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Recommendation numa frase em (in ingles)

My recommendation is, with the.
Here would be my recommendation:.
Recommendation is not the word, Mr.
His recommendation must have been.
I promised a recommendation for the.
He offered this as a recommendation.
He wants a different recommendation.

She rejected the recommendation of.
On the officer's recommendation, he.
His final recommendation said this:.
That recommendation usually makes most.
Arayus huffed at this last recommendation.
That was the final recommendation of the.
But I do have one recommendation, Captain.
Because, your recommendation is outstanding.
A very flattering recommendation, eh, sir?
Thus they have the very highest recommendation.
The recommendation made on the on 5/21/92 was:.
Who gets a recommendation for the next rounds of.
I remembered his recommendation during our fight.
The recommendation of servings of both fruits and.
Did he say who gave him the recommendation?
This recommendation may be the hardest one to follow.
With their influence, and recommendation, this was.
They started by doing a standard TOC recommendation.
On my recommendation? Enderby said, astonished.
I’ll take that recommendation into consideration.
But my recommendation is to move him to a safe house.
Don't forget to throw in the recommendation to mercy.
Cynthia, my recommendation is identical to that of.
Her recommendation was something I will pass on to you.
The Governor is not impressed with this recommendation.
A recommendation of this kind is worth its weight in gold.
Cole giving me up, with special recommendation, to their.
But we will only be making a recommendation, in any case.
I have resisted giving my recommendation because there was.
Here a much clearer recommendation can be made—stay away.
A good face is a letter of recommendation without an insight.
Markys has submitted his recommendation to me, Your Grace.
Now, I will make my recommendation: Please have the surgery.

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