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Put numa frase em (in ingles)

How can I put it.
Put it all on him.
He say put it here.
He put it back up.
We put the law of.
Ryo put his hand up.
Just as I put the.

One of them put a.
I put my hand in his.
I put my lips to it.
I put the rubber on.
I put the phone down.
He put me in touch.
Otto put up his hand.
If they were to put.
She put it in writing.
He put the phone away.
He put the paper down.
How did you put it?
We put into the town.
I put the slippers on.
Put it on your head.
Then she put it down.
Oh to put myself in a.
Hain't none to put on.
I put my coat on the.
I put my trust in you.
Put it back when you.
I put her back to.
Flavio put up a finger.
Tanya put up her hand.
Put Hans back to sleep.
He put the phone down.
This put me through a.
Roman put one hand on.
Ish put Ali in the safe.
Jack put his hands down.
There I will put them.
This dog was put on.
We need to put it to use.
I am putting a case.
As he was putting on.
I been putting it off.
I keep putting it off.
With all of us putting.
They keep putting me off.
Putting up with his crap.
I hope I am not putting.
Of putting myself out there.
But putting him aside she.
And putting the whole power.
Zem was putting some food.
It was her mistake putting.
Talk about putting your SE.
I’m putting out the candle.
But you kept putting it off.
Putting a Face on the Source.
Morel, putting it on a plate.
He was putting in eighteen-.
Stop putting words in her….
Were they putting him on? No.
I could respond by putting on.
Thanks for putting up with me.
God, that's putting it mildly.
Putting a Price on the Future.
He was really putting it away.
The very idea of putting on a.
Talk about putting the fox in.
And that’s putting it mildly.
Was he putting her in danger?
We all started putting them on.
I'm putting you in charge, Dr.
Where was she putting it all?
He tried putting together the.
I’m putting my mother in it.
I ran, putting on Annabeth's cap.
Fancy us putting you in here.
I hate putting you out this way.
Putting your loved ones at risk.
He puts on a pout.
He puts on his coat.
Type = calls or puts.
She puts her arms out.
God puts on your heart.
Lynch puts on her hat.
A boat puts to sea on.
Love puts fear afar off.
The puts have 10 gamma.
I mean, who puts these.
Then Fiona puts on her.
This puts a fold in time.
He puts a scribble on it.
The judge puts out a hand.
That puts most women off.
She puts one arm out in.
Here is how he puts it:.
Tyler puts a hand on hers.
Rosa puts the matter aside.
Ah, that puts up the cost.
He puts images in my head.
That puts you on the cusp.
Ségur puts them at 40,000.
She puts the bag on his bed.
Nikíta (puts out his head).
Thor puts the potatoes down.
So what about buying puts?
Will puts his arm around me.
He thus puts himself on a.
Walt puts his arm around me.
This blow puts an end to it.
He puts a hand to his heart.
I do not know why God puts.
As Warren Buffett puts it:.
Will puts his hands up again.
The couple puts the pot of.
Amy puts her foot on the gas.
He puts his hand along the.
The puts were bought for $1.

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