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Receive numa frase em (in ingles)

I will not receive it.
We receive it by faith.
Receive what you ask for.
If you receive a glass.
Be ready to receive her.
Stand by to receive him.
He will receive all the.

You receive the ad from.
And will receive the best.
By action you receive it.
You must give to receive.
Did he receive you well?
To receive a hug back by.
We will also receive the.
Bliss I shall receive back.
She would receive a full.
I was there to receive her.
She cannot receive you now.
One must give and receive.
She would not receive and.
In prayer, we receive the.
Have faith and just receive.
We receive prophecy by faith.
To receive the holy seal.
My turn to receive his stare.
Believe that ye receive them.
For those wanting to receive.
Toggle the switch to receive.
I did that identity receive;.
You’ll receive all of the.
And they cannot receive the.
We then need to receive the.
What benefits will I receive?
We all receive what we express.
Christ to receive their reward.
Will you receive with me?
What if you receive an offer?
Unmask and receive my blessing.
Ask, and then receive by faith.
You May receive the desires of.
One is for receiving and.
Babies are on the receiving.
The clairvoyant is receiving a.
After receiving her thanks, the.
In this same year after receiving.
He was receiving treatment one day.
Giving opens the way for receiving.
Upon receiving the mark either on.
Feeling excited about receiving it.
Here is what you will be receiving:.
Because I was receiving telepathic.
Is that not a gift worth receiving?
Batistuta has been on the receiving.
He was able to relax while receiving.
He is then halted from receiving help.
Sebastian, instead of receiving them.
But we’re receiving no telemetry.
You will be receiving too much honour.
At times it has to do with receiving.
I cried a lot while receiving the award.
Now she would be receiving $750 a week.
The other side of receiving is to give.
I was on the receiving end of that one.
And now, on receiving Will's letter, Mr.
A local Charity Hospital was receiving.
The front office had started receiving.
This sphere is only a receiving outpost.
If you feel that you are not receiving.
Receiving Tuples and Lists in Functions.
Receiving what their Lord has given them.
I am receiving more and more invitations.
Receiving back their beans, now several.
This time I was on the receiving end, too.
Those in hell are receiving eternal wrath.
The act of giving is the act of receiving.
We should start at the receiving office.
Sixty-four percent of those receiving CMO.
We were to church, receiving the sacrament.
But we will be receiving instructions soon.
Or he never received it.
Then he received a new.
I received a phone call.
We just received an S.
He has received bad news.
He never received a reply.
We received word that we.
This idea received a two.
He received it, Thank you.
I received a through ball.
That was when I received.
I received Baptism for love.
I received my sword here.
Many times I have received.
Her speech is well received.
I received a telephone call.
He never received that land.
We received tickets in the.
Chuck has also received a 10.
She still received no answer.
If you have not received a.
She had just received a text.
And he that had received the.
He received his Bachelor of.
I received a standing ovation.
He has already received a 46.
It wasn’t very well received.
I just received a patent on it.
The Spirit is received by faith.
I received an unexpected call.
Then the President received a.
It also received statehood on.
Process What You have Received.
We received information on how.
This is the message he received.
The directions received by the.
The company received an urgent.
He received a BS in policy and.
The day after she received the.
They received their reward for.
If a horse receives a.
It now receives 50, 122.
He receives that by faith.
When the body receives a.
That receives the suns rays.
The country now receives £1.
It receives but does not keep.
A man who receives salvation.
Chapter 2, he receives the vision.
And this is the thanks he receives.
Man receives only that which he gives.
This because the adult also receives.
The chief of sinners He receives;.
Captain receives the same issue as you.
The firm receives a tradeoff between.
This person gives and receives freely.
Middle: She receives the flowers I sent.
Middlemarch, who receives his own rents.
Within minutes, he receives a response:.
An ample vase receives the smoking wave;.
Black receives the first lethal blow and.
Today 30% of the population receives food.
Almighty receives only pure emotions as a.
The only exception is BRISD, which receives.
It is June 1998 when Brink receives the word.
Whoever receives Me receives Him who sent Me.
That Monday, he finally receives instructions.
It works by giving back more than it receives.
The author receives the list of their 10 ISBNs.
For every one that asks receives; and he that.
In the same way, the adult receives different.
The protagonist receives valuable training and.
She will be able to find me when she receives it.
And whoso receives such a little one receives me.
I died for all, but MY bride receives ME without.
I will see to it he receives the appropriate care.
CHAPTER – Earth receives the refugee from Dedov.
It still receives very nice aspects until the 20th.
The Clerk goes up to him and receives his blessing.

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