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1. Making this quilt was a big job.
2. Seko kicked off the quilt and.
3. He pulled off the quilt and shook it.
4. Mitya wrapped himself up in the quilt.
5. She brought me up a warm quilt as well.
6. It was a pretty nice camp sleeping quilt.
7. I hope this quilt is harmless if it IS.

8. He rolled over on the hand-stitched quilt.
9. Herndon was soon back with another camp quilt.
10. He got pillows and a quilt from the landlady.
11. She took the quilt off the bed and wrapped it.
12. My arms go limp, and the quilt falls into my lap.
13. Jack held on to his quilt like a little boy with a.
14. But the quilt was warm, and he dismissed his fears.
15. She grabbed the camp quilt and her lowland wrapskirt.
16. They all stood before a giant blue quilt that Tyrone's.
17. The boy lay covered by his coat and an old wadded quilt.
18. There was a flowery quilt that she put on the little bed.
19. The only thing that remained was the quilt they slept on.
20. They crawled toward the street, wrapped up under the quilt.
21. The quilt was of pink satin, and it was quilted in patterns.
22. It is most likely somewhere under your quilt at this moment.
23. I climbed in the bed and covered myself with the thick quilt.
24. But I lied on the quilt lifeless unable to get underneath it.
25. She removed Garcia’s boots and then covered him with a quilt.
26. American star quilt so that he is entirely covered like a mummy.
27. For another three I bought a little quilt and swaddling clothes.
28. The quilt of rags on his back lurched as he shrugged his shoulders.
29. Emily winced and nodded, still staring at the pattern on the quilt.
30. She folded her quilt over their shoulders, he had his arm under it.
31. Heather put her jeans back on and found a quilt to throw over her.
32. I covered myself with Taylors quilt and peeked through a small hole.
33. But neither Aunt Hannah nor Betsey ever knew that the quilt and the.
34. They were both seated on the sofa padded with flowery-designed quilt.
35. They cost more than a natural quilt, but can be kept clean outdoors.
36. Charly threw herself across the bed and stuffed her face in the quilt.
37. He lay just under the icons; his large thick hands outside the quilt.
38. What the hell? shrieked Corneo, dragging the yellow quilt over.
39. The quilt and the sheets under the quilt were lowering, melting to rest.
40. Petra clutched at the quilt and pulled it to her shoulders like a shield.
41. Jean lay on her front over the red silk bed sheets and thick mauve quilt.
42. Damn it! I feel so helpless and weakly knock with my fists on the quilt.
43. The quilt frame was rectangular-shaped and constructed of four round poles.
44. A king-sized bed was next to one of the walls with an Indian-style quilt.
45. Desa wrapped her quilt around her shoulders and smiled her way out the door.
46. Dora’s girls were making him a patchwork quilt, a beautiful thing of silk.
47. The first ones would see Doc’s face when they gave him the beautiful quilt.
48. I met a man who shared with me his quilt over an attack he sent to a woman he.
49. Carol’s legs were curled up beneath her, and she and Richard shared a quilt.
50. A large, pink quilt was spread out over the grass and anchored down with stones.
51. The quilt is stained with something which looks like beer and smells like beer.
52. She pulled the quilt closer to her neck and closed her eyes and tried to sleep.
53. She was concentrating on the flowered pattern of the quilt to keep from crying.
54. I sat wrapped in a quilt out on my terrace, overlooking the south end of the bay.
55. His hands were symmetrically placed on the green silk quilt, the palms downward.
56. She went to the boat and soon emerged with a camp quilt, started down the beach.
57. His bare feet stuck out, and he couldn't pull the quilt over so as to cover them.
58. They both sat looking at Dog and the dry strewings of mold and seed over the quilt.
59. He knew he had seen this pattern before, but it wasn’t on any quilt, it was on Mr.
60. Lyamshin was in bed, seriously ill, as it seemed, with his head covered with a quilt.
61. He opened one eye, saw the brilliant colors of the quilt and closed his eye quickly.
62. There would be no winter because there would be no paws to dampen the quilt with snow.
63. With her free hand she snatched it off and lay down on him, drawing the quilt over them.
64. Hazel’s bed was a four-poster on which the bedposts were two-by-fours topped by a quilt.
65. One day, when she was at work upon a quilt, she suddenly experienced a strange sensation.
66. She took a huge breath, began to bear down again, and tightly grasped the quilt under her.
67. This is an effort closely allied to the morality of quilt discussed in a previous chapter.
68. It was cold enough that she was glad to get her quilt and lay as best she could by the fire.
69. The quilt was pink in the background with purple and blue flowers dancing across the fabric.
70. Moonlight streamed through the big windows as she settled under the quilt she used year round.
71. Instead he hid under a quilt in the parlour with Thaniel’s never-read copy of Anna Karenina.
72. But here in this place, it was as though all the different seasons were woven together in a quilt.
73. Against the other wall stood a big bed, very clean and covered with a silk patchwork wadded quilt.
74. It was hard to look where she was pointing and not at her, the way that made the quilt swing open.
75. Herndon went to play with his portable terminal on the boat and Ava took a camp quilt to the beach.
76. Apart from its ticking, the only sound was the cotton quilt cover creaking against his fingernails.
77. He never noticed it was Desa, wrapped in her quilt like a present, until he had cuddled up with her.
78. He swiftly laid her down on the bed and covered her with the down quilt and then headed down to get.
79. He then removed his overcoat and lay down on the bed in his clothes, covering himself with the quilt.
80. There was the homemade patch quilt, and vintage four poster bed and compatible chair situated nearby.
81. Someone had taken the quilt off her bed and a trail of dirty, Petra sized foot prints led out the door.
82. Over his bed covered with a Spiderman quilt hung a replica of the space shuttle in midair on a thread.
83. To console her they carried the pink satin quilt and the pillows in muslin cases into the drawing-room.
84. It was as though we had spent years sewing a quilt and now we were removing the stitching to start over.
85. Yes, it was also true that she found herself more compatible with Herndon in a quilt than she remembered.
86. With every gesture of politeness she hastened to clamber up on to the billows of feathers and white quilt.
87. The ropes were to lower the frame when working on the quilt, or to raise it to the ceiling when not in use.
88. The other two had one hole at either end, with a nail through the holes to hold the quilt tightly in place.
89. I sat on the bed, my stockinged toes just touching the fringe of the rug, my hands at my sides on the quilt.
90. I hope she doesn’t think that… I started, embarrassed that she had found my quilt in Alex’s cabin.
91. A pagan hearing the lapping of muffled in a quilt, was bringing out the carriage to take Ashley to the train.
92. Now Celeste slid out from underneath the feathery quilt and walked to the window overlooking the frozen lake.
93. He was lying with his hands on the quilt staring at the wall, where the only ornament was a religious oleograph.
94. They are so prolific that they can create a quilt in as little as four days -- one that will sell for $300-$400+.
95. I see a blue patchwork quilt under my head and wince as I tilt my head to see where the water sound is coming from.
96. Wrapped up in a deep purple quilt was an ornate knife with a bone handle, a silver bowl and several jars of dried herbs.
97. She was bundled in a folded quilt against the early-week chill, but excited about some info they might be interested in.
98. Natásha did not move, though her little bare foot, thrust out from under the quilt, was growing cold on the bare floor.
99. She suddenly felt the need to sit down, but before she could move, Than reappeared, and he was holding a quilt in his hands.
100. Frankie was sleeping soundly when they reached home, and so was the kitten, which was curled up on the quilt on the foot of the bed.
1. Quilting bees, PTAs, and women's auxiliaries.
2. Her hands were chilled and she paused to rub them together and to scuff her feet deeper into the strip of old quilting wrapped about them.
3. Debby, chubby and chattery with a big, blond farmer-husband and a special room in her own farmhouse for crafts, packed with sewing ribbons and quilting patches and glue guns.
1. A roll of toilet paper, soft and pink and quilted.
2. He sat up, the silk quilted throw puddling on the.
3. The quilt was of pink satin, and it was quilted in patterns.
4. Clouds moved away to show the blue sky in great quilted patches.
5. Bev sat a folded, quilted piece of decorative fabric on the counter.
6. The servant accommodated the quilted pillows in its place and kept on dusting the furniture.
7. Lined with quilted linen too, it was both beautiful and rare; everyone in the troop was envious of it.
8. Equally well fed were the drivers in quilted coats and buttons on their backs, porters, servant girls, etc.
9. A week later in the spring, I did the walk wearing jeans, quilted flannel shirt, down vest, gloves and knit cap.
10. It was furnished with luxurious quilted leather seating and a large desk near a wide window overlooked the airfield.
11. A Sunday morning breakfast, salty seagulls, velvety chocolate, quilted candy, magnolias, petunias, apple trees and roses.
12. Beyond the market, the frozen grass of the cemetery was quilted with the brown rectangles of more than a hundred fresh graves.
13. It was a velvety, cheesy, lacy thing with heavily padded shoulders, quilted with vest-like appliqués in gold and purple thread.
14. He was caught in a fleeting moment and yet you could see every wrinkle in his face and the folds in his quilted jacket and trousers.
15. His weapons were leaning against the side of the red quilted bed, his sword in its black scabbard, and his bow resting in its leather case.
16. He had the classic male-model look, and was quite well-dressed for a native in snug pants with a paisley quilted jacket trimmed with suede cuffs and collar.
17. It was Morningday and cool enough so she was in a shoulder lace body sweater and was a better view than Lorthax, who was in a lightly quilted cape and leggings.
18. From the lofty gunwales, the black pirates drove down a volley of shafts that tore through the quilted jackets of the doomed sailormen, then sprang down spear in hand to complete the slaughter.
19. Her first impression was that the gift was some kind of bedspread or comforter of quilted paisley, the kind she had worn in the seventies and that she remembered her mother and grandmother wearing in old age.
20. She beheld the inviting room of comfort, taking in the quilted oak bed with a canopy and curtains in the corner, Parisian rugs adorning the floor, a bookcase against the wall, and a hanging portrait of a castle with a lake in the background.
21. Anyway, we closed with them and they fought ferociously, but their wooden swords, helmets and breastplates, hide shields, and quilted cotton armor were no match for our steel swords, armor, and shields, and we were soon driving them back whence they came.
22. The curate would not let them hood him, but put on his head a little quilted linen cap which he used for a night-cap, and bound his forehead with a strip of black silk, while with another he made a mask with which he concealed his beard and face very well.
23. As the line passed round and round the loggerhead; so also, just before reaching that point, it blisteringly passed through and through both of Stubb's hands, from which the hand-cloths, or squares of quilted canvas sometimes worn at these times, had accidentally dropped.
24. So busy was she on this day that she did not hear Laurie's ring nor see his face peeping in at her as she gravely promenaded to and fro, flirting her fan and tossing her head, on which she wore a great pink turban, contrasting oddly with her blue brocade dress and yellow quilted petticoat.
25. But this time our faraway vantage was desirable, because we got to take in the full scope of the Event: the impatient crowd, leaning collectively from one foot to another; the mayor atop a red-white-and-blue dais; the booming words—pride, growth, prosperity, success—rolling over us, soldiers on the battlefield of consumerism, armed with vinyl-covered checkbooks and quilted handbags.
26. Madame Magloire wore a white quilted cap, a gold Jeannette cross on a velvet ribbon upon her neck, the only bit of feminine jewelry that there was in the house, a very white fichu puffing out from a gown of coarse black woollen stuff, with large, short sleeves, an apron of cotton cloth in red and green checks, knotted round the waist with a green ribbon, with a stomacher of the same attached by two pins at the upper corners, coarse shoes on her feet, and yellow stockings, like the women of Marseilles.
27. In the grate there was a glowing, blazing fire; on the hob was a little brass kettle hissing and boiling; spread upon the floor was a thick, warm crimson rug; before the fire a folding-chair, unfolded, and with cushions on it; by the chair a small folding-table, unfolded, covered with a white cloth, and upon it spread small covered dishes, a cup, a saucer, a teapot; on the bed were new warm coverings and a satin-covered down quilt; at the foot a curious wadded silk robe, a pair of quilted slippers, and some books.
28. Did a holiday-maker with a wife and, say, four children have to bring six sets of bedding with him? Six sets of Teutonic bedding, stuffed with feathers? Six pillows, six of those wedge-like things to put under pillows called _Kielkissen_, and six quilted coverlets with insides of eider-down if there was a position to keep up, and of wadding if public opinion could afford to be defied? Yet the lodging-houses were full; and that there were small children in them was evident from the frequency with which the sounds that accompany the act of correction floated out into the street.
1. Northland Wildflowers and Quilts to Wear.
2. I have never had any quilts that weren't.
3. And so cold we needed two quilts, she remembered.
4. She's got so many crazy quilts in the house now she doesn't know what.
5. Several of the other riders upon seeing it requested quilts of their own.
6. A trio of sisters does a thriving business in blankets, especially quilts.
7. The travelers reclined on the stuffed quilts and got a few hours of sleep.
8. My second week, all Roy has intrusted me with is comic books and quilts.
9. The primaries have pieced blocks for outsides for two quilts, over-hand work.
10. Everyone knew her, knew the art she created, and the quilts that won national awards.
11. It was filled with authentic-looking antiques, including a hand loom and several quilts.
12. When it was over, they lay sprawled on the quilts, gently touching each other, exhausted.
13. There was a bedstead against the wall on each side, right and left, covered with knitted quilts.
14. He said his mother used to make quilts like that, and by Jove, he wanted one to remind him of her.
15. The wooden wing of Mimosa had burned and only the thick resistant stucco wet blankets and quilts had saved it.
16. When the first bottle was empty, Jeff opened a second, and they stretched out on a pile of quilts in front of the fire.
17. Even though they have already given quilts to friends and family members, their inventory was still occupying every available space.
18. She was lying on a thick mat layered with quilts and blankets, trying to breathe normally and praying that the person over there was Jeff.
19. Rachel has given you one of her beloved knitted quilts of the 'tobacco stripe' pattern, and she says when I am married she'll give me one, too.
20. A bed had been made in clean straw with some quilts and my dinner spread out on a table supported by a wooden crate, which made me feel at home.
21. She awoke in the midst of the quilts and blankets, naked except for her socks, and it took a few seconds to realize Jeff was not somewhere in the pile.
22. Rather it be a painting, a computer, a toy or medical procedure, from fixing a house to mopping a floor, from organic farming to quilts, we are creators.
23. Sleeping with someone else? He took off his shoes and pants and left the rest of his clothes as they were, then plopped on the bed and snuggled under the quilts.
24. He always imagined the woman to be middle-aged, puttering around her home crafting dolls and making quilts, not a petite and pretty twenty-five year old brunette.
25. Margaret was soon awash in orders for other scenes with the dragons’ likenesses and it became the rage to have one of her quilts hanging on the walls of their caves.
26. The bed frame echoed the sitting room's furniture design and manufacture; the quilts and pillows carried on the patterns and colors introduced in the other room as well.
27. It was useless for the girls to argue hotly that such provided them with quilts and blankets to cover their nakedness, while she boiled their conduct humiliated the soldiers.
28. They both cleaned up at a public bath, had a passable meal, took as much fuel as there was, and he charged off into Dawnsleep while she huddled in both quilts in the chilly cabin.
29. Residents across the Panhandle enter canned goods, textiles, and baked goods to be judged, and fair goers tour the exhibit halls to get a look at quilts, art, and photography as well.
30. She rolls onto her side, and he hauls the hem of her quilts past her shoulders and blows out the candle and stares into the miniature rooftops and chimneys of the model at the foot of her bed.
31. He and his father went over to where the girls still sat, took the forks from their hands, lifted them into their arms and carried them to bed, tucking them gently in under the sheets and quilts.
32. He carried burdens and baggage she would never understand, so why bother? She thought about him for a few moments, as she peeked from under the quilts and watched damp clouds follow her breathing.
33. She thought about ducking into Betty’s Quilts and hiding for an hour or so, but then what would she and Betty talk about? Instead, she walked around the block and entered the offices from the rear.
34. No moths would ever have ventured near those quilts, for they reeked of mothballs to such an extent that they had to be hung in the orchard of Patty's Place a full fortnight before they could be endured indoors.
35. A pile of dirty, ragged quilts are pulled out from under the beds, some bags and rags rolled for pillows, and the family dispose of themselves for the night, with no change of clothing, scarcely the removal of shoes.
36. Wooden awnings covered the sidewalk to the edge of the street, and at the long iron bars connecting the uprights horses and mules were hitched, their heads bowed against the cold misty rain, their backs covered with torn blankets and quilts.
37. Sometimes, he thought it was worth it to have her smiling when she opened the front door in the cold twilights, kissing him on the ear or the nose or some other inappropriate place, to feel her head snuggling drowsily on his shoulder at night under warm quilts.
38. As the two Women took down Quilts and Eider-Downs and laid a Bed for me before the Fire, I thought of all the astonishing Things I had heard that Ev’ning, the strange Prophecy, the Herbal Wisdom of the Witches, Isobel’s uncanny Ability to read Thoughts and converse with Animals….
39. The furnishings included a rather oversized bed, with heavy colorful quilts thrown on it, in the corner next to the hearth, a small heavy table and chair on the other side of the hearth, a free-standing storage cabinet for clothes, a large trunk for storage, a hand mirror made of bronze, and behind a silk screen, a tub for bathing.
40. Snug beneath her comforter and quilts, she lay quietly,.

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