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Instruct the patient to protract their neck.
To improve the ability to protract the shoulder.
Instruct the patient to protract and retract their shoulders.
To improve the ability reach forwards and protract the shoulder.
The guest did not protract his stay that evening above an hour longer.
I should wish now to protract this moment ad infinitum; but I dare not.
Their guest did not protract his stay that evening above an hour longer.

The present condition of Russia, although her people groaned under a despotism of the most unrelenting nature, must excite the sympathy of every man in this country, because she was contending for her independence, and he would wish her complete success in the war in which she was now engaged, but that her triumph would protract the restoration of peace to his own country.
The main arguments against it were, that it would destroy all that had already been done in Committee of the Whole, and probably present a system at length to the House which would not be approved, and thus produce no other effect at this late period of the session than to protract discussion; and also that it would encourage that speculation now going on in the mercantile towns, and be ruinous to many men of moderate capitals who had embarked their all in the purchase of produce, in the certainty that the embargo would be raised on the 4th of March.
If it be employed so as to carry on the war with vigor, he would not shrink from any appropriation which could tend to produce that effect; by protracting the contest for the want of means, expense will be accumulated, and we should achieve nothing.
For a protracted space of time.
Those things protracted a duel.
There was a moment of protracted silence.
Q: Can I avoid this protracted battle with my mind?
They heard a low mournful sound, slow and protracted.
Obviously, the decline was protracted over centuries.
Finally, after a protracted wait, Marsellus spoke to his friend.
His vigorous nature couldn't adapt to this protracted imprisonment.
The discussion, I believe, was protracted to the last moment of peace.
There was a protracted silence as all three of them looked at each other.
I could see how heavily this protracted imprisonment was weighing on him.
After a protracted discussion, they agreed with his plan on one condition.
On to a journey as tiresome but not as protracted as the one of two decades.
Middlemarch gossip, protracted good cheer, whist-playing, and general futility.
The transformation of the inner man is often an intense and protracted struggle.
Bernhardt was stoical –she knew she had no choice– but she had a protracted.
After a protracted downtrend, the USDCHF bounced and set up a potential buy Anti.
Cruncher's conclusion after a protracted but vain endeavour to find a better one.
The former was set up when Napoleon intended to make a more or less protracted stay.
One protracted campaign will cost twenty-fold more than the expenditure now asked for.
America’s will or cripple the navy, virtually gauranteed a bloody, protracted affair.
Because they were the only ones that stayed in any area for a protracted period of time.
Hitler saw the Channel as Britain's salvation, not his own failure to plan for a protracted war.
He cunningly conjectured they were staying away in order to avoid hearing his protracted blessing.
After the Klingensteins acquired control, the price of Barber Oil declined for a protracted period.
The report gave me the impression Nigel would try to avoid a protracted court battle over the third CD.
We have mentioned protracted neglect or unpopularity as a second cause of price declines to unduly low levels.
Yet the violators of your laws have been the great cause why the present state of things has been protracted.
There was one of those sticky, protracted silences, and I was hoping I wasn’t about to be shoved off this case.
In town, a well-planned and extensive drainage system could handle all but the most intense, protracted downpours.
As he listened to him and drank in the sound of his voice, he enjoyed at the same time a protracted pinch of snuff.
In one of his films there was a protracted struggle while Cary Grant aided by his leading lady killed a Russian agent.
The servants thought me gone to shake off the drowsiness of my protracted watch; in reality, my chief motive was seeing Mr.
Certainly the inexperienced forces that took part in Torch were fortunate that the French did not put up protracted resistance.
Certain price patterns are likely to be followed during receivership or bankruptcy proceedings, especially if they are protracted.
Polly and Ben had taken Stephen’s place for the summer, during his protracted absence, and had but recently returned to New York.
But that the employment of violence at the present time does not subjugate either of them, that we know from protracted experience.
John came but once: he looked at me, and said my state of lethargy was the result of reaction from excessive and protracted fatigue.
The battle was now entirely terminated with the exception of the protracted struggle between "Le Renard Subtil" and "Le Gros Serpent.

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