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Purport (to convey to the mind).
Commandments they purport to adhere to.
L'Abbadie recites the purport as well as date of it.
Because all I see and know I believe to have its main purport in.
I have here four letters which purport to come from the missing man.
Like most investments that purport to ensure against loss (see sidebar on p.
The French general smiled, as Duncan gave him the purport of this reply, and.
They little guessed what deadly purport lurked in those self-condemning words.
The whole purport of his remarks now was evidently to exalt himself and insult.
Others purport to stimulate the liver, causing it to metabolize fat at a higher rate.
The purport of their charge was that the Jews kept them away from the ordinances of the law.
The purport of it was to invite him to dinner, and to ridicule his chivalrous respect for me.
Yet such must be the impression conveyed to you by what appears to be the purport of my actions.
And the purport of that talk, clicked nervously from a wooden shed in the depths of the forests, had.
Anything that would purport to give you peace with God through tradition or doing is a false religion.
My little Pearl, said Hester, after a moment's silence, the green letter, and on thy childish bosom, has no purport.
Duncan caught the letter from the ground, and without apology for the liberty he took, he read at a glance its cruel purport.
This is what I said, the purport of it; but, as you may imagine, not spoken so collectedly or methodically as I have repeated it to you.
These with perfect trust to depict you as myself, the germs are in all men, I believe the main purport of these States is to found a superb.
I do not know what it is except that it is grand, and that it is happiness, And that the enclosing purport of us here is not a speculation or.
Were I worthy to be quit of it, it would fall away of its own nature, or be transformed into something that should speak a different purport.
The whole purport of his remarks now was evidently to exalt himself and insult Alexander—just what he had least desired at the commencement of the interview.
Crawford when she awoke the next morning; but she remembered the purport of her note, and was not less sanguine as to its effect than she had been the night before.
Coming as he did from such a purport fulfilled as had taken him away, he would have expected anything rather than a look of satisfaction, and words of simple, pleasant meaning.
The purport of all this enthusiasm was echoed in their cry: ''Prempeh! Prempeh! Your fetish has proved too strong for the white man! No power on earth can prevail against thee!.
Being at liberty, I lost no time in seeking the old servant; who, having gathered by degrees the purport of my hasty tale, hurried below, gasping, as he descended the steps two at once.
To the worship, belief and adherence of ‘man made gods’ and ‘systems’ that purport to quench human thirst for answers to existential questions the human spirit possess to desire.
The whole gang of sailors, likewise, observing the press of spectators, and learning the purport of the scarlet letter, came and thrust their sunburnt and desperado-looking faces into the ring.
What, sir, did gentlemen on this floor say was the purport of this note? That its object was to put us in a state of amity in respect to Great Britain, at the expense of the risk of collision with France.
Brooke had been right in predicting that Dorothea would not long remain passive where action had been assigned to her; she knew the purport of her husband's will made at the time of their marriage, and her.
Bulstrode, in which he stated that he had resumed his arrangements for quitting Middlemarch, and must remind Lydgate of his previous communications about the Hospital, to the purport of which he still adhered.
Often tainted by the credibility of those who purport to “know” ‘The Force’ and ‘The Power’ that we may understand as the Creator, and whom is named and labeled by many by the English word, “God”.
As to the purport and object of this command, I adopt the opinion of Warburton, who with equal ingenuity and truth has proved, that when God says to Abraham, "Take now thy son, your only son Isaac, whom you lovest," etc.
In the third category he included those Brothers (the majority) who saw nothing in Freemasonry but the external forms and ceremonies, and prized the strict performance of these forms without troubling about their purport or significance.
The second is the idea that the whole purport of Christianity is to teach men to live advantageously together, as one family, and that to attain this we need only follow the rule of love to humanity, dismissing all thought of love of God altogether.
Investors, both individual and institutional, and particularly 401(k) plans, would be far better served by investing in passive or passively managed funds than in trying to pick more expensive active managers who purport to be able to beat the markets.
Duncan, who interpreted this speech to express a wish for some additional pledge that the promised gifts should not be withheld, slowly and reluctantly repaired to the place where the sisters were now resting from their fatigue, to communicate its purport to Cora.
At the moment Operoff said nothing, but at subsequent lectures he ceased to greet me or to offer me his board-like hand, and never attempted to talk to me, but, as soon as ever I sat down, he would lean his head upon his arm, and purport to be absorbed in his notebooks.
Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice,"—have been for a long time supplanted by Pilate's question, "What is truth?" This question, quoted as a bitter and profound irony against a Roman, we have taken as of serious purport, and have made of it an article of faith.
How many times have I heard that this is a message to the Jewish religion? How many times have I heard that Jesus cursing the religion of men? Jesus was cursing all religion! Anything that would purport to bring you close to God by hiding the fruit instead of letting it be open before all is a false religion.

Now he was sure that this new guy was not who he was purporting to be.
But those purporting to adjust an administration to the laws of equality.
Resolved, That the President of the United States be requested to lay before the House a copy of a paper purporting to be a circular letter from Mr.
How could someone purporting to represent the Balance suggest such a thing? Manfred made a mental note to consider Dammar’s deeper motivations later.
Now, by all odds, the most ancient extant portrait anyways purporting to be the whale's, is to be found in the famous cavern-pagoda of Elephanta, in India.
But quitting all these unprofessional attempts, let us glance at those pictures of leviathan purporting to be sober, scientific delineations, by those who know.
The only intervening occurrence meriting attention, is the promulgation of a French decree purporting to be a definitive repeal of the Berlin and Milan decrees.
The only reason, he presumed, why the other paper alluded to had not been communicated to Congress, was, that it was a printed paper, purporting to be a despatch from Mr.
Big-name traders may subscribe to a wide variety of newsletters written by experts purporting to be able to accurately forecast the weather, but for most of us this approach is a waste of time.
Indeed, if Thorne were behind this seemingly ridiculous scheme that Dahms was purporting, then they would definitely not want Thorne to know what had happened this evening aboard the destroyers.
As to the other act, it was passed no less for the benefit of the community than the bank—to protect the ignorant and unwary from counterfeit paper, purporting to have been emitted by the bank.
It has been a fact long since well established, that a foreigner, who could scarcely speak our language, could procure a protection in Great Britain purporting to be evidence of his American citizenship.
When they, as envoys, arrived in England, they immediately began to work in their own interests, selling concessions to which they had no right, and forging documents purporting to come from King Prempeh himself.
Some of the services or experts confine their aim to predicting the longer term trend of the market, purporting to ignore day-to-day fluctuations and to consider the broader swings covering a period of, say, several months.
He attempts to do this by purporting to having identified a Bible code that reveals future historical events, by finding words such as ‘Hitler’ and the ‘September 11th World Trade Tower Attack’ in the letters of a particular sequence of words in the Bible.
Doctor Raymond Moody author of “Life after Life” (1975, 1988), said after interviewing thousands of people from unrelated cultures and countries purporting to have experienced near death experiences their stories of their “near death experiences” (NDE) were very similar which included experiences of viewing bright shafts of light, and unconditional love and compassion.
Resolved, That the President of the United States be requested to cause to be laid before this House the French decree, purporting to be a repeal of the Berlin decrees, referred to in his Message of the 4th of November last; together with such information as he may possess concerning the time and manner of promulgating the same; and, also, any correspondence or information touching the relations of the United States with France, in the office of the Department of State, not heretofore communicated, which, in the opinion of the President, it is not incompatible with the public interest to communicate.
This is something the purported.
It is common for purported psychics to use this.
From verse 4, of the purported Epistle of Paul the.
What’s the purported end-use of the items? I asked.
Atlanteans were purported to have, and still were destroyed.
It was purported to be an instrument of learning, aimed at.
I was generally skeptical of people who purported to do anything supernatural.
There are many other charting methods that are purported to have originated in Japan.
He was purported to have run into an alley and they shot him in the back and killed him.
Countering all of the purported benefits of formal education are the costs and limits of.
WICKER HOUSE PURPORTED to be a wholesale showroom for imported wicker and rattan furniture.
Ten Commandments–The ten rules put forth in the Old Testament, which are purported to be the.
Their 86-page unclassified analysis purported to dissect an event allegedly perpetrated by Maj.
Seinfeld purported to be a show about nothing, but it really was about people and their behavior.
This is the very same time span for the purported and unverifiable lifetime and activities of the.
I think Bok was at Leavenworth for more than just a way to get my purported killer onto the base.
Christianity, which serves as the symbol for all of the other purported founders of the Three Faiths.
When I queried him heatedly, he said, The expenses which killed you were the two purported incline rides.
Different people had assigned various names to it, including what had been purported to be its original, Salem.
The Iliad (the destruction of Troy) is purported to have been written some time in the middle of the eleventh century BC.
My question is: was he there during his inception? Shouldnt we at least consider the words of his purported grandmother?
Then why was I paying Blue Cross out of my paycheck each week? My purported suicide attempt had put me in the hole a little over 5.
The only statement related in the document that purported to have come directly from Sister Rowenna was in the form of just six lines:.
The castle chalet masquerades as the home of a wealthy Swiss businessman, but the man purported to own it has never even set foot in it.
Ser Glendon speaks about his purported sire at every opportunity, but have you noticed that he never makes mention of his mother? For good reason.
Peter and directly infers the deceptions of Christianity, which serves as the symbol for all of the other purported founders of the Three Faiths.
Many behaviors that are purported to lead to distressing consequences have a time lapse long enough to cause doubt as to the origin of the end results.
Lawford at his word—his words while he was alive, that is, rather than what he was purported to have said after he was no longer around to confirm or deny.
He had long since decided to abandon all methods that purported to achieve anything, anywhere, at any time at all and he seemed to be getting along just fine.
While eating Olin remarked, You know, there are at least seven locations where one or more of the nails of the Crucifixion are currently purported to be located.
There is considerable risk in all common stocks, regardless of their name, quality, purported blue-chip status, previous performance record, or current good earnings.
By the time the moon turns I’ll be fucking whores and drinking Dornish red, he was purported to have said, just before one of Lord Costayne’s knights slit his throat.
He visited every holding my father had, questioned the managers, saying he was my father’s relative and emissary and photographed the buildings for the purported documentary.
Despite the lack of product (a purported flat computer screen) and its faithful promise of appearance at every annual meeting, the stock trades routinely from $9 to $12 and back again.
The Doctor occupied two floors of a large stiff house, where several callings purported to be pursued by day, but whereof little was audible any day, and which was shunned by all of them at night.
Indeed, if Jesus Christ wasn’t in fact the Son of God as purported by his disciples that he claimed to be, he must have been either a liar or intellectually and/or psychologically ‘challenged’.
Wealth, in whatever manner acquired or however abundant, is never entirely our own; that is to say, an individual‘s (purported) wealth is oftentimes contingent upon a government‘s need for Revenue.
At the end of our friendly discussion, he admitted that he recognized both my writing style and my pro-management stance on the issues, despite the purported anonymity of the numbered blue book system.
As for the fabricated saying that was purported to have come from the tongue of the selected prophet Mohammad (cpth), which states, learn magic but do not practice it: it is surely false and baseless because:.
She had experienced such gateways before this, always in places purported to be haunted by ghosts searching for peace in this world rather than the next, but had never felt this intense pressure in those other locations.
Who purports to contact these unseen entities.
Now, most media content purports to convey just the facts.
Any system that purports to explain everything (Marxism?) will in reality explain nothing.
A popular story from the New Testament purports that the fantasy Jesus Christ got angry and.
Jewish Diaspora that purports to be members of the Tribe of Juda by following the religion of.
The translation purports to be a treaty of cession, it is true, but acknowledged on all sides to be erroneous.
Consider some of the questions that arise if neuroscience totally rejects metaphysics as its cutting edge purports to do.
This letter purports to be an order signed by the King of France, dated at Versailles, the 21st April, 1764, and directed to M.
This main crime of making money from selling the truth tainted with lies is in direct contradiction to the truths he purports to stand for.
This decree purports to be an act of reprisal on this country, and for what cause? Not for any act of hostility by us; not for any seizures or confiscations of French vessels or French property under the authority, or within the limits of this Government.
Then we have Marx, whose main claim to fame was to dictate the end of history by asserting that man is the product of his machines and not vice versa, conveniently forgetting that any system that purports to explain everything, in reality explains nothing.
Each of us limitless--each of us with his or her right upon the earth, Each of us allow'd the eternal purports of the earth,.
Nor will I allow you to balk me any more with what I was calling life, For now it is convey'd to me that you are the purports essential,.

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