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Regretful numa frase em (in ingles)

Serious, and regretful.
Portero gave a regretful sigh.
All the same, Ralph was regretful.
Abby said on a regretful note.
He was regretful now about having.
the pen, regretful that his son was repeating his.
She nodded and twisted her face in a regretful grimace.

Regretful of the question, but torn to know the answer.
was even more regretful that he had allowed them to enter.
He is still our doctor, because he's regretful of his actions.
He seemed a bit taken aback by this, if not a little regretful.
that wide-eyed regretful grin of Peter’s and that wonderful line.
I felt confused, conflicted and regretful, he told me in 2015.
depressed and regretful while eating that brownie or piece of lasagna.
She had been ready for days with her stilted, regretful little formula.
And as soon as he said it, he was already feeling regretful that he had.
went even that far to beg me, if I had died, he would feel regretful forever.
a „real' friend, while on the other he was regretful that he could not speak to him.
Even in death Max was closer to the girl that now he yearned for with such regretful thoughts.
I suddenly felt so guilty and regretful that I started to weep while Roy slid his arm around.
Adrinius peered at me one last time, as if deep in reflection, almost regretful contemplation.
"Damn" No-one heard as Death scowled in regretful jealousy from the shadowed corner of the room.
Maybe he was quietly regretful inside, by not surfacing the issue when it first occurred as a child.
Of course it is regretful and 28 too many for the war stopped in 1990, two years before this incident.
He never fully recovered from the regretful condemnation of having consented to the crucifixion of Jesus.
The dark-haired Imperial watched the recruit run off, regretful for snapping at him and preoccupied with the latest developments.
Everyone in Kinnakee was so mournful—so regretful about this freak accident—til they found out the man’s farm was going under.
Kiera was really beginning to feel regretful that she had taken up the challenge, but she remembered what Chance’s look had told her.
Now Sebastian had disappeared into that other life of his where I was not asked to follow, and I was left, instead, forlorn and regretful.

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