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Escolhe o idioma, depois escreve a palavra abaixo, para obteres frases de exemplo para essa palavra.

Realize numa frase em (in ingles)

This I realize as well.
I have come to realize.
As they realize how deep.
Then I realize what it is.
You realize you are alone.
He had begun to realize.
I realize this, of course.

You realize you are prey.
How to realize and ful-.
He's her doctor, I realize.
I realize the noises that.
She seems to realize that.
You will begin to realize.
Realize that what you are.
I realize there wasn't any.
Once you realize that the.
Realize that thou art that.
Realize one, and you will.
To realize that I have him.
Once you realize that there.
Yes, I realize that and I.
Herons began to realize this.
I was surprised to realize.
He didn't realize how this.
I realize that I’m staring.
I realize that, Your Grace.
I realize that we have had a.
He nodded, We realize that.
Realize that you need to grow.
What I didn’t realize was.
We also realize that when we.
We fail to realize that what.
I came to realize that those.
I realize that they are safe.
She did not realize that the.
Partly for that realize it.
We have come to realize that.
This place helped me realize.
I didn’t realize it at first.
But what we fail to realize is.
Then realizing the need to.
Realizing that she had been.
Realizing it was Rafe on his.
Realizing what I had done, I.
Upon realizing that the coast.
It was the shock of realizing.
By first realizing you can't.
Realizing the truth in this the.
Realizing his medical acuity, Dr.
What if it was locked? Realizing.
She gasped, realizing her mistake.
She was realizing that there were.
Realizing I can't handle it alone.
I pause, realizing it’s my mother.
Without realizing it, I started to.
Realizing what it was, I smiled in.
He frowned, realizing I was in pain.
Realizing he had easier prey, John.
Realizing that he had super powers.
Realizing we created ourselves over.
Without realizing it, Sigma freed me.
Realizing that you are angry can be.
Realizing that Elsa was sick I grinned.
Realizing this made him even more wary.
And, realizing that with the light of.
But the real giving up is in realizing.
Then without realizing it, a sob escaped.
Once sober, realizing with whom she had.
They have no problem realizing their sins.
Without realizing it, he had shouldered.
I see that you are now realizing what I.
Realizing that I’ve always wanted this.
I stop, not realizing I was moving at all.
Realizing that is the beginning of wisdom.
She gave one away, not realizing its value.
The difficulty of realizing this comes of.
Without realizing it, Darek backed into a.
Non-violence is the means of realizing Him.
Realizing this, he spared a glance at Scott.
I had thought out loud without realizing it.
I realized that if I.
I realized he was right.
I realized why by the.
I realized I was tired.
And then I realized why.
It need not be realized.
As a realized sage, an.
I realized that one day.
To steady it, I realized.
I realized at that time.
He had not realized how.
As soon as she realized.
He realized he needed a.
I realized, at the last.
He realized that he had.
Wow! I realized I had 37.
I realized my sinful acts.
As she realized what had.
But, when it realized it.
I realized the old proverb.
I realized that I had two.
I realized that what most.
Sages of yore had realized.
He realized the danger and.
Then I realized it was sweat.
Then she realized that she.
It was then that I realized.
When he realized there was.
Before I realized what was.
The height of joy realized.
I thought you realized that.
Jack realized it was no use.
Only later she realized why.
They realized that she was.
Waddell than even he realized.
Then I realized the two men.
Rupert realized that it was.
I fully realized that, sir.
I realized that I had to.
He realized she was an even.
He realizes that the U.
He realizes he means it.
By the time he realizes.
The more that we realizes.
Willie realizes that he is.
He realizes he is just a man.
More than even he realizes.
The King suddenly realizes his.
He realizes that he is trapped.
He realizes that it is easy to.
Once the North realizes the.
But then he realizes his mistake.
Orland realizes the impact this.
Burke realizes he has lost control.
John finally realizes she is there.
That’s when he realizes something.
All that is not so hard, he realizes.
I wonder if she realizes that, Alfred.
And He realizes that it is the parting.
A moment later he realizes where he is.
Where Neo realizes suddenly he is awake.
She stops when she realizes her action.
Jaden realizes she couldn’t hear him.
He realizes that it is too late to try.
He realizes he will never see her again.
Before long however, she realizes that.
Efm realizes that the best way to keep.
He doesn’t have gloves, Daniel realizes.
The crew slowly realizes who these men are.
This point realizes the possibility of a.
He suddenly realizes there is money inside.
He now realizes the interruption he’s made.
He fully realizes freedom, eternity and God.
When one realizes that his parents are not.
Frederick has to shave now, Werner realizes.
Problem is, I don’t think she realizes it.
The Council realizes this too, of course.
She realizes what’s happened, where she is.
I hope and pray that Wain realizes this soon.
Unks realizes the effects of what he just said.

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