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Repellent numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The Emergence of the Shark Repellent.
  2. Most people are repellent without their clothes.
  3. It’s bug repellent, courtesy of Mother Nature.
  4. He was built with an economy that was almost repellent.
  5. As for me, I’m bringing my best Canadian repellent.

  6. Jeff assured me this insect repellent will get rid of it.
  7. Change it after six washes or wash it in Mosquito repellent.
  8. The repellent will soon dissipate in the water and become ineffective.
  9. May Ling; however, found the unexpected closeness of his body repellent.
  10. Everything within and around him seemed confused, senseless, and repellent.
  11. Oils are a water repellent substance that traps moisture inside the hair shafts.
  12. Scratch the skin of an orange and leave it out; the citrus acts as a repellent.
  13. I was very grateful that I had some of my brother’s famous repellent in my pack.
  14. Especially as he was repellent! There’s no way I’m going to tell anyone I’m gay.
  15. Fifty Paludrine tablets and a hundred Sulphatriads, some repellent, and my old sarong.

  16. There was something in him for which I could not find a name, though it was very repellent.
  17. Without his purple robe the man seemed less like a prince than some repellent beast of prey.
  18. Such scenes were not so shocking to Indians, but they were repellent to an idealistic Hebrew.
  19. With that, you should bring a mosquito repellent, so that you can prevent them from biting you.
  20. And I suppose, she said, satirically, you wonder why I—why you—are repellent to me.
  21. Shark repellent may not be 100 per cent effective—but even so, only use when absolutely necessary.
  22. So yes, I can understand how the idea of giving up one’s ghost on a daily basis would be repellent.
  23. At other times, we realize that the truth is difficult to obtain and maybe it’s time for ETC repellent.
  24. The idea of holding a man in that way is repellent to me, said she, obviously posing for my benefit.
  25. Avoid such places, sleep at least 30cm (1ft) from the ground and use insect repellent to avoid this disease.

  26. To structure and bind existence in a system of laws and submit oneself to them — this was repellent to him.
  27. Bugs that had survived the chemical warfare, that were chemically altered and resisted our mosquito repellent.
  28. If you have shark repellent, follow manufacturer’s instructions—but use only if the situation is very grave.
  29. If Melanie should have a child of Ashley’s, it would thought of Melanie having a child was repellent to Scarlett.
  30. How about sleeping bags, a propane stove, freeze-dried food, insect repellent, a tent, a flashlight for starters.
  31. He felt certain that they objected to him personally, finding his Italian ethnicity and middle-class origins repellent.
  32. Aboveground his crudities of manner might be repellent; here he was in his native element, shrewd, practical and zealous.
  33. Then, cover yourself in insect repellent or keep those mosquitoes out with netting to stop yourself being bitten next time.
  34. He himself was anything but pleasant to look upon, his natural plainness having been rendered repellent by a life of low debauchery.
  35. When the relationship becomes monotonous, there is the same confession of failure as when day-by-day happenings grow stale and repellent.
  36. This dais stood in a great, dim room whose walls were hung with dusky tapestries across which crawled dragons reproduced with repellent realism.
  37. Beauty is such an ethereal, intangible quality; one often wondered why such a face while not in the least repellent was not in the least congenial.
  38. I also stunk to high heaven because in order to keep all man-eating spiders away, I was forced to lather up in Jack’s termite juice/insect repellent.
  39. Five minutes later they were sensibly dressed, splashed with insect repellent, and each carried a bottle of water and a bag of mixed dried fruit and nuts.
  40. Entering at that moment, he was an incorporation of the strongest reasons through which Will's pride became a repellent force, keeping him asunder from Dorothea.
  41. With all Avdotya Romanovna's natural aversion and in spite of my invariably gloomy and repellent aspect--she did at least feel pity for me, pity for a lost soul.
  42. With all Avdotya Romanovna's natural aversion and in spite of my invariably gloomy and repellent aspect—she did at least feel pity for me, pity for a lost soul.
  43. Yet, for all their insuperably repellent exterior, I could detect something good in these fellows, and envied them the cheerful good-fellowship which united them in one.
  44. I know you're here on business and I know I'm not the sweetest cuddle-person in the world, but it hurts to think I'm so repellent that you can't stand any contact with me.
  45. It radiates through air, with immeasurable celerity, and distributing itself in the interior of bodies, communicates a reciprocally repellent power to atoms, but not to masses.
  46. Unless wearing a lifejacket or travelling in a craft equipped with shark repellent, the risk is great to anyone in the water, but it is not a foregone conclusion that shark attack will occur.
  47. For himself, its glittering blue splendor was more repellent than the leafy fronds which rustled and whispered behind him of vast mysterious wilds beyond them, and into which he must plunge.
  48. Their aggressive ugliness, and cold, repellent service keeping the congealed sinner at arm's length, nearly drove my mother into the Roman Church, a place no previous Watson had ever wanted to go to.
  49. They seek for them everywhere except where they are to be found, in Christianity, because Christianity seems to them to have outlived its usefulness, to be obsolete and foolish and repellent by its monstrosity.
  50. Olmec was as tall as Conan, and heavier; but there was something repellent about the Tlazitlan, something abysmal and monstrous that contrasted unfavorably with the clean-cut, compact hardness of the Cimmerian.
  51. Her haughtiness, her coldness, were gone, and with them had gone all that had been least like her natural self, most like the repellent conventional pattern to which her mother and her associates had molded her.
  52. At this door stood a fat repellent figure, dangling a bunch of keys—Tsotha's chief eunuch, Shukeli, of whom grisly tales were whispered—a man with whom a bestial lust for torture took the place of normal human passions.
  53. He tried that evening, by petting her, to heal the wound he had made in the morning, and it was not in Rosamond's nature to be repellent or sulky; indeed, she welcomed the signs that her husband loved her and was under control.
  54. With the advent of the shark repellent, hostile contests for corporate control almost invariably end up in a proxy fight; that is, the use of the proxy machinery to get the requisite voting majorities to exercise control or elements of control.
  55. No, he is no more! He is not, but here where he was is something unfamiliar and hostile, some dreadful, terrifying, and repellent mystery! And hiding her face in her hands, Princess Mary sank into the arms of the doctor, who held her up.
  56. It had always seemed to Prince Andrew before that he was antipathetic to the Emperor and that the latter disliked his face and personality generally, and in the cold, repellent glance the Emperor gave him, he now found further confirmation of this surmise.
  57. The very name was a symbol of repellent horror among the northern nations, and legends hinted that the Stygians did not build them; that they were in the land at whatever immeasurably ancient date the dark-skinned people came into the land of the great river.
  58. Now, have we a first aid kit? Drinking water? Mobile phones? Insect repellent? Do we all know each other‘s numbers? If we split up what‘s the procedure? Sebastian says the place is surrounded by scrubby forest; that means snakes and stones and lantana and thorn bushes.
  59. The phenomena of electrical ignition, whether taking place in gaseous, fluid, or solid bodies, always seem to be the result of a violent exertion of the electrical attractive and repellent powers, which may be connected with motions of the particles of the substances affected.
  60. Persons possessed of identical apprehension view objects in an identically ludicrous, beautiful, or repellent light; and in order to facilitate such identical apprehension between members of the same social circle or family, they usually establish a language, turns of speech, or terms to define such shades of apprehension as exist for them alone.
  61. What is beautiful about my father is that he believes everything on that label, says Ralph, who says that way back when, he suggested his father’s soap - of which the uses range from shampoo to toothpaste, laundry cleaner to bug repellent, and plant cleaner to body message (though customers swear there are hundreds more uses) -something catchy like ‘Mint Glow’.
  62. But I demand where are the repellent and attractive powers to which the ignition produced by the Calorimotor can be attributed? Besides, I would beg leave respectfully to inquire of this illustrious author, whence the necessity of considering the heat evolved under the circumstances alluded to as the effect of the electrical fluid; or why we may not as well suppose the latter to be excited by the heat? It is evident, as he observes, that a wire cannot be supposed to contain an inexhaustible supply of matter however subtile; but wherefore may not one kind of subtile matter be supplied to it from the apparatus as well as another; especially, when to suppose such a supply is quite as inconsistent with the characteristics of pure electricity, as with those of pure caloric?

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