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  1. Go on, tell her Ray.
  2. A faint ray of hope.
  3. I turned to face Ray.
  4. How dare he? Poor Ray.
  5. Ray had come up trumps.

  6. A feeble ray of light.
  7. Ray had a strange voice.
  8. There is a ray of sunshine.
  9. Ray went so far as to say.
  10. Ray took a sip of his drink.
  11. He felt the way Ray looked.
  12. Ray studied the chess board.
  13. Ray was silent for a moment.
  14. There’s no one here, Ray.
  15. Ray stopped talking, and I.

  16. There is a faint ray of hope.
  18. Then a ray of light entered.
  19. A ray of joy passed across M.
  20. The only ray of hope that Mr.
  21. Will Phillips sat next to Ray.
  22. They have Ray in a stretcher.
  23. He thanked Ray for the tunes.
  24. Ray replied with total silence.
  25. It was Ray Mike, it’s me.

  26. Then he turned to address Ray.
  27. It has to be, stated Ray.
  28. That she did, Ray agrees.
  29. Then what are you doing, Ray?
  30. I agreed, and Steve called Ray.
  31. Ray gazed at Phillip and sighed.
  32. Also, Ray already sent notice.
  33. Then I turned back to face Ray.
  34. Ray took the criticism in stride.
  35. Listen, Ray was shot in the arm.
  36. Ray in a very condescending tone.
  37. Then, leaning close to Ray she.
  38. Examples: the ray and the shark.
  39. Ray Noccia was a different story.
  40. In the pale ray of the wizard's.
  41. The sun warms its back with a ray.
  42. Ray Forbes phoned Max at around 9.
  43. Redmore Ray, Architect, 740 (Reg.
  44. Whose to say? countered Ray.
  45. If only Ray could believe that….
  46. Ray Bradbury lives in Los Angeles.
  47. It's the old subliminal Ray Hunt.
  48. It had to be Ray, she thought to.
  49. Ray Pack was born in Paris, France.
  50. That is where Ray and I are going.
  51. I called Ray Gilbert in Marseilles.
  52. You should see it, Ray cut in.
  53. I had a three-course meal with Ray.
  54. You don’t have to do that, Ray.
  55. In other words, are on the same Ray.
  56. He then turned to face Ray Sizemore.
  57. They probably stole the ray gun as.
  58. I met with Ray late in the afternoon.
  59. Ray and the two men who came with him.
  60. Ray and I took it and flipped it over.
  61. Ray is more than just a money manager.
  62. Ray only hesitated for a split second.
  63. You got a call from a Ray Phillips.
  64. Ray and Will had borrowed a bunch of.
  65. Hold on…Walker – Ray on the phone.
  66. A ray of Divine Mercy shone upon them.
  67. Ray took a sip from a drink and smiled.
  68. What! Dave, Marlon and Ray shout.
  69. Ray, tell Jim what happened yesterday.
  70. A light ray that entered such a field.
  71. Was she angry with you? asked Ray.
  72. One faint ray of hope is Clegg himself.
  73. The criticism struck a raw nerve in Ray.
  74. A ray of light shone down and when he.
  75. Ray, I wouldn't come here to play you.
  76. Ray hadn't followed her out of the room.
  77. A ray of awareness illumines a part of.
  78. Hey, Ray, he called to the bartender.
  79. Ray was, I sensed, a good guy all-around.
  80. Don't be absurd, Ray! Of course it will.
  81. She’s okay, of course? asked Ray.
  82. Holly surged ahead and ordered Ray away.
  83. I like you Ray – I respect the Agency.
  84. Billy Ray Boyle had started to back away.
  85. You are one cold-hearted mother, Ray.
  86. I answered to Ray Price’s tour manager.
  87. As Kena’s tears slowly dried a ray of.
  88. But by the time Ray carried Hedda to the.
  89. When a light ray enters such a field it.
  90. The same thing happens when a light ray.
  91. That’s kind of the idea, Ray said.
  92. I became a writer because of Ray Bradbury.
  93. Trouble was that Ray guessed his dilemma.
  94. I heard Ray praise the name of this Lord.
  95. Ray, was defensive – but, in a nice way.
  96. And this is the mystery of the Second Ray.
  97. That would be one small ray of light here.
  98. It all flashes before ray eyes as I write.
  99. I’d better go rescue Ray or Christian.
  100. Love every leaf, every ray of God's light.
  1. The Adepts are raying upon all egos without exception in the.
  2. Each of the Adepts who have undertaken this special work is raying out.
  1. The Baal felt that the location should not be Blue Rayed.
  2. Her forehead was creased like a child’s paper fan, and crow’s feet rayed out from her eyes.
  3. At the end of the nearly three and a half hour session, they only Blue Rayed six agents, for they.
  4. So then the sun came breaking through the high icy clouds, touching the rayed suns embroidered on his headband as I looked at him.
  5. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) works by using powerful rotating magnets that move hydrogen atoms which can then be X rayed to obtain an overall picture through hundreds of ‘picture slices’ of the brain.
  6. Evan joined them on the road; and as they drove along up hill and down hill (for Greece is in a state of effervescence, yet astonishingly clean-cut, a treeless land, where you see the ground between the blades, each hill cut and shaped and outlined as often as not against sparkling deep blue waters, islands white as sand floating on the horizon, occasional groves of palm trees standing in the valleys, which are scattered with black goats, spotted with little olive trees and sometimes have white hollows, rayed and criss-crossed, in their flanks), as they drove up hill and down he scowled in the corner of the carriage, with his paw so tightly closed that the skin was stretched between the knuckles and the little hairs stood upright.
  1. Red rays, 39, 192, 278.
  2. UV-A are the rays that.
  5. The Three Rays of Aspect.
  6. The Four Rays of Attribute.
  7. That receives the suns rays.
  8. The rays are moving so fast.
  9. Gamma rays actually do exist.
  10. Take light rays as an example.
  11. And the morning sun’s rays.
  12. And cast their vivifying rays.
  13. Doctor C scoped the rays, and.
  14. The rosé rays of the morning.
  15. The reflected rays from these.
  16. The sun’s heat and rays came.
  17. Finally the ship's rays appeared.
  18. In the Seven Heads of the Rays.
  19. It showed the sacred twenty rays.
  20. These gamma rays are detected by.
  21. The Sun's dying rays bathe my face.
  22. M: As between the sun and its rays.
  23. With the fading of its rays, the.
  25. The early morning rays came right.
  26. On the blue blocks of ice the rays.
  27. Your Billy Rays last name is Boyle.
  28. A minute later and the rays were gone.
  29. Three more rays hit him in the torso.
  30. There were flashes of sword rays all.
  31. From these, immeasurable rays of red.
  32. Red rays were striking all around him.
  33. Must be the focus where the rays cross.
  34. Crimson rays splashed against his face.
  35. This would cause the light rays to be.
  36. There were rays coming thru the clouds.
  37. Shine in all their brightest rays;.
  38. X rays have found a bone fracture there.
  39. Matteucci, on the electric organs of rays.
  40. Loran watched as the last rays disappeared.
  41. I had no idea how strong the UV rays were.
  42. The Sun shines its rays, Sparrows fly high.
  43. These are for blocking harmful rays of.
  44. The rays destroyed their magical talismans.
  45. But, its desire is to see the rays of light.
  46. My Rays will reach to the ENDS of the EARTH.
  47. Its white rays slanted down over the grass.
  48. Rays of light from the fire could be seen.
  49. But the hayfields open to the winnowing rays.
  50. Collect all the dissipated rays of the mind.
  51. Sun God was bathing me with his divine rays.
  52. He rises as the sun of a thousand rays and.
  53. And though they could feel the sun’s rays.
  54. The sea was lit by our beacon's electric rays.
  55. Rays of early morning sunlight were starting.
  56. A few rays of sun sneak in through the window.
  57. Down comes the sunlight, in thousands of rays;.
  58. And then red rays seemingly came from everywhere.
  59. These three rays together embrace and embody all.
  60. But when she did not go to sleep, these new rays.
  61. The rays of the sun started to shine upon their.
  62. The rays of white light flash through it in the.
  63. There it was glinting in the last rays of the sun.
  64. One: with a strong glass and the rays of the sun.
  65. It protects the eyes from harmful rays of welding.
  66. Cosmic rays are a natural source of antiparticles.
  67. But these rays start from a basis wider than the.
  68. The sun rays couldn’t reach the surface of the.
  69. The Sun's first rays lifted the gloom chasing the.
  70. It uses UVA rays and does not cause obvious burns.
  71. These rays not only bring about long-term damage.
  72. X X rays, X rays, X rays, X rays, and more X rays.
  73. Scattered rays of the same source of light and heat.
  74. The sun, driving straight down, stung with its rays.
  75. I was fully shaded from the sun’s heat and rays.
  76. And now the heavenly rays fall, on the ground, wet.
  77. Then with those Rontgen rays searchlight you could.
  78. The rays of the setting sun illuminated their faces.
  79. Besides the three major rays, there are 4 additional.
  80. Rays of sunlight were catching the diamond teardrop.
  81. It would seem that one Adept on each of the Rays is.
  82. The golden rays that announced the dawn of a new day.
  83. The next morning the sun’s rays drenched the jungle.
  84. When, through being struck by the rays of five lights.
  85. Also the tint of the sun’s rays no longer appeared.
  86. Gideon held his hand above his eyes to block the rays.
  87. Red light rays and nectars radiate from the aH at the.
  88. Its rays spread throughout the body through the nerves.
  89. Commonly when we send out rays of spiritual force they.
  90. The rays of the burning sun forced the mists to retreat.
  91. Because by restraining the rays of the sun through the.
  92. White, red and blue light rays and nectars radiate from.
  93. You’re here behind the rays that shine into your eyes.
  94. Jabar’s helicopter glistens in the last rays of light.
  95. Thus we have studied a little the work of the seven rays.
  96. The sun's rays began to come down on me with a sickening.
  97. He no longer emits rays, but only converses with his soul.
  98. The first rays of light started to illuminate the kitchen.
  99. Rays of force stabbed and slashed but he avoided them all.
  100. The golden riders vanished with the first rays of the sun.

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