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  1. We are here to recuperate.
  2. So you recuperate that fast?
  3. He WAS there to recuperate, wasn't.
  4. I just need a little while to recuperate.
  5. Another important element we need to recuperate in.

  6. He was virile but the time he needed to recuperate 34.
  7. She hadn’t had time to recuperate from all the travel.
  8. She will probably need weeks of bed rest and care to recuperate.
  9. We were also able to recuperate the weapons from the dead Marines.
  10. I and the others have had only two weeks since our rescue to recuperate.
  11. Taking a minute to recuperate a bit, she then went back down in the hold again.
  12. Meanwhile, we had better make tracks for the coast, and recuperate our energies.
  13. Eventually the LSSAH were sent to Normandy to recuperate and refit their machinery.
  14. The Lore Masters shall hold Council tonight while you recuperate from your mission.
  15. You can recuperate after your procedure on one of Thailand’s many lovely beaches.

  16. Up to 90% recuperate within three to four weeks, though recurrences are common, and.
  17. This will give you them a chance to recuperate from the sometimes long journey to the.
  18. Brimmer gave us a day off to recuperate, but told us that the next two practice days after.
  19. If the birds are fortunate enough to recuperate, they can be safely brought back to the brood.
  20. I should leave here immediately, but we’ve been through a lot and need a place to recuperate.
  21. They had all been through stressful experiences and needed to recuperate and think things through.
  22. We didn’t want anything to happen to the babies, and I suggested bringing you here to recuperate.
  23. The six hour journey will give me the opportunity to recuperate from too much fun the night before.
  24. It had never taken him even close as so long to recuperate before; a matter of minutes was the normal.
  25. That was the wish of Miss Laplante, so that she could have some time to recuperate and prepare for this.

  26. Since they had no extensive muscular mechanism to recuperate, that periodical extinction was unknown to them.
  27. They planned to follow the river back to the closest village then recuperate before opening a portal for Scotland.
  28. I hoped everything would be all right until we made it to Nancy and Desiree' would have time to rest and recuperate.
  29. He made his money from nothing, through hardship and the misery of his beginnings from which he could not recuperate.
  30. She certainly wouldn’t mind the couple of days before the coming Friday to recuperate from the change in time zones.
  31. They’d have never made it home in such a weakened state, and they would not have accepted our hospitality to recuperate.
  32. For the body to recuperate and rebuild its energy, you need to have a good night's sleep, preferably around 8 hours a day.
  33. She then had flown to Taiwan, where she had taken a flight to Tokyo in order to recuperate the rest of her luggage left there.
  34. I don’t think I gave you enough time to recuperate from your accident before we went ahead with our wedding and the sea voyage.
  35. After thanking Sam Leighton for making him well again, Max said he and Carla were planning a holiday, so he could fully recuperate.
  36. The two friends had clearly had a stressful time, and the Sirens didn’t want crowd them until they had had a chance to recuperate.
  37. Des Ouches evaluated that the girl would need weeks of care to recuperate, if she in fact didn’t suffer lifelong sequels from this.
  38. Before running away from the wreck, she however took the time to recuperate their two M2A2 carbines, stowed besides their ejection seats.
  39. For us it meant that the Sun was journeying away from us again to spend the winter months in His own land to recuperate after the summer.
  40. The weary acolytes retired to the warmth of one of the side buildings of the large courtyard to recuperate from the strain of their magic.
  41. Tina didn’t have to be told twice, only taking the time to recuperate her wrist communicator before nearly running out of the banquet hall.
  42. Once the process is finished, the task accomplished, conclusions are formulated, and it seems that it is time to rest, recuperate, and relax.
  43. Admiral Wa, in the meantime you will send a transport ship to Mars, in order to recuperate our wounded presently being cared for by Spacers there.
  44. Saznack and Bellack had both retired quietly to their chambers exhausted, feeling the strains of the day they both desperately needed to recuperate.
  45. So, while my mother was in hospital endeavouring to recuperate, my father was sent to surgery where he was operated on and had a part of his lung removed.
  46. When I told her of your plight, she spoke to the Great Goddess Kermes Twa, and it was decided that you’d recuperate here, until her vengeance is complete.
  47. Having problems believing this, the kashira eyed Jenny as she left briefly the line of archers after reloading her pistols in order to recuperate her nagemaki.
  48. That left Ingrid free to recuperate her weapons and field kit and help Helen do the same before jumping out of the plane with her and walking quickly away from it.
  49. The coast was however a good two kilometers away and he had to slow down a number of times to recuperate despite his uncommon muscular strength and good physical shape.
  50. I started by telling her what had happened to Kayla and how I felt about it, including the fact that she had gone to her parents’ home in North Carolina to recuperate.
  51. It is wise to want to recuperate lost beauty and then become capable of creating a new type of beauty that does not yet exist and that Life is calling us to bring forth.
  52. We will recuperate both radios after you can effect a linkup with American forces, not because we are cheap but rather because these radios represent very advanced technology.
  53. His negotiations needed to be swift for he was himself beyond exhaustion from his convoluted trip back and he desperately needed to recuperate immediately for the tasks ahead.
  54. There is nothing much you can do now except to allow yourself to recuperate without becoming bitter about your ex-husband or ex-wife and to start looking forward to the future.
  55. To be able to recuperate the beauty of life, it is an absolute necessity to free ourselves of the five poisons and of the evils that come from the trauma experienced in the uterus.
  56. She took the time to recuperate her long coat and put it on, throwing its hood over her head, before grabbing again her two sports bags and walking away as if nothing had happened.
  57. Cousin Hildebranda Sánchez had come to visit a short while after Fermina Daza returned from the ranch in Flores de María, where she had gone to recuperate from the misfortune of Miss Lynch.
  58. Many can experience some degree of all those possible interferences that you have mentioned and never suffer a need for rest from spirit while resting the physical body in order to recuperate.
  59. She had also left the little James Walker in the good hands of Claudette at the inn yesterday, where he would be able to recuperate both physically and psychologically from his long and cruel ordeal.
  60. They had been in Tamarlan for two days now and he had had the time to recuperate a little from the rigours of the journey, enjoy some reasonable food for a change, and savour a few pints of foaming ale.
  61. At last he stopped going there, except for the very few times he did so not to catch up on what he had missed but for just the opposite reason: to find a refuge where he could recuperate from his excesses.
  62. Thankfully, she still wasn’t due to start her new Fall university session for another week still, something that would give her enough time to fully recuperate from her deadly encounter with the avenging Angel.
  63. With his foreman sitting in the back of the cart and with the black workers walking behind, Pierre waited a moment before trying to start a conversation with the teenager, wanting to leave her some time to recuperate some of her strength.
  64. But finally, finally just this once they had a chance to recuperate, a chance to stop and rest and take some time to think about things, to think about their past, present and future, about their lives, their loves, their friends and family.
  65. Then, as machine guns and carbines started spitting fire all along the western edge of the hilltop, she fired three more bursts aimed at the soldiers closest to the now downed command group, not wanting any Chinese to try recuperate their unit flag.
  66. It would undoubtedly be a difficult time for him as was evident by his rash actions at the place where his wife had met with her act of misadventure, and the curiosity of the other guests would certainly not be beneficial in helping him to recuperate from his loss.
  67. How could that army- which had found abundant supplies in Moscow and had trampled them underfoot instead of keeping them, and on arriving at Smolensk had looted provisions instead of storing them- how could that army recuperate in Kaluga province, which was inhabited by Russians such as those who lived in Moscow, and where fire had the same property of consuming what was set ablaze?
  68. How could that army—which had found abundant supplies in Moscow and had trampled them underfoot instead of keeping them, and on arriving at Smolénsk had looted provisions instead of storing them—how could that army recuperate in Kalúga province, which was inhabited by Russians such as those who lived in Moscow, and where fire had the same property of consuming what was set ablaze?
  1. When I was home recuperating.
  2. He’s ok! He’s at his house recuperating from his injuries.
  3. I stopped dead cold, freezing for a moment and then recuperating from the shock.
  4. Her eyes, marked, closed, recuperating, oblivious to my lovesick looks and caresses.
  5. When I had a similar surgery in 2004, I was still recuperating three months afterwards.
  6. Amelia cursed herself a fool for never appreciating him since recuperating from her amnesia.
  7. He had a similar, if not as large, hole in his leg, but he’s recuperating as fast as you.
  8. I had eaten well while recuperating, but she just barely tolerated having me around all day.
  9. Nancy left discreetly the palace five days later and is now recuperating in a secret safe house.
  10. I remembered Loren in bed with Haiku Noon, now recuperating from being assaulted by her own father.
  11. The only person missing was her father, who was at home, recuperating from the shock to his system.
  12. After the operation and while I was recuperating I had an in depth search into my motivation and why I.
  13. That person could be recuperating in the hospital part with the other fellow who was wheeled in on a gurney.
  14. He spent two weeks in the Saint-Pierre University Hospital followed by a week recuperating at the home of his in-laws.
  15. Why interrogate the poor man now, when he was still recuperating and had obviously helped us for no other reason than to help.
  16. Zahid Khan was in hospital for twelve days then at home recuperating for a month after having plastic surgery to repair his nose.
  17. We should arrive at our base in a few hours, after recuperating two other persons and observing a key event in Humanity’s history.
  18. Recuperating first her lance and the revolver wielded by the now dead man, Nancy approached them cautiously, revolver in hand and pointed.
  19. Nuke was recuperating from nearly fatal wounds caused by a laser weapon fired at him by our military and asked me what I thought about his progress.
  20. As the captives were all taken to the fortress in the north, Kahn, the ruler in the Land of Sharp Edges, and Goragos were recuperating after the fight.
  21. Whilst recuperating in hospital, Stirling began writing down his ideas on strategic raids to penetrate deep behind enemy lines by small, select forces.
  22. Nightingale syndrome? I knew that she had been his nurse while he was recuperating, and then I thought about how he had watched us the night of Imbolc.
  23. They were the personification of cordiality and hospitality and I spent several days with them, resting and recuperating from my long and arduous experiences.
  24. His stay at the professor’s was followed by two more days recuperating at Aunt Janet’s, where he’d gone for a brief stroll outside with his mom each afternoon.
  25. Unbeknownst to the doctors and unbeknownst to the nurses, he was handicapping the races with the racing form while he was supposed to be lying in bed and recuperating.
  26. It had been two weeks before Detective Wright, along with a still recuperating Pete Margolis, had met with Maria and admitted that Colin had been right about everything.
  27. Two minutes later, the girl on the stage completed her strip and, recuperating her pieces of clothing, disappeared behind the curtains of the stage, applauded by the customers.
  28. They were received with open arms and spent the remainder of the day and that night recuperating in Anton’s seaside villa, while the cousin was contacted and the wheels set in motion for a ‘deluxe disappearance.
  29. But if you survey hospitals in Carcassonne near La Cite, I am sure you will find him recuperating there, with a gunshot wound to the leg, along with his boyfriend Doug, who was the one who rescued us in the church.
  30. He knew it was not his wife, since she would never have the decency to call but would prefer to merely barge into the room in hopes of catching him in an indiscretion to confirm her accusations; besides, she was probably in the bedroom recuperating from her slight concussion sustained during the blackout.
  31. How many trillions of hours of wasted time in human lives are due to this kind of distraction? How many more thousands of hours could they have spent with their children and loved ones? But: the equal and opposite reaction to being forced to function and perform too much as a machine, is to become an inert, mindless vegetable: a resting machine… recuperating from this unnatural stress that everyday tool-functioning demands of every human inside civilization.
  1. The days dragged on and James slowly recuperated.
  2. She recuperated after you knocked me right into her.
  3. I also recuperated after you knocked me into Candis.
  4. Kate recuperated at Dark Harbor, letting the sun and the sea heal her.
  5. There’s still energy from her in you since she recuperated your lives.
  6. He said it was all for the best, and that he’d get her out as soon as she had recuperated.
  7. After it, he took her home and babied her for a week to make sure she recuperated and was fine.
  8. I would have paid him a visit, but his mother didn’t want anyone stopping by until he was fully recuperated.
  9. Always in her life there had been intervals during which she recuperated in solitude from any strain; now there were none.
  10. Four of us will come down with picks and shovels to do the burial work once Jack Crawford has recuperated the remains of the others.
  11. There, in Jeufosse, he recuperated a number of chests full of gold and silver, chests that he is now apparently bringing to King Charles in Auxerre.
  12. As a payment, he used some of the gold and silver recuperated on the dead Vikings killed near Agen, with enough coins left for more acquisitions at other locations.
  13. Such treasures recuperated from hundreds of old ship wrecks around the World were often used by the Time Patrol to fund the operations of its field agents in the past.
  14. He was too far away from Corona to get him there in time, so his party brought him to the nearest healer and he was forced to stay there for over a month while he recuperated.
  15. These two effects generate a third, that is most rare and precious: the ability to actually enjoy having our rights, that we have recuperated by receiving a gift rather than simply taking it by force.
  16. Gathering back her weapons and haversack while Fernand and Henri solidly tied the hands of the two Iroquois behind their back, Nancy then recuperated one paddle and sat in the Iroquois canoe with little James.
  17. Louis didn’t have to be told twice and made love with her passionately for more than an hour, with Nancy helping the uncommon libido of the young king by caressing and stimulating him while he recuperated between orgasms.
  18. He took in things as they were, his mind enjoying a numbness while both it and his body recuperated slowly, the effects of dehydration slowly withering away and vigor reappearing in his face with his head throbbing gently instead of being about to explode.
  19. Captain Ernest Wakefield, whom Ingrid had managed to grab back as her administration officer, had taken care of the arrangements for the recruiting campaign, helped in this by Captain Peter Shmelling, her old logistical officer from the 17th Pursuit Squadron, who had also been recuperated by Ingrid.
  20. He staid with me a week before he was recuperated and pass'd north,.

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