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Quip numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. They all laughed at this quip.
  2. She loved the smile that came with that quip.
  3. Ignoring his quip, she took refuge in the case.
  4. Roger and Bill laugh out loud at Brian’s quip.
  5. Maybe the math quip hadn't been such a brilliant idea.

  6. I loved the cute smile that came with that quip.
  7. Ciere glances at Daniel, expecting him to reply with a quip.
  8. Lieutenant to grizzled sergeant, a quip of loyalty at the.
  9. My brother shared this quip with me, expectations are noth-.
  10. Undoubtedly, Barry would quip: hey, what are friends for?
  11. My Seller informs me that the Akons have Quip guns and Soul Chasers.
  12. I’d known and loved that song longer than any brittle quip of my own.
  13. Later, it bothered me a bit that my quip might have been unbecomingly impertinent.
  14. There were a few shallow laughs at her quip from the sycophants, as the meeting broke up.
  15. As statisticians have been known to quip, if you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything.

  16. I take offense to that, I tried to quip, but my mouth was thick and some asshole had put it on sideways.
  17. The dozen Companions gathered around him now laughed, perhaps a touch more uproariously than the quip called for.
  18. She is perhaps most famous for her quip that now (with the invention of the Replicator) we could have our cake AND eat it too.
  19. Paula’s quip must have deviated from the preset plan for the Hellos that I had apparently constructed in my head, and I went stiff.
  20. He thought back to Esther’s quip to Alex, ‘you have a lot to learn little puppy’, thinking to himself that he was more of an old mongrel and yet he still hadn’t learnt much.
  21. What the Federation knew about the Iotian culture and situation could fit in a nut shell, Garcia thought, and that wasn’t a quip on the state of the electronic medium storage capacity.
  22. Recently I read a philosophical quip claiming that it is really only God or a madman that can claim to know all truth – and consequently have certainty over whether or not something does or does not absolutely exist.
  23. He took his ordinary at a boilingcook's and if he had but gotten into him a mess of broken victuals or a platter of tripes with a bare tester in his purse he could always bring himself off with his tongue, some randy quip he had from a punk or whatnot that every mother's son of them would burst their sides.
  24. His favourite quip was,.

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