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Recount numa frase em (in ingles)

1. To recount the events in my mind.
2. From this recount adventure new.
3. Events for a recount of that event.
4. Let us recount what had taken place.
5. McClure began to recount his thought.
6. I recount to you a joke but eet eez a true story.
7. Sometimes the stories recount the history of the tribe.
8. The following verses then recount the three kinds of action.
9. Since the three counties where the hand recount was to occur.
10. At the final recount, her father was replaced by him entirely.
11. Our sides’ injuries were severe and too numerous to recount.
12. Kris was called into service to recount the story of Gilgamesh.
13. She continued to recount the tragic event as she had witnessed it.
14. Her recount of her conversation with Mendoza made his face harden.
15. Ignoring his threat, Breckenridge continued to recount the sequence.
16. She’d made it her task to recount the history of Eastern Estralony.
17. Alas, I have still to recount the most distressing period of my life.
18. I did my best to recount the reeling spell I’d had in City Hall Park.
19. Krishn then proceeds to recount the scope of the properties of nature.
20. Being forced by the government to recount traumatic events is torture.
21. We mean not to trace the progress of this passion, or recount how often.
22. I will not recount their numbers, nor blazon their powers of doing mischief.
23. For a recount of that event, see The Divine Presence, Source of Conscience? on.
24. Is that why you don’t believe me? Because I failed to recount my travels with.
25. Drew went on to recount the sting operation in which an undercover agent, posing as an.
26. And after that Enoch both gave and began to recount from the writings; And Enoch said:.
27. Adrian’s hammer that got me to thinking, who knows? I will recount the details of the.
28. He crossed his thick arms, and continued to recount the events which led to this meeting.
29. Undoubtedly, Boo snores slipping into sleep a little bit at your recount over the gore.
30. He would never cease to recount that faith only was necessary in the business of finding God.
31. Daddy would laughingly recount to me of the time I stood there and urinated upon the farmhouse.
32. Nevertheless, it was fun, and I could dream, couldn’t I? Myles wanted me to recount the action.
33. What We each knew was known by All, which I shall now recount for thee as it unfolded in My Mind.
34. Though Amy did not call them by name, her recount of the events in the morgue supported the story.
35. As they ate, she listened to her parents recount what had happened the night before with the ghosts.
36. But anyone with the time and resources to explore the Baran would find magical places beyond recount.
37. Therefore they insisted that the foremen of the recount panels assign all non-vote ballots to Al Gore.
38. Wouldn’t Elizabeth love to hear this? Faye could hardly wait to recount the event to her over lunch.
39. As to works of philanthropy and efforts to promote morality, time would fail me if I tried to recount them.
40. You are correct in your recount of the Fey and their women but I am what you would call ‘off the grid’.
41. Overcoming his surprise at the turn of events, Edwin did his best to recount all that had happened that day.
42. As a new crew member, all the old-timers felt the sudden urge to recount stories of their travels in space.
43. Which had a comment from @Pushitover, After ending occupations, the 99% has done a recount & found it's the.
44. Anyway, it wasn't the kind of thing one could recount to one's girlfriend - or anybody else for that matter.
45. At the age of eleven when memories took firm hold in her mind, Marisha could recount aspects her journey west.
46. Every now and then he would call back to her over his shoulder to recount some tale of his bravery and courage.
47. It lasted longer than she could ever recount and was over before she could fully understand where they had been.
48. Rehearse: To recite; to repeat the words of a passage or composition; to narrate or recount events or transactions.
49. The Mayor pronounced that a recount should take place after which a new vote would be taken the following week end.
50. M oses is recounted of as having undergone had he not decided to recount of it to at least one of his contemporaries.
51. She demanded a recount after that failed she went to the state legislature and tried to get them to change the outcome.
52. Anything I can do? asked Chris, feeling guilty as it was his interrogation which had pressed her to recount her dreams.
53. It was as if the school was rubbing it in that she won… and Massie should have if there if there hadn't of been a recount!.
54. It’s a long story, said Chrovel, not seeming pleased to have to recount it, but I’ll try to keep it short for you.
55. She could recount shamelessly and with pride how she had skinned people out Most of all she missed having him to tell things to.
56. Mrs Vera Mae Lin, he began, could you please recount to the court the events of Tuesday the fifteenth of March this year.
57. Kailus spoke in his rumbling bear-like tones, making short but suitable replies to Torin’s recount of the histories of invasion.
58. I cannot recount the exact details as her thoughts were mundane and unremarkable especially when compared to the other volunteers.
59. The two chatted about Dominex in Newark, the great staff, the sales contest, and Jerry’s recount of his parents’ trip to Florida.
60. I had more important things to do than recount my involvement in the case with the Sheriff’s Department for the remainder of the day.
61. He could scarcely bear to look at the thinner frame of his twin, refused to recount the sorrow that had robbed him of his will to live.
62. Can you recount everything you know about this woman? How often she’s been here and at what times, what she wears and what she does.
63. This week, in particular, she would recount the dinner with Keith, and how she’d asserted herself, and the doctor would be proud of her.
64. His attitude was so positive and uplifting that I thought it would be good to recount briefly the story of Greg and how he went about life.
65. And when, during the campaign, a reporter asked what he would do first if elected, he came up with this classic riposte: „Demand a recount.
66. Johnson won the Texas State Democratic primary for the US senate in 1948 through the creation of extra votes in a recount on a very close race.
67. Everything seemed to happen beyond the concept of time, and though it all happened in a flash, I could recount every second, every moment, step by step.
68. This unexpected turn of events is greeted by howls of laughter for several minutes, and we recount our versions of the story to each other with loud guffaws.
69. I can’t give any details on him, but I can tell you the bombshell he laid on me just before I came over here, I said, then proceeded to recount our emails.
70. Yes, this was their kind of social gala, one to which they could both easily relate, and the number of chances he would have to recount old stories was innumerable.
71. I imagine that the riches and size of the leaders’ fields were what Javagathlon and the followers of Lust desired, but nevertheless this is what the legends recount.
72. God says indicating the story of this pregnancy: Recount in the Book Mary: how she retired away from her people to a blessed place and put a veil between her and them.
73. He took her hand, cold and twitching with terror, he entwined his fingers with hers, and almost in a whisper he began to recount his recollections of other ocean voyages.
74. We are gathered to rejoice, to recount with one another, that it is love that leads us to our true destination and to celebrate that Monique and Troy have finally arrived.
75. For the rest of his life, Billy Wilder would recount the problems Marilyn caused on the set, always forgiving her behavior due to her own insecurities and lack of confidence.
76. I also noticed that Stieg Larsson had wrestled with this issue himself: he almost always has the old lawyer Holger Palmgren, Lisbeth’s former guardian, recount her childhood.
77. Bush and the Republicans is that the election of 2000 was stolen from them in the Florida recount, which they had insisted upon in hope of upsetting Bush’s narrow victory.
78. We are in a bit of a bind to ay the least but before I recount what has gone on and why you are in this situation tell me what happened in the German front line trench that morning.
79. Repeatedly the explorers as they were now called were asked to recount details of their meeting with the Keepers, the tunnels and their hidden treasures as well as the beautiful Yshon.
80. Then I darted to the table once more, and began to recount the money; until all of a sudden, as though I had remembered something, I rushed to the door, and closed and double-locked it.
81. And when Lydia asked them all to recount the same event, each remembered it somewhat differently, omitting some parts, exaggerating others, emphasizing their own individual perspectives.
82. A SNAFU in Florida State law did not give the election officials enough time to recount the ballots, so Bush won the presidency on a hasty decision by a partisan official, without a fair recount.
83. One of my favourite games over the months through to the coming of early spring birdsong was to recount those alternative life stories and to imagine myself in the place of either Aban or Menachem.
84. I saw him lying naked, with strangers looking down at his naked body and watching the life ebb from him, and as a doctor’s daughter I knew that he was dying, she will recount to her friends.
85. He could not deny that he enjoyed her wearing it as much as she did, for it gave him an opportunity to recount the dramatic story behind his purchase of the stone and its history before his ownership.
86. Also dressed up in a wig, and also in tights, this god Wotan, standing in a stupid pose with a spear, thinks proper to recount what Mime must have known before, but what it is necessary to tell the audience.
87. But he was still far from such an acknowledgment, and his only fear was that everything might now be found out, and that she or her advocate might recount it all and put him to shame before every one present.
88. As he approached quite close to the enclosure he saw an excited group surrounding the two fugitives, who, trembling with fright and exhaustion, were scarce able to recount the uncanny details of their adventure.
89. I cannot recount all the encounters i have had with other living creatures in this book, but i can give you one example of how to make friends with living creatures: and the effect it had on other living creatures.
90. And as though justifying himself, he began to recount all the conveniences enjoyed by the prisoners in a manner to make one believe that the chief aim of the institution consisted in making it a pleasant place of abode.
91. I have no wish to dwell unduly on these horrors; but in order to give a faithful account of the habits of the people of West Africa it is necessary to recount many gruesome details in speaking of their devilish fetish worship.
92. He was able, for instance, to recount his shell house conversations with George Pocock, his emotional devastation upon being abandoned in Sequim, his journey out to Grand Coulee, and his troubled relationship with his father and Thula.
93. In the current era, those who wish to recount the prophetic tradition (the Hadith) and the interpreters of the Holy Qur’an should, with greater judiciousness, revise these books and compare them with what they read within the Noble Qur’an.
94. Tempting as it was to recount the entire event of last night, Faye realized she would not have time to do so if she was to go riding before her luncheon date with Elizabeth with whom she wished to confer before revealing the story to any strangers.
95. Exceedingly great was the amusement the two gentlemen derived from hearing Don Quixote recount the strange incidents of his history; and if they were amazed by his absurdities they were equally amazed by the elegant style in which he delivered them.
96. Oh, how my heart beat as I did so! No, it was not the money that I valued—what I wanted was to make all this mob of Heintzes, hotel proprietors, and fine ladies of Baden talk about me, recount my story, wonder at me, extol my doings, and worship my winnings.
97. And here, Decency, forgive me! if once more I violate thy laws and keeping the curtains undrawn, sacrifice thee for the last time to that confidence, without reserve, with which I engaged to recount to you the most striking circumstances of my youthful disorders.
98. Suzy turned quickly away and stared at the prosecution lawyer and began to recount the awful events of the accident, Harry’s condition, the apparent sudden attack on herself and her utter bewilderment at the whole series of events as they had played themselves out.
99. This sight remained engraved in people’s memory for a very long time; the elderly still mention it as a whimsical tale in their evening entertainment and recount it so that it will be an example for all of us whereby we learn about majesty, reverence and appreciation.
100. That morning, I had appeared in Palm Beach at a Democratic news conference at the Rose Garden—named after my grandmother—at the County Government Center, along with former Ohio Senator Howard Metzenbaum and two local Democrats who had been active in the recount controversy.
1. Lyons recounting the case and showing.
2. It is worth recounting the story to you all.
3. If they are recounting them, put them in Auditing.
4. She will be digitally pixilated by the recounting.
5. Once I was recounting this incident at a party, and B.
6. No doubt he was recounting my adventure to his family.
7. I watched her walk down the trail, recounting the few.
8. Recounting action that succeeds implies that anyone else.
9. Kate could hear Eve's voice recounting the details of her.
10. The following is an accurate recounting of what you have told.
11. As you were recounting this, I had a feeling you had left me.
12. During the recounting she was in my arms, addressing the ceiling.
13. The great motivator Brian Tracy is fond of recounting how often.
14. The news is always recounting the story of some product being recalled.
15. And are women as bad as men in recounting their intimacies to their.
16. Recounting the events and the things I saw while in my impossibly difficult.
17. Merlyn had given her, giggling with anticipation and recounting the previous.
18. I decided to change the subject before she began recounting more gruesome stories.
19. For the next couple of hours they sat together, recounting all sorts of incidents.
20. After recounting Romey’s adventures, Donovan seemed content to enjoy the silence.
21. This isn’t meant to be a sob story, rather a recounting of a life but around that.
22. All eyes in the hall are trained on Beatrice, who is recounting the story of her life.
23. We spent a half an hour filling in the forms and recounting earlier diversions at his.
24. Something must have happened while I was busy recounting the past few months of my life.
25. The sprawling tree had been mentioned several times in Gary’s recounting of his dreams.
26. Recounting his war experiences was so painful that it would leave him off-kilter for weeks.
27. Varion and Dixon appeared two minutes into the recounting, which obliged her to start over.
28. So, when recounting their hunting tales, they will just say: "I shot a brown bear in Alaska".
29. Though Greek recounting of Egyptian stories was often inaccurate, they at least passed along.
30. Suffice to say, not all that I am recounting of here about my father and paternal grandfather is.
31. Oh, my, she said as if overwhelmed by the task of recounting a long and drawn-out storyline.
32. And now my son Methuselah I will show you all my visions which I have seen recounting them before you.
33. He was completely absorbed in recounting all that had gone on during the day in and the trip thus far.
34. And now, my son Methuselah, I will show you all my visions which I have seen, recounting them before you.
35. Our team is busy recounting to verify the exact totals, but there is absolutely no question of the results.
36. The First Elder paused, took a long breath as if drawing memories and reasons back into himself for recounting.
37. He finished by recounting the details of their walk that morning, and how at the end, he had almost kissed her.
38. Wrapped against the chill they warmed themselves in the sun, Robert enthusiastically recounting everything he’d seen.
39. It was a joke, but a sad one, so Stephen added to the mood by recounting Zeno’s rape by the teacher and her unhappy end.
40. A very interesting story behind that, Lord Ashburn seized his first prospect of recounting the history of the stone.
41. The Sura recounting the story of Joseph is erotic in tale, certainly not to be written in a book that its origin is divine.
42. Venki remembered Nikko recounting Fusan’s claim that he had been alive when even the Dead Place had been vibrant with life.
43. I should think he fancies recounting his tales of seduction and love he encountered with other women while on his missions.
44. Krishnan would stand on the other side of the bushes listening to Meenu recounting her childhood in her husky voice and soft tone.
45. In recounting this history, certain definitions bring clarity to the difference between those two approaches to this era of shipping.
46. This book, published in 2004 by HarperCollins, does a fine job of recounting the history of the boom and bust from 1982 through 2002.
47. The young man recounting this to my companion watched me from the corner of his eye as he told of the destruction of my house and garden.
48. Though not exactly the type of drink he had in mind, Alec drank the liquid with greed while Nathalia began recounting the morning's events.
49. A windbag behind her was recounting at full volume his conversation that very afternoon with a senior advisor to the McCain/Palin campaign.
50. I'm hoping he will like it, since I wrote it based on memory of his recounting of it to me, and I'll be able to share it with everyone else.
51. When this occurred, I started recounting my first memories, when my addled parents were present, when my father’s charm was still charming.
52. As Sylvie began recounting their conversation, they mounted the steps to the front of the hall and passed into the building where their class was held.
53. The Police Commissioner began recounting the July murders of Wong and Tse and the following debacle as he termed it relating to the arrest of the triads for the crime.
54. Next morning, we had a note from Miss Smith, recounting shortly and accurately the very incidents which I had seen, but the pith of the letter lay in the postscript:.
55. She typed in a long string of code as if she was recounting a nursery rhyme, not entering in a virtually unbreakable cipher she’d undoubtedly created back on Caruth.
56. Next morning we had a note from Miss Smith, recounting shortly and accurately the very incidents which I had seen, but the pith of the letter lay in the postscript:—.
57. Dawn discovered them still recounting their various adventures and speculating upon the identity of the strange guardian and protector they had found on this savage shore.
58. This had been a great experience in the lives of all three of these believers, and the other apostles learned much from the recounting of these experiences by Nathaniel and Thomas.
59. In another reference he has an English professor, Jonathan Gotshall, recounting his experience reading Homer’s Iliad while under the influence of Desmond Morris’s The Naked Ape.
60. So to make a long story short, otherwise forty-eight more hours would not be enough for a thorough recounting, I married Karam in a grandiose ceremony where everybody was happy except me.
61. Now he spent precious moments recounting to himself the things that seemed important to him—the things that really mattered—and he realized, quite surprisingly, that they weren’t things at all.
62. Though for all Ganesh knew, Rajiv could be recounting over and over the moment of impact, when the other car’s hood plowed into his door, the flaming power that came from the collision’s momentum.
63. The girls pulled handful after handful from the press; but by reason of the presence of the strange women, who were recounting scandals, Marian and Izz could not at first talk of old times as they wished to do.
64. The summer shone in full prime; and she took such a taste for this solitary rambling that she often contrived to remain out from breakfast till tea; and then the evenings were spent in recounting her fanciful tales.
65. Jimmy Holm was entertaining a first-class stewardess, skillfully recounting the stories of how he had survived three years in a North Vietnamese prison; then two more years in a Bakersville, California, VA hospital.
66. Boris, speaking with deliberation, told them in pure, correct French many interesting details about the armies and the court, carefully abstaining from expressing an opinion of his own about the facts he was recounting.
67. Borís, speaking with deliberation, told them in pure, correct French many interesting details about the armies and the court, carefully abstaining from expressing an opinion of his own about the facts he was recounting.
68. It also helps to restore the balance between the countless books recounting the martyrology of the Nazi policies in Poland and the very few describing the Soviet occupation of Poland and its similarly hellish consequences.
69. Their raucous chatter provided plenty of privacy for the two best friends, and Leesa had spent the last twenty minutes recounting her entire strange story, from her mom being bitten by the grafhym to her fears about Bradley.
70. The Jews present, except for the police officers, knelt as the Chief Rabbi took over from Nancy Laplante to lead them through a prayer followed by a sermon recounting the story of the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt.
71. In addition to the six Blue Fire Saga books, Scott also wrote Blue Fire Heat, an erotic companion piece to the Blue Fire Saga, and Blue Fire Beginnings, a collection of short stories recounting the origins of some favorite Blue Fire characters.
72. A discussion of the film, of homosexuality, the morals of our inexplicably provincial and hypocritical society where every deviation from a narrow-minded framework invariably surfaces in gossip and Monettes jocular recounting of the latest scandals.
73. They sit rocking back and forth, Jane eyes you from her corner, your skin stretched wide in grin, you mimic the stance of the rest of the guests here, hold your tongue, sobs leap from your chest in amusement at the recounting of that week’s horror story.
74. And many times, subsequently, when the Apostle Paul sojourned in this home, did he listen to the recounting of these visits with the Indian lad and his Jewish tutor, while both Paul and Justus wondered whatever became of such a wise and brilliant Hebrew teacher.
75. Do historians ever try to explain why all of this endless brutality even happened? How many even bother to explain it? Most of them simply notice it… in a few lines… while devoting all the rest of their books to recounting how the winners killed the unimportant losers.
76. It wasn’t until she was on the sprinter taking her from Birmingham to Abermôr, when she had the beautiful, spectacular views of the Welsh countryside and coastline flashing past her window, that she then allowed herself the self-indulgence of recounting her brief affair.
77. Since the campaigns of Austerlitz and of 1807 Rostov knew by experience that men always lie when describing military exploits, as he himself had done when recounting them; besides that, he had experience enough to know that nothing happens in war at all as we can imagine or relate it.
78. Since the campaigns of Austerlitz and of 1807 Rostóv knew by experience that men always lie when describing military exploits, as he himself had done when recounting them; besides that, he had experience enough to know that nothing happens in war at all as we can imagine or relate it.
79. With both the islands of Le Ramier and the new market place now visible to him, Boson started writing a report for King Charles, first recounting the stormy exchange between Brother Erigène and Lady Shelton, then describing as best he could the new buildings erected outside of Toulouse.
80. This is all well and good and we each, all of us, deserve such escapist fancies from time to time; yet stories are told for the lessons they impart with their recounting; they are told for their relevance, else there would exist neither need nor place for stories in our lives, would there?
81. As they journeyed along the way, about the time of passing south of the Waters of Merom, the apostles fell to talking among themselves about their recent experiences in Phoenicia and elsewhere and to recounting how their message had been received, and how the different peoples regarded their Master.
82. And now my son Methuselah all these things I am recounting to you and writing down for you! and I have revealed to you everything and given you writings concerning all these: so preserve my son Methuselah the writings from your father's hand and see that you deliver them to the generations of the world.
83. And now, my son Methuselah, all these things I am recounting to you and writing down for you! and I have revealed to you everything, and given you writings concerning all these: so preserve, my son Methuselah, the writings from your father's hand, and see that you deliver them to the generations of the world.
84. He made little jokes about how I finally found my way and had no more use for him and, How was I getting on? Did I hit home base? Was Laura as hot a little number as she seemed? I was never very comfortable recounting my private affairs and just laughed it off pretending I was a little thick and did not quite get what he meant.
85. When he came in and saw an hussar of the line recounting his military exploits (Prince Andrew could not endure that sort of man), he gave Boris a pleasant smile, frowned as with half-closed eyes he looked at Rostov, bowed slightly and wearily, and sat down languidly on the sofa: he felt it unpleasant to have dropped in on bad company.
86. When he came in and saw an hussar of the line recounting his military exploits (Prince Andrew could not endure that sort of man), he gave Borís a pleasant smile, frowned as with half-closed eyes he looked at Rostóv, bowed slightly and wearily, and sat down languidly on the sofa: he felt it unpleasant to have dropped in on bad company.
87. For the remainder of the day Luray was much happier, even laughing and recounting some funny and rather bawdy adventures she had among the Dwarves and Trolls of old Wescarp, all the time reminding him that she couldn't actually remember any of this if she hadn't written it down and repeatedly copied over the notes when the paper got too old.
88. Recounting the conversation and Terence’s suggestions during the per formance, Lady Jane deposited her husband, puzzled by the innuendos and circumstances but still not convinced of Faye’s cold nature, in the lounge, where he immediately took up with several veterans from the First World War, and arranged for a porter to return Lord Ashburn 83.
89. After the close of his sermon, at the Central Presbyterian Church here, while recounting to the audience the many things of interest he had enjoyed in their city, he remarked that he had recently visited most of the universities of Europe, and added that nothing in Atlanta, or the great universities abroad, had interested him so heartily as their Atlanta University.
1. When she was young, Q recounted.
2. As she recounted the story she in-.
3. Before that, my father recounted that.
4. I recounted what I had found in Cleveland.
5. Then she recounted her secret of the stone.
6. He recounted how one member went into an.
7. Celebrate we did, Berniece recounted.
8. The next day’s headlines recounted the event.
9. What happened now? So I recounted the tale.
10. She sat silent as he recounted all that happened.
11. As the group listened, she recounted the events.
12. Minnie recounted the turmoil surrounding Martha's.
13. Father recounted that in times past, our maternal.
14. Silicone recounted the story of the pole shift and.
15. The captain sat down and recounted the trip to them.
16. I recounted how I had a road to Damascus type.
17. What she hadn’t told Drew, when she’d recounted.
18. As Mama recounted the details, all I could think was.
19. I recounted all the victims Alex killed in his madness.
20. Then he recounted the day before his intended departure.
21. The flask moved round and round as L€ne recounted the.
22. After Branan recounted their journey to Dunradin and the.
23. He recounted his dream as they packed up the tent and ate.
24. They had another car at the yard, the kid recounted.
25. Justin recounted his tale to the Boss as Peter listened in.
26. As they walked that day, Donovan recounted his adventures.
27. So Lov recounted the tale, with Nord listening attentively.
28. She recounted time and time again of her father beating her.
29. Later on, Lolita recounted to me that the man had told her.
30. All the women began wailing and in their dirge recounted the.
31. When the story was finished, he recounted his own adventures.
32. That night at dinner, she recounted my adventure to my father.
33. That night, I recounted the strange conversation, rolling it.
34. President Bush later recounted again, what his thoughts were.
35. Tam recounted some of his adventure in the forest but omitted.
36. Blunt recounted his history with the Wraiths, leaving out only.
37. For the next ten minutes Hal recounted what his mom had told him.
38. I rolled my eyes in the background as he recounted the situation.
39. When questioned the youth recounted recent events to his savior:.
40. Remember that what I have just recounted is legend, he said.
41. McGarren let loose a long sigh, and recounted the tale of his day.
42. Darius recounted what he had got from Matt and Spikey's report to.
43. Eventually he returned to the ship and recounted the story to Carla.
44. Religious ideas and practices of the sort recounted of within the.
45. Frustrated, Gary recounted his cash and stated, I’ll give you.
46. She recounted everything, puzzled at what it had to do with anything.
47. Tony looked at the screen and recounted the number of spaces he had.
48. Hatch brightened up a little as he recounted their time at university.
49. All this I recounted while Dolores took a chamois cloth to the silver.
50. I recounted to the community how you befriended my sons at your school.
51. I can imagine how he recounted this morning’s stairwell conversation.
52. Simon recounted his story, sparing nothing, including his own feelings.
53. We had already recounted to Miss Kendall our experiences in following Dr.
54. She recounted the events of the evening, his concern mellowing her mood.
55. I recounted the George Washington bridge dream with the endless anchoring.
56. The airman second recounted the bills and completed the necessary paperwork.
57. Noureddin willingly granted this request, and recounted everything from the.
58. Marcus cried in guilt and shame as he recounted the words she said to Desiree'.
59. I hurried straight back to the principal’s office and recounted this exchange.
60. I became and on more than one occasion I recounted what Jakesam Semra said of a.
61. Sam greeted Matt in the hotel lobby and recounted briefly his meeting and dinner.
62. I’ve recounted every day that I can recall, relived it in extraordinary detail.
63. The guard recounted what he had seen to Aaron and then again after what seemed a.
64. As she recounted events from earlier in the day, Norah began to bounce on her feet.
65. Through her sobs Helez recounted what had happened, recalling every little detail.
66. Aaron now stepped forward but spoke in a much softer tone as he recounted the many.
67. At the post-shift meal, Monty recounted the day’s events and described the burial.
68. No notice was taken as the two recounted the hazardous end to their scouting foray.
69. They shared their histories, from first memories onward, recounted in minute detail.
70. The London period up to his marriage I recounted in a memoir called Omar and Juliet.
71. He took Louie aside and began asking questions, and Louie recounted his entire saga.
72. If you say you recounted a story before I came on, then I believe that is correct.
73. I recounted all that had happened since I had started out on my journey last spring.
74. Meanwhile she recounted the incident that had occurred with his boss, Officer Sheikho.
75. During the midday meal Zarko recounted the king’s threat to Darniil and his friends.
76. She could hear the glee in his voice as he recounted the earbashing he had given them.
77. The three men sat captivated as Yakov recounted the last conversation he had had with.
78. Wonderingly, I recounted this to my friend, Jonathan, husband of my now-grown daughter.
79. Whereupon I recounted the whole sad Story of Lord Bellars’ Seduction and Betrayal, Mr.
80. At one point, he recounted he had been ranked as the seventieth best player in the world.
81. He was immensely tickled by his own adventures and laughed heartily as he recounted them.
82. An awake vision, like the one of a burning bush not consumed by the flame recounted of in.
83. All eyed Theo with suspicion until Noosh and Fadhl recounted stories about Theo at Kongwa.
84. He recounted the details of the battles he fought each year, during the Jovian Opposition.
85. There are many such stories which Dr Pearsall has recounted on heart transplant recipients.
86. As they ate Ingrid recounted their story a second time, only with bits and pieces added in.
87. The book of The Exodus, along with many other stories recounted in the Bible have been the.
88. In John 14:6, Jesus is further recounted of as having said, I am the way, the truth, and.
89. Behrens took it all in and recounted just how much the damn thing had cost the Terran people!.
90. After a gloomy silence, the first Jacques said, Good! You have acted and recounted faithfully.
91. She was not in his crowd of friends but she knew him well and recounted the following incident.
92. To my surprise, Socrates’ recounted of interaction with this inner spiritual presence is very.
93. Sean described his day and recounted, in detail, the cars, the prices, and the different pitches.
94. I was too young to remember, but your grandfather recounted the voyage to me when I got older.
95. Finally, he reported to the Admiral, drank tea and recounted the whole saga in minute detail with.
96. He miraculously escaped after ten years in that prison camp, and then he recounted the awful truth.
97. At breakfast on the hillock, each of the six who had worked the spaceship recounted their adventures.
98. During that time, Emma recounted the previous night’s events in more detail to Jake and his mother.
99. Without letting time to his superior to cut him, Otto then quickly recounted what he had seen and done.
100. The accountant recounted once again the sequence of events since the publication of the second article.
1. One medical mission volunteer recounts;.
2. While holding my hand, Miku recounts the story.
3. She recounts the experience of being pregnant subjectively.
4. Johnnie recounts the way it went down with four final words next.
5. Graham himself, Walter Schloss recounts, confronted this problem.
6. The second volume, THE ORDEAL OF FIRE, recounts Elowen’s search for.
7. The House by the Sea (1978), a book of poetry, recounts his jail time.
8. Brandy laughs, worries, and even cries a little as Cass recounts his escapades.
9. Like witnesses to an event, each person recounts a different version of what happened.
10. She emphatically hinges on every word, as he recounts eight years worth of his adventures.
11. However, the biblical and other recounts of spiritual level and other involuntary natural events.
12. Notice here it says in Verse 14 and 15, this is Jesus' last session with His disciples and so the Bible recounts a lot of it.
13. Well, it was beautiful while it lasted, recounts a 2013 Wall Street Journal article entitled Say Goodbye to the 4% Rule.
14. He recounts going into a meeting with his peers at the investment firm to talk about the positions they held in their portfolios.
15. A museum in Santa Barbara, California, recounts the history of the ranch, while also displaying a number of items of Reagan memorabilia.
16. The evil that men do lives after then, not only in tangible structures and recounts of the deeds, but also in the offspring they produce.
17. To put it more clearly let us cite an example from Mark Goulston’s book Just Listen where he recounts one of his experiences in communication.
18. It wasn’t classed as a full international by Wales,’ Watkin recounts on his subsequent return to the club, ‘who fielded a Wales XV, not the 1st XV,’ he continues.
19. In the first part of the chapter Daniel recounts how he understood by the book of Jeremiah that the captivity of the Israelite nation in Babylon would last 70 years (Jeremiah 29:10).
20. Shunting them off to different parts of the castle or sending them away to be raised by strangers: like the Arthurian legend recounts was common before there was any written history in Europe.
21. In the October 11, 1993, issue of Forbes Magazine, David Dreman recounts a study that used a sample of 67,375 analysts’ quarterly estimates for the New York and American Stock Exchange listed companies between 1973 and 1990.
22. He recounts the fates of failed acts or “turns,” faced with the indignity of being “paid off”—that is, sent on their way without completing their engagement rather than left at the mercy of a disapproving or hostile crowd.
23. In this book Kindleberger not only recounts the facts detailing historical episodes of market manias and crashes, but also explains his views on their underlying causes and on the appropriate responses governments should make to these phenomena.
24. She cringed at the title "Pop Star sings her broken heart on her new album" then in smaller prints "A trusted source recounts that Prince Consort Burhanuddin Ali was still too tied up on his ex-girlfriend to comply with his new bride on their wedding night.
25. Then, as Thiers eloquently recounts, he ordered his soldiers to be paid in forged Russian money which he had prepared: ‘Raising the use of these means by an act worthy of himself and of the French army, he let relief be distributed to those who had been burned out.
26. Then, as Thiers eloquently recounts, he ordered his soldiers to be paid in forged Russian money which he had prepared: Raising the use of these means by an act worthy of himself and of the French army, he let relief be distributed to those who had been burned out.
27. Homer gives us a clear example of one of Ulysses’ existential lies when he recounts how Ulysses, after returning to Aeolus after his companions open the bag of winds, blames first a sleepiness that came suddenly over him, then blames his mad companions and finally bad luck, but he never blames himself (v.

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