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Projection numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. This is only a projection of you.
  2. The affair is still in projection.
  3. This projection will be in touch.
  4. The projection changed to show the.
  5. Or are you reflecting a projection?

  6. Deanna ordered the projection to stop.
  7. We could get a big projection tel y.
  8. Maggie Botwin’s in Projection Room 4.
  9. Kosmo says it’s another projection.
  10. Maybe it was only a projection on her.
  11. The entire world is your own projection.
  12. Maybe the projection system went down.
  13. The pictures up in that projection booth.
  14. What is going on is a projection of your.
  15. It’s an example of the Law of Projection.

  16. Lye is an outward projection of inner lies.
  17. Where did the reflected projection come from?
  18. Rigler theatre for the projection of the movie.
  19. You are only a physical projection of your own.
  20. Everything you buy is the projection of an idea.
  21. These activated projection neurons send effer-.
  22. The worst-case projection was a 120 percent gain.
  23. I couldn’t tell if he meant sleep or projection.
  24. Or perhaps, more simply, a telepathic projection.
  25. The human brain works by reflection and projection.

  26. She couldn't touch her, she was only a projection.
  27. They watched the live feed on a projection screen.
  28. Twining's Projection of the Path of a Meteor, Nov.
  29. Phil stuck his head from the projection booth above.
  30. Fritz was waiting with Maggie in Projection Room 10.
  31. You’re not trained for mass telepathic projection.
  32. Vampires, inscrutable librarians, astral projection.
  33. It is a classic case of reverse cultural projection.
  34. This projection is called the measured price target.
  35. Not that it meant a precise projection could be made.
  36. As a projection of inner reality and outer normality.
  37. How true is the reflection to the actual projection?
  38. How true is the projection to the actual reflection?
  39. The most recent projection is that Medicare will be.
  40. We have been prisoners of the Limbo Projection Mode.
  41. Any trader can be wrong in his projection of the future.
  42. A very quickly made knot for throwing over a projection.
  43. Earlier he had selected a holographic projection of a.
  44. Without warning, Farah started again the holo projection.
  45. No, there is no way to turn off Limbo Projection Mode.
  46. It was not she who was here, but only a projection of her.
  47. The projection leaves a trail of luminescence in the water.
  48. On each side of the bed there was a projection from the wall.
  49. Sylvan Muldoon & Hereward Carrington, The Projection of the.
  50. The dynamic of projection is merely a reversal of perception.
  51. It is a holographic projection emanating from the full-void.
  52. It is but a shadow, or a projection of the knower onto the.
  53. Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality: Exploring the.
  54. What is the difference between a reflection and a projection?
  55. Faye Anne adjusted the projection to show the area in question.
  56. The figure of 17% was my most unlikely statistical projection.
  57. Batistuta was then drawn to a bil board next to the projection.
  58. Three video chat windows were opened on the projection screen.
  59. He studied the spherical map projection in silence for a while.
  60. I had never been into astral projection when I had been younger.
  61. It’s easy to notice that the given projection network reminds.
  62. Also, make sure the low projection represents a worthwhile gain.
  63. Sim caused a holographic projection to appear in front of Hartle.
  64. I had a corresponding wound, a projection, and program that had.
  65. I fell asleep in the car and had a most peculiar astral projection.
  66. The hells in which we find ourselves are a projection of our mind.
  67. Its projection radius is limited to five meters, Tammas said.
  68. I stuck my head in Projection Room 4 and said, “Where’s Judas?”.
  69. Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality, 271-276, 282-284, 286.
  70. The reflection and Projection of human awareness is the same dynamic.
  71. Here is another simple exercise for training yourself in projection:.
  72. Without bothering to shut down the projection, he told them to enter.
  73. That is a common exercise in what psychologists might call projection.
  74. He clutched at a rocky projection, and grinned his thanks back at her.
  75. The man behind him must have let go of the projection he was gripping.
  76. The Limbo Projection operates under rules of its own voodoo mysticism.
  77. Conan had seated himself on a rocky projection at the foot of the spire.
  78. Answer: No, this is not love, it is a projection of oneself onto others.
  79. His projection of the Chief’s torso now floated above the Ops console.
  80. Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality: Exploring the Out-of-Body.
  81. His voice, projection, and quick understanding, though, were impressive.
  82. The projection of Tipperary floated almost a meter long over the console.
  83. It was a holographic back projection which made these secure quarters a.
  84. At least in such an intimate space there'd be no problem with projection.
  85. But even in her imagination he appeared only as a holographic projection.
  86. A useful anchoring knot where the top end of a projection is out of reach.
  87. The department heads stared at the satellite image on the projection screen.
  88. A remarkable projection of the rock divides the back part into two stories.
  89. She made a gesture of pressing the down the console projection on her desk.
  90. This character can leave his body behind and travel as an astral projection.
  91. One tactic of avoidance of the truth is reflective or deflective projection.
  92. The person that you believe your partner to be is a projection of your mind.
  93. Every person in the group is the projection of a part of ourselves or of an.
  94. Refresh my mind on what the Limbo Projection Mode is, said the Reporter.
  95. Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality: Exploring the Out-of-Body State.
  96. This is a dynamic of separation, non-integration, reflection, and projection.
  97. Their fear of others going zombie is a projection of their own transformation.
  98. Voice projection and volume determines retention of attention of the audience.
  99. The lowest projection was 3% with the average of all the tests coming in at 9%.
  100. The one shop owner in town who isn’t totally nuts calls it astral projection.

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