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  1. I was mostly a puddle and.
  2. Bingham sat in a puddle of urine.
  3. And Janelle tumbled to the puddle.
  4. Watched the spreading red puddle.
  5. He puddle jumped for a chest x-ray.

  6. Imagine the puddle isn't even there.
  7. Hunter managed to find every puddle.
  8. A puddle started to form beneath her.
  9. From a puddle of blood, his hand rose.
  10. Under him there was a puddle of blood.
  11. A puddle of blood grew beside her head.
  12. Landing in a puddle in the alley, Mick.
  13. Her foot slipped on a puddle of entrails.
  14. The audience parted as the puddle spread.
  15. It dripped, forming a puddle on the floor.

  16. The ocean gathered around him in a puddle.
  17. My socks soaked in a puddle of muddy water.
  18. Maybe I'll just leave a puddle on your couch.
  19. This little puddle is a typical leese wallow.
  20. He slips as he tries to step over the puddle.
  21. When she came to a water puddle, she sat down on a.
  22. Now, there was a large puddle of blood beside his head.
  23. Fred was standing all alone next to his puddle of fuel.
  24. This child of the puddle is also the child of the ideal.
  25. On the other side of it was a ten-inch puddle of water.

  26. He stopped near a coffee-colored puddle and stared at it.
  27. I tried the phone, squatting in its puddle of grey slime.
  28. The next island, a puddle jump, housed a big time hospital.
  29. Hunter is jumping in every mud puddle on the way to lunch.
  30. Another minute and Id have dissolved in a puddle of lust.
  31. As he put his hand down to stand up, it lands in a puddle.
  32. And with that he grabbed me and hurled me into a mud puddle.
  33. Eventually, I looked down, and saw my reflection in a puddle.
  34. It became a puddle a minute later when he reached the top step.
  35. To the untrained eye it appeared to be an oddly shaped puddle.
  36. One of them landed in a puddle where the porch roof had leaked.
  37. A shark cage sat on the other side of a puddle, waiting for her.
  38. We should fill up the water skins before this puddle dries out.
  39. Time to turn that heat down before the candles become a puddle.
  40. I saw a puddle up ahead and jumped in it, spraying him with water.
  41. The Necro smiles and lays his head back down in the crimson puddle.
  42. The puddle of water—ocean water—glared at her in the sunlight.
  43. Cassidy bounced off the pod and landed in a puddle of dirty water.
  44. He tugged at the gown, and it slid over my hips to puddle at my feet.
  45. A puddle of water they didn't notice in their exhaustion caught them.
  46. I tripped and fell face down in a puddle of what I thought was water.
  47. As I back out of the driveway I can’t help but notice a puddle of.
  48. Her empty ice stick had fallen in a vanilla puddle on the porch floor.
  49. Then it worked; my head popped out of this puddle and I was home again.
  50. At her feet, a metal gun-ball covered in gore lay in a puddle of blood.
  51. I step out of the muddy puddle and push my motorbike through the crowd.
  52. Once she washed her face and hands in the same mud puddle, she was ready.
  53. Polanski and her husband lying on the floor dead with a puddle of blood.
  54. Fortunately one of them slipped in a puddle of penguin water and skidded.
  55. He cleaned his own boots a little, washed his hands in a puddle, and sang.
  56. He swerved to hit a puddle, sending a wave of filthy water up and at them.
  57. He walked across the dirt and puddle parking lot to settle at the entrance.
  58. The cart swayed back and forth, slipping from one rutted puddle to the next.
  59. Water dripped off his clothes and formed a puddle in the bottom of the boat.
  60. What about the blood? Daniel said pointing to the puddle on the stairs.
  61. What was it about those chocolaty brown eyes that turned me into a puddle?
  62. AJ was trembling now, a small puddle forming at the bottom of his trouser leg.
  63. There silently in a puddle of blood stood Seff the werewolf, young and hungry.
  64. If there was a puddle between us and the objective, Tommy took us through it.
  65. There was also a mention of a suspicious puddle of blood found in a stairwell.
  66. He spun around again, finishing the twirl with a flourish by kicking a puddle.
  67. What I had not figured on was the water puddle from the rain the previous day.
  68. The pool was as dry as a bone except for as small puddle right at the deep end.
  69. That old guy just stepped through a puddle of the stuff and never even slipped.
  70. As she walked through a puddle of sunlight I expected her to start glowing, too.
  71. Andrina walked across the puddle, sending little ripples across it with her heels.
  72. His enormous tear drops were quickly building a puddle in the middle of the room.
  73. Her body liquefied into a puddle of water that splashed about as it hit the floor.
  74. Instantly, she melted into a puddle of sobs and buried her face into his shoulder.
  75. When I awoke, the wine bottle was on the floor along with a puddle left behind by.
  76. They fell down into the puddle of water swirling around on the floor of the shower.
  77. It is splashing your hand in a mud puddle and just being there with the experience.
  78. Then he saw a big, half frozen mud puddle and decided to blast it with the shotgun.
  79. If there was a puddle between us and the objective, Tommy took us through it.
  80. Her eyes are dark, with the same sheen as a puddle of oil beneath a leaking engine.
  81. Mike started hauling a stone and rolling it into the puddle that had already formed.
  82. They went directly to the mud puddle under the hose and dug their toes into the mud.
  83. Then he cursed his mother, blaming her for the puddle of blood his old man was lying in.
  84. He slipped, but saved himself from falling flat by slamming a foot into a puddle of muck.
  85. Cerberus panted expectantly, the tiny red ball in pieces in a puddle of drool at its feet.
  86. With the wind shut out, Emma assessed the puddle of ice and water she had come to rest in.
  87. She then reached into a puddle of mud and began to smear it on her pants, covering the ash.
  88. There was a giant puddle of blood outside, and the neighbors were all complaining about it.
  89. A puddle of water appeared from beneath the sprawled wizard, trickling gradually across the.
  90. I stared at him with such loathing I was surprised he didn’t melt into a puddle of innards.
  91. There were some leaves damming water along the gutter beside the curb, creating a dark puddle.
  92. The sphincter of her bladder failed her and urine dribbled down her legs to puddle on the floor.
  93. Nekhludoff walked up and down behind the corner of the house, and once or twice got into a puddle.
  94. Still keening and staring at the rapidly widening crimson puddle where her best friend used to be.
  95. Cap’n knelt near a dried puddle of blood running from the rough boards of the outcropping chute.
  96. He opened the door to the furnace room and glared down at the slimy puddle under the water heater.
  97. Janelle peeked behind a group of pipes only to find more cobwebs and a puddle of water on the floor.
  98. The girls took off their shoes, raised their skirts, and walked through the puddle toward each other.
  99. Nothing quite like conning a ship in heavy seas while standing in a puddle of vomit, Jack noted.
  100. Malásha was frightened and, seeing what trouble she had caused, jumped out of the puddle and ran home.
  1. He sat up, the silk quilted throw puddling on the.
  2. I drank a Coke and didn’t worry about how to recycle the can or about the acid puddling in my belly, acid so powerful it could strip clean a penny.
  3. We swim in seas of systems, with every step splashing beads of cause in every direction, raining without intention upon the lives puddling the reflecting ponds of your ethical and aesthetic pleasures.
  1. I puddled up at the prospect myself.
  2. One of the does stamped on the puddled floor of the punt.
  3. Her legs puddled and suddenly Patty was sitting on the floor.
  4. Water dripping from a broken ceiling pipe puddled near the corpse.
  5. The windows were draped in golden satin fabric which puddled on the ground.
  6. Oozing drips puddled beneath its frame as the creature paused to sniff the air.
  7. The darkness was viscous, dripping slowly onto flakes of straw that lay rotting on the puddled floor.
  8. The floor of the trailer has a lot of puddled water that took me quite a while to sop up with my jumpsuit.
  9. He checks the surrounding area for scraps of torn clothing, for personal items, but finds nothing other than puddled boot prints and the tracks of a wheelbarrow tyre.
  10. She felt the magic in the air begin to waver around her head, revealing glimpses of stone cold wall and hard, puddled tarmacadamed floor amongst the grasses and the starry sky.
  11. The more the room emptied, the more I saw: smears on the walls, stains on the expensive furniture, beer puddled in the carpets, a broken lamp that had probably been worth ten thousand dollars.
  12. CORRIDORS GONE DARK after the last bell; the puddled light of trophycases; the squeak of sneakers on a gym floor; corkboard announcements stirred by cross-breezes; vapors of ammonia; summer like a flash of thigh beyond a janitor-propped door … so this, Keith thought, was what six grand a year got you.
  1. Start with puddles on a trail.
  2. Occasional puddles of liquid water.
  3. Drink up puddles in the boat first.
  4. His boots plopped in shallow puddles.
  5. When it rains there are puddles by the door.
  6. There are just little puddles and wet papers.
  7. Boiling mud pits and strange colored puddles.
  8. He stepped into one of the puddles just as the.
  9. Skim ice has formed atop puddles in the gravel paths.
  10. Princess Puddles, should have known, he teased.
  11. Blooms of purple slimy stuff floated in the puddles.
  12. Well, she spent the rest of the evening with Puddles.
  13. Scoops up the puddles of love and pain, but there is.
  14. It was so flat that water stood in puddles after the.
  15. He padded inside, dripping puddles all over the floor.
  16. The puddles were all over little buttons made of raindrops.
  17. The streets were full of puddles and dirty brown mud where.
  18. They found the little puddles she left on the floor charming.
  19. Puddles was circling her feet, sniffing the air appreciatively.
  20. Picking his way between the oily puddles he called out to the Turk.
  21. Two nearly bald tires in need of air sagged in puddles on the concrete.
  22. He nervously checked his reflection in grimy windows and still puddles.
  23. Cat had never sailed paper boats in puddles, but she got the gist of it.
  24. Then puddles formed, and in the low places little lakes formed in the fields.
  25. The flat plain was covered with mud, small puddles and an occasional sap nub.
  26. In the boxcar camp the water stood in puddles, and the rain splashed in the mud.
  27. Puddles of blood-red color filled her cheeks as her body shook with the hatred.
  28. That’s Puddles and you can just put him on the floor if he’s bothering you.
  29. The roof leaked; there were puddles of water on the floor in the secretarial office.
  30. She bent down to pick it up as she absentmindedly scratched Puddles behind the ears.
  31. Rain came in underneath the two front doors and made puddles that nobody wiped away.
  32. Puddles of blood were collecting from a wound somewhere on the left side of his head.
  33. I watched him dance in th’ puddles in Eddie’s alley one day ‘bout a year ago.
  34. As they splashed through the disgusting puddles, Caris asked about Gwenda’ s family.
  35. He had calculated various sized puddles, as well as the movement of streams and lakes.
  36. She was wondering at the small puddles of moisture that were beginning to form on the.
  37. There were puddles all over the place when I ran back home, but the rain had stopped.
  38. My heart will break and all the waveglass in the world will fall into puddles of my tears.
  39. Or you'd just passed by one of those puddles in the street with gasoline rainbows in them.
  40. Puddles was ready for breakfast and he was not about to leave Gloria alone until she fed him.
  41. The washing lines strung between the nearer windows were empty and dripped into the puddles.
  42. The streets were covered with puddles, and the Sun was slowly getting closer to the horizon.
  43. Avoiding the puddles that were beginning to form, she walked up to the door and tapped lightly.
  44. She trod along the path, avoiding as many puddles as she could, and arrived at the top of the cliff.
  45. It had a concrete foundation, about knee high, stained orange by rain splashing mud out of puddles.
  46. As she settled into the old wooden rocker, she could hear Puddles inside, meowing his silly head off.
  47. She slowly inched the door forward, scooting Puddles out of the way when something caught her attention.
  48. Yesterday’s storm had left long puddles in the road, and they made islands of the taller cobblestones.
  49. She did not even try to avoid puddles but stepped dully into them, dragging her heavy skirts after her.
  50. But it is easiest, as they who work on the highways know, to find the hollows by the puddles after a shower.
  51. And when the puddles formed, the men went out in the rain with shovels and built little dikes around the tents.
  52. However, during his third night in the warren it rained for three or four hours and puddles formed on the track.
  53. She looked out of the window and watched the muddy puddles become deeper as the American trucks rolled over them.
  54. The horses stepped over the field as over a thick carpet, now and then splashing into puddles as they crossed a road.
  55. His oars entered and left the water noiselessly, broad, smooth puddles blooming in the dark water alongside his boat.
  56. Camilla broke her stride, falling two steps behind as she picked her way around the puddles in her pink Prada loafers.
  57. Five minutes later Colonel Geist’s staff car rocked through the water-filled puddles and stopped at the pump house door.
  58. This resulted in treacherous puddles which might have soft mud as their base or rainwater concealing as-yet-unmelted ice.
  59. The broad street was crowded with carts and people heading for the fair, splashing through puddles and streamlets of rain.
  60. Then there came a panting, snorting sound, and heavy footfalls mingled with the squelch of sodden turf and shallow puddles.
  61. It’s not far, he said, but we do have to wander through a maze of small streets, and perhaps hop over some puddles.
  62. He tugged at the young priest’s boots, and as he laid them aside, rainwater poured from them in muddy puddles onto the floor.
  63. Trix let go of Lilet’s hand and flew over and landed on the table, balancing carefully to avoid the puddles of spilled syrup.
  64. Yes, we saw from the hill how you took to your heels through the puddles! said the esaul, screwing up his glittering eyes.
  65. The rain had stopped and the sun was shining fitfully, glinting in the puddles and raising steam off the stallholders’ wet covers.
  66. Sam clapped her hands and kicked out at the rats, and the rats and snakes splashed and slithered away amongst the remaining puddles.
  67. Nekhludoff came down the steps and went up to the window of the maids’ room, stepping over the puddles on the bits of glazed snow.
  68. We had some rain on Thursday so as we were walking to the dining hall for our last dinner of the year there were puddles on the road.
  69. They just wander around dissolving your friends into puddles because they’re giant supernatural assholes with nothing better to do.
  70. It was like a knocking on a barrel—boom, boom, boom! The sleepy cook ran barefooted, plashing through the puddles, to open the gate.
  71. I stood staring at the puddles my clothes and umbrella was forming on the strip of matting, vainly trying to rub them out with my feet.
  72. Tyres squelched through puddles onto the macadam, mud flew and splattered the panelling of the already dirty sedan, but the rain was gone.
  73. Technique, design, and content had all been sacrificed on the holy altar of self-expression, resulting in murky puddles of egocentric vomit.
  74. The tires went swish-swish through small puddles of moisture and slick spots from a day of drizzle; although it wasn’t raining at the time.
  75. Weeds choked all hope of native plant regeneration, puddles of stagnant water glistened with oil slick, and the air was still, sunless and cold.
  76. Initially I tried to stop him but then I realized that we were at camp and Hunter wouldn’t have been Hunter if he would have walked by the puddles.
  77. Or in a two-piece near an open hydrant somewhere in Queens, not much older than the toddler splashing through puddles behind her had now grown up to be.
  78. When they came out, he put the parcel under his arm with a more cheerful aspect, and splashed through the puddles as if he rather enjoyed it on the whole.
  79. Hyacinths will emerge from black earth still chilled by snowmelt, or three in a pot on windowsills overlooking puddles and the grey remains of snowdrifts.
  80. These weren’t shoes that had been stomped on a thousand times in crowded venues, thrashed through puddles and puked on after the last shot of the night.
  81. She sure hoped so anyway, because right now it hurt! Another stinging slap and hot tears danced off her cheeks dripping into little puddles on the vanity.
  82. He turned to the street, half tempted to call Jonathan back, but the road was empty except for a few puddles lining the curb on the other side of the street.
  83. They came out of the house and we all stood on the porch looking at the run-off, standing puddles and small ponds, and streams slowly winding toward the Tahoe.
  84. There was a constant hum now as the storm pelted the structure and beat down on the hard earth, forming wide puddles which served to amplify the persistent drumming.
  85. The sun had decided to peek out through the clouds a little again, as it had this morning to my dismay, and I was pleased to see the puddles were starting to dry up.
  86. Tall Anthony fastidiously held up the skirts of his monkish robe and stepped gingerly around the puddles, wearing an expression of distaste on his pale indoor face.
  87. Yesterday’s thunderstorm had washed away the snow, but the puddles had frozen and the street crackled with the sound of ice splintering under boots and cartwheels.
  88. The top of the slope had some dusty areas, where both kinds of animals could enjoy dust baths, and the bottom had muddy puddles where pigs wallowed and chickens drank.
  89. Halon made it his task to stealthily collect the rainwater from the large puddles, as whenever Saldon tried, his heavy footfalls always muddied the pools before he got near.
  90. And he pulled off his cloak and hung up his hat with a brisk cheerfulness at which I, who had just seen him striding about among puddles, rent with vexation, could only marvel.
  91. A hunter told me that he once saw a fox pursued by hounds burst out on to Walden when the ice was covered with shallow puddles, run part way across, and then return to the same shore.
  92. Sometimes, also, when the ice was covered with shallow puddles, I saw a double shadow of myself, one standing on the head of the other, one on the ice, the other on the trees or hillside.
  93. Hunching his shoulders against the wind, Frank stuck his hands deep in his pockets and slogged his way through the deepening puddles back towards his cottage, angry tears mixing with the rain.
  94. Sweat began to fall to the ground in puddles from Sam's body; it was apparent that everyone was afraid of these dark riders; their faces were never seen, the only thing noticeable was a dark evil force.
  95. In the distance, close to the The Cowgirl puddles and the Belt of the Devil, I saw like the darkest cloud I’ve ever seen began to form, becoming denser and denser, swelling up in volume and monstrosity.
  96. The clouds had dispersed, and it had cleared up completely; the leaves, the frozen puddles and the gilt crosses and cupolas of the monastery glittered brightly in the sun that had risen above the forest.
  97. So Beth had descended from the main building on foot, picking her way along the rutted switchback drive avoiding most of the puddles, except for one slip that left a shoe and blue jeans cuff caked with mud.
  98. The sun had sunk half below the horizon and an evening frost was starring the puddles near the ferry, but Pierre and Andrew, to the astonishment of the footmen, coachmen, and ferrymen, still stood on the raft and talked.
  99. She often stopped a moment to look where to place her foot, and tottering on a stone that shook, her arms outspread, her form bent forward with a look of indecision, she would laugh, afraid of falling into the puddles of water.
  100. But see the uses of foolishness,--the reaction from it is so great that it sends us with a bound twice as far again along the right road as we were while we were wise and picking our way with clean shoes slowly among the puddles.

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