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Queasy numa frase em (in ingles)

Monty had a queasy moment.
Both choices made him queasy.
I feel kind of queasy, mother.
Her stomach instantly felt queasy.
Next to him was the queasy Moynahan.
There was no queasy in my gut about it.
She would be more tired, but less queasy.

There was a queasy, nauseous feeling in the guts.
I felt queasy a little and was glad for the wine.
Dread, fear of the unknown, a queasy, sinking feeling.
He had a terrible headache and his stomach was queasy.
Strong hot tea helped to settle my still queasy stomach.
She turned back at the queasy sounds of crunch and squelch.
Even he becomes queasy at the environment forming around him.
Had they not shook that fence I would still be feeling queasy.
The sight of that made me queasy and I had to look away quickly.
Sam’s stomach grew queasy and she started to feel physically ill.
Half an hour later, I feel slight queasy and frankly shocked to my core.
The Patriarch summoned a sardonic smile that made Ursempyre feel queasy.
All that sucking and burping had made the both of them feel quite queasy.
Instead, the queasy smell of plastic bandages and bleach filled the room.
My stomach felt queasy watching the blood gushing out of the boy’s neck.
His heart began to thump hard and a queasy feeling settled in his stomach.
Joseph sighed heavily, pressed hands against his queasy stomach and nodded.
Dick put his arm around me, which always made me queasy when a guy did that.
He was totally dehydrated and a little queasy from the afternoon’s binge.
Won’t be that way for long, he thought with a queasy twist in his stomach.
She blinked away the queasy sensation, took a sip from her glass to restore.
Still queasy, the blood that rushed to his bent head brought him to his knees.
Thomas was filled with a queasy fear, disbelief that this was happening at all.
A small meal seemed to keep it calmed down, but now her stomach was queasy again.
Jesse finished the spaghetti and felt a bit queasy after drinking nearly seven cokes.
I was feeling queasy beyond my norm and spent extra time throwing up in the bathroom.
Aiden did as he was told, although it was hard for him to ignore the queasy sensation.
I've gotta go, was all he replied before hanging up leaving me with a queasy stomach.
Feeling suddenly queasy, he looked up to find a pair of executioner hoods looming over him.
He climbed onto the bed with his head pounding and his stomach feeling very light and queasy.
He soon returned, holding the bowl as far from himself as he could, a queasy look on his face.
It made Imbrahim more than a little queasy to reflect on the implications of such a thing; it.
I don’t think I want to know what happened to the boys, Ailia said, feeling rather queasy.

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