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Remain numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I let it remain bare.
2. I needed to remain me.
3. Now remain in my love.
4. Let not a shred remain.
5. He is to remain tied.
6. I had to remain strong.
7. They would remain at a.

8. I wish to remain here.
9. They remain by her side.
10. You will remain in VIP.
11. We have to remain hidden.
12. Remain true to your goal.
13. To remain outside of the.
14. But the sprout will remain.
15. I remain silent and still.
16. Then I shall also remain.
17. You'll have to remain at.
18. Greta tried to remain calm.
19. And though a tenth remain.
20. They will on earth remain.
21. Remain relaxed for a few.
22. Be sure you remain in the.
23. The tank would remain full.
24. And does the child remain.
25. The clowns remain at large.
26. It had to remain his alone.
27. I would have to remain in.
28. They want to remain unknown.
29. But finer ones remain intact.
30. I remain at a safe distance.
31. Without a doubt they remain.
32. I remain silent during the.
33. Out of 9 children, 5 remain.
34. Q: Does the witness remain?
35. Pease, try to remain calm.
36. He did not remain here long.
37. The 25 cadets remain on the.
38. Well, I will remain with you.
39. They will remain to face an.
40. She found excuses to remain.
41. Rose struggled to remain calm.
42. They remain behind the corner.
43. I had to remain there, with.
44. They’ll remain the size of.
45. Innovation will remain in the.
46. We were destined to remain a.
47. Block will remain in place ….
48. I tried to remain emotionless.
49. My sentence is to here remain.
50. You remain the love of my life.
51. Hopes will be and will remain.
52. He needed her to remain alone.
53. Some of them remain true to me.
54. Everything can remain as it is.
55. Fanning? You may remain seated.
56. And it would remain so forever.
57. Louis who remain nearly silent.
58. When we have faith, we remain.
59. Why else would all time remain.
60. In any event they would remain.
61. I forced myself to remain still.
62. All things remain the same –.
63. Instead he tried to remain mild.
64. He wished it to remain personal.
65. Q: Does not the witness remain?
66. Where they will remain for eons.
67. I always remain indebted to you.
68. They will remain sticky and wet.
69. The others will remain on alert.
70. A little softness should remain.
71. They would always remain Ahimsak.
72. The music will remain there in.
73. It would have to remain in the.
74. Your left hand should remain in.
75. However, I tried to remain casual.
76. Telling them to remain calm was.
77. Remain in this position for 3-5.
78. Everyone remain where you are.
79. They want to remain undiscovered.
80. Nothing will remain of the nation.
81. Remain as the silent witness only.
82. Often the bad ones remain hidden.
83. And I remain helpless and hapless.
84. His thoughts remain glued to the.
85. If you wish me to remain in your.
86. Stay strong and remain overcomers.
87. He had to remain calm, in control.
88. She signaled to me to remain silent.
89. I want this country to remain free.
90. We no longer need to remain hidden.
91. Players remain on the outer pathway.
92. The basement will remain a mystery.
93. Was ordered to remain at Martigues.
94. The question will remain unanswered.
95. Watch that you remain full of the.
96. She could not remain where she was.
97. With the three hundred that remain.
98. Then I’ll remain here with you.
99. I had to remain largely autonomous.
100. Just remain in the center, watching.
1. Stir in the remaining 6.
2. Whisk in the remaining 1.
3. Stir in the remaining syrup.
4. The remaining stones are a.
5. Remaining true to her late.
6. And nothing is remaining old.
7. Of the remaining records I.
8. He turned to his remaining.
9. The remaining lines did not.
10. Remaining open to what comes.
11. Pat the remaining crumbs on.
12. The remaining ten percent is.
13. He counted the remaining days.
14. Just one thing still remaining.
15. We have only moments remaining.
16. Repeat with the remaining eggs.
17. Top with the remaining filling.
18. Top with the remaining 1/4 cup.
19. The remaining stones should be.
20. The remaining ships, chased by.
21. Chapter 4 - The Remaining Three.
22. At the body's remaining so long.
23. Are trying to tel the remaining.
24. She nodded, eyes remaining closed.
25. Repeat with the remaining prawns.
26. Matilde remaining on the cushion.
27. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top.
28. Repeat with the remaining pieces.
29. He passed through the remaining.
30. Sprinkle top with the remaining.
31. The few remaining will fall soon.
32. The remaining 8 vowel sounds are:.
33. Heat remaining oil in a heavy 99.
34. The time remaining to expiration.
35. Any remaining cannons were dealt.
36. I counted the ammunition remaining.
37. None of the three remaining replied.
38. Cover with remaining crumb mixture.
39. Its few remaining teeth pointed up.
40. She drove the remaining miles home.
41. Tres has almost ten years remaining.
42. Drizzle with the remaining dressing.
43. The only remaining pool of Jews in.
44. Roll balls in the remaining coconut.
45. Add remaining cacao powder, mix well.
46. My Spirit remaining with the faithful.
47. The remaining three habits explained.
48. The remaining marbles swarm the aisle.
49. All the air remaining went out of me.
50. I gave Bubba the remaining meat and.
51. The remaining pack members fol owed.
52. The remaining three were similar to.
53. Darren approached the remaining guard.
54. Then the remaining children followed.
55. The remaining garments fell off when.
56. The remaining one began to rise again.
57. Morse scanned the remaining quatrains.
58. They looked at each other, remaining.
59. He glared at the remaining spacecraft.
60. Combine remaining ingredients with 2.
61. The few remaining hours of nighttime.
62. They ate the remaining fresh food at.
63. Sift together the remaining ingredients.
64. His remaining clothes are black as him.
65. The remaining foundations are important.
66. The remaining shelves were lined with.
67. Q: Only in the sense of remaining alive.
68. Nathan captured the remaining two rings.
69. Remaining stationary It overtakes all.
70. The remaining shop window cracked and.
71. Syd finished loading the remaining gold.
72. Add the remaining ingredients and blend.
73. The remaining immortals wasted no time.
74. Repeat with remaining nuts and caramels.
75. We had five boats remaining in our fleet.
76. But the remaining half of society proved.
77. The remaining members of the crowd, who.
78. During the remaining nine months of the.
79. As Garcia took one of the two remaining.
80. When there was but a crust remaining he.
81. Existing or remaining within; inherent.
82. Are you remaining in Moscow, then?
83. She held him with her remaining strength.
84. Combine all remaining ingredients in bowl.
85. Sprinkle with remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt.
86. Having picked up our remaining things, I.
87. And of course the remaining piece of the.
88. There were only her lab screens remaining.
89. His remaining men boarded up the entrance.
90. Yes, he said, he is the only one remaining.
91. The remaining three setups are all Pintos.
92. The wolf was tracking the remaining minion.
93. Repeat with any remaining tortilla wedges.
94. The remaining Resistance cell followed Zoe.
95. This is the same for the remaining seven.
96. William slammed down on the remaining ledge.
97. Gradually add remaining flour, mixing well.
98. Kay drew her eyes to Jevan, remaining still.
99. Remnant–Those remaining of the same group.
100. The remaining vampire watched him intently.
1. What remained was the idea.
2. And yet she remained calm.
3. And as dust have remained.
4. Soon, only a few remained.
5. All that remained was to.
6. All that remained of the.
7. It only remained to give.
8. It remained his best line.
9. But his bow remained strong.
10. The wood remained in place.
11. Wiggam and I remained calm.
12. She remained mute and cold.
13. Chait remained on his back.
14. The lead remained in place.
15. It remained in the chamber.
16. The crowd remained at the.
17. She remained where she was.
18. So much remained a mystery.
19. Only one more item remained.
20. Both of them remained silent.
21. The man remained still, too.
22. The plates remained on the.
23. Only a dozen years remained.
24. I remained stunned and still.
25. But my resolve remained stiff.
26. But life has remained in the.
27. Jack remained as calm as ever.
28. Batistuta remained in his bed.
29. The White House remained mute.
30. Unruly remained on the earth.
31. But one other option remained.
32. Jazz remained isolated in a.
33. The fact remained that there.
34. He remained far above the sky.
35. He still remained on his knees.
36. But Tina remained very strong.
37. Her bra remained on the fence.
38. Nothing remained of the wound.
39. Harry remained numb for a week.
40. My key remained activated 24/7.
41. Only the ghost of it remained.
42. He remained silent for a while.
43. She remained a very sporadic.
44. One thing remained to be done.
45. But the girl remained a statue.
46. Three more of the bats remained.
47. I'd remained seated on the bed.
48. Yet, the fact remained that I.
49. We remained separated a little.
50. Five crew members remained on.
51. Only one man remained faithful.
52. The door remained sealed tight.
53. There remained only papers to.
54. Still, Hans remained as before.
55. Her body remained calm however.
56. Fred and Speed remained behind.
57. Few of the collection remained.
58. I remained riveted to the spot.
59. Only Katie-Anne and I remained.
60. Johnson remained alive and well.
61. He remained silent for a moment.
62. Moses remained tense, but still.
63. What remained with her was Isha.
64. Only the Local section remained.
65. Sarah remained still on her back.
66. Tom remained silent for a moment.
67. As long as she remained on the.
68. Only King Lambi's head remained.
69. The block remained atop the can.
70. It remained true to its history.
71. He knew only one option remained.
72. The PIO captain remained behind.
73. Dixon and Varion remained silent.
74. Hal remained rooted to the spot.
75. We remained and talked for hours.
76. She remained silent for a moment.
77. But it remained still and silent.
78. She writhed, but remained silent.
79. This difference has remained at.
80. Nothing remained for him on land.
81. The longer they remained on the.
82. No one remained to tell the tale.
83. The only humans who remained on.
84. The things that remained ungiven.
85. So the mystery remained a mystery.
86. He remained that way for seconds.
87. The monks remained in the temple.
88. Both the children remained silent.
89. The trail was all that remained.
90. But the question of why remained.
91. Two guys remained in their graves.
92. I remained frozen in my pose,.
1. The remains of the H.
2. He was and remains an.
3. M: Yes, the void remains.
4. That remains to be seen.
5. The cause of RA remains.
6. But the fact remains them.
7. The fact remains that Mr.
8. But the fact remains, it.
9. Only Aaron remains, I in.
10. And only one task remains.
11. It remains my prayer for.
12. But the love still remains.
13. The song remains the same.
14. The truth remains the same.
15. In my mind he remains the.
16. He remains the focal point.
17. Yet what remains the same?
18. Nothing remains but one leg.
19. She remains calm and seated.
20. And your hope remains strong.
21. Not much of that remains.
22. It remains for hours in the.
23. Q: What remains to discover?
24. It is what remains when all.
25. Sadness is all that remains.
26. Life indeed remains a mystery.
27. The hydrogen remains a solid.
28. He says his fate remains in.
29. He found the melted remains.
30. This still remains true today.
31. I had found Jahna’s remains.
32. It remains, but very far away.
33. It remains pure and unsullied.
34. That remains to be proved….
35. The fact remains is that you.
36. Nothing ever remains the same.
37. My hat goes off, and remains.
38. I only know the best remains;.
39. The remains of Otsuchi blazed.
40. It only remains to fix a price.
41. The principle remains the same.
42. It only remains for us to ask.
43. He remains silent and brooding.
44. Meanwhile it remains in stasis.
45. Indeed, some of the remains of.
46. But the hurt in my head remains.
47. He remains the focus of my mind.
48. He remains silent, staring ahead.
49. This remains between you and me.
50. That remains the locked up cell.
51. She remains calm and considered.
52. Much of it remains unexplored.
53. The remains of a temple?
54. Nevertheless, it remains a riot.
55. Even so, her mouth remains flat.
56. What remains is following your.
57. A flicker of pain still remains.
58. In our own time, the remains of.
59. But the project remains untouched.
60. Nothing remains of the sums you.
61. When he finally got the remains.
62. Whatever its object, it remains.
63. The Body – Not simply Remains!.
64. Being remains, but not self-being.
65. Nothing remains the only mystery.
66. That remains my favourite serial.
67. Diane D remains behind the bushes.
68. Yet still remains the old despair.
69. Pray tell me what remains unsaid.
70. Where mountains were sand remains.
71. It is she who remains a faithful.
72. The site was part of the remains.
73. My own blindness remains, though.
74. But what once was true remains so.
75. Only the Mira on the floor remains.
76. What remains to be delineated is.
77. It looks like cremated remains.
78. That remains to be seen, shaman.
79. The substance of the faith remains.
80. He stood up to see the remains of.
81. But one last thing remains for me.
82. However, it remains in his account.
83. Ensure that the elbow remains bent.
84. All that remains of this story is.
85. Cass remains reluctant to leave her.
86. If helium remains a gas, it is hot.
87. Hmmm, I brought the remains of Mrs.
88. In the beginning the mind remains.
89. ERICK remains standing for a while.
90. That remains to be seen, cousin.
91. With a tight jaw, he remains silent.
92. Your body remains within the palace.
93. Of course your body remains in the.
94. Tseng requested that it remains.
95. This still remains true to this day.
96. The Cross remains a stumbling block.
97. The power of speech remains elusive.
98. Most of the program remains the same.
99. Remains outside, but is always there.
100. M: That which cannot change, remains.

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