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Recite numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I heard you recite for.
2. And to recite the Quran.
3. Even they used to recite.
4. I’d be happy to recite:.
5. She’d have to recite each.
6. Exactly as I recite it, mind.
7. Then recite something for me.

8. I don’t recite that one often.
9. Recite five decades of the Rosary.
10. If we have to pray, let us recite.
11. Oh, fool, recite the Name of Govinda.
12. I even had a poem to recite to her.
13. Now Muhammad, this time you will recite.
14. If asked, she could recite these complete.
15. Sometimes he could even recite a few poems.
16. The wise who recite this with strong faith.
17. Recite in the name of thy Lord who created!.
18. He seemed to recite from a spin doctor’s.
19. The High Heels would especially recite this.
20. Stand in front of a mirror and recite it to.
21. Point to the notes and recite the letter-names.
22. Have elementary pupils recite the key and time.
23. Even though she could easily recite the chemical.
24. On the day that the kids were scheduled to recite.
25. They recite His praises, and to Him they bow down.
26. Sphinx coins at the poplar tree where I’d recite.
27. It is most important that whenever you recite the.
28. Valentine's Day Eve and recite this little prayer:.
29. Recite the first (major) part of this chanted legend.
30. Praying must recite the opening chapter of the Quran:.
31. They stood in the tent like pupils preparing to recite.
32. Satan and always before begin to recite the Noble Quran.
33. These are God's Verses which We recite to you in truth.
34. If we recite the twenty-one verses of praise, we shall.
35. She proceeded to recite the vilest phrases she remembered.
36. He’d always settle when she’d recite another episode.
37. When we recite this mantra we are making requests to wis-.
38. Insist that each student be able to recite at any time the.
39. He would sing to her, or recite poems, or tell her stories.
40. It was so convoluted I had to recite it from my crib sheet.
41. When we recite this mantra we are making requests to wisdom.
42. Arjun was told to recite the sacred syllable and visualize.
43. We can recite this mantra twenty-one times, a hundred times.
44. Mohammad asked what words to recite and Gabriel provided them.
45. This is a new one, she said and began to recite softly.
46. We recite the following, while concentrating on the meaning:.
47. We recite the following mantras as a request to bestow these.
48. He cleared his throat once or twice and then began to recite:.
49. And recite what was revealed to you from the Book of your Lord.
50. Whoever wants grants from Allah, he should recite the Koran by:.
51. You can recite this and in addition try to pick an example which.
52. The members of the Lodge recite call and response prayers while.
53. To protect the main directions and intermediate directions recite.
54. Recite them, recite them!’ said he, evidently preparing to laugh.
55. Recite them, recite them! said he, evidently preparing to laugh.
56. I been hearing him recite Revelations since before I could walk.
57. You should be careful not to recite the obvious, Chief Inquisitor.
58. During your trip to Stratos, the Mistress invited a poet to recite.
59. I started to recite the Lord’s Prayer when the lights came back on.
60. And those were just the tasks she could recite off the top of her head.
61. There were some circumstances, not necessary for me to recite, which.
62. We must come here another day and then you can recite it to me again.
63. Kate proceeded to recite her sister’s number including the area code.
64. Worshippers were counselled to recite this sacred syllable and concen-.
65. Gave me phrases to memorize, to see if I could recite them back to you.
66. He counselled Arjun, in the thirteenth verse of Chapter 8, to recite OM.
67. He had to focus at least well enough to recite what he knew from memory.
68. Lads learn nothing nowadays, but how to recite poetry and play the fiddle.
69. Some guys in school hardly ever get up to recite or go to the blackboard.
70. Bell, Miss Healy and the young lady who had to recite the patriotic piece.
71. He then proceeded to recite the very same poem in its entirety from memory.
72. Roy must have intuited my mood of reverie because he started to recite a.
73. They all rose as one, took each other’s hand, and began to recite a prayer.
74. Then when you are ready, recite the following words with the utmost sincerity.
75. You will tie 3 separate knots a couple inches apart as you recite the following.
76. She could have watched Homer recite his tales if she had the ship to get there.
77. All who recite the Rosary are my sons and brothers of my only son, Jesus Christ.
78. Then raised the arms and began to recite it with the monotonous tone of a litany.
79. A Quran which We unfolded gradually, that you may recite to the people over time.
80. He went on to recite bits and pieces of the story he’d told her the first night.
81. Since they couldn’t read the psalms, they couldn’t recite them with the monks.
82. Chantal loved that poem, and would make me recite it until she could do it as well.
83. These promises are fifteen in number and are for Christians who recite the rosary.
84. Naria took out her sword and holding it before her began to recite the Death Order.
85. We have a nursery rhyme that little kids recite, 'Jack and Jill went up the hill.
86. God says: When you recite the Qur’an, seek refuge in God from the cursed Satan.
87. I learned a number of them by heart and every day I used to recite one to Andronikov.
88. Carefully pulled on my pajamas, and tried to recite my favorite poem as I lay in bed.
89. It was about this time that she found it impossible to call on Bob to recite in class.
90. What poem is it? Recite it! I want to hear this poem! I have hated poetry all my life.
91. He placed his hand over his heart, like he was about to recite The Pledge of Allegiance.
92. When the Post Office was turned off at night it would sit there on the window and recite.
93. I summoned his voice to recite the same poems to Dolores while she hosed down the driveway.
94. To feel the full effect of the mantra, one needs to recite it over a longer period of time.
95. I forbear to dwell on the details of this transaction, because it is painful to recite them.
96. Whoever can't recite, he can listen to it on condition that he listens carefully as Allah says.
97. Muhammad knows nothing of recitation, nor does he know of what the angel would have him recite.
98. He was seized with a sudden desire to visit her, perhaps to recite to her the words of the poem.
99. He didn't say: "Is there any that will recite?" but He said: "Is there any that will remember?" i.
100. There was a collective clearing of throats as the dwarfs prepared to recite the well-known lines.
1. Or in this case, reciting:.
2. Was he reciting our childhood.
3. Josephine reciting the words by heart.
4. Offer the torma while reciting twice:.
5. I’m relieved of the duty of reciting.
6. They were only reciting ready-prepared.
7. All were busy in reciting Allah’s names.
8. A simple question wil have him reciting.
9. I can hear her in the kitchen, reciting up a.
11. Some were reciting, some singing, some leaping.
12. Whenever reciting this advantage in public, the.
13. He said the Buddhists did it by reciting mantras.
14. She was reciting the hymn of the Faraday to them.
15. While reciting the Pickle for a Nickel rhyme, he.
16. What were you reciting? Locke folded his arms.
17. Offer the torma while reciting three or seven times:.
18. A few years ago I started reciting this affirmation.
19. That attainments come from reciting the supreme close.
20. According to this, then, in reciting the Treaty of St.
21. As soon as Cynthia finished reciting her MANIFESTO she.
22. She began reciting one of the quotes of the high queens.
23. Lady, she was reciting something that only seemed to be.
24. The session should be concluded by reciting the Dedication.
25. After reciting the form of government, the ordinance says:.
26. Her voice sounded so beautiful, as if she was reciting poetry.
27. The interview also touched on the subject of reciting mantras.
28. Bodhisattva’s path or training while reciting the following.
30. I was reciting my little pack of affirmations and goals everyday.
31. As one, they lifted their heads and began reciting the pledge of.
32. Lights-out, a dark shape in a dark chair, reciting his favorite poems.
33. We shouldn't neglect reciting, but continue because the prophet said:.
34. He assuaged the situation with reciting a bumper sticker he’d once read.
35. Ethan reached inside, pointing at the controls and reciting instructions.
36. Then she started saying prayers in Urdu and reciting verses of the Quran.
37. Bruce started reciting an anthem learnt in school as he relieved himself.
38. On and on the speaker droned reciting his long list of grievances as he.
39. When the preacher began reciting the Twenty Third Psalm, they joined in:.
40. Yes, it’s an epic poem, Tammas said, as if he were reciting text book.
41. Peter never grew weary of reciting how even the winds and the waves obey him.
42. But will you let me assume, without reciting them, that these things are true?
43. Thus practice Pranayama accompanied by the Pranava reciting the latter ten times.
44. His voice was that of a teacher reciting lessons to a class of very dim students.
45. Theoton bid goodnight to his friends, reciting the ancient proverb with a chuckle:.
46. She lowered the scroll, but suddenly Soren started reciting the letter from memory.
47. God had anointed a sister with a special charismatic gift of reciting Bible verses.
48. Woke past midnight and unable to sleep, despite reciting list of Ralph’s details.
49. Perhaps I'd imagined the knocking and she was simply reciting poetry in the kitchen.
50. I suggest you read the bonus section on affirmations, and begin reciting several daily.
51. She dreamed of reciting this to Homer, watching his haughty lips creep up with reluctant.
52. She’d recited his insults in a dull monotone, as if she were reciting a poem or a prayer.
53. While she was reciting, the concoction was turning darker and darker, and watery and watery.
54. Reciting amitabha is a mahayana practitioners practice, can the theravada followers there and.
55. It sounded like one voice reciting something and then an entire group mimicking the same words.
56. Somehow, reciting the mantra has helped raise my level of awareness about life and its meaning.
57. Sleeping in my own home, maybe, said Zoleka, then she started reciting what she had studied.
58. The show opened with John Cooper Clarke reciting his verses to a mixture of laughter and heckling.
59. In a far corner, two kids not long out of their teens were manically reciting the Gettysburg Address.
60. Before I could beg more he interrupted and started reciting A group of four men turn around….
61. It was the path you set me on as a child, she responded evenly, reciting her words as if by rote.
62. At that moment, intent upon reciting his rosary innards, Hopwood's eyes flew open with actor's intuition.
63. He therefore became worthy of reciting the perfection and knowledge that had been imprinted on his spirit.
64. The settlers then either knelt or bowed their head as Nancy started reciting an old prayer in ancient Hebrew.
65. Steeling herself she opened the car door and made her way to the front door, reciting her speech in her mind.
66. Nonetheless he withstood it while mentally reciting compassionate mantras for all the pretas’ wayward souls.
67. Sometimes he forgot why he prayed, simply reciting from rote memory the words to some almost forgotten prayer.
68. Wat’s jokes have now deteriorated to the point where he’s reciting nursery rhymes at Bridgend rugby club:.
69. In prison he could always be found with a bible in one hand and reciting psalms and passages wherever he went.
70. To date, I have no regrets reciting the mantra and would encourage others to open up to this avenue of healing.
71. Learning six verses places a child on the roll of honor, and reciting them perfectly gives him two credit marks.
72. From the limousine, Hiss pointed at The District’s monuments, reciting their history as if Locke didn’t know.
73. I hate to say this, but he also managed to put together a pretty good imitation of me reciting The List of Ships.
74. Your Lord never destroys cities without first sending a messenger in their midst, reciting to them Our revelations.
75. He was reciting to the bookshelves the expeditionary history of the North Pole, as though standing before an audience.
76. Kaibiak looked at the old admiral, his long-time friend, and began reciting a piece from something he had read as a boy.
77. This problem, for the best minds in the world, was as insoluble as a two year old child reciting the eight times table.
78. They had a Secret Couplet which was the very Proof of Membership, and they delighted in reciting it to each other, thus:.
79. The Pilgrim had stood aghast when he saw it and in reverent tones started reciting from memory, his only source of knowledge:.
80. It’s not like I am reciting to you the names of a bunch of lottery winners—people I had never heard of before they won the lottery.
81. Note that whenever the Imam is reciting loudly others do not recite except in the silent parts of the prayer, where all have to recite.
82. We cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground … the kids were reciting in a pitch that was close to screaming.
83. Once the blessings were given he lead them in reciting the Lord’s prayer, and walked around the room throwing holy water into the air.
84. They give joy, gladness, peace, because, by prayerful y reciting the Psalms, we feel ourselves under the overshadowing protection of God.
85. When Don Lorenzo had finished reciting his gloss, Don Quixote stood up, and in a loud voice, almost a shout, exclaimed as he grasped Don.
86. Dearest fellow monastics, may I conclude our gathering this evening by reciting an ancient Hindu Peace Invocation? queried the swami.
87. Her body concealed the view of the television, but Philip could hear the faint voices of soap opera actors reciting their lines as if by rote.
88. According to her husband’s directions, she kept reciting the Qur’anic fortresses until she returned to the house, where she found him waiting for her.
89. Severa began to read it by placing her index finger on the first word and, as she was reciting out aloud the incantation, slipped her finger for each line.
90. My pulse quickened at the sound of his boot-steps, and with every one of these heightened moments I found myself reciting verses from long forgotten texts.
91. It was said that the ghost of Robert Plant still haunted the east wing, reciting the words of Stairway to Heaven, which he had written at the address.
92. He was reciting interpretations of the Holy Qur’an that were overwhelming the hearts of his disciples and uplifting them to limitless and lofty paradises.
93. Whenever a moment triggers some neuronal relationship to an appropriate textual quote, it will be the Dali Dali's voice I hear reciting it in my consciousness.
94. Wrench, expressly to hold a close discussion as to the probabilities of Raffles's illness, reciting to them all the particulars which had been gathered from Mrs.
95. I never liked confined spaces, and much less, with Batam reciting out loud all the possible scenarios of the worst things that could happen to us in the following hours.
96. The only one who had not come prepared in this respect was little Rosie, and even she - so as to be the same as the others - insisted on reciting the only piece she knew.
97. In Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn had a scene with Charles Coburn in which his character, Piggy, was reciting to Monroe’s character, Lorelei, a line in Swahili.
98. Just as I said that, one of the vets who was in the penalty box stood up, started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, dropped his pants, and started to urinate on the floor.
99. And because doctors are specialists they needn’t be trained to perform all medical disciplines, nor do they need to be reciting Shakespeare or bowling for college credit.
100. Alex and Abigail were reciting the Talmud off by heart in between bonking furiously, loud thrashing bands covering up the noise of their loud thrashing, thus passed the week.
1. He recited two minutes of Ruth.
2. I recited the names, one by one.
3. The Noble Quran is recited from.
4. And then we recited the whole poem.
5. Corrine recited the fabricated story.
6. Ariel recited while Kay thumbed it in.
7. He then recited the long poem in Nahual.
8. He bowed his head and recited his own.
9. Harris recited his statement of earlier.
10. In a low voice he begrudgingly recited:.
11. I recited simple prayers from my childhood.
12. The meagre Latin class recited with honor.
13. I’ve heard this poem recited elsewhere.
14. Latro Gradus, she recited in a whisper.
15. Barack Obama and Seal Team Six, I recited.
16. She recited the words on the letter verbatim.
17. Speaking together, they recited Osbald’s Oath.
18. But once they recited the incantations that were.
19. By now Jorma could have recited it as well as Ava.
20. Right, Grandnonny? Unitito recited confidently.
21. She sat on a prayer mat and recited from the Quran.
22. When he pointed at us, Father recited all our names.
23. He recited the names and ranks of his family members.
24. Then, when We have recited it, follow its recitation.
25. This is a recording, recited the woman’s voice.
26. Yes, sir, he answered, and recited the spell again.
27. Of all the heroes in the poem that Homer had recited to.
28. He recited jerks of verse with odd glances at the text:.
29. Still on his knees he recited the poem that had become an.
30. Muhammad), Had ALLAH so wished I would not have recited it.
31. Giry, drawing herself up, recited the letter with touching.
32. She quietly walked closer and heard Scripture being recited.
33. After I leaped back onto the carpet, Sandra recited her home.
34. He made a pillow of his poncho and recited a childhood prayer.
35. Brooding in expression, he took a deep breath, then recited:.
36. He recited the code Jermaine gave him and inputted it onto the.
37. Elowen listened as the class recited the Prayer of the Blessed.
38. He had given up on trying to write the story as Tim recited it.
39. He glibly recited an old Golden Text learned several weeks ago.
40. The Gayathri Mantra has to be recited 3 times a day – in the.
41. My Verses were recited to you, but you turned back on your heels.
42. NOTE: Amen (pronounced Ameen in Arabic) is always recited at the.
43. Obediently, I recited it without hesitation and trouble breathing.
44. One lost voice recited, David Smith, lost near Mars, July 2050.
45. She recited the specials, coconut shrimp and rum-sautéed chicken.
46. Together they recited the rosary; they prayed for a great miracle.
47. All livestock are permitted to you, except what is recited to you.
48. After my husband and I said our vows, we recited a separate set of.
49. After Michael recited his exact address, he bade the woman goodnight.
50. Different verses of the holy Qur’an can be recited after Al-Fatiha.
51. He recited the same words he had spoken earlier but nothing happened.
52. Peter took out his prayer book and they both recited a prayer for her.
53. He recited the official doctrine, but there was no fervor in his voice.
54. When Our Verses are recited to him, he says, "Myths of the ancients!".
55. And when Our revelations are recited to them, they say, We have heard.
56. The mantra of I AM is being recited by God Himself … not by you.
57. She’d never heard its like, and Father had recited all the best poets.
58. And he had recited it to them, they still would not have believed in it.
59. If he was expecting passion, I was far from that when I recited it back.
60. Then the third and the fourth bows with only Al- Fatiha recited silently.
61. He hesitated, blushing, and then recited, Honey is sweet to any tongue.
62. While the prayer was being recited they all stood around with bowed heads.
63. No one would speak your name as they recited the town’s annals of infamy.
64. And remember what is recited in your homes of God's revelations and wisdom.
65. When Our revelations are recited to him, he says, Legends of the ancients.
66. As Nerissa fumbled to unroll the sheet of parchment, Homer recited rapidly:.
67. The Lord’s Prayer is then recited in concert, and the school is dismissed.
68. Al-Fatiha is then recited after seeking refuge of God from the cursed Satan i.
69. Though now his heart wasn’t in it, so numbly, he recited quotes from Adros.
70. The six new inductees lined up and repeated the oath as she recited it to them.
71. It was an unfortunate event – recited the elf - nevertheless of easy solution.
73. Only when she recited a code would this virus become active, and its effect swift.
74. He stared at it for a moment, then pushed it aside and recited slowly from memory.
75. This verse was recited by the prophet Yunus when he was in the tummy of the whale.
76. Standing before them in the bridge‘s anteroom, the Captain recited back to them.
77. The holy Prophet recited it to the believers who love God and His messenger (cpth).
78. This man’s poetry was the first I had ever read or heard recited that addressed.
79. I sent your telegram, Howard-Smythe recited, as we walked back toward the train.
80. After he recited the number and the doctor scratched it down on a piece of paper, Dr.
81. Not surprisingly, Nezahualcoyotl’s voice broke a few times as he recited the poem.
82. When Our revelations are recited to him, says: ‘fables of the ancients!’.
83. Silver Jesus on a poetic roll, I mused to myself, thinking how well he had recited it.
84. The higher the stakes the greater the rewards, the plucky Daitya recited while.
85. So, when the Koran is recited, listen to it, and be silent that you may receive mercy.
86. My orgasm was swelling up slowly, it was a catharsis as I soundlessly recited a charm:.
87. Sabrina made the sign of the cross over her body and recited the prayers of the Rosary.
88. He recited her rights, while Darette, who had found her tongue again, cursed at Sierra.
89. She’d recited his insults in a dull monotone, as if she were reciting a poem or a prayer.
90. Still, the spell was simple and I recited it for her as I remembered it from Jasra’s use.
91. Jesus did not know (as a man) of their formal charges until he heard them recited by Pilate.
92. The Dragon Prince, she whispered and she recited a poem that neither had heard before:.
93. He therefore moved to strike out the words "before or" from the second section above recited.
94. When the Quran is recited, listen to it, and pay attention, so that you may experience mercy.
95. The priest, without making any reply, recited a prayer and handed the cross to the wounded man.
96. The students then learned by heart what was in their notebooks and recited what they learned.
97. Lunarey recited them in her mind, trying to calm herself, yet they only infuriated her further.
98. Also, when the mantra is recited many times, it would permeate the world and aid others as well.
99. Godwyn pretended to be surprised, and continued to listen while Philemon recited psalm number one.
100. As I recited the ancient words, I realised that I was chanting to the lullaby that my mother and.
1. The mullah recites the prayer, rubs his beard.
2. With hazy eyes, Pamela slowly recites what the.
3. A man recites a certain form of words with firm.
4. L'Abbadie recites the purport as well as date of it.
5. The boy recites his poem emanated from the depths of her.
6. Because it protects the one who recites it, it is called.
7. One, when trying to cover those times, recites: ‘Then.
8. The notice recites the legal description of the property being.
9. If we visit him or if we call him on the phone, he just recites.
10. And then with all Solemnity, as if he were standing in a Church, he recites:.
11. Let us join in their happiness as Kerala recites, and Akenji receives, the pledge of loyalty.
12. And a narrative it remains both in the speeches which the poet recites from time to time and in the intermediate passages?
13. Then when he recites to you God's Orders you bow obeying and submitting to the Great God and prostrate asking for God's Help to obey God.
14. When I mentioned the mantra, he anxiously replied, That’s the mantra my wife recites daily! The synchronicity did not just end there.
15. For every age there is an Envoy, a Prophet, or a perfect guide or leader (imam), who recites the Qur’an and provides its true interpretation and realities.
16. To the group of people that are of the opinion that God creates things when a magician recites certain incantations and special words, we say the following:.
17. His heartbeat is drumming so loudly that he can’t hear, he can’t think straight, but he prepares just in case, he’s had it planned out just in case, and he recites it to himself now.
18. God has blessed the believers, as He raised up among them a messenger from among themselves, who recites to them His revelations, and purifies them, and teaches them the Scripture and wisdom; although before that they were in evident error.
19. An exciting and interesting story of the time of the Great Plague of 1665; it recites the many adventures through which the hero passed in London, and later in Dorsetshire, where a number of sensational encounters with smugglers and pirates are described.
20. The Imam and those with him all recite silently while during the sunset, evening and the dawn prayers, only the Imam recites loudly in the first two bows and others only listen with perfect attention to his recitation as understood from the clear evidence of the Holy Qur’an.
21. By that feeling and tasting, many impressions of the Godly perfection which it has witnessed will be imprinted on its surface, so, when it recites its Provider’s orders, it will view the good they contain, and when it recites His forbidden things, it will see the evil resulting from committing them.
22. For example, the king never charges a layman to read a bulletin in his name before his subjects, nay he charges his secretary or his prime minister, because the one who recites in the name of the king should have characters and qualifications that make him worthy of receiving the orders from his king then reciting them to his subjects.
23. For example, a king will never charge a layman to read a bulletin in his name before his subjects – rather he will charge this task to his secretary or prime minister, because one who recites in the name of a king should have qualifications and a character that make him worthy of receiving orders directly from his king, and then reciting them to his subjects.
24. It recites a British Order in Council of the 26th of October last, providing for the supply of the British West Indies and other colonial possessions, by a trade under special licenses; and is accompanied by a circular instruction to the Colonial Governors, which confines licensed importations from ports of the United States, to the ports of the Eastern States exclusively.
25. And since the pupil knows what he is being taught, and easily recites in any order desired what he is asked to recite by the teacher, the teacher thinks that he is really teaching something, and the pupil's progress is great, and the teacher, paying no attention to what forms the real difficulty of teaching, that is, to teaching something new, most comfortably stumps about in one spot.

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