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1. He smiled at my remark.
2. Sir James made no remark.
3. He smirked at that remark.
4. But he ignored the remark.
5. Your remark is very witty.
6. He again made some remark.
7. She laughed at his remark.

8. I cannot remark that this.
9. Euther waved off her remark.
10. Julius smiled at the remark.
11. The first remark is one of.
12. Nancy grinned at that remark.
13. In allusion to a remark of Mr.
14. The remark produced a snicker.
15. Cole's remark was, that her.
16. Hey! I resemble that remark.
17. Both of them ignored my remark.
18. Ferguson smiled at that remark.
19. Nancy thought about his remark.
20. Quesada grinned at that remark.
21. The sad moon only could remark.
22. This remark made Tom thoughtful.
23. Afraid to pass a remark on him.
24. He addressed this remark to Mrs.
25. Here a remark becomes necessary.
26. Kaltigins smiled at that remark.
27. He smiled slightly at the remark.
28. Hal decided to ignore the remark.
29. Jamie was puzzled by this remark.
30. It was an ill-considered remark.
31. Harry noticed and made no remark.
32. Digby saw the truth of the remark.
33. That remark earned me a sour look.
34. It was a profounder remark than Mr.
35. Some muttering greeted this remark.
36. Xavier had to laugh at that remark.
37. And here I may remark that when Mr.
38. The remark seemed odd to Elizabeth.
39. Professor (not heeding the remark).
40. As I stated in my opening remark.
41. She smiled, pleased with the remark.
42. As always, Kostya put in his remark.
43. That remark sent a pang to my heart.
44. It was not a remark Max had expected.
45. She had made the occasional remark.
46. Kutuzov made no rejoinder or remark.
47. My remark from yesterday that they.
48. The boy had made a calculated remark.
49. Marston swore mentally at that remark.
50. Kutúzov made no rejoinder or remark.
51. This remark was not pleasing to Zeus.
52. The Chens laughed at her witty remark.
53. The remark produced a striking effect.
54. This last remark earned her attention.
55. I'm sorry for that remark I just said.
56. Jennings the following natural remark.
57. Ingrid smiled with malice at his remark.
58. Everyone has the same remark, that we.
59. He had not noticed the previous remark.
60. After hearing that remark I was hooked.
61. Chelan seemed downhearted by the remark.
62. It was a nasty remark, delivered curtly.
63. You grant a great deal by that remark.
64. Conderley thought the remark unfortunate.
65. Wolfi remembered him making such a remark.
66. One remark is here worth a passing notice.
67. Princess' remark cut the air between them.
68. The remark both puzzled and delighted him.
69. The others laughed briefly at that remark.
70. Stepan shook his head, but made no remark.
71. Akenji grew curious at that cryptic remark.
72. First Of Those Who Fight ventured a remark.
73. That last remark got me a punch in the gut.
74. The remark was followed with a long belch.
75. The man smiled and made no further remark.
76. Now, you remark in this note of yours, Mr.
77. I shall explain this last remark later on.
78. And that is you Aidan, JC ended his remark.
79. Always the insolent remark, he said.
80. He failed to see the meaning of this remark.
81. He took the remark as an invitation to talk.
82. A single ram’s horn punctuated his remark.
83. I think it’s time I returned that remark.
84. The timing of his remark made me think why.
85. Every remark I form in my head sounds snide.
86. Her remark was greeted by a chorus of groans.
87. Suddenly he came out with a curious remark:.
88. The remark plunged Harald into further gloom.
89. At first I could make nothing of this remark.
90. This vitriolic remark pierced into his heart.
91. My remark forced them both to be cracking up.
92. They often remark, however: Why is it that.
93. Chevalier ignored that remark, Talk to her.
94. And I can't see why they liked that remark so.
95. Enilia elbowed her in the side for that remark.
96. His next remark really had me laughing though.
97. It appears that Gavroche overheard this remark.
98. I let the remark about being an easterner pass.
99. Well, I apologize for the girlfriend remark.
100. Lorry, as the safest remark he could think of.
1. Stephen had not noticed her and shrugged his shoulders, merely remarking:.
2. I have some recollection of once remarking to our young friend here that G.
3. Without remarking that man-traps were not among the amenities of life, I said I.
4. Vanyusha for his part approved of Beletski, remarking that he was a real gentleman.
5. The confidante watches carefully, silently remarking the proof that his friend is in.
6. And here I must vindicate a claim to philosophical reflectiveness, by remarking that Mr.
7. On my remarking that I was constantly in the habit of doing the same thing you expressed incredulity.
8. Are you off? said Gania, suddenly, remarking that she had risen and was about to leave the room.
9. When he saw Owen, the boy left off working and wished him good morning, remarking that it was very cold.
10. His young wife had also retired to take off her dinner-dress, remarking that she would join him presently.
11. The elder brother gave him this sum, merely remarking that one should not play preference when one had no money.
12. He drew me into his office, remarking in a reverent voice that it was a sad time for all of us, and offered me a cigar.
13. I won't enlarge on this fact or analyze it here, but confine myself to remarking that this was his attitude at the moment.
14. There is four of it in that sentence: I fling them to you in a handful, only remarking that they are your fault, not mine.
15. Remarking that the print was too small for his own eyes, he passed the slip of paper to Harlow, who read aloud as follows:.
16. Martini lent the old man’s head carefully onto the antimacassar, remarking to himself how flat the back of KK’s head was.
17. As old Jack was in the habit of remarking, many a landlord would have sold up their furniture and turned them into the street.
18. I shall content myself with remarking only upon two instances, and those recent; the present war, and the late invasion of Canada.
19. Yet some whim or other led me, on remarking that the red had come up consecutively for seven times, to attach myself to that colour.
20. I hope, however, to be excused for remarking that both these gentlemen have considered the profits of commerce as confined to the merchant.
21. Langeron said, as if remarking, ‘So you are still at that silly business!’ quickly closed his eye again, and let his head sink still lower.
22. To the housekeeper's great mortification, she called the child Heidi, remarking to Miss Rottenmeier: If somebody's name is Heidi, I call her so.
23. James remarking that he had not been afforded these courtesies when he was imprisoned at Hu Lyang’s Woodlands cottage – he had even been gagged!.
24. My companion, sitting on the ground, was prevented by the back of the settle from remarking his presence or departure; but I started, and bade her hush!.
25. Half an hour passed in conversation, and then Velchaninoff rose to depart: he was in such a hurry, that his friends could not help remarking upon the fact.
26. Gunther, concludes his abstract of Malm's paper, by remarking that the author gives a very simple explanation of the abnormal condition of the Pleuronectoids.
27. The two friends sat down to table; but they could not refrain from remarking the difference between the Count of Monte Cristo's table and that of Signor Pastrini.
28. He listened to what Langeron said, as if remarking, So you are still at that silly business! quickly closed his eye again, and let his head sink still lower.
29. The general attention being drawn to her, including that of the dairyman's pupil, Tess flushed, and remarking evasively that it wasonly a fancy, resumed her breakfast.
30. It was about Easter, when, taking advantage of a momentary tête-à-tête Colia handed Aglaya a letter, remarking that he had orders to deliver it to her privately.
31. It took no less than two hours, but finally when they both stood looking at the reflection in the full length mirror she could not help remarking: It’s incredible.
32. By the chains the horse slowly swerved to turn, which perceiving, Bloom, who was keeping a sharp lookout as usual, plucked the other's sleeve gently, jocosely remarking:.
33. Johnson and Charles Lamb, remarking that he understood their taste better than that of those persons who indulge in ill-defined and windy raptures about scenery and the weather.
34. Ten came back with a negative report remarking about the giants that they saw while Joshua and Caleb, having faith in God, said Let's go now and take possession of the land.
35. Nancy eyed Mazarin cautiously, restraining herself in extremis from remarking to him that the 7,000 mercenaries he had brought with him had also looted and raped their way to Poitiers.
36. At dinner he was hilarious to a degree; he made jokes and fun, and told stories which had no ends, or which he tacked on to ends belonging to other stories, without remarking the fact.
37. Remarking at his first entrance the dazzling beauty of Avdotya Romanovna, he endeavoured not to notice her at all during his visit and addressed himself solely to Pulcheria Alexandrovna.
38. Clair went into town rather earlier than usual, remarking before he started that he had two important commissions to perform, and that he would bring his little boy home a box of bricks.
39. Our conference being now ended, and everything arranged, I rose to go; remarking to Herbert that he and I had better not go home together, and that I would take half an hour's start of him.
40. I shall be more careful in future! However, it was impossible to avoid remarking that there was some sense of oppression in the household—something unspoken, but felt; something strained.
41. When man had a strong urge to do something, good or evil, he was in the habit of accounting for these unusual emotions by remarking: `The Lord spoke to me saying, do thus and so, or go here and there.
42. She began counting them, remarking that they were much slower than the beatings of her heart; and still she doubted,—the inoffensive Valentine could not imagine that any one should desire her death.
43. Mr Traynor had begun to point out ancestors in the portraits on the wall, his hand at Lily’s elbow, remarking on the similarity of her nose to this one, or the colour of her hair to that one over there.
44. This was Mr Grinder's first visit at the house, and he expressed his admiration of the manner in which the ceiling and the walls were decorated, remarking that he had always liked this 'ere Japanese style.
45. May I ask you if you have ever had an opportunity of remarking, down in your part of the country, that the children of not exactly suitable marriages are always most particularly anxious to be married?
46. Prince Andrew did not catch what he said and would have passed on, but Chernyshev introduced him to Pfuel, remarking that Prince Andrew was just back from Turkey where the war had terminated so fortunately.
47. Prince Andrew did not catch what he said and would have passed on, but Chernýshev introduced him to Pfuel, remarking that Prince Andrew was just back from Turkey where the war had terminated so fortunately.
48. I did so, and she put it among the collection on the top of her chest of drawers, remarking that it had quite a look of the thing, which she had often heard admired but could never see the beauty of, herself.
49. After remarking that he could tell from our basement location what my father thought of his outdoor division, he promptly informed Dave Feldman that he was sending recommendations to Winston-Salem that all R.
50. The Crowd went wild upon her Appearance, the Men remarking lewdly upon her Nudity, and the Women disapproving loudly, calling her Whore and Strumpet, but being unable to unglue their Eyes from her Bosom for all that.
51. Jerry took the letter, and, remarking to himself with less internal deference than he made an outward show of, "You are a lean old one, too," made his bow, informed his son, in passing, of his destination, and went his way.
52. Suzy had declined the invitation and insisted that he didn’t stay too long, jokingly remarking that he was getting too old to hang out with younger, prettier girls anymore and to make sure he didn’t overstay his welcome.
53. And indulge me, sir, with remarking, that I conceive the situation of a nation never can be more disastrous, calamitous, and lamentable, than when its great and serious affairs are placed in the hands of a parcel of punsters.
54. He insisted on taking all the parcels, and the crowd, having jumped to the conclusion that he was the young woman's husband began to dwindle away, one of the jokers remarking `It's all over!' in a loud voice as he took himself off.
55. Dismissing the trooper with a wave of his hand, the captain turned to his aide, remarking, Would it be your observation that someone has been observing us and has beat a hasty retreat when we picked up the pace of our march?
56. The other guests had taken advantage of the Queen's absence, and were resting in the shade: however, the moment they saw her, they hurried back to the game, the Queen merely remarking that a moment's delay would cost them their lives.
57. The other guests had taken advantage of the Queen’s absence, and were resting in the shade: however, the moment they saw her, they hurried back to the game, the Queen merely remarking that a moment’s delay would cost them their lives.
58. He joyfully announced that he has a story that is so dear to his heart, which he would like to tell everyone during the golden jubilee celebration, remarking that the story is one of the remarkable events in his life that gladden his heart.
59. It does not, perhaps, relate to the present subject, but I cannot help remarking it, that very old families, such as have possessed some considerable estate from father to son for many successive generations, are very rare in commercial countries.
60. Though in the new reign he was free to return to the capitals, he still continued to live in the country, remarking that anyone who wanted to see him could come the hundred miles from Moscow to Bald Hills, while he himself needed no one and nothing.
61. It began directly after breakfast in the hall, where Antoine, remarking firmly '_C'est l'hiver_,' had lit a roaring fire, determined this time to stand no parsimonious nonsense, and it has gone on all day, with the necessary intervals for recuperation.
62. Goldsborough, after observing on the propriety of the House having all the information on foreign affairs which was accessible; and remarking, also, that they were much in the dark in respect to our relations with France, moved the following resolution:.
63. As regards your hair, it is no doubt a pity, especially as I could not help remarking its beauty during our short interview, but I am afraid that I must remain firm upon this point, and I only hope that the increased salary may recompense you for the loss.
64. She asked for a table in the middle of the room and sat there remarking on every person who walked in, noting their dress, whether they looked like they came from ‘abroad’, their lack of wisdom in bringing small children, or little dogs that looked like rats.
65. Not that it did the least good in the way of prevention--it might almost have been worth remarking that the fact was exactly the reverse--but, it cleared off (as to this world) the trouble of each particular case, and left nothing else connected with it to be looked after.
66. In conclusion, this lawyer made a thrust at the prosecuting attorney by remarking that, although the splendid reasonings of the prosecutor on heredity explain the scientific questions of heredity, they hardly hold good in the case of Bochkova, since her parentage was unknown.
67. So sure was he as the minutes past that her silence was an embarrassed one that he put an end to it by remarking on the beauty of the evening, and Priscilla who had entirely forgotten Miss Schultz gave him the iciest look as a reminder that it was not his place to speak first.
68. But the Baroness, who did not follow and did not want to, for it was not her business to listen to her pastor's wife, drooped an inquiring eye again over Ingeborg's body and cut her tendency to talk more than was becoming in her position short by remarking that she was still very thin.
69. A voice kept remarking that Prime Ministers and Viceroys spoke in the Reichstag; entered Lahore; said that the Emperor travelled; in Milan they rioted; said there were rumours in Vienna; said that the Ambassador at Constantinople had audience with the Sultan; the fleet was at Gibraltar.
70. Indeed, place this reversed skull (scaled down to the human magnitude) among a plate of men's skulls, and you would involuntarily confound it with them; and remarking the depressions on one part of its summit, in phrenological phrase you would say—This man had no self-esteem, and no veneration.
71. It is worth remarking, in passing, that in the thirty years which saw IBM transformed from a 7-times earnings to a 40-times earnings enterprise, many of what I have called the endogenous speculative aspects of our large industrial companies have tended to disappear, or at least to diminish greatly.
72. Slowly she walked along the silent sands, slowly she went into the house, still more slowly into her bedroom; and then, just as Gertrud had blessed me and blown out my candle in one breath, in she came with a light, and remarking that she did not feel sleepy sat down on the foot of my bed and began to talk.
73. Later in the evening, however, Raffles overtook him in the street, and appearing either to have forgotten the roughness of his former reception or to intend avenging it by a forgiving familiarity, greeted him jovially and walked by his side, remarking at first on the pleasantness of the town and neighborhood.
74. But the landlady could not resist remarking at this point that the house in Crooked Lane had been burnt owing to a bald wench; that there was a bald-headed wench living there, that she had lighted a candle and set fire to the lumber room; but nothing would happen in her place, and everything would be all right in the flats.
75. In remarking on the absurdity of this principle it is necessary to recur to that part of the Message of the President of the United States at the opening of the present session of Congress, which introduced the objects proposed in this bill to the consideration of the House; and to observe the strange and left-handed conclusions it contains.
76. Epanchin was surprised at the effect which the news from Moscow had upon the girls, and they were no less surprised that after solemnly remarking that her most striking characteristic was being mistaken in people she should have troubled to obtain for the prince the favour and protection of so powerful an old lady as the Princess Bielokonski.
77. When they had fixed the poster on the wall, Philpot stood the steps in the corner of the room, with the back part facing outwards, and then, everything being ready for the lecturer, the two sat down in their accustomed places and began to eat their dinners, Harlow remarking that they would have to buck up or they would be too late for the meeting; and the rest of the crowd began to discuss the poster.
78. I said but little, for I saw it would be of no use; I, however, took a canny opportunity of remarking to old Mr Dinledoup, the English teacher, that this castle-building scheme of an academy would cause great changes probably in the masters; and as, no doubt, it would oblige us to adopt the new methods of teaching, I would like to have a private inkling of what salary he would expect on being superannuated.
79. Just as they were setting out, Misery stopped them, remarking that the cart was not half loaded - he said it would take a month to get all the stuff away if they went on like that; so by his directions they placed another long ladder on top of the pile and once more started on their way, but before they had gone two dozen yards one of the wheels of the cart collapsed and the load was scattered over the roadway.
80. It was when our supper had been cleared away and he was remarking for the second time--the first time he remarked it I had said 'What?',--that ultimate religious ideas are merely symbols of the actual, not cognitions of it, and his mother not well knowing what he meant but afraid it must be something a bishop's son ought not to mean said with gentle reproach, 'My dear Brosy,' that I took courage to inquire of him 'Why Brosy?'.
81. And why should I here suppress the delight I received from this amiable creature, in remarking each artless look, each motion of pure indissembled nature, betrayed by his wanton eyes; or shewing, transparently, the glow and suffusion of blood through his fresh, clear skin, whilst even his stury rustic pressure wanted not their peculiar charm? Oh! but, say you, this was a young fellow of too low a rank of life to deserve so great a display.
82. Here roast goose stuffed with apples is a dish loved quite openly and simply by people who would consider that the number of their quarterings raises them above any suspicion as to the refinement of their tastes, however many geese they may eat, and however much they may enjoy them; and I remember one lady, whose ancestors, probably all having loved goose, reached back up to a quite giddy antiquity, casting a gloom over a dinner table by removing as much of the skin or crackling of the goose as she could when it came to her, remarking, amidst a mournful silence, that it was her favourite part.
83. Nor does every husband feel bound to repeat at every step, “Tu l’as voulu, Georges Dandin!” like another typical personage; and yet how many millions and billions of Georges Dandins there are in real life who feel inclined to utter this soul-drawn cry after their honeymoon, if not the day after the wedding! Therefore, without entering into any more serious examination of the question, I will content myself with remarking that in real life typical characters are “watered down,” so to speak; and all these Dandins and Podkoleosins actually exist among us every day, but in a diluted form.
84. I did not mind their skirmishes: but Hareton was often obliged to seek the kitchen also, when the master wanted to have the house to himself; and though in the beginning she either left it at his approach, or quietly joined in my occupations, and shunned remarking or addressing him---and though he was always as sullen and silent as possible---after a while she changed her behaviour, and became incapable of letting him alone: talking at him; commenting on his stupidity and idleness; expressing her wonder how he could endure the life he lived---how he could sit a whole evening staring into the fire and dozing.
85. I did not mind their skirmishes: but Hareton was often obliged to seek the kitchen also, when the master wanted to have the house to himself! and though in the beginning she either left it at his approach, or quietly joined in my occupations, and shunned remarking or addressing him—and though he was always as sullen and silent as possible—after a while, she changed her behaviour, and became incapable of letting him alone: talking at him; commenting on his stupidity and idleness; expressing her wonder how he could endure the life he lived—how he could sit a whole evening staring into the fire, and dozing.
86. All the animals cheered when he entered, and crowded round to congratulate him and say nice things about his courage, and his cleverness, and his fighting qualities; but Toad only smiled faintly, and murmured, 'Not at all!' Or, sometimes, for a change, 'On the contrary!' Otter, who was standing on the hearthrug, describing to an admiring circle of friends exactly how he would have managed things had he been there, came forward with a shout, threw his arm round Toad's neck, and tried to take him round the room in triumphal progress; but Toad, in a mild way, was rather snubby to him, remarking gently, as he disengaged himself, 'Badger's was the mastermind; the Mole and the Water Rat bore the brunt of the fighting; I merely served in the ranks and did little or nothing.
87. Jeanie and Marion Sapples, the washerwoman, with a pickle tea and sugar tied in the corners of a napkin, and two measured glasses of whisky in an old doctor’s bottle, had been sent with the foul clothes the night before to the washing-house, and by break of day they were up and at their work; nothing particular, as Marion said, was observed about Jeanie till after they had taken their breakfast, when, in spreading out the clothes on the green, some of the ne’er-do-weel young clerks of the town were seen gaffawing and haverelling with Jeanie, the consequence of which was, that all the rest of the day she was light-headed; indeed, as Mrs Girdwood told me herself, when Jeanie came in from the green for Marion’s dinner, she couldna help remarking to her goodman, that there was something fey about the lassie, or, to use her own words, there was a storm in her tail, light where it might.
88. Dismissing the trooper with a wave of his hand, the captain turned to his aide, remarking,.
1. Even his son remarked it.
2. Spikey remarked that he was.
3. She remarked his shining eyes.
4. As they climbed in he remarked.
5. Harris knowing it, he remarked.
6. What never was remarked or heard.
7. They both remarked that it was a.
8. Nice trees, huh? he remarked.
9. Remarked one of Stan’s mistresses.
10. I have remarked that he watches us.
11. Same here, the mayor remarked.
12. She bit into her bread as I remarked.
13. Perhaps you had not remarked that?
14. How very improper! she remarked.
15. Yeah, I bet the bouncer remarked.
16. I love that woman, remarked Jack.
17. Moscow?’ remarked one of the footmen.
18. A feisty one, I see, he remarked.
19. No one remarked to Karit’s statement.
20. Are you going to paint it? remarked.
21. I smell a ratiobeing, he remarked.
22. As she swept up she remarked to him:—.
23. It seems to be a rule, as remarked by Is.
24. Wow! He is a hero! remarked Khosla.
25. The little traitors! Alec remarked.
26. That was a good song remarked Billy.
27. Grimesby Roylott, remarked the driver.
28. He remarked that he had not noticed these.
29. Someone would have remarked upon it sooner.
30. The Hungarian mines, it is remarked by Mr.
31. He says he expected it, she remarked.
32. She remarked on how lovely everything was.
33. This poor army! he suddenly remarked.
34. Stopping at one of the guards he remarked.
35. Bartlett remarked, among other things:—.
36. You’ve got some guts, Aqua remarked.
37. Is that so? Bobbie remarked neutrally.
38. The King wants us dead, Finias remarked.
39. Allcock remarked, rapt with the intercourse.
40. It’s OK he won’t bite he remarked.
41. There is a limit to life, he remarked.
42. You‘re beautiful, Katie, he remarked.
43. I like when it rains, Bernice remarked.
44. Some bird, Joey remarked in a low voice.
45. I told you I was good, remarked William.
46. Bridget had remarked that she had married well.
47. Mivart has remarked, that it has little value.
48. You back on that again? Raymond remarked.
49. It’s all there remarked Karl laughing.
50. That was very false economy, remarked Mrs.
51. This had to cost a fortune! Jill remarked.
52. I’m glad I’m on your side, he remarked.
53. She’s testing the wind, Robbie remarked.
54. He remarked the pregnant silence of the forest.
55. There is another point which should be remarked.
56. My companion stared a moment and then remarked:.
57. This is getting repetitive,’ remarked Henrick.
58. Of this subject Martin Luther King Jr remarked:.
59. We are close there now, my friend remarked.
60. He certainly needs a wash, remarked Holmes.
61. J remarked the Captain as he chewed on his cigar.
62. Motioning to the customers, Sam remarked, If.
63. I wish I had thought of that, Joey remarked.
64. You’re up early, her uncle remarked dryly.
65. I remarked that perhaps that would be interesting.
66. Amazing, remarked AJ in a matter of fact way.
67. Still tensed up from the close call, Harv remarked.
68. He’s really enjoying this, Samuel remarked.
69. I didn’t know she was up to that, I remarked.
70. The man said nothing for a moment; then he remarked.
71. That was rather anticlimactic, Andrew remarked.
72. Incredulous, she remarked that it was very unlike him.
73. Sir! one of them remarked with a turned-up nose.
74. My mother’s name was Elizabeth, remarked Karl.
75. Rosemary had remarked that of course he had a future.
76. He remarked about the exceptional taste today though.
77. That’s just what I say, remarked the merchant.
78. Chauncey Wright has remarked, serve as a watch-tower.
79. McFadden,� Steve remarked s he turned in his chair.
80. Sebastian often remarked how they tasted like raccoon.
81. Three: He was disturbed when I remarked about the DC-.
82. Morrison afterwards remarked, unusually well attended.
83. Oh, well, well! remarked the regimental commander.
84. What a young lady she is! remarked the major-domo.
85. Something’s attracted her attention,’ Ben remarked.
86. McClure remarked, gazing around the confines of the car.
87. I can see it gets a bit hot in there, she remarked.
88. He’s obviously happier in there, Cherry remarked.
89. Galilee, who, as remarked, must have had a considerable.
90. Wow this is some pad you’ve got here he remarked.
91. I am naturally observant, as you may have remarked, Mr.
92. I never quite understood about jibing, she remarked.
93. How extremely interesting, remarked the spunky dame.
94. I wonder what they learnt in there, Teller remarked.
95. At the Potsdam Conference Stalin remarked to Truman that.
96. He’s been with us since the village Micah remarked.
97. This city is not changing for the better he remarked.
98. That’s true, she remarked, staring him in the eyes.
99. Bert once remarked, You know, with some customers, you.
100. Edward Murrow had remarked to her just yesterday that the.
1. He let the remarks go.
2. Any more remarks about Mr.
3. I have made these remarks, Mr.
4. These remarks are not made, Mr.
5. That poet never made no remarks.
6. Such remarks made Anne restive.
7. Water-spouts, remarks on, v, 135.
8. Marilyn was stung by his remarks.
9. It is noticed in the "Remarks," No.
10. Phillip pondered his notable remarks.
11. Mivart remarks, As, according to Mr.
12. You repeat even the remarks of others.
13. Tom looked genuinely sad at the remarks.
14. The few remarks he made showed me that.
15. Not all of his remarks were to the point.
16. I'll confine my remarks to hazards that.
17. Mounds, Indian, of the West, remarks on, J.
18. Charles was hardly placated by the remarks.
19. Tarana blushed at Kiara’s brazen remarks.
20. Embalming, remarks on the mode of, xii, 183.
21. Hoover’s full remarks are available in U.
22. Cosmo had not blinked at the smart remarks.
23. First let me make some preliminary remarks.
24. Bulstrode, after a few introductory remarks.
25. Alan even made a few congratulatory remarks.
26. Attention is called to the following remarks.
27. States, remarks on the amelioration of, by D.
28. His remarks seemed off the cuff but on point.
29. At the house, no one remarks on this activity.
30. The supposed thoughts and remarks of the Pope.
31. Currents in water, remarks on the causes of, A.
32. I won't make those blundering remarks anymore.
33. Not to be out done, Myra had to add her remarks.
34. Your remarks are irrelevant and unintelligible.
35. The tone of your remarks positively demands it.
36. You are not listening to my moral remarks, Mrs.
37. The chief remarks created uproar the world over.
38. He berated him with all the abusive remarks he.
39. One of his pleasures was making hurtful remarks.
40. He noted also Jason’s and Danielle’s remarks.
41. Some of his remarks were wonderfully interesting.
42. We have the right interpretation, remarks Dr.
43. Yukino ignored Kamata’s remarks and took the cup.
44. The snappy remarks that used to wound mean nothing.
45. Please promise you will stop making remarks about.
46. Clinkstone, remarks on the composition of, xix, 380.
47. He…he made some insulting remarks about Jews and.
48. Blood, remarks on the circulating system, xxviii, 79.
49. The juxtaposition of these two remarks was startling.
50. Such is the meaning of the remarks of the aging poet.
51. Alameda was taken with slow steps and stately remarks.
52. Harlow, and repeated the substance of Crass's remarks.
53. Zabians, remarks on the idolatry and philosophy of, J.
54. Amy makes a few remarks about how worthless they are.
55. She remarks, Honey, I guess you have a sweet tooth.
56. The remarks themselves matter little in the long run.
57. Kids always threw hat kind of remarks at parents, and.
58. In his memoirs he remarks that he wished he’d taken.
59. Dawley translated, amusing the general with my remarks.
60. Hippolyte’s stupidest remarks came out clever and apt.
61. The "drawing-rooms" particularly abounded in remarks of.
62. Here are the remarks of several people prominent in the.
63. Steam, a conductor of electricity, remarks on, xxvi, 206.
64. His favorite remarks were, I was a real nerd I think.
65. The jury will disregard the witness’s offhand remarks.
66. One or two remarks, sir, before I enter upon the subject.
67. A few remarks will close what I have to say on this head.
68. Also, he made jovial remarks all through the performance.
69. On these assertions I beg to offer the following remarks.
70. You say there is a bitter flavor about some of my remarks.
71. On chief justice’s remarks silence prevailed in the hall.
72. The justice of these remarks cannot, I think, be disputed.
73. Iceman has made all of these remarks at one time or another.
74. I ignored him, continuing to direct my remarks at the chief.
75. With these explanatory remarks, the following extract of Mr.
76. Coombs was known for off-color jokes and pejorative remarks.
77. To her remarks about his mother’s health he made no reply.
78. Most of his remarks concerned the defects of the engine he.
79. Having made this statement, I will make a few other remarks.
80. She sighed internally and laughed at her fiancé’s remarks.
81. She said this as disdainfully as her other capricious remarks.
82. Pick had no snide remarks for me or the rest of the gamblers.
83. These remarks provoked a reprise of some earlier thoughts in.
84. But Amy had not forgotten Miss Snow's cutting remarks about.
85. These remarks are extorted from me a little out of their order.
86. I learned a bit about keeping my smart-Alec remarks to myself.
87. From your remarks it seems that you have a price in your mind.
88. Buffett remarks that there is no exit from a financial meltdown.
89. All sorts of offensive remarks were made at him in his hearing.
90. Modi hasn’t criticized or distanced himself from the remarks.
91. There was much raucous laughter with remarks, ‘he’s gone mad.
92. Barrande has made forcible remarks to precisely the same effect.
93. These remarks apply chiefly to littoral and sublittoral deposits.
94. Please remember that adding profanity and smart-ass remarks to.
95. I looked at Roman, who was of course unmoved by Carl’s remarks.
96. Too often one hears disparaging remarks about the United States.
97. Shakabpa remarks that ‘he could be ruthless in stamping out a.
98. I will not trouble the House with lengthy remarks on this subject.
99. It may be worth while to illustrate some of the foregoing remarks.
100. Hearing these terrible remarks, I received an awful presentiment.

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