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  1. Her head was a bloody pulp.
  2. For this was pulp fiction’s.
  3. Separate the skins and the pulp.
  4. They lack the pulp from the fruit.
  5. Pulp Fiction through the 1930s and.

  6. When reduced to pulp they are done.
  8. Place grape pulp in a large saucepan; mash.
  9. Magazines were presented on pulp, not iPads.
  10. It tasted sweet, both the pulp and the juice.
  11. Add the eggs, the tomato pulp, and the water.
  12. Synthesize antibodies in the white pulp, and.
  13. They were reduced to pulp by Greek machineguns.
  14. The new bride shall be widowed and beaten to pulp.
  15. He would have beaten you to a pulp with his shovel.

  16. Pulp fiction was in its heyday and 30 million readers.
  17. He hurts men by intimidating and/or beating them to a pulp.
  18. Pop Pulp is dedicated to works in the vein of pulp fiction.
  19. Theo had seen a gored body, spiked again and again to pulp.
  20. It struck him in the chest, exploded in a spray of red pulp.
  21. That more often than not, beats their confidence to a pulp!.
  22. Mawkish pulp her mouth had mumbled sweetsour of her spittle.
  23. Skin the tomatoes and cook to pulp as in the preceding recipe.
  24. Even if I had to beat Bobby to a pulp, it was worth protecting.
  25. Break up the tomatoes and cook slowly to a pulp (without water).

  26. The stone giants instantaneously pummeled many of them into pulp.
  27. Too bad there’s not enough pulp to make coffee marketable as fruit.
  28. Suck out the moisture, or shave to a pulp and squeeze over the mouth.
  29. Put the pulp into a cheese cloth and squeeze out the juice into a cup.
  30. He was stunned, however, when the bloody pulp of a skeleton started to move.
  31. Kitara expected to find Garcia beaten to a pulp by her brother, but she was.
  32. All I could see in my mind was Radar being bashed to a pulp by the Frooginites.
  33. The flesh, pulp, and seeds are edible at various stages of the fruit's maturity.
  34. Donald is a 54-year-old pulp and paper mill employee who lives with his wife of 30.
  35. A few lemon rinds swirled about the sweet liquid with the pulp clinging to the rim.
  36. Water, broth and fruit juices with pulp are the main components of this liquid diet.
  37. You can save the remaining pulp, dehydrate it and use it as flour for other recipes.
  38. Pulp Alley is the game of extraordinary action and adventure! Start your adventure at www.
  39. It was obvious that eventually the ball would crush him to a pulp, slowly and inexorably.
  40. Well scrub a medium sized carrot and grate it to a pulp on an ordinary tinned bread grater.
  41. Well, what they want is beat us to a pulp because we dobbed them into the cops, said Red.
  42. Winfield broke a tule and twisted it free, and he put the white pulp in his mouth and chewed it.
  43. After the crash, his father lost his job at a pulp mill and moved to Olympia in search of work.
  44. Born in January 1965 in The Pas, Manitoba, McDuff is the son of a pulp and paper mill machinist.
  45. He might even drag August out of the house, scare him out of his wits and beat Frans to a pulp.
  46. The juice is sour, and loaded with pulp, so much that I feel the lumps rub my throat when I swallow.
  47. I expect the Dauntless to let out indignant shouts, maybe to charge the chair and beat him to a pulp.
  48. First they’ll rape you blind, he said matter-of-factly, then they’ll beat you into a pulp.
  49. Kurt vowed in his heart that if he ever saw Johnson again, he would beat him to a pulp for what he did.
  50. Pectin is found in the peel and pulp of citrus fruits such as lemons, grapefruits, oranges and tangerines.
  51. She watched as mammoths in the watermelon patch gently stomped on the melons and sucked out the juicy pulp.
  52. As Winthrop tried to get up Saul pummeled him with his bare fists until the man’s face was a bloody pulp.
  53. She didn’t seem at all concerned that she had nearly been killed, or at the very least, beaten to a pulp.
  54. He held a programme in his hand, and, while he was talking to her, he chewed one end of it into a moist pulp.
  55. He just crushed the plant to pulp, ytith and all, getting them stuck in the sap and snapping them at leisure.
  56. And putting the shreds in a bucket of water to turn them into pulp, he vowed to carry her secrets to his grave.
  57. The paper ranmyas are printed on is a proprietary blend of hemp and pulp, and it’s not something you can buy.
  58. The pulp carries most of the fruit’s nutritional value, leaving you drinking mostly sugar and empty calories.
  59. He didn't quite understand either why he should bludgeon her face to a bloody pulp, yet leave her body untouched.
  60. He was beaten to a bloody pulp, while the other one remained untouched left to watch the torture of the other man.
  61. Little larger than an African rhino, the nuta could easily reduce Joey’s head to a pulp with one step of its foot.
  62. The purplish skin was leather tough, but the insides contained a sweet succulent pulp, which was edible and tasted good.
  63. But that would probably just cause Laura to be beaten to a pulp, not killed, and then be placed into solitary confinement.
  64. He would have preferred a little more pulp from the orange, but he kept that to himself as the first of his guests arrived.
  65. In the middle of the dance floor a young angelic looking woman was dancing the pulp fiction with a geeky bloke with glasses.
  66. The large stone troll bludgeoned two of the goblins into pulp, while Torvald ran another through and Bors flattened a fourth.
  67. One the great serpent would select, would lap in scaly coils, crush to a red pulp and swallow as a rat-snake swallows a mouse.
  68. Then the wall opposite me flashed into a golden yellow and dissolved with a rending thunder that hammered my brain into a pulp.
  69. Pulp fiction was in its heyday and 30 million readers were regularly riveted by the larger-than-life tales of master storyteller L.
  70. In general, it includes any fruit puffed and of thin peel and sticky pulp, such as grapes, plum, cherry and the like of the fruits.
  71. They had at least one sling each and enough clubs to batter an entire civilisation to a pulp before they would have to make new ones.
  72. If there is no sun or no water try sucking or chewing the leaves, extracting as much of the juices as possible, then spit out the pulp.
  73. Then there are new islands of capital conquest: factories in the Middle West, food-processing plants, tool and die works, lumber and pulp.
  74. Think The Shadow, Doc Savage and The Avengers, but we'd like to see authors put a new spin on things--a modern interpretation of pulp fiction.
  75. The juice is a magical elixir and I don’t mean solely juicing for drinking, but also the pulp you are left with after the vegetable is pressed.
  76. In any case, he wasn't going to let his disappointment show, and he quipped, Next time I'll let him beat me to a pulp if you think that would help.
  77. In the grip of the talons was Stralin’s yellow, mucky heart; which he had the rare privilege of seeing being crushed to a pulp right before his eyes.
  78. Another splits the plank of a closed newsstand before entering the back of old Freddy Phillips as he leafs through a fresh Western Story pulp magazine.
  79. As he described it, I do not want to experience the fading of the flavor—the colorless, cottony pulp that succeeds that spectacular burst over my taste buds.
  80. The whole tree itself is but one leaf, and rivers are still vaster leaves whose pulp is intervening earth, and towns and cities are the ova of insects in their axils.
  81. AJ didn’t know that Hobbs had actually dragged the man out of his beloved Austin and beaten him to a pulp before causally putting the iron bar back into his holdall.
  82. The pulp has a texture that is very different from anything else, and that is especially true when you juice carrot, parsnip, red beetroot, and other root vegetables.
  83. Silas chewed a wad of paper, a technique he learned off a traveling chimney swift, softening it into a mushy pulp, spitting it out, mashing it over the floor of the nest.
  84. If the Oldchurch peasants hadn’t jumped on Sam and restrained him, he would have continued to lash out with that bloody spade until Jonno’s head was smashed to a pulp.
  85. They worked fast and soundlessly through the fourteen tents belonging to Laino and his men, and in less than twenty minutes, they had smeared everything in the sticky pulp.
  86. A pulp series in the grand old tradition of the 1930s pulp magazines, the serialised adventures of Tommy Thunder, as well as more Tales of the Aether Age, will be released soon.
  87. Ziggy Boyle stood in an alley on a blistering day and nonchalantly peeled the piece of fruit — then noticed to his disgust the white interior had dissolved to a dark slimy pulp.
  88. Blomkvist had no reason not to believe him, still less to doubt that Needham genuinely did want to exterminate these people, to crush them, grind them to pulp under my boots.
  89. T Three thin, anæmic, bedraggled plays, each with a heralded, exultant feminine star skewered to its bloodless pulp, dropped into this metropolis just ahead of the reluctant crocus.
  90. By its light I saw that the black ceiling was coming down upon me, slowly, jerkily, but, as none knew better than myself, with a force which must within a minute grind me to a shapeless pulp.
  91. Before the first one’s dripping jaws reached Nerissa, before he could grind her into pulp and swallow her to mix with Mother’s gore, she jumped down a gaping shaft that opened on the beach.
  92. In compliance with CC policy, Jimmy could not be told the reality (that he had been repeatedly squashed to a pulp and reassembled, that his brain had not experienced a third of the ten-minute process).
  93. She doubted that she could crack that reserve with any amount of pretty turns of phrase or earthy promises of her body, if she didn’t succeed though, it might soon be her being beaten to a bloody pulp.
  94. The energy backlash for their instigating these violent acts of aggression was the entire German nation to be later bombed into a pulp and over-run and occupied by invading armies from both sides at once.
  95. Day after stifling day, the coaches and crews sat in small, almost sullen groups, playing cards, reading pulp magazines, shooting the bull, choosing whom they went to the dining car with and whom they didn’t.
  96. Ron Hubbard, perhaps it’s enough to simply reiterate what editors told readers in the glory days of American Pulp Fiction: He writes the way he does, brothers, because he’s been there, seen it and done it!.
  97. The best method is to cut off the top and chop out pieces from the inside to suck, or to smash the pulp within the plant and scoop out the watery sap, which varies from tasteless in some plants to bitter in others.
  98. If you wish to laugh at the Law of Gravity then step off a cliff and see how long your laughter will keep you alive before your body is smashed into pulp, see if your laughing at the law of gravity will keep you from dying.
  99. That is a detail to be cherished, like learning that once, during a bar fight, Harry Woods, the composer of Try a Little Tenderness, nearly beat a man to a pulp with the wooden stump that replaced his severed left hand.
  100. Walter’s largest holdings have been such stalwarts as Hudson Pulp & Paper and Jeddo Highland Coal and New York Trap Rock Company and all those other names that come instantly to mind to even a casual reader of the business pages.

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  1. She went over to the pack and began picking up the stuff that wasn't pulped.
  2. His lips were pulped, and blood oozed down his face from a wound in his scalp.
  3. Why couldn’t Papa have stayed? Wasn’t she the most important thing? She swallows the pulped shreds of the paper.
  4. I could see an eyeball staring at me from the pulped mess of meat and bone and I knew he wasn’t getting back up again.
  5. Hey, good night? I BATTERED A FUCKING MAN TO DEATH AND THEN BURIED HIS BLOODY, PULPED BODY ON THE MOORE but you know, don’t want to burden you or anything, I’m cool.
  6. Oh yes Sir I’m sure the only thing left of Major Melstone was a few scraps of flesh some pulped bone and blood and a few strips of smouldering uniform which on one piece still had his rank badge.
  7. At first there was only the terrible photograph – all mental processes had ceased – but then, very slowly, like an amphibian crawling out of the primal swamp, a clear image emerged from the pulped mess in his head, an image of this foul creature with the woman in red, and of himself watching as it casually strolled away over the crest of a low hill.
  1. Although therein lay a first hard lesson from the often cruel world of the pulps.
  2. Speaking of cycles, I've been monitoring a growing interest in the things of the past, and pulps are a part of the trend.
  3. He barely noticed the physical pain it caused when she pulled the sleeves from the two bloody pulps that were his hands.
  4. I started out writing for the pulps,.

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