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  1. Instruct the patient to protract their neck.
  2. To improve the ability to protract the shoulder.
  3. Instruct the patient to protract and retract their shoulders.
  4. To improve the ability reach forwards and protract the shoulder.
  5. The guest did not protract his stay that evening above an hour longer.

  6. I should wish now to protract this moment ad infinitum; but I dare not.
  7. Their guest did not protract his stay that evening above an hour longer.
  8. The present condition of Russia, although her people groaned under a despotism of the most unrelenting nature, must excite the sympathy of every man in this country, because she was contending for her independence, and he would wish her complete success in the war in which she was now engaged, but that her triumph would protract the restoration of peace to his own country.
  9. The main arguments against it were, that it would destroy all that had already been done in Committee of the Whole, and probably present a system at length to the House which would not be approved, and thus produce no other effect at this late period of the session than to protract discussion; and also that it would encourage that speculation now going on in the mercantile towns, and be ruinous to many men of moderate capitals who had embarked their all in the purchase of produce, in the certainty that the embargo would be raised on the 4th of March.
  1. If it be employed so as to carry on the war with vigor, he would not shrink from any appropriation which could tend to produce that effect; by protracting the contest for the want of means, expense will be accumulated, and we should achieve nothing.
  1. For a protracted space of time.
  2. Those things protracted a duel.
  3. There was a moment of protracted silence.
  4. Q: Can I avoid this protracted battle with my mind?
  5. They heard a low mournful sound, slow and protracted.
  6. Obviously, the decline was protracted over centuries.
  8. Finally, after a protracted wait, Marsellus spoke to his friend.
  9. His vigorous nature couldn't adapt to this protracted imprisonment.
  10. The discussion, I believe, was protracted to the last moment of peace.
  11. There was a protracted silence as all three of them looked at each other.
  12. I could see how heavily this protracted imprisonment was weighing on him.
  13. After a protracted discussion, they agreed with his plan on one condition.
  14. On to a journey as tiresome but not as protracted as the one of two decades.
  15. Middlemarch gossip, protracted good cheer, whist-playing, and general futility.
  16. The transformation of the inner man is often an intense and protracted struggle.
  17. Bernhardt was stoical –she knew she had no choice– but she had a protracted.
  18. After a protracted downtrend, the USDCHF bounced and set up a potential buy Anti.
  19. Cruncher's conclusion after a protracted but vain endeavour to find a better one.
  20. The former was set up when Napoleon intended to make a more or less protracted stay.
  21. One protracted campaign will cost twenty-fold more than the expenditure now asked for.
  22. America’s will or cripple the navy, virtually gauranteed a bloody, protracted affair.
  23. Because they were the only ones that stayed in any area for a protracted period of time.
  24. Hitler saw the Channel as Britain's salvation, not his own failure to plan for a protracted war.
  25. He cunningly conjectured they were staying away in order to avoid hearing his protracted blessing.
  26. After the Klingensteins acquired control, the price of Barber Oil declined for a protracted period.
  27. The report gave me the impression Nigel would try to avoid a protracted court battle over the third CD.
  28. Yet the violators of your laws have been the great cause why the present state of things has been protracted.
  29. We have mentioned protracted neglect or unpopularity as a second cause of price declines to unduly low levels.
  30. There was one of those sticky, protracted silences, and I was hoping I wasn’t about to be shoved off this case.
  31. In town, a well-planned and extensive drainage system could handle all but the most intense, protracted downpours.
  32. As he listened to him and drank in the sound of his voice, he enjoyed at the same time a protracted pinch of snuff.
  33. In one of his films there was a protracted struggle while Cary Grant aided by his leading lady killed a Russian agent.
  34. The servants thought me gone to shake off the drowsiness of my protracted watch; in reality, my chief motive was seeing Mr.
  35. Certainly the inexperienced forces that took part in Torch were fortunate that the French did not put up protracted resistance.
  36. Polly and Ben had taken Stephen’s place for the summer, during his protracted absence, and had but recently returned to New York.
  37. Certain price patterns are likely to be followed during receivership or bankruptcy proceedings, especially if they are protracted.
  38. But that the employment of violence at the present time does not subjugate either of them, that we know from protracted experience.
  39. John came but once: he looked at me, and said my state of lethargy was the result of reaction from excessive and protracted fatigue.
  40. The battle was now entirely terminated with the exception of the protracted struggle between "Le Renard Subtil" and "Le Gros Serpent.
  41. Kierd then launched a retaliatory expedition and, last we heard, were still in the middle of a protracted siege of Narad�s capital.
  42. She recalled his long sad and severe look at those words and understood the meaning of the rebuke and despair in that protracted gaze.
  43. His rehabilitation treatment went on for a protracted period until he was able to be discharged with medication to keep him calmed down.
  44. During the protracted truce the formation of our lines completely changed, and nightly, the troops closed in, drawing the cordon tighter.
  45. At the very least it was expected to be a protracted war that would involve Saddam Hussein retaliating with chemical or biological weapons.
  46. Those who bought Century bonds at the bottom and held them through a contentious and protracted legal process enjoyed a return of over 400%.
  47. Make attention deficit disorder a common disease of young minds so they will not be able to focus on anything for any protracted length of time.
  48. After relaying protracted often heated negotiations, the satellites reported a brilliant flash that could only be the detonation of a hyper drive.
  49. Thus we have what appear to be two major sources of undervaluation: (1) currently disappointing results and (2) protracted neglect or unpopularity.
  50. Recall Alan Greenspan’s warning during the boom years: History has not dealt kindly with the aftermath of protracted periods of low risk premia.
  51. Holland, settling down for a long and protracted call, was forced to use all his wiles and persuasive ways as he explained the reasons for his request.
  52. By now the rest of us have gotten used to eating with her, but today’s lunch is so protracted that we’ll miss our therapy sessions if we don’t leave.
  53. In both England and America: the middle class is already been half-destroyed by a steady, protracted, systematic attack by the rich that is now over 100 years old.
  54. I would fain have returned home earlier that we might have been at Lowick for the Christmas; but my inquiries here have been protracted beyond their anticipated period.
  55. Even Yamamoto, the architect of Pearl Harbour, knew that Japan could not win a protracted war and had hoped for a compromise peace with his country’s great Pacific rival.
  56. I am prepared to agree with our colleague that a protracted stay in Maple White Land is at present inadvisable, and that the question of our return will soon have to be faced.
  57. The conflict must be intense enough to motivate an individual to undertake the often protracted, painful and difficult work necessary to make the transition to the next level.
  58. This expectation was protracted till it became plainly evident that the Prince did not intend to change his father's Ministers, nor to depart from their principles or measures.
  59. Consolidations tend to be near the trend extreme in a long trend, whereas breakout bases come after protracted trading ranges and usually not near an identifiable trend extreme.
  60. Aware of the inconveniences of a protracted session, at the present season of the year, I forbear to call the attention of the Legislature to any matters not particularly urgent.
  61. I almost wondered they did not check their songs and whispers to catch the suspended revelation; but they would have had to wait many minutes—so long was the silence protracted.
  62. According to tradition the sound reason for increasing the percentage in common stocks would be the appearance of the bargain price levels created in a protracted bear market.
  63. Indeed, contrary to decades of speculative reports of a long, protracted relationship with him, what Marilyn really shared with JFK was either one or two nights of—maybe—passion.
  64. At least in that respect, the protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had taught the wrong lessons to too many people about the proper place of drones in the American military arsenal.
  65. Chofsky laid out Terry’s plan for a protracted legal battle that would have shut down your cash flow for the next three years, and you asked him what you could do to get the deal done.
  66. Business now began, the day’s Collect was repeated, then certain texts of Scripture were said, and to these succeeded a protracted reading of chapters in the Bible, which lasted an hour.
  67. If the first, very strong countertrend move is immediately reversed by another movement in the direction of the original trend, there is a good chance of a protracted consolidation following.
  68. Tucker had the financial resources to withstand a long legal siege, but I thought it only fair that I make the other members of the band aware of the repercussions of a protracted court battle.
  69. Don’t you see it John? The case is watertight against me, I can’t let my family and friends go through with such a protracted case as this, the bank will suffer from the bad publicity too.
  70. A protracted zig-zag within a short radius accompanied by very small volume means lifelessness, but with normal or abnormally large volume, accumulation or distribution is more or less evidenced.
  71. The good and bad sides of the force duke it out in a protracted and violent series of battles where we are not really sure who is going to win, though eventually the good guys come through in the end.
  72. How can you have a corrupt political system if there are no issues you can successfully lie about for any protracted amount of time, eh? If a politician is found out to be corrupt they should be fired.
  73. Here the struggle was protracted, arduous and seemingly of doubtful issue; the Delawares, though none of them fell, beginning to bleed freely, in consequence of the disadvantage at which they were held.
  74. In many cases the creditors would then be able to marshal the company’s resources and earnings for their own protection in such a way as to avoid recourse to expensive and protracted judicial proceedings.
  75. The woods-runners were especially vindictive toward their tormentors; Emeric himself showed little appetite for that sort of thing, preferring to leave the more protracted forms of vengeance-taking to his sister.
  76. The general's shattered hip – and all of the ensuing complications, the pneumonia, blood poisoning, the protracted stay at the nursing home – ended Khala Jamila's long-running soliloquies about her own health.
  77. It was now close to the end of April and we were due to go back into the front line this time for a protracted stay as we moved up I noticed for the first time some old graves off to our left on the corner of a woods.
  78. The conflict to establish new borders lasted ten days in Slovenia, but Croatia and Bosnia were subject to a protracted Serbian attack, administered and controlled by the communist Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic.
  79. The bear market and the costly, protracted recession that began in 1981, for example, came about solely because the Fed increased the discount rate in rapid succession on September 26, November 17, and December 5 of 1980.
  80. The meaning is, that however long he was to suffer, however protracted his calamities were, and were likely to be, he had the utmost confidence that God would at length, or at some future time, come forth to vindicate him.
  81. Care will also be taken that the process of suckling shall not be protracted too long; and the mothers will have no getting up at night or other trouble, but will hand over all this sort of thing to the nurses and attendants.
  82. At the end of two years they found themselves exhausted with the protracted campaign, their movements hampered by a lot of worn-out plant and antiquated machinery, and harassed on every side by the lower charges of the Gas Coy.
  83. My absence has been necessarily protracted by the selection of papers, from a mass of twenty years' accumulation, for the establishment of facts, to refute the multifarious and diversified calumnies by which I have been assailed.
  84. Thankfully, such a sordid and protracted imbroglio could be avoided; however, it was questionable why a member of the local government would conduct business with an as-yet-unidentified individual at a rather secluded bed-and-breakfast.
  85. Once, in 1887, after a protracted performance of charades in the house of Luke Doyle, Kimmage, he had awaited with patience the apparition of the diurnal phenomenon, seated on a wall, his gaze turned in the direction of Mizrach, the east.
  86. But if the Germans chose to fight in the rugged Italian terrain, they might provoke a protracted campaign that would probably require the Allies to increase the resources in a theatre relegated by the Combined Chiefs to subsidiary importance.
  87. This should be true, especially, after more definite standards of fairness in reorganization plans have come to be established, so that there will not be so much room as heretofore for protracted disputes between the different ranks of security holders.
  88. During the last few years periods of unemployment had gradually become more frequent and protracted, and the attempt he had made in the early part of the year to get work elsewhere had only resulted in plunging them into even greater poverty than before.
  89. She remembered the games at cards at the druggist's, and the walk to the nurse's, the reading in the arbour, the tete-a-tete by the fireside—all that poor love, so calm and so protracted, so discreet, so tender, and that she had nevertheless forgotten.
  90. This debate, though protracted to considerable length, embraced a very narrow question, viz: whether it is better to require voters to hold freehold property, or to suffer every man to possess the privilege of voting who has arrived to the age of twenty-one years.
  91. The artifice of neither, however, succeeded; and after a protracted and fruitless interview, Duncan took his leave, favorably impressed with an opinion of the courtesy and talents of the enemy's captain, but as ignorant of what he came to learn as when he arrived.
  92. Such violent and protracted epileptic fits, recurring continually for twenty-four hours, are rarely to be met with, and are of interest to science, he declared enthusiastically to his companions, and as they left they laughingly congratulated him on his find.
  93. While small companies may also be undervalued for similar reasons, and in many cases may later increase their earnings and share price, they entail the risk of a definitive loss of profitability and also of protracted neglect by the market in spite of better earnings.
  94. They’re both of an age that has shared the vicissitudes of the Three Day Week, the Winter of Discontent and New Labour's protracted birth pangs amid Thatcher's dose of social realism, but the horizons on view throughout their shared histories have been very different.
  95. Eventually the first-mortgage bonds may come through the reorganization undisturbed, but during a wearisome and protracted period the owners have faced a severe impairment in the quoted value of their holdings and at least some degree of doubt and worry as to the outcome.
  96. On these grounds, my mind cannot force itself to any other conclusion than this, that the avowed object of this bill is the true one; that the Canadas are to be invaded the next season; that the war is to be protracted: and that this is the real policy of the American Cabinet.
  97. Protracted knocking on the tables greeted the end of the song, but as the Semi-drunk knew no other except odd verses and choruses, he called upon Crass for the next, and that gentleman accordingly sang `Work, Boys, Work' to the tune of `Tramp, tramp, tramp, the boys are marching'.
  98. Though ringweight lifting had been beyond his strength and the full circle gyration beyond his courage yet as a High school scholar he had excelled in his stable and protracted execution of the half lever movement on the parallel bars in consequence of his abnormally developed abdominal muscles.
  99. Sir, what can gentlemen flatter themselves by suffering this discussion to be protracted to so unwarrantable a length? It cannot be supposed that the substantial part of this House (I mean those who think much and speak little) will, by theoretical or sophisticated remarks, be driven from their course.
  100. Wood‘s enormous talents have ―suffered‖ a recent set back, his ―denial‖ is merely defensive posturing common among many successful athletes whose skills have diminished and are no longer able to perform on a level many have grown accustomed or who simply find themselves in the throes of a protracted slump.

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