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Raise numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Now we raise IV 5%.
  2. If we do not raise.
  3. You can now raise or.
  4. He could not raise it.
  5. So they raise the rent.

  6. I can’t raise my hand.
  7. You raise it in the air.
  8. She decided to raise it.
  9. Then I started to raise.
  10. We can raise the money.
  11. Raise the paper a little.
  12. Put your raise in the bank.
  13. This Jesus did God raise.
  14. It gives raise to GRAPHITE.
  15. Should I ask for a raise?

  17. You raise a good point.
  18. Raise your shield of faith.
  19. Could you raise a flower.
  20. I raise my eyebrows at her.
  21. They ordered her to raise.
  22. I’m going to raise it up.
  23. But should raise it up.
  24. I raise a hand to stop them.
  25. We had occasion to raise it.

  26. Inhale and raise both arms.
  27. He barked to raise the dead.
  28. I raise the face visor and.
  29. This Jesus did God raise up.
  30. We had to raise her spirits.
  31. I’ll raise my offer by.
  32. You sure as hell raise the.
  33. She tried to raise her left.
  34. Raise her hand to your chest.
  35. I had to raise the entry fee.
  36. Raise a banner for the nations.
  37. The nun did not raise her eyes.
  38. You may raise it into a place.
  39. To raise their child together.
  40. All 25 cadets raise their hand.
  41. I wanted to raise his spirits.
  42. It is designed to raise birds.
  43. I rarely raise my voice, and.
  44. Lifted Hands, To Raise Us Up.
  45. Loki manages to raise his head.
  46. Better raise the window, David.
  47. I would have and DID raise my.
  48. Raise the height of the tables.
  49. But she did not raise her head.
  50. I raise the glass of wine and.
  51. Owens started to raise his hand.
  52. They might even raise children.
  53. Fever: Fevers can raise the BMR.
  55. I raise my brow a little higher.
  56. Triple A raise their rates in.
  57. Dolores and I could raise goats.
  58. He then attempted to raise them.
  59. Inhale and raise the arms upward.
  60. Did she raise you alone?
  61. This Attack can even raise the.
  62. You and I will not raise him.
  63. Raise the Stakes, what's at risk.
  64. Even gave me a little raise!.
  65. She demanded a raise, which was.
  66. I don’t raise another objection.
  67. It would raise too many questions.
  68. They raise their spears in salute.
  69. Olsen called out to raise the taxi.
  70. The key is to try and raise your.
  71. Inhale and slowly raise the head.
  72. You raise some good points, Cam.
  73. The Brigadier tried to raise his.
  74. Astley, that will raise a scandal.
  75. And raise the echoes of the forest.
  76. WE ARE THE WORLD in order to raise.
  77. We raise children not torture them.
  78. It is not designed to raise humans.
  79. No reason to raise questions that.
  80. I should raise my hand to you again.
  81. All he had to do was raise his eyes.
  82. Raise him like I’d raise any kid.
  83. My folks didn't raise him that way.
  84. They could raise the dead and were.
  85. But we are told they can raise corn.
  86. That’s just to raise the plane up.
  87. That type of decision - to raise a.
  88. Cosette was forced to raise her eyes.
  89. This can easily raise the BSR from.
  90. Neville, can you try to raise the.
  91. She did not raise her head and her.
  92. He tried to raise himself, and fell.
  93. I didn’t raise her to be this way.
  94. We came out here to raise some hell.
  95. Then raise the scarlet standard high.
  96. He saw the plump shoulders raise in.
  97. We raise sylphs for the Lyr’s Army.
  98. He tried to raise a comforting smile.
  99. Sons of Saladin, to raise their hands.
  100. I raise my head to look into his eyes.
  1. The raising of a window.
  2. Raising a son by himself.
  3. Raising my head, I looked.
  4. The water was raising fast.
  5. In raising the capital for.
  6. Many of those raising their.
  7. I saw William raising his hand.
  8. Raising the bottle to the box.
  9. Paul raising this question in.
  10. Raising Pete hadn’t been easy.
  11. She met his eyes, raising her.
  12. Appears on: Raising Hell (1986).
  13. She thought about how raising a.
  14. He shrugged, raising his eyebrows.
  15. Dada raising her hand into the air.
  16. She cut me off by raising her hand.
  17. This can only be done by raising.
  18. Raising her chin and mounting her.
  19. Davidson asked raising her eyebrows.
  20. As though raising a lens to her eye.
  21. Ralph interrupted, raising his voice.
  22. He bent over the woman, raising her.
  23. Raising his arms to the hungry blade.
  24. By raising livestock to kill and eat.
  25. Raising his right hand he said in a.
  26. Yep, I said raising my eyebrows.
  27. That is the question you are raising.
  28. She turned, raising an eyebrow at him.
  29. The raising of her eyes mollified him.
  30. I was trapped here raising a monster.
  31. Epanchin, raising her hands in horror.
  32. He looked about, raising his eyebrows.
  33. Secretary, would be raising objections.
  34. That in itself is raising questions.
  35. He kept raising it and finally rested.
  36. What if I suck at raising a child?
  37. We came home, started raising families.
  38. I was raising her to be better than me.
  39. Praise God!' he said, raising his mug.
  40. That was really a hair raising matter.
  41. Thanks for raising the bar ridiculously.
  42. Is that it? he asked raising his.
  43. Mom had another problem with raising me.
  44. He felt goose bumps raising on his arms.
  45. None of us, I said, raising my chin.
  46. He started raising his voice at me and I.
  47. Examine your reasons for raising chickens.
  48. Slowly raising his hands, he turned around.
  49. I never heard of anyone raising their.
  50. I've enjoyed raising my children, and my.
  51. Came in and all I saw was him raising his.
  52. Without raising his face he said: Maybe.
  53. A farm is a good place for raising children.
  54. I was now raising four of my sons by myself.
  55. Jesus blended both in suffering and raising.
  56. Your health! he said, raising his glass.
  57. The arm continued raising her up, inexorably.
  58. There are after raising each and every step.
  59. Now, now, Scott said, raising his hands.
  60. Bev said, As far as raising suspicions goes.
  61. I’m thinking hog raising on a small scale.
  62. That too, replied Liam, raising his beer.
  63. Texas Panhandle has consisted of raising cat-.
  64. The man was standing and raising the bat again.
  65. While you were raising your family on Eretz.
  66. He was raising on his side for a better look.
  67. Jesus represented the raising of consciousness.
  68. She cleared her throat, raising her gaze to his.
  69. I see Aaron raising his hands as if to stop me.
  70. Raising his hand, he looked terrified to speak.
  71. That was fun, he said, raising his glass.
  72. Raising storm over a cup of tea, the new trend.
  73. And raising the chances of its happening to you.
  74. I just ploughed straight in, never raising my.
  75. Jacques, raising himself up out of his sick bed.
  76. What? Murphy asked, raising his shoulders.
  77. To Mother Nature, he said, raising his cup.
  78. And that is? Tim said, raising his eyebrow.
  79. Raising her head, she stared at the dense forest.
  80. He interrupted her by raising his hand, averting.
  81. The ceremonies of raising and lowering the flag.
  82. Mr Bloom moved forward, raising his troubled eyes.
  83. I did so, raising the boy's head against my knee.
  84. The enemy is raising strength for another attack.
  85. Another one! said Tom, raising his eyebrows.
  86. Quickly raising her bow, she shot an arrow at it.
  87. Obinze was raising hell outside the changing room.
  88. To the bees, I said raising my glass of milk.
  89. Chin cut him off by raising his hand in the air.
  90. Raising her head, she remained silent for a while.
  91. We could almost communicate by raising flags ….
  92. She was raising it toward his lips, and he could.
  93. The raising of a neighboring window disturbed him.
  94. Raising chickens without experience is challenging.
  95. People were always raising their voices at William.
  96. Fish then smiled, raising his eye brows as he spoke.
  97. He turned to the guide, raising a confused eye-brow.
  98. LP signalled the ‘all okay’ by raising his hand.
  99. It's the result of raising children alone, Brother.
  100. Without raising his eyes, he said in a low voice:.
  1. I raised my hand up.
  2. He raised his arm in.
  3. Walid was raised as a.
  4. I raised a brow at him.
  5. If you were raised in.
  6. He raised a brow at me.
  7. I raised my brow at him.
  8. I raised my arms as he.
  9. Chono, who raised an arm.
  10. She raised her hand to.
  11. He raised his axe high.
  12. He has his arms raised.
  13. I was raised in Italy.
  14. Zach raised a good point.
  15. The biker raised his hand.
  16. God raised her from the.
  17. He was on a raised dais.
  18. I was raised by my late.
  19. In that case, we raised.
  20. I raised my hand to ask.
  21. She raised it to her eye.
  22. Therefore he raised a kick.
  23. He then raised his hands.
  24. Slowly he raised his head.
  25. He raised his eyes to mine.
  26. Bes raised a furry eyebrow.
  27. She was raised with love.
  28. Now the curtain is raised.
  29. He then raised the volume.
  30. He raised a greasy eyebrow.
  31. I raised the machete and.
  32. Nihil with his arms raised.
  33. Travis raised a weak smile.
  34. He raised a cynical eyebrow.
  35. I had raised in their minds.
  36. With a raised hand he said.
  37. Thomas Draper raised a hand.
  38. Brows raised as he read it.
  39. The dealer raised his arms.
  40. He raised the gun and fired.
  41. But she was raised as a boy.
  42. I was raised in captivity.
  43. Then in a raised voice, he.
  44. He raised his hands in the.
  45. I raised my babies in a hut.
  46. The agents raised their guns.
  47. His mood was clearly raised.
  48. The kid had been raised in.
  49. He raised His Son from the.
  50. He raised his arm to bring.
  51. Martin raised his laser gun.
  52. Sir Richard raised an eyebrow.
  53. How I raised my own children.
  54. I raised my head half an inch.
  55. He raised his hand to get a.
  56. The King raised His hand in.
  57. He raised his hands miserably.
  58. Sachie raised her sword and.
  59. She raised her gun and fired.
  60. With new palaces raised and.
  61. He was born and raised in St.
  62. One of the guys raised his gun.
  63. She raised her eyes to the sky.
  64. That alone raised my concerns.
  65. Her comments raised too many.
  66. Virginia raised her head high.
  67. She raised herself and sat up.
  68. Raised as he was on tales of.
  69. Eye raised his hands for order.
  70. I raised an eyebrow, just one.
  71. He raised his arm to his head.
  72. Where they were raised by thee.
  73. His brother raised an eyebrow.
  74. Dionus slowly raised his sword.
  75. They were born and raised in.
  76. She raised her eyebrows at him.
  77. He raised my hand to his mouth.
  78. Rod raised his eyes to the sky.
  79. Dad raised his hand to stop me.
  80. Her age raised a big red flag.
  81. The goddess raised her eyebrows.
  82. He had even bought the raised.
  83. His hair in his arms raised up.
  84. Ed got out and raised the hood.
  85. Joe Billie raised the war club.
  86. Ben raised his hands in defense.
  87. Midge raised his Ray Gun,.
  1. She raises it and drinks.
  2. He gave good raises, too.
  3. He raises them to friends.
  4. He raises an eyebrow at me.
  5. He raises a hand in peace.
  6. He raises an eyebrow at her.
  7. The CHIEF raises his hand.
  8. Neumann Two raises his chin.
  9. He raises his free arm and.
  10. Officer Remmit raises a hand.
  11. That raises a laugh from him.
  12. He raises an eyebrow, amused.
  13. Zachary raises his card again.
  14. God then raises up a remnant.
  15. In addition, the BCTF raises.
  16. Zachary raises his wrist to me.
  17. He raises his arms in surrender.
  18. He raises my feet to his chest.
  19. He raises poor out of the dust.
  20. He raises his eyebrows but she.
  21. Raises within my breast as oft.
  22. He raises his wrist to my mouth.
  23. He grins and raises his eyebrows.
  24. Another Erudite raises his hand.
  25. He raises an eyebrow in question.
  26. Akers raises his hands helplessly.
  27. Jackie sheepishly raises her hand.
  28. The king raises an amused eyebrow.
  29. Glacia scoffs and raises her chin.
  30. So? She raises her eyebrow.
  31. She raises hers, too, mimicking me.
  32. He raises the sledge over his head.
  33. This raises a question I might ask.
  34. She raises the rock above her head.
  35. Jaden raises his sword at the rook.
  36. Good! That raises another question.
  37. This raises a number of questions.
  38. That raises a soggy chuckle from her.
  39. But this raises the game, Sir James.
  40. Patrice raises a hand to cut her off.
  41. Ted raises his glass to the stranger.
  42. Zachary raises his hand to greet Sean.
  43. He raises a hand, and the pain starts.
  44. Mother raises her voice into the dark.
  45. Nauli raises the male1 sexual energy.
  46. He raises the newspaper up in his hand.
  47. He turns and raises his eyebrows at me.
  48. Regent raises his head and looks at me.
  49. Neumann One raises a single steady hand.
  50. Really? He raises his eyebrows.
  51. This raises some interesting questions.
  52. He raises his eyebrows at me and grins.
  53. Noah raises his head, turns to the guard.
  54. That question raises a new development.
  55. He raises two pairs of socks in the air.
  56. In the fort, she raises her eyes to his.
  57. The man raises his fist, and Sara screams.
  58. Omes raises his hands to shush the class.
  59. She grins helplessly and raises her glass.
  60. This analysis raises the same amount of.
  61. It raises the wages of journeymen tailors.
  62. He raises his head, staring into the mirror.
  63. He takes a step back and raises the barrel.
  64. The scarcity of wood then raises its price.
  65. Lewis raises his hand; Thank you so much.
  66. But she raises none in those most concerned.
  67. Sadly, at other times it is because raises.
  68. Can’t see ’im for the dust he raises.
  69. He raises his hand in a wave when he sees us.
  70. Dan raises his hands with an air of authority.
  71. He groans and raises his head from the pillow.
  72. He raises his card again to bid for one ninety.
  73. For me this raises the question of whether or.
  74. Hell, just your presence here raises questions.
  75. Addiction of her instincts there Aojaj raises.
  76. There were no head raises to greet his legions.
  77. He smirks and raises an eyebrow when he sees me.
  78. This latter tactic raises adequate capital, but.
  79. I stare at him, and he raises a black brow at me.
  80. Thinking about this argument, for me, raises two.
  81. It certainly raises questions for Mary and me.
  82. A public mourning raises the price of black cloth.
  83. There’s no hesitation when he raises the pistol.
  84. She sees the look on my face and raises an eyebrow.
  85. One of them raises her head and stares at Emerson.
  86. They know who she is the moment she raises her head.
  87. It helps your career and raises your confidence.
  88. He looks at me when he asks and raises his eyebrows.
  89. This raises the question of the limits of attention.
  90. With one hand, he raises his rifle; aiming at Miles.
  91. John raises one hand, shakes his head in shock and.
  92. The boy raises his arm, preparing for Cass’ blows.
  93. When he next raises his head, he’s blinking a lot.
  94. John-In-The-Window raises his hand and waves slowly.
  95. This raises an amazing amount of suspicion and the.
  96. Who raises a child, the father or the mother? If we.
  97. Director Estilon raises his hands to quiet the cheers.
  98. Isn’t that what you are? He raises an eyebrow.
  99. She looks at him, smiles, and then raises her hands.
  100. It is awkward to ask for raises when you are related.

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