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Puff numa frase em (in ingles)

He exhaled a puff of.
Bent to puff at his cigarette.
A muffled pop and puff of smoke.
The Chief takes a puff off his.
She definitely noticed the puff.
But he wants just a little puff.
Each man got one delectable puff.

He disappeared in a puff of smoke.
Harry took a puff from his inhaler.
A puff of dust arose from his feet.
A puff of air escaped Melvin’s lips.
Snorted a faint puff of scented smoke.
Whew! he said in a puff of breath.
It looked as if a simple puff of wind would.
Molly fell silent and exhaled a puff of smoke.
When a waiter passes by, she snags a crab puff.
That made the big agent grin and puff his chest.
They tend to puff their feathers and are often.
Clerval picked up his pipe and took a long puff.
With experience the paratha will puff on the tawa.
I let out a puff of air and started walking again.
The phone rang again and this time it gave a puff.
Dance with Andy, huh, he's in a cream puff with me.
Rubbing the back of his neck he let out a puff of air.
The hope flickered and blew out in a puff of despair.
He took another puff on his cigarette, thought about.
His breath by my lips causes me to let out a quiet puff.
Sickly urban pigeons may puff their feathers in the cold.
The face disappeared in a puff of blood and brain matter.
Give us a puff, she said, trying for a mother's tone.
She took another puff of the cigarette and threw the rest.
I hear my father huff and puff over the sound of rushing water.
He felt the small puff of wind that signified Tryton's arrival.
I inhaled a deep puff of air which oxygenated my lungs entirely.
Myles Crawford blew his first puff violently towards the ceiling.
They should explode into a larger puff on contact with oil.
Finally, after taking a big puff of his cigarette and blowing the.
Euric let out a puff of air, Well, they are quite the opposite here.
The concussions caused dust to puff from joints in the wooden walls.
He needed to sit down and have a puff of life’s essential element.
Just about all were puffing away.
Usually a bully was just puffing.
He was puffing half a flight into it.
Toad was puffing and swelling already.
The dwarf was puffing and panting hard.
He was puffing by the time he got there.
The process of puffing the rice subjects.
But by the time I came puffing and grunting.
Charlie was puffing irritably on a cigarette.
He stops in his tracks, huffing and puffing.
Diggory reached her, red faced and puffing hard.
He was puffing and chewing in turns on a short.
There they lay for some time, puffing and panting.
Thulsa reddened with anger, his cheeks puffing out.
The man swells, puffing out his cheeks indignantly.
Miller sat there thinking and puffing on his pipe.
This time the big girl started huffing and puffing.
He listened attentively, puffing hard at his cigar.
The bullet made a soft puffing noise inside my hip.
Digging you out, Fina said, puffing with effort.
A man leaned down from the balcony, puffing a cigarette.
I'm puffing heavily; Greg was in exactly the right place.
He started to panic, huffing and puffing uncontrollably.
I reach the top, puffing and blowing, and spend 10 mins.
So he tried puffing on the noxious weed a few more times.
He was puffing and chewing in turns on a short fat cigar.
It was slow going up the stairs and Flint was puffing hard.
She rushed up to the cave and burst in huffing and puffing.
When he had finished, Elijah sat quiet, puffing on his pipe.
Her eyes were wide and her tongue was puffing out her cheek.
I felt bad because he was huffing and puffing the whole time.
Well, said Roland, puffing out his etheric chest, I.
Here he halted, puffing with labour and vexation, and knocked.
He sank back puffing his cigar, and then took a sip of the drink.
I can purchase a tapestry, Garret said, his chest puffing out.
Huffing and puffing he continued, pushing each leg to the very max.
There were sounds of men slapping one another, yelling, and puffing.
His chest puffing up in pride as he answered the toll keepers riddle.
Stripehead shrugged his shoulders and went back to puffing the joint.
I’m a Shape-shifter, he answered, puffing his chest out a little.
Tom puffed at his pipe.
Olaf puffed out his cheeks.
The little man puffed at him.
The boy was puffed up and away.
The mayor puffed out his chest.
Smoke puffed from my nostrils.
Ged puffed on his pipe for a.
Her eyes were puffed from sleep.
Vinny puffed on his cigarette.
Already her face was puffed from.
Grover puffed up his chest a little.
He puffed quickly without inhaling.
Her eyes were puffed up with crying.
Then, with his chest puffed up, he.
Whew, Heymon puffed his cheeks.
Ket puffed her cheeks out in protest.
Melchor puffed his fat bearded cheeks.
He puffed away in quiet contemplation.
His grin widened as he puffed his cigar.
A laugh puffed over the top of her head.
I opened the lid and cool air puffed out.
He was puffed now, with a peacock stride.
One eye was puffed up and almost closed.
Diggory puffed out his cheeks with relief.
He studied his puffed eyes in the mirror.
She huffed and puffed and turned beet red.
He puffed out his chest to prove his point.
Jake puffed exasperated, That was Steve.
He puffed his chest, victory close at hand.
Antonio puffed up his chest at those words.
He opened his mouth and puffed a little air.
Reed sighed and casually puffed at his pipe.
His breath puffed out in tiny frosty clouds.
They puffed out a bit when I told them that.
They puffed slow streams of pale white smoke.
Sir? he puffed to a halt in front of me.
Guskat puffed out his chest and smiled rather.
He stood up straight and puffed out his chest.
The Marchese leaned back and puffed on his cigar.
He shook his head and puffed out his chest, as.
With puffs of phantom visions.
He waves a hand at her and puffs.
The pie puffs up, but levels off.
She puffs calmly at her cigarette.
Barimus puffs his cheeks and exhales.
They took one or two puffs in silence.
She smiles at him, puffs her cigarette.
He puffs up his chest, flexes his biceps.
Directions for Fried Bread Puffs Recipe:.
I had, you know, a couple of puffs.
His own voice, as a groan, came out in puffs.
Thick puffs of smoke emanated from his nostrils.
He puffs a mocking laugh and starts for the door.
The old man took a number of deep puffs and said:.
I told her she loved me, he said, between puffs.
Letting it out in choppy puffs, he said, You can’t.
Cherrie leans against the back end of the LC and puffs away.
And when he released silent puffs of air through his nostrils.
My air comes in fast puffs as I try to grasp what’s happening.
Just a few puffs to calm my nerves and then I’ll put it out.
Slipping an inhaler from her cardigan, she took a couple of puffs.
She flung her arms around him, bursting into scattered puffs of mist.
He puffs out his cheeks, then exhales slowly, rolling away from me.
She wanted still more chocolate, but settled for a handful of cocoa puffs.
He took several puffs at his cigar in silence; then, in his most important.
And she did; their gazes locked and both their breaths coming in loud puffs.
One heavily sugared tea and a large bowl of Sugar Puffs, wasn't it?
Puffs of fog blew between her and the school, and in an instant she was gone.
An odor of copperas issued in puffs from the roofs of the neighboring factory.
Derrick's breath was coming out in little puffs and he was jumping up and down.
The Peacemaker finally lit, I take three ceremonial puffs and pass it to Pedro.
A couple of sizable puffs on the cigar seemed to calm the room down just a bit.
Is that what you were trying to do yesterday? He puffs out a sarcastic laugh.
You saw the �23s--they go off never over nine thou with a string of white puffs.
I could see small puffs of smoke as each of the enemy soldiers fi red off a round.
Those puffs quickly turned into trails climbing vertically towards her at high speed.
Unks puffs a smoke ring that rises high before it dissolves into the blue nothingness.
These puffs of smoke and (strange to say) the sound of sound of the firing produced the.
He looked dubiously at his pancakes, topped with strawberries and puffs of whipped cream.
Vigorous puffs, and a resolute stare into the grate declared he had no ear for this appeal.

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