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Punch numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I want to punch him.
  2. I wanted to punch him.
  3. Beat them to the punch.
  4. I punch the next button.
  5. I punch it off hastily.

  6. I punch him in the face.
  7. Must be from that punch.
  8. Jeff a punch in the nose.
  9. Jeff wanted to punch him.
  10. The punch had two effects.
  11. It really gave me a punch.
  12. A punch to the left temple.
  13. I punch the one next to it.
  14. Then they began to punch Him.
  15. Best you punch, Court said.

  16. He wanted to punch something.
  17. Johnny stayed near the punch.
  18. The punch line you might say.
  19. I felt a punch in my stomach.
  20. His hand stung from the punch.
  21. Nobody wanted to punch me out.
  22. Punch holes in top with a fork.
  23. I punch Cherrie on the shoulder.
  24. Exactly like a punch in the face.
  25. An attendant came in with punch.

  26. The boy on his left threw a punch.
  27. The skinhead threw a punch at him.
  28. Shelagh gave him a playful punch.
  29. I wanted to see the punch coming.
  30. Again Kerry threw a looping punch.
  31. Spiking the punch, said Alice.
  32. Howard-Smythe beat me to the punch.
  33. It’s like a punch in the stomach.
  34. Always a caterpillar in the punch.
  35. Smith swung a punch at the officer.
  36. This girl really packed a punch!.
  37. It was a punch in the gut for him.
  38. It made him want to punch the wall.
  39. Eric waited for her to punch Marcus.
  40. Jock is still groggy from the punch.
  41. In the end, I threw a punch at him.
  42. All the more reason to punch her.
  43. It hit her like a punch in the dark.
  44. Louie took a good punch to the face.
  45. His eyes were watery from the punch.
  46. I wanted to punch him in the face_.
  47. He struck out at Karit with a punch.
  48. Punch it down and chill for 2 hours.
  49. The punch landed squarely on his jaw.
  50. Make sure to punch in that you want.
  51. I took a rabbit punch to the kidneys.
  52. He could not remember the punch line.
  53. I could punch a hole in a plank door.
  54. I lose him and punch the next button.
  55. He took the punch directly to the jaw.
  56. Hash looked like he wanted to punch me.
  57. I block her next punch with my forearm.
  58. The second punch knocked his wind out.
  59. I hit Redskins Hat with my first punch.
  60. He started to punch in his speed dial.
  61. A punch, he could see, to the side of.
  62. Use them on the ground if we punch out.
  63. No punch of his could hurt Khan anyway.
  64. He grins, clearly being pleased as Punch.
  65. BETRAYAL is such a huge punch in the gut.
  66. He advanced on her and threw out a punch.
  67. The punch will be retained by magazine.
  68. Johnny’s nostrils from the first punch.
  69. The punch to his gut gave him the answer.
  70. She wanted to punch Malcolm in the face.
  71. She gives him a little punch on the arm.
  72. I don’t remember deciding to punch her.
  73. After two hours, punch the dough in the.
  74. He began to punch numbers onto the keys.
  75. I almost choked on my punch at his words.
  76. Still, it had carried a whale of a punch.
  77. His request was met with a punch in the.
  78. And Punch and Judy weren't even Christian.
  79. That last remark got me a punch in the gut.
  80. Actually, it was like a punch in the face.
  81. Comments – Makes twenty-one Cups of punch.
  82. He could not even withstand a single punch.
  83. That’s when Stemple threw the first punch.
  84. Jack had a pitcher of the punch in his hand.
  85. I punch out the phone and drop it on the bed.
  86. With some effort she was able to punch out.
  87. Slade tried again and again to punch Dionus.
  88. I heard what sounded like a punch and a thud.
  89. She watched him punch in a four-digit number.
  90. I couldn't punch my way out of a paper bag.
  91. A punch to his stomach did nothing more than.
  92. I wanted desperately to punch Jenks out again.
  93. I swear I want to punch her right in the face.
  94. I'm afraid I haven't got your ticket to punch.
  95. The suggestion felt like a punch to the chest.
  96. And it was no love tap; it was a solid punch.
  97. I’ll mix us up some rum punch, she said.
  98. The fourth man swung a hard roundhouse punch.
  99. Would failure, again, beat him to the punch?
  100. The man was a joke, but he knew how to punch.
  1. Then I began punching my.
  2. Than punching in the clock.
  3. Then I started punching the.
  4. I'm this close to punching you.
  5. Outside the wind is punching.
  6. Chris felt like punching his desk.
  7. After punching the numbers for Dr.
  8. Not for punching you, you deserved it.
  9. Ive spent most of my life punching.
  10. They began punching her in the stomach.
  11. I started punching buttons on the remote.
  12. Joey was enraged into punching at Halirit.
  13. She thought of punching Naomi in the face.
  14. Yes! cried Indio, punching the air.
  15. It translates to the are of punching.
  16. Brooke, busily punching holes in the turf.
  17. Topps as a punching bag for my frustrations.
  18. I pushed her away and kept punching Cooper.
  19. Whatever, Hugo said, punching the air.
  20. He glanced back before punching in the code.
  21. I started warming up using the punching bag.
  22. That’s for punching me in the face!.
  23. He reeled Silas in, punching him in the face.
  24. Josh scowled at him, punching on the shoulder.
  25. Bitch! he howled, punching me in the chin.
  26. Ava? I said, punching on the speakerphone.
  27. You can't keep stretch wrap in it while punching.
  28. He let go of the wheel and started punching me as.
  29. Punching out the shadows underneath the sockets.
  30. He was still fighting mad and had woken up punching.
  31. He started repeatedly punching him in the side of.
  32. Punching a bit above your weight with that one bruv.
  33. I would, she shot back, punching him in the arm.
  34. He merely turned his head, punching Chance in the leg.
  35. Thanks, Mike, I said, before punching him hard in.
  36. There came the sound of a blade punching through meat.
  37. Then he put me in a headlock and began punching my face.
  38. After punching in for one thousand dollars I stuffed the.
  39. Sweet! shouted Mike, punching the air with his fist.
  40. Sarah throughout her childhood was her mother's punching.
  41. Far more punching would ensue than I was comfortable with.
  42. Go as deep as you can without punching through the bottom.
  43. Joey leaped around; shouting, kicking and punching the air.
  44. I grunted as he began repeatedly punching me in my stomach.
  45. Now, I need a partner to hold that punching bag over there.
  46. She turned and caught me off guard, punching me in the chest.
  47. Jack kept boxing the punching bag when Max entered the room.
  48. I rolled over, kicking and punching wildly, doing whatever.
  49. You need to Increase the volume by punching the red button.
  50. They were shouting curses at one another and punching wildly.
  51. They cheered and clapped him on the shoulder, punching the air.
  52. She cursed him for the nail she’d chipped from punching him.
  53. N’elent turned to Doctor Misan, punching him in the shoulder.
  54. The other two men were already punching and struggling with Max.
  55. That fuck isn’t here, she says, punching the wall again.
  56. I debate punching him once we phase out, but decide against it.
  57. That same person would burn 400 calories by hitting a punching.
  58. I started punching random buttons on the console in front of me.
  59. Bunker Seven,� Buey Dan said, punching her arm, then pointing.
  60. Any- way, another comment is this - Punching is unnecessary, it.
  61. It’s all about punching through all the flack And blasting out.
  62. He began punching up personal information of the cabins near her.
  63. I remember punching, kicking and screaming at the filth I married.
  64. Then I picked up his cell phone and began punching in the number.
  65. Well, you missed Christina almost punching an Erudite, says Al.
  66. This is fucking ridiculous! I cried, punching the console again.
  67. Pedro pressed Cristian into the indentation in the wall, punching him.
  68. I let go of her hand and started punching my seat as hard as I could.
  69. The scales hurt my knuckles, but I ignored the pain and kept punching.
  70. A crowd there stands in a circle around two punching, kicking figures.
  71. I kept punching him and no matter how hard or how many times I hit him.
  72. War was punching the clock instead of looking at the broken mechanisms.
  73. Nancy said, punching in her preset numbers to order up her favorite meal.
  74. Good for you, Dar replied, punching in the coordinates for landing.
  75. And then the woman switched tactics, punching and kicking Laura instead.
  76. All this you think in a split second while punching in the elevator code.
  77. I was a bully to some and a punching bag for others, suddenly one of the.
  78. Some of the British men whispered, Sorry, sir, before punching Wade.
  79. But they did love us, said Hugo, punching a fist into his other hand.
  80. Selene rounded on Takina, punching her to the ground, hurling abuse at her.
  81. Punching the numbers into his keypad, the ship slowly began to come around.
  82. A few of them are split from punching Caleb, and dotted with faint bruises.
  83. Punching here will not hurt your hands, but the attacker may be doubled up.
  84. Two and a half minutes of punching and one minute with the staff then a.
  85. What the hell are you doing punching the Rakai you idiot? Tylin said.
  86. A rousing chorus of yells and ululations accompanied fists punching the air.
  87. He fought me back and I ended up punching him in the face in order to escape.
  88. This character sheet is for masters of punching and kicking type Martial arts.
  89. Then the kids and I had a long-overdue session with the punching bag downstairs.
  90. He was angry at something as he was punching the rocky ground in a raging fury.
  91. The assistant is punching in numbers at the cash register and has her back to you.
  92. Robinson wasted no time punching the ball in with 3 players hanging on him, 14-7.
  93. But I need to know, I rolled over and began punching his pillow out of anxiety.
  94. Lolek stepped back and the two thugs began punching and beating Izio nearly to death.
  95. Meanwhile, Beth was a wild woman, ferociously clawing and punching to get to the man.
  96. Laws had her pinned to the floor and was punching her and there was blood everywhere.
  97. Crow went ballistic, kicking and punching him as his partner pinned him to the ground.
  98. Atlantis for you, Captain, Tammas said, punching it through to Tuvok’s station.
  99. And even then, mostly because he thought the plumber was enjoying the job of punching.
  100. Amanuensis! Amanuensis! Now Bob was up on his toes and punching me on the arm.
  1. Next I punched in Yell.
  2. He punched me in the.
  3. I punched him in the arm.
  4. He punched me in the face.
  5. He punched a few buttons.
  6. As he punched him, Ralph.
  7. Then, I punched him again.
  8. The driver punched the gas.
  9. I panicked and punched him.
  10. Carl punched him in the arm.
  11. A blunt object punched his.
  12. He punched me gently on my.
  13. Saul punched him in the jaw.
  14. Locke punched the dash again.
  15. I punched him in the shoulder.
  16. Dakota punched him on the arm.
  17. Loken punched Aesa on the arm.
  18. Charlie punched me in the arm.
  19. Trini punched up some buttons.
  20. Brien punched his arm lightly.
  21. Jared punched him in the face.
  22. Alex punched him on the face.
  23. Bits that really punched the.
  24. Charlie punched the STOP button.
  25. Johnson then punched more keys.
  26. Ava punched her on the shoulder.
  27. Bes punched him in the shoulder.
  28. Trillian punched up the figures.
  29. Then, I punched in the command.
  30. Anthony punched him in the back.
  31. Then they spit on Him, punched.
  32. She punched at the number anyway.
  33. He punched Topps on the shoulder.
  34. Paul had punched her in the face.
  35. Halfshaft punched the button to.
  36. Carol punched him in the shoulder.
  37. Bert punched me on the arm saying.
  38. She lightly punched him in the arm.
  39. She might as well have punched him.
  40. Emma punched Will in the shoulder.
  41. He punched in a number on the cell.
  42. I punched it over and over, but I.
  43. Hands punched and prodded his body.
  44. He punched me in the shoulder—hard.
  45. Greg punched a button on his console.
  46. He punched it hard, again and again.
  47. Caris felt as if she had been punched.
  48. She punched in the strange numbers.
  49. Haakon punched him square in the face.
  50. She punched in a number on the phone.
  51. Katie punched the monster in the face.
  52. Someone punched me happily in the arm.
  53. I can’t stand being punched in the.
  54. In the ensuing struggle I punched him.
  55. I punched the Up button and it opened.
  56. He punched Caramarin full in the face.
  57. She punched me and told me to shut up.
  58. Then he punched the lighthouse door in.
  59. That’s why he punched me in the face.
  60. Tomz punched the rock and shattered it.
  61. They then punched some holes in.
  62. I punched the number as fast as I could.
  63. She punched the bedding in frustration.
  64. He punched in a code and stepped inside.
  65. Bahit playfully punched him in his head.
  66. I felt like I'd been punched in the gut.
  67. I walked over and punched him in the arm.
  68. He cried out and punched her in the side.
  69. Instead he punched Jake in the gut and.
  70. I felt like I'd been punched in the chest.
  71. A root or boulder punched him in the back.
  72. She punched a button on the in-house phone.
  73. He punched Trevain in the arm and grinned.
  74. He went around the pine and punched in Dr.
  75. I punched the machine and started walking.
  76. Someone punched him in the side of the face.
  77. The part where you got punched in the head.
  78. Wilx punched the button for the 952nd floor.
  79. He punched the button again: still nothing.
  80. He hadn’t punched a time clock in months.
  81. She’s the woman I punched in the face.
  82. He was not the one who had sucker punched.
  83. He might as well have punched me in the gut.
  84. I didn’t mind getting punched in the face.
  85. My father grinned and punched in the numbers.
  86. A pang of sorrow punched June in the stomach.
  87. Leon Reynolds punched him right in his face.
  88. Emma laughed and punched him in the shoulder.
  89. I knocked him out underground, I punched him.
  90. Roman reared back and punched him in the face.
  91. Sandra punched a button and answered the call.
  92. Oh man! Casey punched Mike’s shoulder.
  93. He ripped me out of the car and punched me.
  94. Sachie took the cans and punched the prices in.
  95. The blow came quickly as Reinhardt punched her.
  96. When he released me I punched him in the face.
  97. John punched him, not hard at all, in the arm.
  98. Jannie grinned and punched Ali in the shoulder.
  99. Bastard-mate punched him hard in the testicles.
  100. I punched his head until he collapsed on the.
  1. He landed some nice punches.
  2. Christina punches over my head.
  3. It was a night for hot punches.
  4. Kai Long punches out at the air.
  5. I felt three punches to my chest.
  6. Rory told him, pulling no punches.
  7. Punches and kicks were exchanged.
  8. After the punches came the kicks.
  9. The pillow got a few more punches.
  10. The punches came fast and hard.
  11. This wolf only punches and kicks!.
  12. Then she punches me in the stomach.
  13. I started throwing punches at Jumbo.
  14. He moved me back then punches the wolf.
  15. After a while slaps would turn to punches.
  16. She punches numbers into the phone and waits.
  17. Karate punches at the kidneys, neck and head.
  18. In the arena, Al punches Will hard in the jaw.
  19. We all laugh and Megan punches Sean teasingly.
  20. His view had no punches but a mirror of peace.
  21. Clubbed with bats, boomerangs, punches and kicks.
  22. The punches you miss are the ones that wear you out.
  23. I wasn’t afraid of his punches but he cowered away.
  24. We traded punches fifteen years ago in a spacer bar.
  25. Unfortunately, his punches were having no effect at all.
  26. He tried to fight back but his punches bounced feebly.
  27. Imagine if Ziggy suddenly punches the doll, thought Jane.
  28. His punches and kicks moved Roman back to the middle of.
  29. A deluge of punches rained down and he grunted with the.
  30. They throw a few punches to each other’s shoulders and.
  31. Thomas lands several martial arts kicks and punches to the.
  32. He charges her with kicks and punches, all which she dodges.
  33. Roman continued with a tornadic flurry of punches and kicks.
  34. She grabs my hair and punches me in the head a few more times.
  35. But I’ll say this, Jumbo threw a barrage of punches too; I.
  36. Knowing that the alien could achieve nothing with his punches.
  37. Wel let’s just rol with the punches and see what treats the.
  38. He charges again but throwing more punches and at varied paces.
  39. I’d pulled my punches, too, wishing desperately to forgive her.
  40. It was clearly his turn to land a few punches in the verbal parry.
  41. Evans punches the air when he receives the e-mail about the news.
  42. She hauls off and punches Todd in the arm, so hard that he yelps.
  43. Joey pretended he was fighting someone, throwing punches and kicks.
  44. If he gets to three before you notice, he punches you in the chest.
  45. She heard a scuffle filled with more shouts and the thud of punches.
  46. Punches and kicks were being thrown sadistically by both contestants.
  47. Bluff the bastard into a confession, and don't hold back any punches.
  48. She punches holes through her shield in the direction of the animals.
  49. Her mother quickly shook off those punches and went into attack mode.
  50. Shouts, screams, punches and a scattering of blood fell amongst them.
  51. After a few whip lashes, punches and kicks, there was an interruption.
  52. His hands were on her arms gripping relentlessly, stopping her punches.
  53. He punches the monster in the face, breaking his nose, and disarms him.
  54. Roman charged the Agent with a flurry of kicks and punches, moving his.
  55. Peter surges toward me in a half crouch, and punches me in the stomach.
  56. He catches each of her wrists with his grasp as she punches at him again.
  57. She punches Molly in the ear, knocking her off-balance, and wriggles free.
  58. She punches me in the ribs and I stumble to the side, recovering my breath.
  59. Collins leapt on him and with two swift punches, rendered him unconscious.
  60. They were mostly throwing punches and trying to pin each other on the ground.
  61. His punches landed on Javid’s face, who received the strikes with closed eyes.
  62. But then, over the racket of punches and shouts, I heard more horses approaching.
  63. He had pulled out a few blocks and was practicing kicks and punches from atop them.
  64. Cass effortlessly punches loose a dozen lattice slats before returning to the stove.
  65. Stratham tried to cover his head, but Rykus’s punches broke and bloodied his face.
  66. She'd taken enough punches over the years, it was about time he got what he deserved.
  67. I stare into his dark, conflicted eyes for an instant before he punches me in the jaw.
  68. Thirteen punches! Thirteen punches for Jaden! Jaden’s best friend James yelled.
  69. Bones was then starting to do dancing boxing steps and pretend air punches in the air.
  70. Unlike his moments with Hamilton, Locke would have no problem delivering a few punches.
  71. He didn't pull any punches when he thought I was wrong - but he consistently showed me.
  72. OUT OUT!’ Churchill heard his nose break, and then in a staggering fury of punches at.
  73. If Tara wanted to box his ears for admin failings, then Sam would roll with the punches.
  74. Halfdan spat out the bits of teeth and tried to block the punches with his own free hand.
  75. She went for a full-blown whack, I heard her knuckle crack, she swung a few more punches.
  76. He shuts his engines down and throws powered mechanically augmented punches in the swarm.
  77. Worse yet, the fighters have been trained to throw human-like punches and to launch kicks.
  78. Joey staggered back, but anger made him attack once more; throwing punches wildly at Karit.
  79. You start to cut into his wrist, the edge of your razor punches through as he jerks around.
  80. The wolves launched punches and kicks, but Azura dominated them, crushing them completely.
  81. After a few bruises Malcolm began to read Grants body language and intercepted the punches.
  82. In al these techniques, you can do this, as he punches, by slightly, moving, back, or sides.
  83. I don’t— she began, and then Fauna’s words crowded in on her with short punches.
  84. The bodyguard hesitated, not used to his punches being received with quite so little effect.
  85. The queen moves out of the way and the white rook punches his head all the way into the ground.
  86. He charges at Will, grabbing his arm so he can’t slip away, and punches him hard in the jaw.
  87. Every time he punches into one edge, at least one other edge deforms in the opposite direction.
  88. The soldier grabbed him back and they both started off in a frenzy of face punches and uppercuts.
  89. One of his wild punches split Kat's bottom lip and sent blood flying down the front of her shirt.
  90. Yeah, I’m a frail Indian man throwing verbal punches here on page 165 of a personal-finance book.
  91. Jacob looked into the mirror and did a few more kicks and then several mock punches and a judo throw.
  92. Always strike with straight punches, he gestured for Joey to come towards him, now once more.
  93. With his other, he punches his hand through the pile of crates, and then begins yanking each one away.
  94. The punches kept coming, lightening fast, one after the other until he was backed up against the wall.
  95. But this was not a school or college debate where you could throw punches and then share a few laughs.
  96. Garcia returned to his position center of his room, took a fighter stance, and began throwing punches.
  97. He’d learned the katas, could block punches and was beginning to place his own attacks strategically.
  98. You’re always welcome, Garcia said, returning his focus to the news and accelerating his punches.
  99. At that point Mr Miyagi attacks Daniel son with a series of chops and punches to different parts of the body.
  100. Lewis is shocked by Darren's aggressive behaviour and without thinking punches Darren back harder on the nose.

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