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Represent numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. You go and represent us.
  2. Both represent him as of.
  3. The horns represent 10 kings.
  4. We represent meanings by words.
  5. Their heroes used to represent.

  6. It was designed to represent a.
  7. So, what DOES the hole represent?
  8. These shares would represent a 52.
  9. You're called to represent heaven.
  10. He only needs what they represent.
  11. They represent the modern consumer.
  12. These numbers represent the number.
  13. The indexes used to represent the U.
  14. Each of the numbers represent cents.
  15. What do N(d1) and N(d2) represent?

  16. The east and the west represent the.
  17. I can’t represent this man, Tony.
  18. When actually both represent the now.
  19. Demons and devils merely represent a.
  20. The group I represent has signed both.
  21. It does not represent the human heart.
  22. The four arms of the cross represent.
  23. Fish is used to represent this as fish.
  24. Both represent this sect as practicing.
  25. But I represent an agricultural country.

  26. The polar opposite of what we represent.
  27. It is acts that represent the true self.
  28. Sprouse Shrader Smith to represent their.
  29. Money that we handle today represent two.
  30. That is the life that will represent God.
  31. And there are yet more ways to represent.
  32. It’s an honor to represent Teotihuacan.
  33. A map hex should normal y represent 10 ft.
  34. Exactly the opposite of what we represent.
  35. What they model and represent are active.
  36. These two items represent the process of.
  37. Mattie eventually agreed to represent him.
  38. You represent those who will affect change.
  39. He’s supposed to represent a Neanderthal.
  40. They actually hate me for what I represent.
  41. Kings and Priests Represent Only the Church.
  42. Spirits that represent God’s Seven Spirits.
  43. All IBM Nov 130 calls represent ones series.
  44. The struggle to represent things accurately.
  45. The minis each represent $10,000 worth of U.
  46. Styles represent standardized sets of formats.
  47. Dilimon here will represent the Sentry Corps.
  48. But Neil, all of them represent you….
  49. Unclean and hateful birds thereby represent.
  50. It would represent a tangible threat to them.
  51. Both always represent groups though, so this.
  52. One can often meet archetypes that represent.
  53. Which insinuation, if true, must represent Mr.
  54. He felt privileged to represent them in court.
  55. Fifty stars represent the fifty states of the.
  56. Blogs represent an interesting way to advertise.
  57. This however does not represent the end of the.
  58. The dream may also represent a fresh beginning.
  59. They represent a span of views and evaluations.
  60. Name the two points that represent a weakness.
  61. Buddhism cannot represent the entire Buddha Fa.
  62. You would want to represent something that is.
  63. This value would represent a transaction number.
  64. We could represent temperature by the formula.
  65. Since, they represent the actual input values.
  66. He wasn’t being asked to represent the Sarek.
  67. Zionist Jews do not represent the Jewish people.
  68. These treasures represent the labors of my life.
  69. The party I would be proud to have represent me.
  70. And you guys have to represent a sizeable amount.
  71. These represent the past, present, and future.
  72. Who will represent me if my identity gets stolen?
  73. For many people they may represent the best value.
  74. That is array can be used to represent a list of.
  75. We're uniquely made to represent God in the earth.
  76. They say you should never represent yourself at a.
  77. His experiences in each place do not represent an.
  78. Alternatively, walnuts represent joy and abundance.
  79. These machines represent a leap ahead over the old.
  80. The only office of bank bills is to represent money.
  81. It seems to represent the main Y-haplogroup of the.
  82. Those institutions represent the interests of many.
  83. Likewise, they also represent the upper arm of the.
  84. Bridges represent decisions that we are struggling.
  85. How can you possibly expect to represent yourself?
  86. Create a class to represent the person's information.
  87. We represent the Secretary of state from Labiastan.
  88. Hendricks and Neu represent the common motif between.
  89. Thus we see the setting up of salt to represent truth.
  90. Eagles fly in the face of heaven they represent the.
  91. We can represent the directed graph using dict of list.
  92. Law didn’t represent good; it stood for order.
  93. Diagram to represent the Earth and its Atmosphere, 17.
  94. All symbols are inherently dual since they represent.
  95. Sometimes I represent people who have done bad things.
  96. They represent the leaders; Belver, Ruby and Ranger.
  97. Your arms represent the Conditions of Actual Causality.
  98. You and Bob represent the last hope for the rest of us.
  99. What two temperaments did they individually represent?
  100. The data in this table represent a stock trading at 24.
  1. Representing the knowledge of evil.
  2. Representing the smaller firm was a.
  3. CEO, representing the fourth generation of.
  4. An honest statue representing; blind greed.
  5. David Butcher, the lawyer representing Const.
  6. Fig (d): Two ways of representing an object.
  7. Erik Magraken, who is representing the woman.
  8. I am not alluding to the lawyers representing.
  9. Representing the cycle of unlearning your wisdom.
  10. Chugs representing the present appraised value of.
  11. The two of them were representing the victims here.
  12. Sibal was representing Hindustan Times in that case.
  13. He has taken the office of representing Him here on.
  14. David or the fountain representing the birth of Venus.
  15. Jewish prophets, the other representing the Jewish law.
  16. Water however, representing correct interpretation of.
  17. I live in a Hogan with four posts representing the four.
  18. Next it was the five of spades, representing Tabitha’s.
  19. Think of a three legged chair with one leg representing:.
  20. The thought of Warsaw representing civilization made me sad.
  21. A long candlestick is formed representing the current trend.
  22. The other being, representing the mystic, can see 3d objects.
  23. On the H-R diagram, the point representing the star has moved.
  24. The tennis balls representing individual web sites, naturally.
  25. You can see three Wyverns, representing Odin, Safaa and Bao.
  26. The council consists of ten masters representing nine countries.
  27. It is not advisable to aim at representing the true tone values.
  28. In contrast, education is everything any degree is representing.
  29. Eye of Horus its cap stone, representing the day when Satan the.
  30. In this context, three candles are representing three ones, in.
  31. Snapshot: Attachment is also a good way of representing the bug.
  32. Valid years can be 1 and –1, with the latter representing 1 BC.
  33. Richard Butler, representing himself of Petersburg, Pennsylvania.
  34. Alex Pringle, a lawyer representing Rideout, who was in charge of.
  35. It had designs carved onto its sides, shapes representing spiders.
  36. Listen, I’m once again representing Diamond Head Crater —’.
  37. Who are the five that fall asleep? What is the oil representing?
  38. Himself, representing there the Rays of which They are the Heads--.
  39. Each point on the chart representing these relationships (Figure 5.
  40. There is also the issue of representing the hssswwx perspective.
  41. The Window is made up of four panes, representing the four areas of.
  42. Points representing the stars with the highest surface temperatures.
  43. Lower cards are abstract numbers… representing accumulated points.
  44. Now the Pandav, representing righteous impulses that are in harmony.
  45. Each knight had a different symbol on their shield representing the.
  46. It is information about the company you’re representing in general.
  47. The first day is a long day with color representing the current trend.
  48. Each poor empty life; representing an abstract zero: a death’s-head.
  49. Drupad, representing the ideal of consistency and steadfastness in the.
  50. The whole backdrop of the case is that I was representing my boss, the.
  51. Points representing the brightest stars appear toward the top of the H-.
  52. See how the numbers below look like the objects they are representing:.
  53. It became a religious icon representing years of hard work and hardship.
  54. Shit even though I was out of town I was still representing for Canberra.
  55. You were the seventh Great Sage, the only one representing the letter D.
  56. He stared at the black dots representing each girl’s last known location.
  57. Millet, representing 'Apollo lifting his golden lyre', commanding the apex.
  58. What we have here is a circle representing all the information in the cosmos.
  59. Representing the millions of human souls they killed and cheated to get rich.
  60. You are representing the thirteen heku from the island, are you not? he.
  61. Not seeing reality and not coping with what applies is representing stupidity.
  62. Representing all the power begotten from the spilling of red blood by killing.
  63. To the right is a very short line representing the closing price for the week.
  64. A rotating watch, representing the various Regions of Gaea, is what is needed.
  65. It saw paradise full of trees and those trees representing the thoughts of men.
  66. I wanted to check in with you about that kid I’m representing, Mandelbaum.
  67. You’re telling me when ISLAUGGH appeared, she was representing the unseen.
  68. Of course, yes, money is simply a token vehicle representing purchasing power.
  69. One who was perfect as representing the true image of God that we were all meant.
  70. All their duties are reduced to representing the unity and majesty of government.
  71. Next it was the five of spades, representing Tabitha’s position on the table.
  72. Resolution :An official document representing an action on the part of the board.
  73. Here are 4,500 Livres, representing the first six months of your annual pension.
  74. Stocks are rated on an A to E scale, with each letter representing the following:.
  75. It is true that the Moon, being feminine is often seen representing a religion but.
  76. Question: Is an Infinite I limited to having only one Player representing it in the.
  77. But do we ever find the inspired writers representing those nations as al going to.
  78. At the entrance of the cave sits a third actor in tights, representing another gnome.
  79. A statue representing the powerless women who were raped by the Grec men of that era.
  80. All of The Apocalypse’s symbolism is based on the concept of representing pivotal.
  81. These pictures are pretty standard, representing the most frequently used features.
  82. But do we ever find the inspired writers representing those nations as all going to.
  83. This means you need to know the business and industry you are representing inside out.
  84. For the squeezes, I have N, R, S, and B, representing neutral, red dot, sell, and buy.
  85. The contract representing the first month is the nearest expiring VIX futures contract.
  86. The room is full of typed letters representing incomplete ideas and wasted thoughts.
  87. Brothels had spars like ships, flying various flags representing different pirate ships.
  88. Icons representing various types of craft were displayed with small identifying legends.
  89. On his head played theorems and equations, numbers and symbols, representing the sciences.
  90. I am Lt Howarth Sir and I am representing the accused it has been cleared by Division.
  91. Water however, representing correct interpretation of Scripture and truth, is that which.
  92. The boat would sail through the twelve doors, representing the twelve hours of night-time.
  93. David stayed on Earth representing people who had been persecuted by the Born Again.
  94. However, additional committees representing other constituencies are often appointed also.
  95. An organisation such as the ICT Alliance is representing the Namibian employers in the field.
  96. I’ve developed a method for representing mental patterns with algorithmic sentences.
  97. The time zone offset might also be indicated by the letter Z, representing the zero meridian.
  98. Money is an abstract symbol representing actual wealth, actual power, actual physical things.
  99. It was simply numbers representing words, which later could be off-loaded into language format.
  100. She scanned all of the couples representing their grades and those nominated for king and queen.
  1. Such as can be represented.
  2. It represented a holy thing.
  3. He also represented Bob Hope.
  4. Represented her on a case.
  5. Our Lord is represented by S.
  6. This group is represented by.
  7. Those represented for him very.
  8. For others, it represented the.
  9. The vision represented by these.
  10. Represented by an Udjat tincture.
  11. It was clear what it represented.
  12. In 1861, they represented almost 2.
  13. Both are represented as being alive.
  14. The god Molech was represented as.
  15. They had represented in relief an.
  16. Hey, I represented goddamned Nazis.
  17. One of these is represented to be.
  18. Christ is represented as a Jew with.
  19. Amarillo is well represented by the.
  20. The head of gold represented Babylon.
  21. Represented at the human biology level.
  22. Libya, it seems, was well represented.
  23. M: The unmanifested is not represented.
  24. That year of 1966 represented the 50th.
  25. This represented another 15 point drop.
  26. Lovern and Beathan represented our clan.
  27. Hell is represented as being cast into.
  28. Graphs can be represented in three ways.
  29. All sides of life should be represented.
  30. She represented a travel group out of L.
  31. Most symbol categories are represented.
  32. Gladys represented a huge responsibility.
  33. For Frank, computers represented habitat.
  34. The option table represented in Figure 22.
  35. The tower represented the power of human.
  36. Later he was welcomedback and represented.
  37. Each volunteer was represented by a number.
  38. Hel is represented as being cast into hel.
  39. The Stone had represented his love for her.
  40. Hell is represented as being cast into hell.
  41. He represented all that is good and as the.
  42. On this chart, that is represented by the 1.
  43. He also told us that rocks represented the.
  44. It represented the puzzle of human existence.
  45. It returns the character represented by the.
  46. Then he said Hell is represented by several.
  47. Then he says Hell is represented by several.
  48. The value of a golden object is represented.
  49. Without an asset base that represented lower.
  50. I’ve represented unpleasant folks before.
  51. And they represented an enormous sum of money.
  52. We assumed the 4Horsemen represented one big.
  53. Athens, the goddess of wisdom, is represented.
  54. The ancient Egyptians typically represented.
  55. Jesus represented the raising of consciousness.
  56. The independents represented some of the less.
  57. Hood represented the Congregational Union, Rev.
  58. The statue represented a tall man with the head.
  59. It was a part of his existence: it represented.
  60. He is represented as half-human and half-monkey.
  61. In one case, we represented three seriously in-.
  62. The other approach, represented by de Bono’s.
  63. Arab archæology is represented by memoirs of M.
  64. For example, several years ago we represented a.
  65. The legs were made of iron and represented Rome.
  66. This simply represented in the sign of the Cross.
  67. But this time, her tears easily represented the.
  68. Each 1-point move in the S&Ps represented $5,000.
  69. In the district represented by his colleague (Mr.
  70. Miller later told her that they represented not.
  71. Jhamed had once said that Hitler represented Law.
  72. At the time, Splitzman was to be represented by H.
  73. Ideological Satanism represented by followers of A.
  74. When the 401(k) came to be, it represented freedom.
  75. One by one, start to bless the people represented.
  76. In a more recent case, we represented the surviv-.
  77. We represented a client who had manufactured the.
  78. The captain represented his data access as a phone.
  79. Fire has always represented cleansing and purging.
  80. God the Father and Christ represented the soil and.
  81. In this illustration every essential is represented.
  82. Girls were also well represented in the classrooms.
  83. This same pattern can be found represented as the.
  84. Only one is represented in both instances, Ephesus.
  85. Sirotkin represented perfectly this state of alarm.
  86. This is represented in the spring harvest festivals.
  87. All of this is represented and implemented through.
  88. And, of course, those who represented the interests.
  89. Then he said Hell is represented by several metaphors.
  90. It is better that we have not paid to be represented.
  91. He represented the British and Irish Lions ten times.
  92. He loved that car and all it represented in his life.
  93. It represented the Saviour just taken from the cross.
  94. It represented Christ just taken down from the cross.
  95. This is represented in the diagram by the letter F14.
  96. The South African Police, represented by an English.
  97. Then he says Hell is represented by several metaphors.
  98. The small skulls represented the larger actual skulls.
  99. They have been incorrectly represented as an ancient.
  100. But all the workmen of the world here to be represented.
  1. The Lion represents the Sun.
  2. To me, Ornea represents home.
  3. It also represents the rule.
  4. The water represents a grave.
  5. The rook represents a chariot.
  6. Each line represents a letter.
  7. This represents not just many.
  8. It represents your higher Self.
  9. In small amounts it represents.
  10. It represents a sort of heaven.
  11. It is unlikely and represents a.
  12. This rib represents a woman’s.
  13. The metal lead represents fraud.
  14. This represents a fall of about 1.
  15. Where fresh water represents the.
  16. This represents the number of.
  17. Each icon represents the section.
  18. This represents most of the orders.
  19. This cycle represents one iteration.
  20. It represents a lot size of 25 tons.
  21. He represents the possibilities of.
  22. He represents the origin of our fear.
  23. That is what the sun represents to us.
  24. Fourth, the wind represents direction.
  26. Summer represents the maturity of life.
  27. The scene represents the village street.
  28. But this trade represents a lost cause.
  29. It is answered, money represents labour.
  30. The flame in the center represents the.
  31. This represents a labourer in 'sewing.
  32. The fool represents each individual as.
  33. We know that FLESH represents BREAD and.
  34. It represents a high level of awareness.
  35. The Lamb represents Truth, and the Lion.
  36. The dream represents a transitional phase.
  37. Point A represents the break to a new low.
  38. This cup represents my shed Blood drink it.
  39. The stage represents the interior of a hut.
  40. Every measured kilometre represents nothing.
  41. Since the circle represents the earth’s.
  42. It represents exactly what we are studying.
  43. The number seven represents perfection 110.
  44. Roman numeral ‗M‘ which represents 1,000.
  45. This of course represents the belief of an.
  46. This represents a huge shift for the planet.
  47. Then it represents this in a histogram form.
  48. It represents the mass of suffering humanity.
  49. In Feng Shui, this represents indecisiveness.
  50. The earth represents reinforced patterns of.
  51. Each bar in that stall area represents a day.
  52. The blood represents the forgiveness of sins.
  53. The party that best represents my aspirations.
  54. And one option represents 100 shares of stock.
  55. It represents actual or perceived limitations.
  56. This represents an important transition that.
  57. He represents the triumph of Indian democracy.
  58. The cross represents the unadulterated spirit.
  59. The stage represents the interior of courtyard.
  60. It represents the oldest building in use in St.
  61. Refinancing debt represents risk for a business.
  62. Because it represents your life and who you are.
  63. This picture represents a planet with the rings.
  64. This Lord represents the hero of the Popul Vuh.
  65. Although the symbol of the cross represents all.
  66. He represents the emergence of the ideal state.
  67. What is expertise? Expertise represents judgment.
  68. Water represents the thirst quenching truth but.
  69. To see fennel in your dream represents clarity.
  70. It still represents an ugly time in the world.
  71. This represents the verifiable span of time the.
  72. But see, it's that it represents something of you.
  73. The party that represents the needs of my country.
  74. Maybe they are afraid of the danger he represents.
  75. A real world example of what the Curve represents.
  76. The Gordian Knot: represents the gored human brain.
  77. The small square represents a few thousand people.
  78. This represents the spirit of life in worldliness.
  79. The stork represents the brainwashing of children.
  80. This represents about half the bankruptcies filed.
  81. The spread represents a very real cost of trading.
  82. Is the gentleman who represents that district (Mr.
  83. Thereby, the upper arm of the cross represents the.
  84. It represents a false, man-made image ( idol) and.
  85. When wine is used as a metaphor, it represents the.
  86. It, therefore, represents nothing if it is a real.
  87. This new covenant represents one more threat to the.
  88. The sun represents the light of the miracles which.
  89. The next seven represents the period of adolescence.
  90. That number represents death, she said crossly.
  91. The sea represents unruly, stormy, and wave-tossed.
  92. This indicates that if water represents peoples and.
  93. Discovering what 'water' actually represents in the.
  94. The earth represents Π and the object moves by Π2.
  95. In fact the premium represents the sins of all the.
  96. This 'FIELD' therefore represents the people of the.
  97. But in Revelations this Whore represents Christianity.
  98. Alternatively, the dream represents a transformation.
  99. Then imagine that each dot represents, say, a planet.
  100. They can breathe fire which we have seen represents.

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