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Rancour numa frase em (in ingles)

1. But he seemed to inflict them in such a way, that the prisoners felt no rancour against him.
2. The humiliation of feeling herself weak was turning to rancour, tempered by their voluptuous pleasures.
3. They threw their arms round one another, and all their rancour melted like snow beneath the warmth of that kiss.
4. Perhaps it should be added that the effect is greatly increased if Owen's verse be spoken somewhat slowly and indistinctly in a tone suggestive of suppressed rancour.
5. In these stories, which often gave me palpitation of the heart, not a shadow of hatred or rancour could be detected; they laughed at what they had suffered like children.
6. I will add to these remarks that I was always surprised at the extraordinary good-nature, the absence of rancour with which these unhappy men spoke of their punishment, and of the chiefs superintending it.
7. The third good result will be this, that, instead of constant fear of revenge upon your evil deeds, you will feel that you are saving others from this revenge, and are principally saving the oppressed from the cruel feeling of rancour and resentment.

8. But ere he closed his eyes he let them wander round his old room, mellow in the glow of the firelight that played or rested on familiar and friendly things which had long been unconsciously a part of him, and now smilingly received him back, without rancour.
9. He was constantly full of jealousy and rancour towards his boss, Officer Sheikho, for how was it that an officer, especially an Arab officer, who had the same rank as his, have authority and superiority over him, whereas he was his deputy and had to answer to him, having no right to give any order without Aslan’s permission? Day after day envy and resentment fermented and bubbled in his heart… and surely one day it would overflow!.

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