the wrong side of a grievance report.
  98. Prodding at me with something soft and gooey, he asked, How does this feel,.
  1. He prodded with the tools.
  2. So we prodded it with our.
  3. Klowa prodded him with a foot.
  4. Zia prodded Setne with her foot.
  5. No, but what? he prodded.
  6. Then fear prodded at her memory.
  7. Barry prodded her with his foot.
  8. Placid prodded it with his toe.
  9. Athene returned and prodded him.
  10. When is it? Mack prodded him.
  11. Prodded the ash with a long stick.
  12. Her finger prodded me in the back.
  13. His brother had prodded him with.
  14. Hands punched and prodded his body.
  15. The miller prodded it with a spade.
  16. Come now, he prodded jovially.
  17. Elekka prodded him for some response.
  18. What was he here for? Noah prodded.
  19. Prodded me with their OWG Instruments.
  20. Akstyr prodded the sawdust with his toe.
  21. Patrick prodded the centre of the heart.
  22. She prodded and pulled at various books.
  23. He pushed, poked, prodded but to no avail.
  24. Six looked interested and Mori prodded her.
  25. Cherry prodded Ditherer with her left foot.
  26. He prodded the burnt flesh with his fingers.
  27. Jevan prodded Galeron along to stand nearby.
  28. Denny got up and prodded him on the shoulder.
  29. He prodded the sand with the sole of his foot.
  30. Alan prodded the dog with the toe of his boot.
  31. She warily prodded her bandage; the pain had.
  32. He prodded the three customers and O’Brien.
  33. He prodded Ricardo, but he didn’t move either.
  34. Tell me about the other person, he prodded.
  35. Who are you? What do you want? she prodded.
  36. Again, Hematheus prodded Berenice to step forward.
  37. Go ahead, he prodded, fix that sandwich.
  38. I prodded Nancy into saying, Marcus, I'm thirsty.
  39. I jumped when a bony finger prodded me in the back.
  40. He cut the engine then gently prodded Tina in the.
  41. Yes? Aya prodded, when he didn't say anything.
  42. Floppy moustache prodded Uncle Hobart with his gun.
  43. That stirring in turn prodded the others into life.
  44. And what does that mean to you? the doc prodded.
  45. The winged horse prodded the ground with his muzzle.
  46. She Gently prodded the door open and stepped inside.
  47. Kermes Twa prodded my mind into fastly shifting gears.
  48. Zoe nodded and prodded some dead leaves with the stick.
  49. Amaranthe prodded her arm where the bug had bitten her.
  50. The mark looked like he had been prodded with a hot iron.
  51. The demigod laughed as he prodded the coals with a long.
  52. The sound of soft footsteps gently prodded Darek’s ears.
  53. The guards prodded him toward the safety of the courtroom.
  54. Yours and Rhones? he prodded with a jagged barb of.
  55. She prodded her son to aim for the love and compassion of.
  56. Come with me, he prodded, touching my face, lovingly.
  57. Seeing she wasn’t going to volunteer more, he prodded her.
  58. I prodded it with a finger and felt my heart start to hammer.
  59. Opportunity for what? To be poked prodded and cut up?
  60. The Arch-astronomer prodded the body with his toe, and sighed.
  61. She slashed and prodded any vulnerable place she could reach.
  62. What was the Four Oaks thing all about? Higgins prodded.
  63. You know he hates being poked and prodded, Joseph rejoined.
  64. A pair of fingers prodded at her cheek and she winced in pain.
  65. Chin prodded it with his stick to make sure but the brute was.
  66. She poked and prodded in various ways and I tried to ignore it.
  67. Gerasa prodded him experimentally in the chest with her javelin.
  68. Max prodded Luka ahead with his elbows, arms full of parchment.
  69. He got out, then poked and prodded the area underneath the hood.
  70. Armed men, on foot, urgently prodded stragglers along, offering.
  71. And then? he prodded as I sat introspectively, mulling it out.
  72. You want to put a logo on the train, I prodded conversationally.
  73. His friends prodded him to take some shabu or poor man’s cocaine.
  74. Fletcher prodded, Let’s walk forward and see where it takes us.
  75. Four guards armed with long spears prodded the men into the back of.
  76. As for the bull and wethers, they simply prodded them over the edge.
  77. With its butt end, he prodded those who didn’t retreat fast enough.
  78. Garcia proceeded forwards and was prodded by the next set of warriors.
  79. He bolted away from her like she'd prodded him with an electric taser.
  80. Having better ways to occupy his time, Mr Osbairne prodded his guest.
  81. He prodded the food with the fork, carefully chewed mouthfuls, drank.
  82. He was one of Katrin's, wasn't he looking for someone? Sam prodded.
  83. Tegan got the idea immediately and prodded Gordy and Junie into helping.
  84. When Patrick first prodded me with the rabbit’s nose--holding it at.
  85. Her eyes watering, Luna ran to his side and prodded him on the shoulder.
  86. She liked to daring things and she prodded us or dared us to do likewise.
  87. I laughed, and my sister prodded me to tell her about my two active cases.
  88. Jorma prodded her on, they would have no more time to themselves after this.
  89. As they all climbed to their feet, Selene came over and prodded them half-.
  90. With a voice so calm it soothed even Samantha, Annette prodded Phoebe along.
  91. Noting the pitiful look of despair on the wanderers face, Mochni prodded him.
  92. He prodded his feelings by thinking that his parents and his sister had gone.
  93. One of the Gorn prodded the woman with a stick and she screamed bloody murder.
  94. Her actions were by instinct and an inner voice that prodded and egged her on.
  95. She smiled, and prodded with her stick at a bit of moss in a crack in the wall.
  96. On more than one occasion, during a drawn out game of snooker, he prodded the.
  97. The girl prodded the body with the toe of her bare right foot and shrugged her.
  98. She sat down on a log beside the fire and prodded the sausages with her finger.
  99. Thaniel prodded him and Mori smiled at him in the reflection in the dark window.
  100. Wounds that once had been healed were easily reopened when prodded in the present.
  1. She took other hits with prods.
  2. The spirit of learning is a drive that prods us into.
  3. A few more pokes and prods with her finger and she was.
  4. Ok, girl now cut to the chase, what happened? Sue prods.
  5. The shadow draws his sword and prods a little entity that stood next to him.
  6. A dozen Geheime Globalpolizei sprinted into the house, taser prods to the fore.
  7. The elevator attendant lingers on a landing, panting, but Pulaski prods him along.
  8. She felt the electric prods on her hind quarters, at the same time lightning filled the sky.
  9. Instead, she feigns a closed smile and prods Tyler, her son, to move on and enter the apartment.
  10. It was as if the Primagnons were pushing a small herd of unruly steers with some sort of sophisticated cattle prods.
  11. She prods him with a hip as he continues to stare - it's a more sensual movement than just a grab for his attention.
  12. Her elbow prods one of my sore muscles—I have more sore muscles than not-sore muscles, this morning—and I wince.
  13. The guards even resorted to the cattle Prods, but the Senator only danced a bit and wouldn’t move from the shelter of the palm.
  14. Men fell down where they stood and lay as if dead on the ground the fatigue finally getting too much for them and only kicks from boots or prods from rifle butts would get them warily to their feet more dead than alive.
  15. Perhaps years later, in a social situation, someone prods you with their finger in exactly the same way, in exactly the same place to get your attention or to ask you to move out of the way to let them pass with their drinks they are laden down with.
  16. As a Life Coach with a Life Coaching professional certification from the prestigious Stonebridge Associated Colleges in the United Kingdom, He teaches people better ways of meeting the tasks and challenges of life; and prods them to question and change unrealistic assumptions and beliefs.
  17. They began to torture him with electric prods,.

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