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Puzzle numa frase em (in ingles)

1. It was a puzzle indeed.
2. This is quite a puzzle.
3. Two pieces of the puzzle.
4. The puzzle was that these.
5. But this should puzzle 'em.
6. A puzzle put together wrong.
7. It will puzzle them all too.

8. He couldn't puzzle out why.
9. The brain was another puzzle.
10. What are these puzzle piece.
11. She's a solved puzzle to me.
12. The puzzle is finally solved.
13. My life was a puzzle that I.
14. Mike was still a puzzle to her.
15. But that fellow DOES puzzle me.
16. Key to the whole damned puzzle.
17. It is a constant puzzle for me.
18. One thing continued to puzzle.
19. The knight considered the puzzle.
20. It's a puzzle, he murmured.
21. This is a puzzle for me to solve.
22. I got too much to puzzle with.
23. Martin Straw was S in the puzzle.
24. Life is such a puzzle, he thought.
25. That in itself was another puzzle.
26. This puzzle has a thousand pieces.
27. The System was like a jigsaw puzzle.
28. It’s the last piece of the puzzle.
29. I saw astonishment, puzzle and fury.
30. Her largest puzzle has 18,000 pieces.
31. He pieced the puzzle of his concern.
32. Before she could puzzle that out, a.
33. The pieces of the mysterious puzzle.
34. Another puzzle of life, he said.
35. Physicists puzzle over the discovery.
36. And the puzzle business is big business.
37. The pieces of the puzzle, and here she.
38. Fitting in like a puzzle in his embrace.
39. This puzzle could not remain unfinished.
40. Another puzzle is solved, so they state.
41. This technical IT puzzle was good for her.
42. THAT WAS THE PIECE of the puzzle I needed.
43. Chapter Ten: The Prisoner and the Puzzle.
44. The painting had suddenly become a puzzle.
45. It was all as if a jigsaw puzzle had been.
46. The next morning that puzzle piece appeared.
47. Zach was now finding the puzzle interesting.
48. It was Bergit who was the key to the puzzle.
49. Another piece of the puzzle fell into place.
50. The last part of the puzzle fell into place.
51. The tiller is now the keeper! What a puzzle.
52. They didn't need to puzzle their brains long.
53. It represented the puzzle of human existence.
54. How and why this was so is a puzzle I still.
55. Then she saw the missing piece of the puzzle.
56. Engineers can’t resist a mechanical puzzle.
57. The rotting death is a more difficult puzzle.
58. Forrest motioned to the puzzle in front of Liu.
59. The puzzle of it filled her mouth with purple.
60. May Ling concentrated her mind onto the puzzle.
61. He was so close to solving the ultimate puzzle.
62. It seemed to be a puzzle that had no conclusion.
63. To keep the puzzle pieces in place and together.
64. She would then insert the piece into the puzzle.
65. Artie’s silence was the tip-off to the puzzle.
66. You need all the pieces of the puzzle before you.
67. Here are some keys to the puzzle of newborn crying.
68. ONE IMPORTANT PIECE of the puzzle was still missing.
69. The pieces of the puzzle were finally starting to.
70. Thinks he'll win in Answers, poets' picture puzzle.
71. The Director had put Locke at the center of a puzzle.
72. The 10Q was due out any day with more puzzle pieces.
73. Slide Graphic: Jigsaw puzzle with the pieces together.
74. It was too convoluted a puzzle to tackle when there.
75. How did all these pieces of the puzzle fit together?
76. Inside the third there was a puzzle: three different.
77. Certain he had found the hiding spot, solved the puzzle.
78. These were pieces of a gigantic cosmic puzzle and I had.
79. It was the sort of biological puzzle that intrigued him.
80. With every little piece of the puzzle that we find, the.
81. And once we have completed the puzzle, what will happen?
82. Why, your expression makes it a harder puzzle than before.
83. Salome looked at L€ne trying to solve the puzzle of her.
84. A puzzle, but one which should not be too hard to work out.
85. Included with the system was Tetris, a popular puzzle game.
86. We don’t treat a piece of the puzzle as the whole picture.
87. Nope, Sam said, and went back to the puzzle with Allen.
88. Above the puzzle not one but two men could be seen standing.
89. This is where the second part of the puzzle fits into place.
90. Beyond that, you will have to solve the puzzle for yourself.
91. The only puzzle for him was just who the other players had.
92. It was all a puzzle to the ex-midget but, overestimating his.
93. Perhaps this will give us the missing piece of the puzzle.
94. She shook her head, the puzzle remaining an uncertain purple.
95. Gutierrez turned the paper over like it was a Chinese puzzle.
96. This is why they provide only a piece of the reversal puzzle.
97. You see, foolish man, you are the last piece of the puzzle.
98. Then suddenly he stretched out his hand and seized the puzzle.
99. I realized I had found the missing piece of my trading puzzle.
100. The puzzle occupied his mind to such an extent that he did not.
1. It was all very puzzling.
2. It was puzzling as to how.
3. This was all very puzzling.
4. But it was all very puzzling.
5. This was all puzzling to Siri.
6. This is a very puzzling fact [.
7. He paused for a moment, puzzling.
8. Why are you puzzling over it?
9. Yeah that is something puzzling.
10. They noted the puzzling fact that.
11. A puzzling look came over his face.
12. Equally puzzling is why is the poor.
13. It is puzzling to comprehend how the.
14. I saw some things that were very puzzling.
15. It is puzzling and some of it is horrible.
16. He put down the magazine he was puzzling thru.
17. What is controlling the UFO is puzzling to him.
18. The word punishment is not a puzzling word.
19. Painful thoughts and questions puzzling his mind.
20. The puzzling reading was that the weight dropped.
21. Many things seemed to him puzzling and suspicious.
22. The word ‘PUNISHMENT’ is not a puzzling word.
23. I found something very interesting…very puzzling.
24. Max considered other questions that were puzzling him.
25. Equally puzzling is the fact that there is no scien-.
26. But Cicciaro himself was already puzzling out schematics.
27. And it is perplexing or puzzling, I suppose, that only a.
28. Women wearing veils are more puzzling than what men think.
29. He could see her puzzling away at it, and not getting it yet.
30. In the car, he took the second call from Mick, puzzling what.
31. The puzzling thing was that Bruce never trained as a trainer.
32. I answered the questions even though they were a bit puzzling.
33. She walked away puzzling over the identity of the strange girl.
34. Some of the group were puzzling it out, piecing it all together.
35. What would Kirk do? Garcia asked, puzzling over the problem.
36. To me, this route is the most puzzling thing about the gold rush.
37. Puzzling over that, Loki looks out at the road and his eyes go wide.
38. Puzzling this out, Carl soon asked, "Why couldn't I ask her, then?".
39. Nangong Ping was still puzzling over what the convulsing man had said.
40. He had been puzzling over the TWO trees which had come, and at last had.
41. What was most puzzling was that he only sensed it, but couldn’t see it.
42. This was the answer to the question which had been puzzling me for so long.
43. Ye Manqing had a puzzling look on her eyes as she said, Do you all know.
44. The sudden appearance of life is not only the most puzzling feature of the.
45. The sudden interest in Samantha’s files was puzzling to Mattie and Annette.
46. Riddle: Used as a test of wit; a mystifying, misleading, or puzzling question.
47. Another puzzling observation besides the low sensitivity and ceiling effect is.
48. I was still puzzling through the reason anyone would want to hurt Mia so badly.
49. Godwyn recalled Thomas’s puzzling over who had told Murdo the secret, and why.
50. From your Child-Womb will America grow, the puzzling Prophecy continu’d.
51. The Pansfalaya have always been gracious hosts, but I found this rather puzzling.
52. These are puzzling observations coming from someone in the intelligence sector.
53. Harry paused, pondering yet another of Malcolm and Maud’s puzzling contradictions.
54. Mac made a couple of stupid suggestions, but what became puzzling clear to him was.
55. Puzzling, where was it? Memories of him standing alongside that old man talking about.
56. I was puzzling over the presence of people from the coroner’s office when the ME, Dr.
57. What was puzzling to me anyway was that she had no lunch or signs of a lunch anywhere.
58. There was something puzzling about his behavior that had nothing to do with his sadism.
59. How attention performs such feats seems puzzling, but to me, it is in the interactions.
60. Slough, evangelist, church of Christ: The word ‘punishment’ is not a puzzling word.
61. Awake, he often had a quizzical look, constantly puzzling his surroundings, his condition.
62. REGAN WAS TO spend her early thirties puzzling over the central conviction of her twenties.
63. But to stand in the twenty-first century and carry that same pessimism is a puzzling thing.
64. What, puzzling, is it? You are putting me through an examination, Andrey Antonovitch, I see.
65. This also explains why it’s so puzzling to people when they bring a friend to their hotel.
66. Still, it is puzzling that such simple strategies could deliver a long-run SR in excess of 1.
67. Besides, the tone of the letter vaguely depressed Ashley’s puzzling and uninteresting ideas.
68. After these two boys arrived in their house, Roger saw some puzzling changes in Josie’s behavior.
69. Quite puzzling to Roger was the fact that animals, particularly chickens, and human travel together.
70. It took a minute for these puzzling statements to sink in, but when they did, Kathy gasped out loud.
71. Most puzzling, what the devil was happening?……who was the owner of the Volvo, and where was he?
72. When I heard her puzzling tone; I was very surprised, and feeling something odd; I was in infatuation.
73. In hindsight, it may be easy to dismiss the behaviour of the First Sea Lord as ineffectual and puzzling.
74. The only puzzling thing was that he was definitely white skinned and his colouring was, if anything fair.
75. The most puzzling thing the children had found was not where they were so much as where they had come from.
76. There was always some aspect of the myth, some puzzling phrase or omission or odd detail that prevented it.
77. Lenar was headed downwards, which was a bit puzzling until Garcia saw the phaser floating downwards as well.
78. A curious and most puzzling question might be started concerning this visual matter as touching the Leviathan.
79. Clues are not usual y puzzling bits of physical evidence, a la Scooby Doo, but something that clearly points.
80. This observation makes the high historical returns of momentum and trend-following strategies even more puzzling.
81. If that was the case, then, Josie might have been thinking about that when she made the puzzling remark to Roger.
82. Come on, he says, slowly and still she senses him puzzling over information he should not be able to access.
83. So that now, for me to come forward to give an opinion in such a puzzling matter, would be to risk a rash decision.
84. Most puzzling of all was of course Penelope’s apparent business with Dragon Bridge, and possibly the Penitus Oculatus.
85. The cave-troll produced a handkerchief (which was puzzling, as he had no clothes, yet alone pockets), and dabbed his nose.
86. But there were many other puzzling occurrences that day, which required immediate explanation, and the prince felt very sad.
87. Nonetheless, it seems puzzling that earnings-per-share growth has lagged GDP and corporate profits growth as much as it has.
88. The further gap between dividend and earnings growth rates is less puzzling because it may reflect declining payout rates (i.
89. In fact, it was a detective in Perth inquiring about murders and deaths similar to a puzzling case that he had in his region.
90. His motivations for both of those are understandable, but what is puzzling is that he then Read my experiences with Bezedil.
91. He was unaware that he had closed his eyes in the intensity of effort to picture the wealth of puzzling information before him.
92. Again, skewness preference could explain the puzzling pattern that such apparently risky stocks tend to have low future returns.
93. For Eva, the gentle chimes of the antique clock were a decided relief, for they had broken what had been a puzzling train of thought.
94. What would have happened if she had succeeded instead of being rubbed out like she was?� Steve conjectured as he had a puzzling look on his face.
95. Aside from the fact that the number of individuals they were expected to help escape to the West had tripled, the reference to Oldenberg was puzzling.
96. The fact that Orynn's pram had had wheels was puzzling, but he was at a loss to see how Stick could learn anything about Zorban prams on the Internet.
97. Most of the inquiry / update program will look familiar but there will be a few new keywords and some of the logic may be troubling or puzzling or both.
98. Puzzling over this helped distract me only slightly from my devastation at being separated from Carlotta only a year and half after finally finding her.
99. He is just about to turn aside, and puzzling if he dares go near the castle to see if his parents are imprisoned there, when he hears a scuffling sound.
100. The reason the weights of atoms are so puzzling to the public is that these weights are just an average… of the oxygen they measured to make that average.
1. Eve was puzzled by him.
2. But she is not puzzled.
3. At first he was puzzled.
4. He gazed at Tom, puzzled.
5. He looked at her, puzzled.
6. She looked at it, puzzled.
7. He stared at her, puzzled.
8. She puzzled looks at him.
9. I stared at him, puzzled.
10. I looked at her, puzzled.
11. He looked at me, puzzled.
12. They looked at him puzzled.
13. He appeared to be puzzled.
14. Alicia shot a puzzled look.
15. Mave looked at him puzzled.
16. The old man looked puzzled.
17. I‘m still puzzled by it.
18. Her face was puzzled and.
19. She stared at it, puzzled.
20. They seemed to be puzzled.
21. They were puzzled by the.
22. He threw me a puzzled look.
23. She was puzzled about the.
24. This fact puzzled him much.
25. Now, I am honestly puzzled.
26. Sam gave her a puzzled look.
27. He was lying puzzled in a.
28. Ali looked puzzled at the.
29. I was relieved but puzzled.
30. Anna looked at him, puzzled.
31. They looked at him, puzzled.
32. She gave him a puzzled look.
33. Puzzled, she had asked David.
34. I felt relieved, yet puzzled.
35. A puzzled look came upon Mrs.
36. She and Mary become puzzled.
37. For a moment he was puzzled.
38. For a moment it puzzled him.
39. Ram looked even more puzzled.
40. This puzzled him because Mr.
41. Sykes puzzled over the detail.
42. Stick looked at him, puzzled.
43. Marjorie looks at him puzzled.
44. The vicar looked much puzzled.
45. He gave her a puzzled glance.
46. When he looked up, a puzzled.
47. Jason was puzzled he had as-.
48. Hazel puzzled over the stones.
49. She wore a puzzled expression.
50. Diane D puzzled looks at Lance.
51. He puzzled looks at Margarita.
52. Lov gave Tryton a puzzled look.
53. Carton and I puzzled over them.
54. Elders, they were a bit puzzled.
55. Wei Qi looked puzzled and asked.
56. Diane D puzzled looks at Selena.
57. He was puzzled and disappointed.
58. He looked puzzled for a moment.
59. Jeanine gives me a puzzled look.
60. Puzzled, I looked at the clock.
61. Once again, Stratos was puzzled.
62. The Pilgrim look at him puzzled.
63. Shi Chen was puzzled as he asked.
64. The editor was obviously puzzled.
65. They puzzled look at each other.
66. This speech at first puzzled Mrs.
67. Jamie was puzzled by this remark.
68. Susan puzzled stares at the door.
69. Lenar seemed puzzled as he re-.
70. She was puzzled by their hilarity.
71. One of them puzzled me very much.
72. This fact puzzled and annoyed him.
73. Long Fei looked puzzled and asked.
74. Randy became puzzled for a moment.
75. Will sat back with a puzzled look.
76. They looked puzzled, as if they.
77. I can still see her puzzled look.
78. She puzzled turns around to look.
79. Dana puzzled looks at the officer.
80. Lucy's eyes followed her, puzzled.
81. It was something that puzzled him.
82. Rochester professed to be puzzled.
83. Marie in a puzzled and stunned way.
84. The officer shot me a puzzled look.
85. This puzzled her for a few moments.
86. Abram puzzled over Levi’s accent.
87. Jean was puzzled and felt awkward.
88. He had a puzzled look on his face.
89. This puzzled Cosette, because of.
90. He felt more and more puzzled by.
91. The next step was what puzzled me.
92. He looked up with a puzzled frown.
93. Long Bushi was puzzled and shouted.
94. It puzzled them and it puzzles me.
95. I turned back puzzled by her words.
96. They are still puzzled to this day.
97. He squinted at her, clearly puzzled.
98. Puzzled, Amy heads into the kitchen.
99. He entered, puzzled but interested.
100. Clarence looked at Rachel, puzzled.
1. He loved puzzles and numbers.
2. All puzzles have been removed.
3. And he loved crossword puzzles.
4. It puzzles me to know why Mr.
5. It puzzled them and it puzzles me.
6. I was doing a lot of these puzzles.
7. No, it more puzzles than troubles.
8. We’ve done these puzzles before.
9. No traveller returns, puzzles the will.
10. She’s better at puzzles than I am.
11. Munger loved to give his family puzzles.
12. I’d guess it was inspired by his puzzles.
13. That sort of need is best placed into puzzles.
14. They were all three-dimensional puzzles, 31.
15. If appropriate, have toys, books, and puzzles in.
16. Well, a life with puzzles is an interesting one.
17. She took to crossword puzzles, the kind that came.
18. He was much better with puzzles than interrogations.
19. She quickly figured out that all of the puzzles had.
20. My new hobby as of late is putting together puzzles.
21. He’s quite good at puzzlin’ out puzzles, y’know.
22. What puzzles me is what they were doing in the first.
23. These are not just any puzzles though, they are the hard.
24. He is a lover of puzzles and a challenger of enigmas and.
25. What puzzles me is he said their kind has been here before.
26. What puzzles me is that we derive pleasure from things and.
27. That’s what puzzles me, Garcia agreed, he began to pace.
28. Waving patterns of pictures and puzzles House full of trippers.
29. I like puzzles, says Devon, more honestly than he means to.
30. The mechanic puzzles over the boss’ words, She’s a beauty.
31. Do you see? You're good at that, Harry, at those crossword puzzles.
32. He sat on the floor with his puzzles and did not bother anyone.
33. Being scared is not a feeling he is used to and he puzzles over it.
34. But something puzzles me: These are supposed to be Four’s worst fears.
35. What puzzles me about you, Sam, is how you remained ignorant on the.
36. The Tamil font resembles those optical illusion puzzles that give you a.
37. They play cards, they work with puzzles; they have simple craft projects.
38. Personally, this fact still puzzles me because of the advanced condition of.
39. Engaging the mind could be as simple as doing crossword puzzles on a regular.
40. Dolls and balls and jigsaw puzzles and even a toy gun when she asked for one.
41. Andrew loved to solve puzzles so he decided to become a private investigator.
42. When some new development puzzles you, compare it to life outside the markets.
43. I was now hooked and began making steady progress unraveling the many puzzles.
44. Her family had been addicted to jigsaw puzzles for as long as Jane could remember.
45. Sorry, I'm good at solving puzzles but I cannot know what I haven't been taught.
46. What puzzles me is the role Jarvis might be playing in all this, said Clayton.
47. It was like those contest picture puzzles they used to print in newspapers when I was a boy.
48. There are many ways to stimulate the brain, including crossword puzzles, playing video games.
49. They spoke to the Operations Supervisors, and got more puzzles than answers for their trouble.
50. Game can be a hermeneutic – what are the puzzles to be solved, or Game can be lifestyle –.
51. When he was young, he used to try to impress friends with his ability to crack puzzles quickly.
52. It puzzles me much to think how on earth the prince guessed yesterday that I have had bad dreams.
53. It is this difference between scientific accuracy and artistic accuracy that puzzles so many people.
54. It puzzles me much, for now it seems as though I had really heard the ballad, and not dreamt it all.
55. August would sit in the next room doing his puzzles, and neither of the men paid him much attention.
56. The materials include games and puzzles, holiday exercises and readings with comprehension activities.
57. But what puzzles me most, I guess, is that you were attracted to that ugly piece of trash instead of me.
58. Juz like the puzzles I do in these here newspapers, when Corey's an' my conversating catches the slows.
59. The ubiquity of 1/F α noise is one of the oldest puzzles of contemporary physics and science in general.
60. The tented arch pattern on our man’s index finger was fairly distinctive, even as these little puzzles go.
61. Brother Francis also suggested that I take up doing crossword puzzles or some number puzzles called Sudoku.
62. Were I a resident of that city, I could hardly have known this better, and how the error got there puzzles me.
63. Here you’ll find a collection of ready-to-print flashcards, worksheets and puzzles: a great resource for kids.
64. Octopuses are usually quiet and genial creatures, who are at their happiest when left alone to do word puzzles.
65. Libby Barrett had no interest in playing Rugby, much preferring the calmer activity of assembling jigsaw puzzles.
66. Roger’s puzzles have appeared in 115 publications in 32 countries, including several national UK newspapers.
67. They are not riddles or puzzles, merely steps to the next possible resting place for this revered piece of history.
68. One thing only puzzles me, namely, how Franz d'Epinay will like a grandfather who cannot be separated from his wife.
69. Many a times, answers to inventors’ questions or missing pieces of scientific puzzles are obtained from their dreams.
70. What really puzzles me is why would anyone care enough to leave this message--and how would they know where the Dorje is.
71. And Juan was giving him some pretty tough puzzles to solve in hopes of finding some quiet without retreating to the bedroom.
72. Instead of jig-saw puzzles this boy could put back together a play-room floor scatter of gun parts faultlessly, without pause.
73. The touch screen menu handles most of the dialogue selection and logic based puzzles that will progress players through the game.
74. So it puzzles us beyond belief when you start giving sophisticated weapons to countries against the wishes of your oldest friends.
75. Aside from the Founders every one of you who often puzzles, ―But that does not make common sense!‖, is probably a Conservative.
76. As his men and his captives turn at his command and begin the journey home, Ralph puzzles over the sudden sense of whiteness in his mind.
77. The puzzles are original and the solutions are applaud-able, Echochrome and its many challenges certainly deserve all the praise it gets.
78. Dad, eighty-four, spent time on the computer and napping, while Mom, nine years younger, watched television, read, and challenged herself with crossword puzzles.
79. Berger arrived at Grane’s summer house with several shopping bags filled with food, crayons and paper, a couple of difficult puzzles and a few other things.
80. Tam examined several of the puzzles available, like a Rubik’s cube, and a stick with a rope and a ring, the object being to take the ring off with out untying the rope.
81. One of the great puzzles in history is why the most extreme racial hatred should appear in a society where cultural and religious assimilation was exceptionally far advanced.
82. But Nastasia Philipovna seems to me to be such a sensible woman, and, as such, why should she run blindly into this business? That’s what puzzles me so, said the prince.
83. Having observed this, the new pedagogues try to teach only the solving of puzzles with small numbers, that is, what cannot form the subject of instruction and is only the work of life.
84. He had sat there with his puzzles and building blocks and not uttered a word, just having those unpleasant fits when he screamed with that piercing voice and thrashed backwards and forwards.
85. What really puzzles me, if I’m honest, said Denis Hood is how such a large sum - or any sum, come to that - can suddenly appear in an account without you being able to trace its source.
86. By that time he had dissected every dissectible insect in the region, he spoke Spanish like a native, and he had solved all of the crossword puzzles in the maga-zines that he received in the mail.
87. Her father had taken early retirement from his job in the public service last year, and since then, he and Jane’s mother had been staying up late doing their puzzles until three or four in the morning.
88. Before moving on to consider the selling climax and the buying climax, at this point in the book I think it's appropriate to answer a couple of questions which sometimes puzzles both traders and investors.
89. I paid my respects on the way to our table, but didn’t think this was the moment to explain how a single line from one of their songs had unpicked one of the puzzles of writing This House Is Empty Now.
90. If that happens to occur, however, will she be able to solve said riddle? She’s never been one for tricks, for games, for puzzles jigsaw or not, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be unable to do it, does it?
91. But the mental effort necessary to enable the spectator, listener, or reader to assimilate the new information contained in the work, or to guess the puzzles propounded, by distracting him, hinders the infection.
92. Thus starts the plot for Trace Memory, a deeply moving mystery solving game that places players in the heart of a mysterious island, accompanied only by a ghost with no memories and faced with puzzles every step of the way.
93. Interpretation: The Page of Swords brings news and communication from a bright young person with an excellent mind, quick to learn, good at puzzles, diplomatic, enjoys gossiping and skilled with the ability to work out the true nature of things.
94. It went on to indicate an exercise and dietary regimen that would lay a foundation toward accomplishing that goal, adding that stress management techniques and brain stimulation exercises like cross-word puzzles should be part of a mental exercise component.
95. Though these visions could contain important evidence in this case, he would be very careful not to allow his objectivity to be tainted by the suggestions contained in these incidences and would eventually decipher the true meanings of these enigmatic puzzles.
96. Now they are taught solving puzzles, forming equations with small numbers before they know numeration and how to operate with numbers, though experience teaches any teacher that the difficulty of forming equations or the solution of puzzles are overcome by a general development in life, and not in school.
97. Given that prior views on this question are so polarized, it is perhaps not surprising that there are two public puzzles that ask virtually opposite questions: (i) Why is most delegated portfolio management still allocated to active managers? and (ii) Why is such a small share of institutional risk budgets allocated to active managers?
98. Collecting puzzles of the Luck,.
99. You have all kinds of puzzles to buy: big ones,.
100. She had no interest in the more difficult puzzles,.

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