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Puzzle numa frase em (in ingles)

It was a puzzle indeed.
This is quite a puzzle.
Two pieces of the puzzle.
But this should puzzle 'em.
The puzzle was that these.
It will puzzle them all too.
The brain was another puzzle.

What are these puzzle piece.
She's a solved puzzle to me.
He couldn't puzzle out why.
A puzzle put together wrong.
My life was a puzzle that I.
The puzzle is finally solved.
Mike was still a puzzle to her.
One thing continued to puzzle.
But that fellow DOES puzzle me.
It is a constant puzzle for me.
Key to the whole damned puzzle.
The knight considered the puzzle.
It's a puzzle, he murmured.
Life is such a puzzle, he thought.
I got too much to puzzle with.
Martin Straw was S in the puzzle.
This is a puzzle for me to solve.
That in itself was another puzzle.
The System was like a jigsaw puzzle.
This puzzle has a thousand pieces.
It’s the last piece of the puzzle.
I saw astonishment, puzzle and fury.
He pieced the puzzle of his concern.
The pieces of the mysterious puzzle.
Before she could puzzle that out, a.
Her largest puzzle has 18,000 pieces.
Another puzzle of life, he said.
Physicists puzzle over the discovery.
And the puzzle business is big business.
The pieces of the puzzle, and here she.
Fitting in like a puzzle in his embrace.
Another puzzle is solved, so they state.
This puzzle could not remain unfinished.
It was all very puzzling.
It was puzzling as to how.
This was all very puzzling.
But it was all very puzzling.
This was all puzzling to Siri.
This is a very puzzling fact [.
He paused for a moment, puzzling.
Why are you puzzling over it?
They noted the puzzling fact that.
Yeah that is something puzzling.
A puzzling look came over his face.
Equally puzzling is why is the poor.
It is puzzling to comprehend how the.
I saw some things that were very puzzling.
It is puzzling and some of it is horrible.
He put down the magazine he was puzzling thru.
What is controlling the UFO is puzzling to him.
The word punishment is not a puzzling word.
The puzzling reading was that the weight dropped.
Painful thoughts and questions puzzling his mind.
Many things seemed to him puzzling and suspicious.
The word ‘PUNISHMENT’ is not a puzzling word.
I found something very interesting…very puzzling.
Equally puzzling is the fact that there is no scien-.
Max considered other questions that were puzzling him.
But Cicciaro himself was already puzzling out schematics.
And it is perplexing or puzzling, I suppose, that only a.
Women wearing veils are more puzzling than what men think.
He could see her puzzling away at it, and not getting it yet.
In the car, he took the second call from Mick, puzzling what.
The puzzling thing was that Bruce never trained as a trainer.
I answered the questions even though they were a bit puzzling.
She walked away puzzling over the identity of the strange girl.
Some of the group were puzzling it out, piecing it all together.
To me, this route is the most puzzling thing about the gold rush.
What would Kirk do? Garcia asked, puzzling over the problem.
Puzzling over that, Loki looks out at the road and his eyes go wide.
Puzzling this out, Carl soon asked, "Why couldn't I ask her, then?".
Nangong Ping was still puzzling over what the convulsing man had said.
He had been puzzling over the TWO trees which had come, and at last had.
Eve was puzzled by him.
At first he was puzzled.
But she is not puzzled.
He gazed at Tom, puzzled.
He looked at me, puzzled.
She looked at it, puzzled.
He looked at her, puzzled.
I looked at her, puzzled.
She puzzled looks at him.
I stared at him, puzzled.
He stared at her, puzzled.
They seemed to be puzzled.
The old man looked puzzled.
She stared at it, puzzled.
He appeared to be puzzled.
They were puzzled by the.
They looked at him puzzled.
Mave looked at him puzzled.
Her face was puzzled and.
He threw me a puzzled look.
I‘m still puzzled by it.
Alicia shot a puzzled look.
Now, I am honestly puzzled.
I was relieved but puzzled.
Sam gave her a puzzled look.
They looked at him, puzzled.
He was lying puzzled in a.
She was puzzled about the.
This fact puzzled him much.
Anna looked at him, puzzled.
She gave him a puzzled look.
Ali looked puzzled at the.
Ram looked even more puzzled.
For a moment he was puzzled.
She and Mary become puzzled.
For a moment it puzzled him.
I felt relieved, yet puzzled.
Puzzled, she had asked David.
This puzzled him because Mr.
A puzzled look came upon Mrs.
He loved puzzles and numbers.
All puzzles have been removed.
And he loved crossword puzzles.
It puzzles me to know why Mr.
It puzzled them and it puzzles me.
I was doing a lot of these puzzles.
No, it more puzzles than troubles.
We’ve done these puzzles before.
She’s better at puzzles than I am.
No traveller returns, puzzles the will.
Munger loved to give his family puzzles.
I’d guess it was inspired by his puzzles.
They were all three-dimensional puzzles, 31.
That sort of need is best placed into puzzles.
If appropriate, have toys, books, and puzzles in.
Well, a life with puzzles is an interesting one.
She took to crossword puzzles, the kind that came.
My new hobby as of late is putting together puzzles.
She quickly figured out that all of the puzzles had.
He was much better with puzzles than interrogations.
He’s quite good at puzzlin’ out puzzles, y’know.
What puzzles me is what they were doing in the first.
These are not just any puzzles though, they are the hard.
What puzzles me is he said their kind has been here before.
He is a lover of puzzles and a challenger of enigmas and.
What puzzles me is that we derive pleasure from things and.
That’s what puzzles me, Garcia agreed, he began to pace.
Waving patterns of pictures and puzzles House full of trippers.
I like puzzles, says Devon, more honestly than he means to.
The mechanic puzzles over the boss’ words, She’s a beauty.
Do you see? You're good at that, Harry, at those crossword puzzles.
He sat on the floor with his puzzles and did not bother anyone.
Being scared is not a feeling he is used to and he puzzles over it.
What puzzles me about you, Sam, is how you remained ignorant on the.
But something puzzles me: These are supposed to be Four’s worst fears.
The Tamil font resembles those optical illusion puzzles that give you a.
They play cards, they work with puzzles; they have simple craft projects.
Personally, this fact still puzzles me because of the advanced condition of.
Andrew loved to solve puzzles so he decided to become a private investigator.
Engaging the mind could be as simple as doing crossword puzzles on a regular.

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