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  1. Tom stood over the prostrate man.
  2. A prostrate body in a dark overcoat.
  3. And the magicians fell down prostrate.
  4. Then We said to the Angels, Prostrate to.
  5. She was kneeling prostrate and in deference.

  6. There is no movement from the prostrate girl.
  7. And the stars and the trees prostrate themselves.
  8. At her feet lay the prostrate form of the Negress.
  9. This was a blow: but I did not let it prostrate me.
  10. As he spoke, he slowly sank to a prostrate position.
  11. We said to the angels: prostrate yourselves to Adam.
  12. It then howled in agony and fell prostrate before her.
  13. OM I prostrate to the Blessed One, Lord of the Heroes.
  14. And next thing I knew, I fell prostrate on the floor!.
  15. Lay down any weapons you have and assume a prostrate.

  16. Saul looked ’round and saw David prostrate on the ground.
  17. Bundy struck a match and held it over the prostrate figure.
  18. For some seconds he examined the prostrate figure before him.
  19. But the devil rejected that and he did not prostrate himself.
  20. His commanders, who now lay prostrate before him, had tried to.
  21. Alex walks up to the prostrate body on the floor by the entrance.
  22. So, to prostrate to God means to ask Him the help and sustenance.
  23. The smoking shell spun like a top between him and the prostrate.
  24. And fall not prostrate when the Qur’an is read to them?!.
  25. Fish was kneeling over the captain's prostrate form, holding the.

  26. The man who’d stood next to the prostrate woman had disappeared.
  27. Forrest remembered the white wolf snarling over his prostrate body.
  28. So He ordered them to prostrate themselves to our Master Adam (cpth).
  29. Now who's lying? TSP punfully gloated over the prostrate Occupy.
  30. All the martyrs and all the angels had fallen prostrate on the floor.
  31. In another verse He says: The star and the trees prostrate themselves.
  32. For a while, he continues to lie prostrate in the boat, his eyes closed.
  33. He forced himself to look round and then focused on the three prostrate.
  34. Tafferel got to his feet and saw three men lying prostrate on the ground.
  35. Charles immediately felt for a pulse upon the neck of the prostrate woman.
  36. Above his prostrate form the great black blossoms nodded in the windless air.
  37. And he elevated his parents on the throne, and they fell prostrate before him.
  38. Indeed, that theory will prostrate itself to the direst expedients for relief.
  39. Dawes, grunting with pain like a beast, was kicking the prostrate body of his rival.
  40. When I have formed him, and breathed into him of My spirit, fall prostrate before him.
  41. Whereupon he arose, and, bending a scathing glance upon the still prostrate form of Mr.
  42. They looked down upon a laid out Nick, and a small Thai man lying prostrate across him.
  43. All my tactics lay in simply being utterly annihilated and prostrate before her purity.
  44. Of course, there will always be those too terrified to do anything but lay prostrate.
  45. Two of the tents were in a prostrate condition, while the others were fast getting adrift.
  46. He leapt back and watched as the prostrate body sank quickly into the ground and vanished-.
  47. He knew that the prostrate creatures down by the wall were watching him and wished him gone.
  48. His attendants, all in similar disarray, had to remain prostrate at the edge of the pavilion.
  49. Mary, keep directing yourself towards your Provider; prostrate and bow with the bowing men.
  50. I saw eleven stars, the sun and the moon - I saw them prostrate themselves before me![4] He.
  51. An inner cloud of dust rose around the prostrate figures amid the general one of the room, in.
  52. The others gave way, and one stepped backwards and fell over Merry's prostrate form with a curse.
  53. America, will prostrate themselves towards the east – Mecca – and give their allegiance to an.
  54. Two of the angles, and bade him lie down, saying that he must prostrate himself at the Gates of the Temple.
  55. In his dream he had lain fully prostrate, and still felt at an uncomfortable height before his God-Most-High.
  56. The rat-faced one yelped in triumph and ran to stab the prostrate man, but a lean Corinthian thrust him back.
  57. The President was last seen laying prostrate before Jesus, the God of this world, his Prophet and his Priest.
  58. For half an hour they stumbled on, until Clayton, by merest chance, came upon the prostrate form of Esmeralda.
  59. Then he says: “God is Greater” and prostrate the second time saying, “Glory to the Highest Provider” 3x.
  60. She must wall it in some fortress, and only let it out years later, when it had lost its power to prostrate her.
  61. What is happening? Why, all of a sudden, had I fallen prostrate and trembling in great fear? It was really strange.
  62. When they see the soldiers, they prostrate themselves with their hands toward the soldier in a sign of submission.
  63. But let woman just wink, and men in scores line up to prostrate at her feet to cater to her every whim and fancy.
  64. The Army had camped outside the fallen city, most near my prostrate form as if they feared the darkness more than me.
  65. By the dim light of the candle, a large tear could be distinguished on the pale and prostrate colonel's cheek, where.
  66. The King croaked unintelligible, and slowly slid from his slump against the wall to lay prostrate on the floor, gurgling.
  67. Was that then real? The only true thing in life? His mother's prostrate body the fiery Columbanus in holy zeal bestrode.
  68. In the first picture, Agent Cardon lay prostrate on his back, a thick wad of rolled-up pamphlets sticking out of his mouth.
  70. I looked towards the knoll: there he lay, still as a prostrate column; his face turned to me: his eye beaming watchful and keen.
  71. Its necessary tendency is to prostrate the country at the feet of the enemy, and to elevate a party on the ruins of the public.
  72. Laughing and chattering like the idiot I was fast becoming I fell upon his prostrate form my fingers feeling for his dead throat.
  73. As Pharaoh momentarily subsided, Gad, in a voice quivering with fear and sinking almost to a prostrate position, retold his story.
  74. So, all what in the universe prostrate themselves to God and keep deriving provision from Him and directing themselves toward Him.
  75. Whether He shows Himself to pilgrims I am not certain; they all prostrate themselves at the moment when He appears, but that may.
  76. He snuffed round the prostrate group, and then he ran up to me; it was all he could do,—there was no other help at hand to summon.
  77. In the room into which he was looking a low rack-like frame of iron lay on the floor, and a giant figure was bound prostrate upon it.
  78. And when, by an effort, I had set aside that picture of a prostrate body, I faced the problem of the Martians and the fate of my wife.
  79. It towered over the prostrate Cimmerian like a black shadow, arms thrown wide—a glimmer of white flashed between it and its victim.
  80. God says: "Then We said to the angels: prostrate yourselves to Adam…" that is, ask him 'by means of him' to get science and knowledge.
  81. Schlumberger identifies as Solomon--pierces with his lance a prostrate female figure who apparently represents the devil, a Fra Diavalo.
  82. Then when he recites to you God's Orders you bow obeying and submitting to the Great God and prostrate asking for God's Help to obey God.
  83. As they entered with the gurney bearing the prostrate form, the Senator’s wife broke from the crowd and hurried to her husband’s side.
  84. Seventy million bewildered and terrified people were left friendless and outcast and Europe lay prostrate after six years of bloodletting.
  85. But the faint light of consciousness was soon quenched again : by the evening of the second day I was completely prostrate with brain-fever.
  86. Tarascus was gray of face as he mechanically allowed Orastes to force him prostrate again and the priest renewed work upon his mangled flesh.
  87. Enervated, prostrate, and breathless, he became unconscious of outward objects; he seemed to be entering that vague delirium preceding death.
  88. The Almighty ordered the angels to prostrate themselves before Adam (pth): Then, We said to the angels: ‘Prostrate yourselves to Adam’.
  89. An unclean person is universally a slothful one, one who sits by a stove, whom the sun shines on prostrate, who reposes without being fatigued.
  90. He declared, when Germany lay prostrate in the last few months of the war that Bombing anything in Germany is better than bombing nothing.
  91. They believe in Our communications, those who, when reminded of them, fall down prostrate, and glorify their Lord with praise, and are not proud.
  92. Ascalante leaped like a wolf, halted almost in midair with incredible quickness and fell prostrate to avoid the death which was hissing toward him.
  93. The fisherman stared alternately at the businessman, at his very big and burly associates and then down at his prostrate but still struggling wife.
  94. Something in a coat was lying prostrate where Volodya had been standing, and the whole place was filled with Frenchmen, who were firing at our men.
  95. There, prostrate upon their faces, lay the little red figures of the four surviving Indians, trembling with fear of us and yet imploring our protection.
  96. If they can be made to feel overwhelmed, he had told his cringing prostrate commanders, they will probably, slaves that they are, meekly give up.
  97. Quick, Bosco, help me roll him off! The two shoved the prostrate Toby off to the side and grabbed Longleaf by his arms, pulling the giant to his feet.
  98. And He says: All who dwell in the heavens and earth prostrate themselves to Al'lah, willingly and unwillingly; they have their shadows morning and evening.
  99. Thus, in time, as considerable part of the old world fell prostrate at the feet of the Musalmans, the posterity of Ishmael had had their revenge after all.
  100. Turning, he saw over the prostrate columns another figure; then before he was aware, another was at hand on the right, under a trilithon, and another on the left.
  1. Prostrating before Shri Maharaj, he begged.
  2. SUJUD: When a person’s forehead is on the carpet (prostrating).
  3. Highness's favour, and prostrating himself once more, he retired from the.
  4. And those who pass the night prostrating themselves to their Lord and standing up.
  5. Prostrating himself, Imali asked of The Prophet, Muhammed – only that he, Mahmoud Imali - be.
  6. Whenever the revelations of the Most Gracious are recited to them, they would fall down, prostrating and weeping.
  7. Intentions were ascribed to the new occupants of power of violating the public faith and prostrating national credit.
  8. He came to her, fell at her knees, and slowly prostrating himself, he took the tip of her foot which peeped out from beneath her robe, and kissed it.
  9. He said, "O Satan, what prevented you from prostrating before what I created with My Own hands? Are you too proud, or were you one of the exalted?".
  10. Then bending to their work once more, they flew across the intervening water, beached their boats upon the sloping sand, and rushed up to us, prostrating themselves with loud cries of greeting before the young chief.
  11. You see, through these noble verses, that the devil's refusal and his disdain off prostrating himself resulted from his disbelief in his Creator, therefore, he was blind to the truth, and the perfection of our Master Adam (cpth) was obscured to him.
  12. Is he who worships devoutly during the watches of the night, prostrating himself and standing up, mindful of the Hereafter, and placing his hope in the mercy of his Lord? Say, "Are those who know and those who do not know equal?" Only those possessed of reason will remember.
  13. Instantly, as if I had said that he would be buried alive in the depths of an Aztec pyramid, without bread or water for three hundred years, he erupted in pleading with the same vehemence of a campaigning politician and prostrating at my feet as an animal crawling, he begged me:.
  14. Is there no danger that we shall become enervated by the spirit of avarice, unfortunately so predominant? I do not wish to see that diffusive military character, which, pervading the whole nation, might possibly eventuate in the aggrandizement of some ambitious chief, by prostrating the liberties of the country.
  15. At that moment, by the light of the messenger (cpth), or you can say, of that whom God sent to be a shining lamp and a mercy for all worlds, he will see the light of God by which he witnesses a side of Al'lah's Attributes, so he passionately loves what he saw and falls prostrating at God's Presence fully distracted in watching the Godly Attributes.
  1. I prostrated and hugged him gladly.
  2. Adam; so they prostrated, except for Iblis.
  3. Shri Vaman Rao prostrated again and as he got.
  4. So the angels prostrated themselves, all together.
  5. I rose, then prostrated myself in humble obedience.
  6. He refused to be among those who prostrated themselves.
  7. One by one they prostrated themselves, and touched the.
  8. She was not overthrown, not prostrated, not even much hurt.
  9. The prostrated inactivity of two mornings was stifling him.
  10. Astonished, the woman leaped to her feet and prostrated herself.
  11. The Almighty says: The angels all prostrated themselves together.
  12. Arthmes would also come to the edge, but Eraldo prostrated himself.
  13. When he reached the platform he prostrated himself before the king.
  14. He prostrated before him and prayed him to accept him as his disciple.
  15. YOUNG and old, rich and poor were prostrated by the news of the disaster.
  16. After getting over the shock, Don Jose refused to let himself be prostrated.
  17. At the end of the evening the princes once more prostrated themselves before.
  18. These words troubled the heart of Baba-Abdalla, who prostrated himself at the.
  19. We prayed, we lit candles, we prostrated ourselves on the ground and we begged.
  20. After Indra vocalized that praise he and the other Devatas prostrated themselves.
  21. When the procession reached the palace the chief of police prostrated himself at.
  22. He said, "O Satan, what kept you from being among those who prostrated themselves?".
  23. In His presence as King of all kings, every creature trembled and prostrated in great fear.
  24. When Apsu was prostrated, fast asleep, Mummu, the counselor, could not wake Him up anymore.
  25. It is impossible to conceive Cervantes giving way to despondency or prostrated by dejection.
  26. When the king saw him, he shuddered from reverence, prostrated himself and uttered many praises.
  27. Unks prostrated body lay face down upon crossed arms, holding his hidden face just above the sand.
  28. Thirteen monks came and prostrated themselves before us, then rose and kissed both of us on our left cheeks.
  29. And afterwards, he would not own it, but he was rather ashamed of himself, and prostrated himself before Miriam.
  30. Beholden, father and son prostrated at the swamiji’s feet and washed them afresh with the tears of their souls.
  31. And he explained in a tone of prostrated resignation: I had to do it so that the animals would keep on breeding.
  32. They prostrated themselves…: meaning that they all obeyed God as they knew that He was their Creator and Provider.
  33. I bowed to the Board and to Adam and prostrated myself before the Old Wise One, who had suddenly appeared in our midst.
  34. Then they prostrated themselves except the devil who was one of the jinn-kind, he disobeyed his Provider's Command….
  35. Her reflex gasp caused Can Martin to offer his hand, refused by the prostrated woman in a dramatic flurry of indignation.
  36. The Palikares, who were prostrated at my father's feet, now sprang up and fired, and the room was filled with fire and smoke.
  37. The Priest led the crowd in a marathon prayer on behalf of the couple, who now prostrated on the ground in front of the Priest.
  38. Ken came in from the garden some twenty minutes after Lucy had given up the ghost and prostrated herself on the living room floor.
  39. They removed themselves from my presence and the King prostrated his royal body at my feet, speaking in tones of reverence and awe.
  40. When the sun hit his scales in the morning, he first prostrated himself before God and immediately flew through the treetops to her.
  41. He was aghast at his hesitation and, trying to arouse his former devotional feeling, prostrated himself before the Gates of the Temple.
  42. The old lady, prostrated with grief, welcomed Katya as a daughter, as her one hope, clutched at her, altered her will in Katya's favor.
  43. As I passed him, his teeth loudly chattered in his head, and with every mark of extreme humiliation, he prostrated himself in the dust.
  44. Is it unjust to continue the war, till this demand is complied with? or does any American wish to see his country prostrated still lower?
  45. After the vestial virgins danced, then kissed her cheek, they left and Johann and I prostrated our bodies at her feet as we spoke in tones of reverence and awe.
  46. Huxtable, prostrated by the tragedy of his master's death, and later still he entered my room as alert and vigorous as he had been when he started in the morning.
  47. I saw that she was prostrated and said she would remain and take her chances with him, but Colonel Astor quietly insisted and tried to reassure her in a few words.
  48. The natives stared in mute terror from their prostrated positions on the ground as the remaining three figures walked through what appeared to be a solid rock wall.
  49. Entering Sneha's room languidly, he prostrated before her revered painting as he would before a deity and, with damp eyes, he was lost in prayer for her troubled soul.
  50. Sarah looked briefly at the two young men prostrated in their cell and nursing their wounds, then looked back at the black prostitute, who couldn’t be more than twenty and was truly pretty.
  51. In deducing the power to create corporations, such as I have described it, from the power to collect taxes, the relation and condition of principal and incident are prostrated and destroyed.
  52. I take that God to witness, at whose feet I have prostrated myself daily for the last ten years, that I would have sacrificed my life to you, and with my life the projects that were indissolubly linked with it.
  53. It was important that such a course should be pursued, whether with reference to a great political principle or to the interest of the individual whose rights were said to have been wantonly prostrated at the Executive will.
  54. They then began to despise their magical knowledge, and prostrated themselves before our master Moses (pth), but Pharaoh and his people thought that this miracle was one of the magicians’ actions because of their blind–heartedness.
  55. Those laws which from time immemorial have prescribed and limited the conduct of nations, are now contemptuously prostrated, innocent neutrality is banished from the ocean, and we hear a grim tyrant asserting himself the sovereign of the seas.
  56. They appreciated his perfection because their spirits were fond of virtue, purity and perfection, and preferred these qualities to everything else in this life: He raised his parents to the throne while they prostrated themselves to him….
  57. Amin, he went to his room after they left, performed a short prayer, and prostrated himself before God; he gave thanks and praised Him for He had dressed him as though in a cloak of reverence that made the likes of those brutes and villains come to him for help.
  58. As for Officer Mohammad Amin, he went to his room after they left, performed a short prayer, and prostrated himself before God; he gave thanks and praised Him for He had dressed him as though in a cloak of reverence that made the likes of those brutes and villains come to him for help.
  59. When the priest, ciforium in hand, recited the words, "Have mercy on me as Thou hadst on the thief whom Thou didst save," nearly all the convicts prostrated themselves, and their chains clanked; I think they took these words literally as applied to themselves, and not as being in Scripture.
  60. Balqees, the queen of Sheba, prostrated herself to our Master Solomon (cpth) admiring him but because she had a great possession, for the moment that she eyed his possession, she admired and revered him as he surpassed her in this respect, then her spirit bound up to his submitting to Al'lah, the Almighty.
  61. Which Farmer-General, carrying an appropriate cane with a golden apple on the top of it, was now among the company in the outer rooms, much prostrated before by mankind--always excepting superior mankind of the blood of Monseigneur, who, his own wife included, looked down upon him with the loftiest contempt.
  62. And as to Pharaoh's magicians; who were experts in the science of magic, they revered the science of our Master Moses (cpth) after they had been shown by him what frustrated their magic as a whole, for no sooner had he thrown down his staff which swallowed up their false device than they prostrated themselves to Moses (cpth).
  63. Chairman, is, that we have united our exertions with the efforts of the great destroyer of mankind, who, having prostrated the independence of almost every nation on the continent of Europe, has drawn us into our present situation, to assist him in humbling his remaining enemy, whose destruction is, above all others, nearest his heart.
  64. Sometimes at eventide, in the twilight, at an hour when the garden was deserted, he could be seen on his knees in the middle of the walk which skirted the chapel, in front of the window through which he had gazed on the night of his arrival, and turned towards the spot where, as he knew, the sister was making reparation, prostrated in prayer.
  65. The first four who rushed to help the murderer were shot dead by Jozsef Bardy, who, when he had fired off both his muskets, still defended his prostrated brother with the butt-end of one, until he was overpowered and disarmed; after which a party of them carried him out to the iron cross, and crucified him on it amidst the most shocking tortures.
  66. Thus, the noble angels prostrated themselves to our Master Adam (cpth), when they were ordered by Al'lah, the Almighty, to do that, but because of what perfection had been folded in their spirit, so that no sooner had they realized Adam's precedence and his excellence over them in perfection and scientifically knowledge than they all prostrated themselves to him.
  67. Balqees, the queen of Sheba (Saba’), prostrated herself before our master Solomon, extolling him, as though she had received a great possession, and when she eyed his realm, she revered and glorified him because he surpassed her in this respect; then her spirit became bound to his in submission to Al’lah the Almighty: She was bidden to enter the palace, and when she saw it, she thought it was a pool of water and bared her legs.
  68. They smashed half of the dishes, they destroyed the rose bushes as they chased a bull they were trying to hog-tie, they killed the hens by shooting them, they made Amaranta dance the sad waltzes of Pietro Crespi, they got Remedios the Beauty to put on a pair of men’s pants and climb a greased pole, and in the dining room they turned loose a pig daubed with lard, which prostrated Fernanda, but no one regretted the destruction because the house shook with a healthy earthquake.
  69. If they prostrated on the ground,.
  1. When he prostrates he says: Glory to my Highest Provider 3x.
  2. Brotherhood bow, again the crowd prostrates itself, and the figure slowly.
  3. Immediately the boy prostrates to his knees and begins to beg, Please don’t beat me mister!.
  4. To God prostrates everyone in the heavens and the earth, willingly or unwillingly, as do their shadows, in the morning and in the evening.
  5. When her fatigue becomes unendurable, she prostrates herself flat on her face against the earth, with her arms outstretched in the form of a cross; this is her only relief.
  6. But why does he argue for a “sorer punishment?” Does he not know it prostrates his own position to the dust? Has he not given us numerous examples of this same event and proved its severity and mildness by the people of Israel, who through vileness and idolatrous associations were destroyed, and refused to return, making their faces harder than a rock? Has he not shown what he understands by the words “consume,” “destroy,” “perish,” etc.

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