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Prop numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Well, I have my prop.
  2. The general theorem of Prop.
  3. The prop is still spinning.
  4. I worked on a prop desk in St.
  5. The Failure Rate of a Prop Trader.

  6. Do you think this is a prop?
  7. Making the equal temperament of Prop.
  8. We need to investigate the prop room.
  9. I'll just prop it up on the handle bars.
  10. Ben’s prop guard was shaped like a cage.
  11. Houston’s shoulders and prop up his head.
  12. I could see I was just a prop in his game.
  13. Got to get the stick … prop it open….
  14. He swallows, and I prop my head on my hand.
  15. Using it as a prop, Adros got to his feet.

  16. I’m not going to prop up what I say by.
  17. I wish there were more women prop traders.
  18. The prop engine died, as it ran out of gas.
  19. He bade her to sit down, and prop her foot up.
  20. Luke helped Joseph prop her up on her pillows.
  21. He stood by as they cleared out the prop room.
  22. He was that child's stay, and she was his prop.
  23. The prop ticked to a stop, and kicked back once.
  24. Largest reward for the return of a stage prop.
  25. Will you prop me up on the pillows, please?

  26. If it starts throbbing, prop it up above her heart.
  27. Hence we may deduce, in the same manner as in Prop.
  28. Yeah, sure, I answer, trying to prop myself up.
  29. Our prop desk sits in a JV exactly where we want it:.
  30. I prop my head up on the headboard and lay down to read.
  31. I pulled the prop over and came up alongside of the man.
  32. The prop in the door had been unscrewed and put in again.
  33. There are a few prop firms making good money on the puke.
  34. I prop my elbows on the table and clasp my hands and wait.
  35. Rudders would on a prop trader’s Mount Rushmore of calm.
  36. He nods, and leans his head against the wall to prop it up.
  37. He said the tower was a prop for cosmetics and convenience.
  38. Applying this principle to the system of temperament in Prop.
  39. He is another prop comedian with an ingenious sense of humor.
  40. I bet this outlet is just a prop, Anderson said nervously.
  41. Yes it is, from our old table, I use it to prop the door open.
  42. Kamon then stood up, pushed aside the lid prop, and slammed the.
  43. Because there was not going to be a second round at my prop firm.
  44. She was leaning up against a box or something to prop herself up.
  45. But I can certainly show the results of one of our in-house prop.
  46. Future traders should intern at prop firms and institutional banks.
  47. Hence the private equity prop will turn into a private equity drag.
  48. Think about Travis interviewing at a prop firm after he graduates:.
  49. In late 2008, Boss used his own personal money to start a prop desk.
  50. One prop plane is seen heading in the direction of Oceania Air Base.
  52. Pilots are trained for this type of emergency: fetter the prop of the.
  53. Then he’d shoot it and prop it up with wires and sticks and paint it.
  54. A prop plane was lazily making its way down the shoreline from the north.
  55. She could prop it open and see a tangle of roofs and rooftop courts below.
  56. I had it on the top to prop up some books but it was too close to the edge.
  57. Sanios, prop, noun ( an island inthe Aegean Sea, near the coastof Asia Minor).
  58. Look over there,’ he said pointing to a prop in one corner near the entrance.
  59. We can approximate to this state of the scale, by applying the theorem in Prop.
  60. Garcia used his chair for a prop, something to hide behind as he took in a deep.
  61. Thomas performed his soliloquy punctuated by long pulls of a prop bottle filled.
  62. There was an old man with a turkey trap that consisted of a box held up by a prop.
  63. It was a twin prop aircraft with 10 seats, one of the early models, built in 1970.
  64. It seemed that, of late, Paul had only used the Hofner as a prop in video clips.
  65. In addition, those prop traders should develop a strong knowledge of other markets.
  66. I guess I should turn that around and see more in the people who rely on me to prop.
  67. Even college programs have more data about a player than prop firms of a new trader.
  68. Where is he? She tried to sit up, but only managed to prop herself onto her elbow.
  69. He supposes he means to prop open the aft door, in case what the birds want is to escape.
  70. But second, please look me up, give me a ring, and I will probably hire you for our prop desk.
  71. When I worked on a prop desk, I worked for the loveliest, most talented trader I’ve ever met.
  72. The daughter, however, had an inward prop at this crisis, —she gathered strength through love.
  73. Roy leaned back in his chair and said, “There’s some calamity at the prop and carpenters’ shop.
  74. So tell me, Angie, are you saying I came all the way out here with you to prop up pillows?
  75. This trader has an inside seat into the world of prop trading and high stakes, professional poker.
  76. As the aggregate dissonance of the changeable scale is calculated on the same principles, in Prop.
  77. There, lying on the workbench next to the two-stroke motor of Ben’s jetpack, was the prop guard.
  78. The time to pull away the prop was when as many turkeys as one could reasonably expect were inside.
  79. Kurt insisted that Mary take the bed and he would prop himself up in one of the overstuffed chairs.
  80. The small motor had a capacity of 35ccs and it spun the 18/10 pusher prop at 6100 rpm at full throttle.
  81. Three successive applications of this theorem to each degree in the scale, in the manner described Prop.
  82. I lock the dead bolt and prop a chair against the door, and I move the dresser against the small window.
  83. He sat down shakily as I crawled back to the prop and got us the heck away from this godforsaken island.
  84. He’d prop me up on the counter where he and his buddies would watch the afternoon games from Candlestick.
  85. The dirt and sand were blasting me in the face from the force of the prop wash as I coward under my blanket.
  86. Gathering his legs beneath him and using the gun for a prop he slowly stood, intending to slip quietly away.
  87. Add to that, most prop firms were scaling back at this time as discretionary traders were mostly unprofitable.
  88. The position was awkward for him and he had to prop himself up while she moved and brought herself to a climax.
  89. They had to prop him up so he could hold the staff, and he did as God commanded, and the Israelites prevailed.
  90. Immediately she shrunk back, kicked me in the face with her toes, and turned me neck and prop out of the room.
  91. They trade at the largest prop firm in South Africa, which might do 10 percent of that market’s daily volume.
  92. When enough turkeys had wandered into the box, the old man would jerk away the prop and let the door fall shut.
  93. Typically he would have used it as a prop, something to fiddle with in order to avoid a heartfelt conversation.
  94. Add to that, regulators were applying pressure on prop firms that made trading more expensive for all new traders.
  95. He was older and just a prop man, but what a hunk! He'd collected some wonderful pieces from those Forties movies.
  96. When making a portal, you have to prop it up from within to create a contained collapse and not a total breakdown.
  97. It was shaped to surround an 18-inch propeller, its chief function being to protect people from the spinning prop.
  98. He looked out and saw the prop was no longer spinning and the engine was half torn off spitting out fire and smoke.
  99. He spied a large boulder to prop himself against, reeled in his line, and wandered over to try his luck from there.
  100. With a swipe of the crowbar, the prop snapped and shot away down the warehouse as the massive slab shut over the hole.
  1. Propping the bald and helpless head, and cleaning.
  2. I understand, he said, propping his head on clasped hands.
  3. Her arms were cramped from propping her head up all night.
  4. He raised his upper body slightly, propping up on his elbows to.
  5. Propping her chin up with her hands, she stared out at the hills.
  6. Propping himself up on a stanchion, he listened for the local voice.
  7. Then Sam was there pulling him up, propping him against another tree.
  8. Deanna was propping him up, preventing him from melting to the floor.
  9. Serena studied them both before finally propping her elbows on the bar.
  10. Cory shifted on his bed, propping his head up on his hand, staring at me.
  11. Propping her bare feet on the dash of the car, she settled down to read.
  12. With unnatural strength he had succeeded in propping himself on his elbow.
  13. So? Paul said, propping his feet on the side of the desk beside him.
  14. He was waiting on the pavement for her, one arm propping up a parking meter.
  15. We were propping the bar and after a few beers he decided to make his moves.
  16. I pushed off the bed, propping myself up so that I could look straight at him.
  17. They rushed to help him, Robert bringing him water, and Ethan propping him up.
  18. Propping her elbows on either side of her plate, her chin dropped between her hands.
  19. Look, the president said, leaning forward and propping his elbows on his knees.
  20. And I see them: outside, a traitor Dauntless man, propping up a woman with a bleeding leg.
  21. Richter stood and circled the desk before propping himself on the back of Hardin’s chair.
  22. Would you? I lift my own gun, propping it up on my left shoulder instead of my right.
  23. Corey rushed over, changing out one of the pillows propping her up with the one he fluffed.
  24. Get some rest, Lucas said, carrying over a second pillow and propping it under her head.
  25. Feel better, my love? Beth asked, propping herself on one elbow and dabbing perspiration from his brow.
  26. They lay out full, propping their heads so the water wouldn't come to their mouths, and they closed their eyes.
  27. Candace’s voice ran out and she just sat there, hands propping up her head, staring hard at the table, silent.
  28. The insiders are propping the market up, selling stock accumulated in the price waterfall, before taking it lower.
  29. It is the underlying realm of light that is the fundamental reality propping up our physical universe, says Haisch.
  30. They lay out full, propping their heads up so the water wouldn’t come to their mouths, and they closed their eyes.
  31. He’d been propping up the lousy Mayor for years, mostly because of his sense of duty to the Halflings of Thimble Down.
  32. Leaning over with hands propping chin, Steven took several slow, deep breaths, yielding himself some time to collect his thoughts.
  33. It took years of the landed gentry propping up lower class public figures like Adams, to turn the idea of rebellion into a popular cause.
  34. The Three Young Bucks filed in and sat in a row on the couch in front of the blazing fire, propping their wet boots up on the stone hearth.
  35. I then sat back on the bed with the pillows propping me up smoking a fag and I was just finishing it off when there was a knock on the door.
  36. There was a wooden seat that folded down that I draped with a multicolored striped scarf, propping my Artaud book against the peeling mirror.
  37. There was a movement beside her, and Reese had rolled up onto the ledge, propping himself up on one elbow, gazing down at her in tense concern.
  38. He sank into one of Gairwyl’s camp chairs, leaning both elbows on the library table, propping his chin in his palms, and his eyes were dreamy.
  39. They gripped her roughly by the upper arms and dragged her back to Amethyst Tower, propping her up as she stumbled with terror back to her cell.
  40. Hilderich nodded in agonizing agreement and Amonas grabbed him by the arms and lifted him upwards, propping him upright against the trunk of the tree.
  41. Priscilla made no objection, and he at once removed it beyond the reach of his mother's eye, propping it up in a dark corner of the passage and telling Mrs.
  42. When he had finished his prayers, he lay down upon the bed near me, and, propping himself upon his elbow, looked at me in silence, with a kindly, yet abashed, expression.
  43. Roopa Rao at some point of time? Would Sandhya then object to his bigamy? Oh no, never, life in the offing would be thrilling and vibrant, with Saroja too propping it up.
  44. General Barrios, in a shabby blue tunic and white peg-top trousers falling upon strange red boots, kept his head uncovered and stooped slightly, propping himself up with a thick stick.
  45. Donna perched on one of the bar stools, propping her elbows on the snack bar and resting her chin on the heels of her hands as she regarded the red marks on Sam’s back and shoulders.
  46. Steve and Curly Pete sat opposite her in a quiet corner of the Public House, Sheila had gone to use the rest rooms and the pub is fairly quiet of customers with just a couple of old men propping the bar up.
  47. I noticed the barman from lunchtime was no longer there; instead the bar was staffed by a couple of harassed looking girls, doing their best to serve the drinks, take meal orders and chat with the few customers who were propping up the bar.
  48. A millisecond later, in an attempt to give the appearance that he had been waiting in her office ever since his computer club meeting ended, he jumped into his mother’s chair and leaned backwards – propping his feet on the corner of her desk.
  49. Amonas then braced Hilderich from under his armpits with both arms trying not to cause him any more pain, and dragged him over to the large trunk of a tree propping him up against it so he could breathe without fear of drowning in his own blood.
  50. She read books of travel, she learned poetry by heart, she grew skilful at combining her studies with her cooking; and propping up Keats on the dresser could run to him for a fresh line in the very middle of the pudding almost without the pudding minding.
  51. Now Florinda wept, and spent the day wandering the streets; stood at Chelsea watching the river swim past; trailed along the shopping streets; opened her bag and powdered her cheeks in omnibuses; read love letters, propping them against the milk pot in the A.
  52. We went for a quick drink in the Granada Television bar and tried to catch the eye of a barmaid serving the actors who played Stan Ogden and Albert Tatlock, who were propping up the bar just as they’d done for years at the Rovers Return on the set of Coronation Street.
  53. They began examining him, propping the culprit against the stove to do so more conveniently, and saw that it really was not a case of drunkenness, nor had he had a blow, but that something else was wrong, for Semyon Ivanovitch could not utter a word, but seemed twitching in a sort of convulsion, and only blinked, fixing his eyes in bewilderment first on one and then on another of the spectators, who were all attired in night array.
  54. One of those who supported it, leaving the burden to his comrades, advanced to meet him, flourishing a forked stick that he had for propping up the stand when resting, and with this he caught a mighty cut Don Quixote made at him that severed it in two; but with the portion that remained in his hand he dealt such a thwack on the shoulder of Don Quixote's sword arm (which the buckler could not protect against the clownish assault) that poor Don Quixote came to the ground in a sad plight.
  55. Speaker, I do not oppose this bill because it professes to give some relief to those merchants whose vessels sailed before the date of the proclamation, and which may have departed from a British port, prior to the 2d of February, 1811, but, sir, because I wish to rid the country of this whole consumptive system; and, if that cannot be done, I will not aid in propping up the President's proclamation, by taking from the judiciary of the country the power of deciding on its validity, which is one of the avowed objects of this bill.
  56. Macon,) claim the right of censuring in matters equally within his sole and peculiar province? If, then, we are to interfere with Executive duties, not merely as sycophants, applauding his every act, but as freemen condemning what we do not approve, the inevitable consequence must be, a conflict between the Executive and Legislative Departments, in which the wounds of either can only be inflicted through the constitution; or (an issue equally fatal) the advantages intended to be derived from separate deliberation, distinct responsibility, and mutual jealousy and watchfulness of the separate departments disappear, in a miserable complaisance of acting by previous concert, and thus propping each other before the people.
  1. He propped it open 199.
  2. Will was propped up by pillows.
  3. The oddbots propped the case.
  4. They propped him up on pillows.
  5. He propped her against the wall.
  6. It was propped up in the corner.
  7. I propped my head up on an elbow.
  8. Warlock propped open the window.
  9. He propped himself on his elbows.
  10. A card propped against the door.
  11. She propped her chin on her hands.
  12. She propped up on her elbow, Ok.
  13. Zarko propped himself onto his elbow.
  14. They propped her up against the wall.
  15. He propped himself up against a tree.
  16. Dolores propped herself up on an elbow.
  17. She propped her head up on her left palm.
  18. Pillows were propped under her head and.
  19. She propped the soft cushion so she could.
  20. Mimir’s staff is propped against the wall.
  21. He propped the crowbar in the door between.
  22. Natasha propped the old lady up with her arm.
  23. He propped the photo on the arm of the couch.
  24. She was reading the card, propped on her elbow.
  25. The pudgy janitor propped a stick in the door.
  26. I looked and saw Emmanuel had propped himself up.
  27. He lay with his head propped high on the pillows.
  28. I’ve propped my elbow on that thing many times.
  29. He was propped up against a locker, talking to Jo.
  30. He handed it to me and I propped it up over the.
  31. Nearby was a metal tank propped up against a post.
  32. The long pipe which was propped against the wall.
  33. What? Maldynado propped his fists on his hips.
  34. The air conditioner propped in the window hummed a.
  35. He propped each up against the back of a tombstone.
  36. Alby scooted back on the bed and propped his feet up.
  37. We just have to make sure his head stays propped up.
  38. Jocko was propped up in bed, watching the television.
  39. Alfie was propped up in a chair, still sound asleep.
  40. The two mandarins were propped up, facing each other.
  41. Each table has a sign propped up in the middle of it.
  42. Through the window I saw him propped up on his pillow.
  43. Carla propped his gun against the wall, near the ladder.
  44. I’m exhausted but propped up by the hum of adrenaline.
  45. She is dreaming of foam on the glass, the tray propped.
  46. She was propped up in a chair but couldn’t lift her.
  47. Tell me He propped himself on an elbow to look at her.
  48. He pointed to a plain cardboard box propped on the desk.
  49. It was after midnight and Dayne was propped against the.
  50. Instead, he propped himself up on the corner of her desk.
  51. Lori turned to the man propped against Fred’s shoulder.
  52. She is sitting up, her leg propped on a stack of pillows.
  53. He then lay propped up on one elbow, smiling down at her.
  54. He propped it between his boots and jammed the crow bar.
  55. Propped upside down on its handlebars was an old bicycle.
  56. And those in positions propped up knowing a thing or two.
  57. He was propped up on his right elbow with a pillow under.
  58. Jill propped herself up in bed and took the bottle in her.
  59. Emily woke up alone and her leg was propped up on a pillow.
  60. Claire lay on Julia’s bed with her head propped up on Mr.
  61. Bev propped herself up on an elbow and said to us with a.
  62. He sat in the well worn chair and propped his feet on the.
  63. I forced my parched throat to swallow and propped myself up.
  64. Willie is propped up on one elbow on the hood, impatiently.
  65. Helen was not expecting to find Kate propped in the archway.
  66. A week propped up in a freezer before being quietly planted.
  67. Carmen closed the barn door and propped it shut with a board.
  68. He propped the bike and was in and up the stairs ahead of me.
  69. Michael put the phone down and propped his head in his hands.
  70. He was propped up on one elbow, staring in disbelief at the.
  71. I was sitting on top of the bed as usual propped with pillows.
  72. Donna was standing, with her back propped against the doorway.
  73. She took her hands off his arm and propped herself against the.
  74. Chuck was there, propped up against the wall, but hunched over.
  75. She picked up her book and propped it up open on her bent knees.
  76. Jamie sat there, propped up in his chair, one eye staring ahead.
  77. He lay a long time propped upon his elbows above her, his lips.
  78. I propped myself against the pillows on my bed and the hopeless.
  79. I propped my bike against the wall underneath his window, stood.
  80. She was lying propped up in this big hospital bed with her eyes.
  81. A man was seated on the floor, his body propped into the corner.
  82. Therefore, nightly she locked her door, and propped a chair back.
  83. The van was propped up on cinder blocks for it had no tires and.
  84. The VAL’s propped open, Beck’s voice said over the comm.
  85. Looking more closely she saw an envelope propped up on the pillow.
  86. Propped up in bed for weeks at a time, and racked by pain, not a.
  87. Alex propped himself up in bed with several pillows and shook his.
  88. Mary Catherine propped herself up against the large satin pillows.
  89. A tall, broad shouldered sat with his feet propped up on the desk.
  90. Sighing deeply, she propped on her elbow and studied Sam’s face.
  91. Heather stopped me once we were inside the door and propped me up.
  92. Holmes propped it against the cruet-stand and read it while he ate.
  93. In her room, Jesse sat at the desk with her cheek propped on a fist.
  94. Vinnie sank into the couch and propped his feet on the coffee table.
  95. The hands propped him hard onto a badly creaking wooden chair again.
  96. Tom propped his pillows up and left him sitting happily with a book.
  97. Rolling he eyes and leaning back in his chair, he propped his feet.
  98. A ski pole was propped behind the box, precisely the thing I needed.
  99. He lifted his head and propped it on his hand, looking down on her.
  100. Frodo sat propped against the rock behind, but he had fallen asleep.
  1. I gather my props that are.
  2. Caleb props his chin on a fist.
  3. Nerissa saw that many props and.
  4. Use as many props as you can find.
  5. Mad props to my astrophysicist pal Dr.
  6. The four pusher props clawed at the.
  7. She props open the window to hear better.
  8. She listened for vibration in the giant props.
  9. We also have a great resource of props from.
  10. He has a large cardboard box of props by his feet.
  11. I gestured over the piles of props which surrounded us.
  12. He props himself up on his elbow gazing down at me, amused.
  13. Skuld props her elbows on top of the table and leans forward.
  14. The first thing you can do for your brand image is to use props.
  15. Zeke props an aluminum ladder against its edge and starts to climb.
  16. Much more than great movie props, gold bars are a great investment.
  17. But instead he props up the bars around Stureplan and seems rootless.
  18. All of the props we use have conventional rather than natural meanings.
  19. When you can tie in the brand names of products, those become your props.
  20. The huge vehicle was drawn by four horses and loaded with theatrical props.
  21. He takes a large transparent bowl out of his props box and puts it on the table.
  22. Accustomed to the noise of the props and motors, your hearing adapts, oddly enough.
  23. The props had already been handed out, and here he was, the man with the megaphone.
  24. He picked up his bag of props, which he had dropped when the Guild bravos braced him.
  25. One hand props up her head and the other twists a few strands of frizzled ginger hair.
  26. He props himself up and swings his feet out from under the duvet so that he is sitting.
  27. Inside, all they found was an empty building with stacked props, wood, and design notes.
  28. Black or White video is also one video where Jackson went wild with props and costumes.
  29. He jumped back into the van to drive to the instrument rental store to return the props.
  30. Some must have been lazing clowns, foot props for emperors, princes, and epileptic popes.
  31. He stood looking in at the two puckers stripped to their pelts and putting up their props.
  32. The props were chromed and the observation bubble was made from a single piece of plastic.
  33. You had me thinking that you were bisexual and all, but I have to give you props on the joke.
  34. His three props were now in place and the cauldron was emitting the pungent smell of brimstone.
  35. She rolls onto her stomach and props herself up on her elbows to bite at a fingernail in thought.
  36. The beams which served as props were torn from the neighboring house-fronts and laid on the casks.
  37. This social solipsism expects the others, as props in their world, to accommodate their ego as all.
  38. The scrim took up the entire back of the stage, leaving a few yards behind it for people and props.
  39. Henry’s the only one with a key to the props cupboard so it can’t have gone missing after that.
  40. Those plates, once washed thoroughly with boiling water, inevitably made their way to the props room.
  41. He said his name was Thomas, the underground merchant of party pranks and other innocent joke props.
  42. Oedipus himself refers to his daughters as just what they are, "Dear props of my life" (Roche 1958, p.
  43. Depending on the desired effect, chairs and other props would be staged for purposes of an interrogation.
  44. She props herself up on her side, elbow bent, cheek resting on a dainty fist, and stares at me with fascination.
  45. Werner props open the back door and dangles his feet off the rear bumper, his heels just above the flowing road.
  46. She places her elbows on the glass counter top, and then props her pretty smiling face into her supporting hands.
  47. It was a huge affair, surmounted by a canopy and furnished with a gaudily painted throne and other theatrical props.
  48. I frequently have coffee with Doreen who is married to Henry – you know the chap who manages their props and scenery.
  49. Actors had to supply their own costumes, personal props, and makeup which they applied themselves – even for character roles.
  50. He props himself up on an elbow and takes hold of the base of her skull to draw her closer so she has to meet his burning gaze.
  51. Most of the people we interviewed would agree that the knives carried by many of the boys in their social circle were merely props.
  52. The boy blushes spectacularly and nearly runs off stage, only to be called back to clear away his props, and suddenly he loves it.
  53. When I tried to let go, he held on and gently pulled me back into the props room, where he released me only once he had shut the door.
  54. Having got through the audition without a problem, I volunteered to help with props for the show they were rehearsing – ‘Showboat’.
  55. Why should one want to be wealthy when life needs no props of riches for its enrichment? That’s why chasing money is but a human fallacy.
  56. There were plenty of dead sticks here, enough to keep a fire going all thru Nightday, with their props casting shadows on the arching leaves.
  57. But how did he get hold of the gun? Henry keeps all the props locked up … Dan would have had to ask for it, borrowed the key or something.
  58. I didn’t need it … it had no family links for me by then so I told Henry put it in with the other props which get dragged out regularly.
  59. She adjusts, props herself up on one elbow, never losing her touch, and the first things that Arbnor Jasari sees of this new day are Helen's eyes.
  60. He had knocked the props from under his defence by uncannily turning down every man whom he had any reason of suspecting of having been approached.
  61. They were wider for a start and better fortified they had willow branches woven into the trench walls and timber props to shore up the trench walls.
  62. Props then put in all the furniture we are going to use – the space available once they have finished looks an awful lot smaller than we are used to.
  63. The dahlias and rose-bushes, yet leafless, stood in still lines in the newly-dug black mould of their beds, lifting their heads above their white props.
  64. We did the same to the Air Force and Navy military bases around us and pretty soon we had just what we neededauthentic props that showcased our theme.
  65. There is more going on behind the scenes – with the stagehands, director, make-up artists and props manager – than what is actually happening on stage.
  66. We had to carry the lot all the wood to be used props, timbers, duckboards, and then there were the sandbags and the Bain of my life the coils of barbed wire.
  67. Kind of crazy, I know but I like to have props when I’m telling a story or maybe it’s that I looked at them as a trophy and I wanted to show him my trophy.
  68. She’s playing kiss chase with Suraj, and Musafir's gone to return the props, once he's back, he has to put up a shelving unit up in the store, answered Preeti.
  69. To continue, multiply, strengthen, and extend these props of their power, has been, still is, the object of the daily study and the nightly vigils of our American Cabinet.
  70. Materials: Suitable props can transform this into a full lesson activity although with practice, once students know what is expected of them, the activity can be completed.
  71. The pilot is supposed to switch off the motors, I told him, wondering how many men, in the heat of the moment, a moment of panic, went right through those spinning props.
  72. He props his legs on either side of me, effectively caging me and forcing me to keep my eyes on a point above his head to keep them from straying to places they should not stray.
  73. Funny though, as we made our way in the dark around backdrops and props, through the endless parade of stage hands rustling about, I noticed the musical notes were following me for once.
  74. One of her props sheered off half way down the runway when it was hit by an anti-aircraft gun making the takeoff difficult, but she wrestled the beast into the air, to orbit and safety.
  75. Is there anything else you need doing? All the props are set up by the stage – I’ve just finished that – and Andrew’s set up the lights and all the costumes are clean and pressed.
  76. The same socialization process which props up a baby’s sense of being a unitary, abiding, separated individual also imprisons that individual in a furrow of inexorable linear temporality.
  77. She hurried off to tell Madame Caron, and the two ladies went up to the attic, and, hidden by some linen spread across props, stationed themselves comfortably for overlooking the whole of Binet's.
  78. I can still see in my mind, the inside of the event, we had overhead lighting and one of our best moves was to ask a professional theatre company to help us with setting up the props and the lighting.
  79. She heard him climb up the stepladder, slowly, into the attic, into that dusty place of other years, into that black place of costumes and props and Time, into a world separate from this world below.
  80. She hurried off to tell Madame Caron, and the two ladies went up to the attic, and, hidden by some linen spread across props, stationed themselves comfortably for overlooking the whole of Binet's room.
  81. We breakers said our au revoirs to each other and gave our BRUGS, and then I found my uncle and threw him mad props about his band and all, and told him, It was a stone gas to break to hard rock Uncle.
  82. He turned back to the audience and came around the podium, throwing off the props of a professional speaker to speak to the audience as a simple human being to another fellow human being, or sentient to sentient.
  83. It’s quite a complicated show from a props point of view and, anxious to get my head round the story line and what and, more importantly, when props would be needed, I tended to hang around at the front during rehearsals.
  84. These giant props pushed the lumbering aircraft off the ground boosted by jet engines that combined liquid hydrogen with oxygen from the air until the atmosphere grew so thin that liquid oxygen from the wing tanks was needed to support combustion.
  85. Universal military service may be compared to the efforts of a man to prop up his falling house who so surrounds it and fills it with props and buttresses and planks and scaffolding that he manages to keep the house standing only by making it impossible to live in it.
  86. Youth Theatre Performerz in association with MRL Productions (both UK) staged the musical Our House by Tim Firth – managing all aspects of production, including auditions, choreography sessions, blocking, rehearsals, set and lighting design, and the creation of costumes and props – in just 22 hours at the Princes Theatre in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, UK, on 31 March–1 April 2012.
  87. If, then, the mine of her honour, beauty, virtue, and modesty yields thee without labour all the wealth it contains and thou canst wish for, why wilt thou dig the earth in search of fresh veins, of new unknown treasure, risking the collapse of all, since it but rests on the feeble props of her weak nature? Bethink thee that from him who seeks impossibilities that which is possible may with justice be withheld, as was better expressed by a poet who said:.
  88. But ploughed up to the primary rock of the matter, the two great principles laid down in the twin whaling laws previously quoted, and applied and elucidated by Lord Ellenborough in the above cited case; these two laws touching Fast-Fish and Loose-Fish, I say, will, on reflection, be found the fundamentals of all human jurisprudence; for notwithstanding its complicated tracery of sculpture, the Temple of the Law, like the Temple of the Philistines, has but two props to stand on.
  89. My props are; a pen,.
  90. The ratifiers and props of every word,.
  91. There are also great resources of props: historical furniture,.

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