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1. I feel a physical repulsion.
2. I feel a personal repulsion.
3. Face twisted in repulsion, he.
4. I looked at her with surprise and repulsion.
5. She waved her hand with a look of repulsion.
6. His hand jerked back in instinctive repulsion.
7. This personal repulsion was growing unendurable.

8. Her impression now was one of offence and repulsion.
9. It attracts me by a kind of fascination of repulsion.
10. Conan glared frozen with repulsion and shaken with nausea.
11. It "flows" from the particles with the Fields of Repulsion.
12. And, for love and trust to incredulous horror and repulsion.
13. This shocking image caused international repulsion and outrage.
14. In organisms, the force that wins over repulsion is its purpose.
15. His eyes ran up and down her body making her shudder in repulsion.
16. There was a note of hatred and contemptuous repulsion in her words.
17. Attraction and repulsion lie within the senses and their pleasures.
18. As part of each Plan are the particles with the Fields of Repulsion.
19. Earth and then selected maximum repulsion from Mars which was dead a.
20. Therefore Michael decided to use attraction from the Sun and repulsion.
21. Her tenderness, in fact, grew each day with her repulsion to her husband.
22. In times of deep repulsion, The Chief Of Police was ashamed to be human.
23. The cause of evolution – are the particles having the Field of Repulsion.
24. And it stays on the verge of recognizing the second - the Law of Repulsion.
25. Razumihin was more than ecstatic and Raskolnikov perceived it with repulsion.
26. At that Fields of Attraction gradually decrease and increase the Fields of Repulsion.
27. Then resting her hard stare on Fern that held abhorrence and repulsion she continued.
28. Millicent walked over to Alexia and her eyes were riddled with repulsion and hatred.
29. She waited for the repulsion to roll over her, but she was too numb to feel anything.
30. Yang – it’s an image of elementary particles (Souls) with the Fields of Repulsion.
31. And secondly, and most importantly, the particles Yang with their Fields of Repulsion, i.
32. She smiled to fascinate me, she fawned upon me ; I was sorry, but I began to feel repulsion.
33. That is to the particles with the Fields of Repulsion refers an esoteric concept of "Lucifer".
34. Astrologers draws their predictions based on attraction and repulsion of astrological forces.
35. Something of repulsion, buried deep beneath her cold thinking, stirred faintly and then was stilled.
36. He could not conceive of taking her money, and the very idea caused him a pang of intense repulsion.
37. Similarly, Ether moves away from the particles with the Fields of Repulsion not because they "push" its.
38. The rate of emission of Ether by particle - this is the initially inherent value of the Repulsion Field.
39. Why are you so uneasy? Smerdyakov stared at him, not simply with contempt, but almost with repulsion.
40. Walter shuddered--not so much from fear of the threat as from repulsion over the ugliness and vulgarity of it.
41. Fields of Repulsion present in the particles whose amount of created Ether is greater than amount of absorbed.
42. She herself had killed his boyish shyness, his youthful hesitation, all the boy’s natural fear of repulsion.
43. Each particle with the Field of Repulsion emits Ether into the surrounding ethereal field with a certain speed.
44. For oh! the terror in her sweet eyes, the repulsion, the horror, told a story to my heart that was all of hope.
45. And Hatred symbolizes all that repulsion and dislike that is felt by any person towards other forms of creation.
46. Particles Arupa, Yan, have the Fields of Repulsion, and so do not create forms, as repel the surrounding particles.
47. Expansion and Contraction, attraction and repulsion, Roundness and flatness were added in the 2nd linear Dimension.
48. When moving the particles with the Field of Repulsion they do not stop to emit appearing in them an excess of Ether.
49. Particles of intermediate quality we can characterize by the same magnitude of the Fields of Attraction or Repulsion.
50. Marianne watched the proceedings, filled with repulsion and disgust…and pity for poor James who was red with shame.
51. As in the case of the Field of Repulsion there are two values: initially inherent, and measured at a certain distance.
52. Pierre was seized by a sense of horror and repulsion such as he had experienced when touching some nasty little animal.
53. As Tress drifted in and out of sleep; she awoke feeling a sudden repulsion at the thought of a man’s body next to her.
54. This means that the cause of origin of the ethereal flows is either admission to the particles of Ether or its repulsion.
55. And indeed I could never endure without repulsion the noise and disorder of drunken people, and especially in this place.
56. I and the SELF form a couple of opposites that contains both attraction and repulsion, just like in the male-female couple.
57. On the side of the square, "Fire-Air" (the line corresponding to the red color), all particles have the Field of Repulsion.
58. That Law of Identification, along with the Laws of Attraction and Repulsion, is the main controlling factor in the Universe.
59. Distributing itself over surfaces only, it causes repulsion between masses, but not between the particles of the same mass.
60. The Fields of Attraction and Repulsion of the particles – are the only possible types of the ethereal flows, moving in space.
61. The particles of the element "Fire" and "Air" has the Fields of Repulsion – Ether, coming into the surrounding ethereal field.
62. And so, in general, the repulsion of particles and bodies and expansion of bodies – this is certainly an evolutionary process.
63. A feeling of repulsion, and of something akin to fear had begun to rise within me at the strange antics of this fleshless man.
64. A negative charge of electrons and positive charge of protons is reportedly responsible for attraction and repulsion among atoms.
65. I've had to do with fifty murderers in my career, but the worst of them never gave me the repulsion which I have for this fellow.
66. In the future, generally speaking about the Fields of Attraction and Fields of Repulsion, we can sometimes use the term "Force Field".
67. And second, not only the particles with the Fields of Attraction can subordinate, but also the particles with the Fields of Repulsion.
68. But we should not mix the action of the Laws of Attraction and Repulsion on the one hand and the Law of Identification with the other.
69. But as soon as she no longer saw him, she was aware of the spot on her hand that his lips had touched, and she shuddered with repulsion.
70. When he found the old woman he had felt an insurmountable repulsion for her at the first glance, though he knew nothing special about her.
71. Her repulsion is displayed with startling realism, and it furnishes the cue to the lover, who darts out and stabs the old man in the back.
72. As for Ether emitted by particles with Repulsion Field, it ceases to have anything to do with the particle immediately after being emitted.
73. He thought he could see the repulsion in her eyes when she looked at him, and by now he had such low self-esteem that he could not blame her.
74. The other four lower Plans – it’s Two obeyed Thirds – as their total Fields of Attraction are more and the Fields of Repulsion are less.
75. Hence such esoteric expression as "The Fall of Lucifer" should understand not only as a process of involution of particles with Repulsion Fields.
76. However, the destruction of the body is not due to weak adherence the Yang particles to the Law of Identity, and because of the Law of Repulsion.
77. Fields of Attraction and Repulsion - these are the mechanisms of convergence with each other and further away of particles and chemical elements.
78. Eventually many types of molecules are present in the pond and they come in numerous shapes and sizes with many levels of attraction and repulsion.
79. The particles of the lower half of the scale of the elements have the Fields of Attraction, and the particles of the upper half – the Fields of Repulsion.
80. And what would you say of unwillingness and dislike and the absence of desire; should not these be referred to the opposite class of repulsion and rejection?
81. Tensor tension can be also characterized as antipathy dynamics of mutual antagonism or mutual repulsion that appear between two or several personalities.
82. He only has to be there for five minutes before he is covered in dirt and grease and he does not feel the repulsion that Curly Pete and others feel towards him.
83. Dorothea was trying to extract out of this an excuse for her husband's evident repulsion, as she said, with a playful smile, You were not a steady worker enough.
84. There is in the social chemistry a certainty of repulsion or attraction, out of which the most unexpected combinations result—of a surprisingly lasting nature.
85. Sir! There have been some conflicts and repulsion between Islamic and Jewish followers since many centuries and this is another root cause of world peace distortion.
86. And what if there can be no respect either, if on the contrary there is aversion, contempt, repulsion, what then? So you will have to 'keep up your appearance,' too.
87. Pure electricity does not expand the slips of gold-leaf, between which it causes repulsion, nor does caloric cause any repulsion in the ignited masses which it expands.
88. Eventually a strong repulsion from the Modern stage will happen due to people achieving materialistic goals and seeing that they are still unhappy and filled with anxiety.
89. She thought them totally unwarranted, and the repulsion which this exceptional severity excited in her was in danger of making the more persistent tenderness unacceptable.
90. In the esoteric literature by the “Spirit” are called the particles with the Fields of Repulsion, and by the “Matter” – the particles with the Fields of Attraction.
91. Within the Universe the lower Plans are subject to the highest, as in the lower Plans the percentage of particles Yang is smaller and the value of Fields of Repulsion is less.
92. The particles with Repulsion Fields have the ability to create the sparseness of the substance, because they continuously postpone the surrounding particles by emitting Ether.
93. The thought of the harm caused to her husband aroused in her a feeling like repulsion, and akin to what a drowning man might feel who has shaken off another man clinging to him.
94. Although the cause of involution - particles Fields of Attraction, but in the process of unification of the particles involved not only them, but also particles with Repulsion Fields.
95. This rule is very clear, and excluding from it can be only the case when the particle Yin moves by inertia (and, therefore, has the Field of Repulsion, that becomes Yang on the move).
96. Before the 3-dimensional Universe came into existence: there were two infinite sets of polarized dualities: Attraction and Repulsion in a two-dimensional Condition of Actual Infinity.
97. Neither of them ever imagined that they were looked at with repulsion; if they had imagined it they would not have minded—so long as their superiors did not look at them in that way.
98. One change terrified her as if it had been a sin; it was a violent shock of repulsion from her departed husband, who had had hidden thoughts, perhaps perverting everything she said and did.
99. She played nervously with the tassel of her dressing-gown, glancing at him with that torturing sensation of physical repulsion for which she blamed herself, though she could not control it.
100. The concept Spirit, as you remember, can be used in general meaning, as an indication on spilled in the Space Spirit, or the Spirit - it's the particles with Fields of Repulsion, Yan.

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