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Psychiatrist numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. To prove it, psychiatrist Dr.
  2. He was the damn psychiatrist.
  3. Hunter to see a psychiatrist.
  4. The psychiatrist spoke to him.
  5. And this was from a psychiatrist.

  6. The psychiatrist wrote on his pad.
  7. He also is known as a Psychiatrist.
  8. He is a very well know Psychiatrist.
  9. Mack was a psychiatrist at Harvard.
  10. That you agree to see a psychiatrist.
  11. But was he? They needed a psychiatrist.
  12. Has anyone told the psychiatrist?
  13. Psychiatrist and addiction therapist Dr.
  14. I may want to send you to a psychiatrist.
  15. Having lived with a psychiatrist for more.

  16. He says that I don’t need a psychiatrist.
  17. You should see a psychiatrist, said Q.
  18. They await their turn with the psychiatrist.
  19. The psychiatrist and the captain were there.
  20. Only a psychiatrist could unravel the mystery.
  21. She refused to see a psychiatrist stating that.
  22. Gail Krasstin, psychiatrist at the County Mental.
  23. He was ready with the name of a good psychiatrist.
  24. He was induced to visit a psychiatrist who, after.
  25. And Sam, find psychiatrist, someone with a lot of.

  26. A couple of days later, Marilyn’s psychiatrist, Dr.
  27. Hitchcock, listen to me, said the psychiatrist.
  28. When they reached the door another psychiatrist was.
  29. Freeman, moreover, was a psychiatrist, not a surgeon.
  30. Have you talked about this to the psychiatrist?
  31. The psychiatrist was sat sideways in front of her desk.
  32. This psychiatrist was preparing to put a paper together.
  33. Dr Karol, the psychiatrist, cleared her throat awkwardly.
  34. The captain jerked his head at Walton, the psychiatrist.
  35. But I’m not broken, I explained to my psychiatrist.
  36. Suddenly the psychiatrist was there, standing by the chair.
  37. He keeps on telling me to stop trying to be a psychiatrist.
  38. If he feels it's necessary, he'll recommend a psychiatrist.
  39. Because the first two wanted to send me to a psychiatrist.
  40. You’re over qualified to be a doctor slash psychiatrist.
  41. The physician sent a psychiatrist to her, but she refused to.
  42. The only thing you're going to do is see a good psychiatrist.
  43. With the exception of her daily visits to her psychiatrist Dr.
  44. Perhaps my brain is damaged as the psychiatrist has suggested.
  45. That all changed when the head psychiatrist had a talk with me.
  46. The psychiatrist apparently hadn’t heard of Providence, the.
  47. Have you seen a psychologist or psychiatrist about this?
  48. The Bédardist was actually a very good psychiatrist, after all.
  49. Yes, you are the psychiatrist who will drive away all your fears.
  50. With consulting the psychiatrist it appears that I have suffered.
  51. The psychiatrist sat there in the sunshine of that beatific smile.
  52. You hear that? A psychiatrist said that once! The eternal winter.
  53. That help came in the form of a psychiatrist named Jane Austerson.
  54. I talked with my mother’s psychiatrist, who told me that, along.
  55. The psychiatrist followed close by with a sedative filled syringe.
  56. In Stop Overeating For Good, psychiatrist and addiction therapist, Dr.
  57. Approaching a psychiatrist is better than approaching a pediatrician.
  58. His two older brothers were surgeons, and his mother, a psychiatrist.
  59. Roger asked Josie about those specific sessions with the psychiatrist.
  60. So they immediately asked her whether she was seeing a psychiatrist.
  61. Rodonaia worked as a research psychiatrist at the University of Moscow.
  62. In March 1971, Aaron goes to the psychiatrist for his scheduled meeting.
  63. Maybe we should really look into the psychiatrist? Dad said to mom.
  64. I again played my expected role of psychiatrist for my neurotic patient.
  65. The psychiatrist told Thomas that drugs were the reason he was having so.
  66. It’s often administered by the treating psychiatrist, or a psychologist.
  67. I distinctly recall that, one day, her psychiatrist showed up from New York.
  68. Emma beamed at the psychiatrist, who was still staring, in shock, at the door.
  69. When the person does get in to see a Psychiatrist, they are put on a time limit.
  70. When the psychiatrist told him that it was not too late to make amends and pay.
  71. CBT had been pioneered in the early 1960s by a psychiatrist at Penn named Dr.
  72. He worked as a psychiatrist in New York City and taught at Columbia University.
  73. This woman is not a psychiatrist, and therefore in no position to diagnose Mr.
  74. He could have argued that you were like a psychiatrist, a lawyer or even a spouse.
  75. Later, he sits in a room with a psychiatrist who asks him to explain his condition.
  76. Finally the psychiatrist with whom I'd seen Roy talking to that day at the Psyche.
  77. In addition to seeing a psychiatrist, you will probably also want to see a counselor.
  78. I'm a medical doctor as well as a psychiatrist, or a doctor of the mind, if you will.
  79. I was taken closer to home to be more closely watched by my family and my psychiatrist.
  80. She told him to wait there while she got the psychiatrist, wishing him the best of luck.
  81. Institutes of Health psychiatrist who has studied this phenomenon, points out, normally a.
  82. But Marilyn had no one—just that creepy psychiatrist, and Pat didn’t trust him at all.
  83. That afternoon, I went to a new prominent psychiatrist in Washington for a second opinion.
  84. As soon as he got her settled in, he got on the phone with her psychiatrist [presumably Dr.
  85. Raiya was talking to him: kindly and understandingly – and more than just as a psychiatrist.
  86. Torbin rather liked the idea of her being a psychiatrist – for reasons he was not quite sure.
  87. The psychiatrist and the captain stood on a sand dune nearby for a moment, watching the men move.
  88. Each Tuesday afternoon, they attend therapy sessions with their son and a hospital psychiatrist.
  89. Valley, Chief Psychiatrist is in cardiac arrest! He and I are beside the ground floor elevators.
  90. Waygood, a highly respected psychiatrist, had been director of the hospital for nearly ten years.
  91. His experience as a psychiatrist provided him with unique insight into the psychology of trading.
  92. She had gone to grief counselors, a psychiatrist, and even to her fellow ministers at her church.
  93. A respected psychiatrist once told me that the human mind has an infinite capacity for justifying.
  94. In 1953 the American Medical Association caught wind of the fact that the renegade psychiatrist Dr.
  95. They were shocked to hear that a psychiatrist was coming and loudly protested they weren't crazy.
  96. When her psychiatrist asked her where home was; she repeatedly said she was from another dimension.
  97. The psychiatrist muttered something to the nurse and they then both walked away, still in conference.
  98. Magnum Jerry, with the school problem, and the psychiatrist, and I’ll bet a year’s.
  99. The psychiatrist glanced happily at the steps leading up to the balcony and the series of shut doors.
  100. Why do you treat her like she’s a psychiatrist? Marilyn said that he just didn’t understand.

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